Wednesdnay 20th, Excursion day/Skiing day/ Disco

Another great day at Les Elfes ended and all our little campers are about to fall asleep after these tiring but amazing activities and excursions.

Our bunch of kids had three options concerning the activities of the day :

The first option they had was to go in excursion in Evian (France), followed by the visit of the famous Olympic Museum, and finally ending with some shopping in Lausaunne to bring a few typical presents to family and friends.

The second group chose the excursion to the chocolate factory, which was apparently really huge and impresive. Right after that they had the chance to do a bit of shopping in the enormous Chrismas Market of Lausanne.

For the ones who were keen to go skiing the third option was perferct, all day on the slopes riding and having loads of fun with their favourite instructors.

As usual we finished the day with a delicious dinner, followed by one of kids favourite evening activity…THE DISCO!!

Have a good night and don’t let the bugs bite guys.

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Friday 26th May – Excursion day & clubs

We have had a fun busy day here with our campers out on excursion with some having the fantastic opportunity to visit Milan, Italy. They visited the Doumo cathedral and milan castle before enjoyeing some famous pizza for lunch. Afterwards they did some shopping in one of the malls before returning back to camp. They had a brilliant day and came back with lots of souveniers.

Our other excursion went to the Gruyure cheese factory and the Cailler chocolate factory which was super fun seeing how the famous products are made. Obviously the tasting part was most peoples favourite bit as well as having the chance to buy lots of cheese and chocolate for family. Afterwards they visited the town Vevey to some more shopping.

This evening after some free time playing some football and games we had our clubs night. In web identity we learnt how to use our time on social media productively and had some debates and discussions which got pretty deep! In social etiquette the younger children did some role play and scenarios on how to be in certain situations. They also learnt how to put out a formal dinner table out for future occasions!

15th February – Excursion Day, Skiing and Snowboarding


It was excursion day today for our indidual campers and one group headed off to visit the UN and shopping in Geneva. They had a brilliant day, and found the United Nations very interesting and of course loved the shopping in Geneva. Our other group explored a different area of Switzerland, a fantastic experience for them and they had the chance to visit the Chocolate Factory (Yum), the cheese factory and then also hit the shops in Vevey.

Back in Verbier everyone else was back out on the mountain and had some challenging runs to overcome.

Tonight we had a very energetic muisic game show and all the school groups got very competitive and it went down very well! We also had a mini prize giving for our chinese group as they are sadly leaving tomorrow after a fantastic 2 weeks! We will miss them.

6th April – Excursion Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Clubs Night

This morning we woke up to rain in Verbier, however on a brighter note, it should mean plenty of snow up the mountain which is great news and extremely needed. For those that were skiing today were ready on time and prepared to face the challenge of skiing in the snow for the first time. The conditions were very different today which made skiing quite difficult, especially for some of our beginners, but they tried very hard and it has definitely paid off, as they are all chuffed with their achievements.

For two of our groups, they had a break from hitting the mountain today and are instead venturing out of Verbier to visit a bit of Swiss culture. Our school from the UAE were straight out the doors on to the bus and set off for Geneva, where they visited the United Nations as well as a spot of shopping in the City. It was a great chance for the older ones to learn about how Switzerland is a key country in helping to maintain peace and security around the world, and after had a well deserved break and lunch. Following this they then ended their trip at the magnificent chocolate factory and got the chance to sample some of Switzerland’s finest chocolates. YUM! Our individual campers also ditched their ski gear for the day and also had the opportunity to visit the famous cheese and chocolate factories here in Switzerland. They all had a great day and came back smiling with lot’s of goodies for friends and family back home.

After dinner this evening it was time for Clubs night which all our students had signed up for in the afternoon. We had a big group taking part in our cooking club, which is always popular here at Les Elfes, and the cookies smelt delicious. We can’t wait to sample them tomorrow. Others took part in a photography stop motion class as well as a design and build challenge and a Drama club.

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Wednesday 6th January – Skiing, Excursion day and La Fureur

Today our individuals students visited the Cheese Factory in Gruyere, the Chocolate Factory in Broc and finally they went shopping to Vevey. The other group had the chance to ski and snowboard under the blue sky after the fifty centimeters of fresh snow from the last two days. Back at Les Elfes, the children had some hot chocolate and spend their free time swimming, walking in town and playing on the snow .
At the end of the evening all the students joined La Fureur participating in different music challenges and other entertaining games 🙂 20160106_113014 20160106_114655 DSC_0195     12506891_10153140861296566_181324077_n 12506732_10153140861171566_583951029_n 12498622_10153141108621566_55953981_n 10681866_10153141108791566_1563804676_n 12483773_10153140861141566_1741598947_n 12476323_10153140861256566_209439553_n 12468266_10153140861241566_855730625_n 12467829_10153140861246566_284877671_n_DSC4620_DSC4635_DSC4730_DSC4694

Thursday 20th August 2015 – Excursion!

Beautiful morning here in Verbier! After nice breakfast sun was shining bright just in time for group photo when all kids gather together for this great memory of the session! Great day for great excursions!

Two different destinations of choice. Most of students chose to spend day in Aosta, Italy. Beautiful city lying between two rivers and surrounded by majestic mountains. A lot of monuments, historical buildings and nice walks through city center. After taking pictures in old town everyone had a nice pic-nic lunch enjoying the views.

Other students had opportunity to visit Chocolate factory. After a great guided fairy-tail like excursion through factor. Kids got to experience everything about chocolate from who it was discovered, used, evolved during time until nowadays. The most exciting part was at the end of tour when students got to try every chocolate possible and eat as much as they wanted. After chocolate tasting everyone had chance to buy their favorite ones for family and friends.

Everyone came back to camp just in time for dinner and enjoyed Mexican party with fajitas and tortillas with different sauces and fillings.

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Excursion day

Today our excited campers all left verbier nice an early ready for the excursion day.

The Discoveries – first stop was Servion zoo, the campers enjoyed looking around the animals this morning. After lunch they went into Montreux for some souvenir shopping. Tonight they will be playing are you smarter than your monitor. So I hope the monitors have been revising because there are some smart kids in discovery this session!

The Explorers – went to chateaux de chillon today. It’s a beautiful castle on lake Geneva near Montreux and Vevey! After lunch they went to see the sights and some souvenir shopping in Vevey. Tonight the explorers will divide into two teams boys and girls and compete against each other with knowledge, music and dance so it should be a great night for them.

Our Pioneers – visited the chocolate factory this morning followed by the cheese factory. In both factory’s they get a guided tour on the process of making there products. After the tour they have an opportunity to sample some of the produce. This is quite exciting in the chocolate factory as you go through into the final room you are greeted with a giant table with tray upon tray of chocolate. The only condition is you don’t take it from the room. So the challenge begins can they make it all the way around…… I look forward to finding out from the group leaders later this evening! After the tours they went into the lovely city of Lausanne for some souvenir shopping. This evening they have a dine out planned to they will get to eat out in one of Verbiers best restaurants. IMG_1543.JPG

Excursions day!!

Today the Discoveries went to the zoo in Montreux! Whist there they had to answer questions the language teachers had prepared for them so thy all got to learn a little bit extra on their trip. After the zoo they went up the road into vevey for some souvenir shopping.

The Explorers had been waiting all week for today when they got to visit the chocolate and cheese factory. In the cheese factory a cow takes you on a tour as you move from one location to the next. They also got to see the cheese being made. After this they hopped in the bus for a short drive down the valley to the chocolate factory. They all went through the door excited to find out what was on the other side. As each room opened they learnt a little more about the history of chocolate and how it has developed over time. Once the tour finished and they saw the choc being made then they found the free tasting tables. Here they can eat as much as they like but there not allowed to take anything away. I’m pleased to report that no one was sick in the buses on the way to Lausanne for souvenir shopping.

The Pioneers went to see the sites around Switzerland’s capital, Bern. They had their picnic next to the bears (yogi & boo-boo) luckily their picnic wasn’t stolen by yogi! 🙂

This evening saw all the kids take part in a carnival. People were bobbing for apples, face painting, hoopla, catch the fish and pin the tail on the unicorn.

Hear are some pictures from the international day…..











Excursion day, BBQ, group games and casino night!

Today all our groups set off on excursions all over Switzerland.

Discovery – The discoveries had a very exciting and eagerly anticipated trip to the chocolate and cheese factories today. All the campers I’ve spoken with really liked the free tasting table in the chocolate factory, where they ate as much as they could! After both tours they went into vevey and had a picnic by the lake. Followed by some souvenir shopping.

Explorers – today the explorers went to the new look Olympic museum. They learnt all about the history of the Olympics. After this they went into the city of Lausanne for a picnic by the lake and souvenir shopping after.

Pioneers – today the pioneers had a tour of the United Nations building in Geneva followed by a picnic by the lake and some souvenir shopping after.

This evenings activities see the discoveries and explorers joining together for a game of boys vs girls and the pioneers have casino night which should be fun as all the monitors have been preparing all afternoon.