July 31st – Mountain Biking, Trotinetting, Rock Climbing, The Cube & La Fureur

It has been a fun active day for our campers today. We began with languages this morning where everyone is learning lots of new vocabulary and sentences and impressing their teachers.

This afternoon the discovery group had sports day where they enjoyed some mountain biking, tennis and football in Sembracher. The explorer group spent the day mountain biking and trotinetting up the mountain which was a fantastic experience for them all! The pioneers headed to St Triphon to do some climbing which was great fun. They all progressed a lot and learnt some new things about knots and belaying.

This evening our groups took part in different game shows, a music quiz, and the cube which tested their speed, reactions and memory!

Sunday 23rd July – Mt Fort visit, mountain biking & climbing

Today has been a lovely sunny day and really active one for our campers on site. We began with languages for a couple of hours where they are learning more and more each day! It is great to hear them speaking different and new phrases!

This afternoon our discoveries enjoyed a trip in the gondala up to Mt Fort to look at the view and have a walk round. This evening they enjoyed a BBQ and games up at Le Hatay which was super fun with a fire and some marsh mellows as well!

Our explorers took part in Mountain biking and trottinetting today which was amazing. It  certainly was a challenge for most but one they will remember for ever! They all did brilliantly and made it in one piece. This evening they had a Boys v Girls game show with lots of fun team games! The girls came out on top winning by just one point!

The Pioneers spent the day down in St Triphon doing some rock climbing and then baked some yummy cookies this evening before a chilled movie night in the cinema room.