Saturday 20th of January, arrival day, ski fitting, chill night

Hi everyone, today was a pretty chill day, a lot of our little campers left during the night and some more arrived during the day while the ones who stayed were skiing in our great resort or went on excurtion to the laser tag. A lot of snow had fallen during the last past days so skiing has been amazing today. After a good day on the slopes we all had a hot chocolate together and a bit of free time to socialize with the new arrivals.

During the afternoon we had the choice between going to the village to do some shopping, or doing a Verbier Hunt or even staying in the camp to play games and relax. Our little campers that just arrived got ski fitted to be ready for tomorrow’s ski session.

For dinner the individuals went for a lovely dine out in town. After a good dinner the new arrivals had a chill movie night because a lot of our new little fellas were quite jetlag after their long journey to come here.


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Saturday 19th – International Day, Holi Festival of Colours, Dine Out, Crazy Golf & Pyjama Party

This afternoon after our amazing International Feast for lunch which included a variety of food from around the globe we kicked off our international day! All our children got themselves into groups and made posters of their countries, finding out interesting facts about their cultures which they then presented to the rest of their camps. We learnt about their religions, cuisine, traditions and even had some dances!

After everyone got ready for our Holi Festival which everyone was super excited about! We played loads of games and got competitive to gain colour sachets for our teams. We then danced around and threw colour in the air and over each other until everyone was multi-coloured!

Tonight we had a mixture of activities, with our explorers playing crazy golf, our pioneers heading into town for dine out and our discoveries had a fun pyjama party eating popcorn and watching a movie!

Friday 30th June – Excursions, PJ party, the cube and dine out

It has been a full on day for all our campers who have been out and about visiting new parts of Switzerland. The discovery group enjoyed a day tasting chocolate at the Cailler chocolate factory before heading to the the cheese factory and Vevey for some shopping. The explorers went to the Olympic museum and learn’t some more things about their favourite athletes. Afterwards they walked around Lausanne and did some shopping!! The pioneers went to the U.N and Geneva and a small group went to Aosta, Italy to visit the chateaux and the town.

Tonight the younger ones had a PJ party and watched a movie, the explorers got competitive in the Qube and the older group went out for dinner at a nice italian restaurant. It has been a great day all round!

Thursday 22nd June –

A fun filled day for all our campers with lots of activities to get stuck into. Our discoveries headed off to Sion to do an exciting ropes course. They found it quite challenging but also really enjoyable as well. This evening they had a game show of boys v girls, it was very loud and competitive and super fun for our youngest campers!

Our explorers did some rock climbing and tested their skills at a parkour vitta. It was a very active day for them all so it was nice to chill out and have an ice cream afterwards. This evening they all ate out at a lovely Italian restaurant with some tasty pizza & pasta.

The pioneers had a mix day today doing some tennis and golf as well as some mountain biking which was great fun. They also went into town tonight to enjoy some Italian food.

Its the last day tomorrow for most campers so they are definately going to make the most of hanging out with new friends and taking part in the final activities.

Friday 16th May – Excursion day & evening activities

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier and we were all up bright and early ready for our excursions. Our discovery group headed off to the Gruyure cheese factory and Cailler chocolate factory before going to Vevey shopping. They had a really good day finding out all about the local chocolate and tasting them!

The explorer group visited the Olympic museum this morning and enjoyed learning more about their favourite athletes and sports. Afterwards they had lunch by the lake before doing some shopping in Lausanne. The pioneers visited the UN building this morning for a tour round and then went to Genenva to do some shopping and sight-seeing.

Tonight some of the group are off to play some mini golf and have a nice meal out for dine out while the youngers ones enjoy a bin bag fashion show.

Wednesday 10th – Skiing, leadership, journalism, mountain biking and Dine out


It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Zermatt with all our skiers making massive progress and are all now on the chairlift and T-bar. They are working really hard and very determined to learn and improved.  All of them are now confident snow-plowers and many are working towards their parallel turns.

This afternoon our mountain bikers headed out exploring different paths around Zermatt while our journalists continued interviewing and getting content for the magazine. It is all coming together and looking really good. Our leadership groups focused on personality and leadership and how they can be linked together for a successful work unit. This evening we enjoyed dine out at a local traditional swiss restaurant. We had some delicious food and a good chat about the week.

11th April – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating,Baking, Dine out and Torch Light Walk

Another brilliant day out on the mountain for all our groups in Verbier. Some of our beginner groups who have already mastered their snow plough turns and stops hit the chair lift for the first time which is a great achievement considering it’s only their third day skiing and snowboarding. Our more advanced groups today had the chance to explore a new area and headed off to the four valleys. There were some tricky slopes to conquer but they all did amazing and impressed their instructors massively.

Back at camp this afternoon we had various activities on offer. Some children went Ice skating and made cookies whilst others made the most of the nice weather and wandered into town to treat themselves to milkshakes and crepes. As well as this we had outdoor and indoor games at camp.

Tonight our individuals had a great time on Dine out in town! For our schools, they enjoyed a torchlight hike up the mountain and took in the views of Verbier at night.

Tuesday 28th March Fashion show, Torchlight Walk, The Cube


Today was another fun filled day and the weather was great once again. Most campers have progressed to the mountain and it was some of their first time up there are they all said they really enjoyed it. All the instructors are very pleased with how hard everyone is working and how much they are progressing each day.

After skiing the camper had the chose of different activities which they all really enjoyed. These activities were to pop into town for some more shopping and maybe even a milkshake, play games at les elfes for example: football, basketball, card games, table tennis and many more. Some campers even got the option to do a fashion show where they dressed one of their friends up with different craft materials and they went down the catwalk showing off there creation.

In the evening the individuals had the option to go on dine out where they went to the village and had a lovely meal out. Another group here went on a lovely torchlight walk around verbier looking at the stunning views. The final group of campers did an activity called the cube which they all got very competitive at and competed against each other to win points for their teams.


Crans- Montana. Tuesday 28th March.

Another fun filled day had by all the campers. Again we woke up to a beautiful blue skied day. All of the beginner groups started on the mountain where they successfully navigated blue runs and a pommel lift. The more advanced groups tackled the glacier run which all groups enjoyed immensely, especially with the fantastic view.

All the campers came back for hot chocolate and snacks followed by shopping in Crans town. Where all the campers brought souvenirs for their families and amazing cakes from the bakery. This evening we played Crans vs Montana a game where two teams go head to head in games such as orange pass, balloon game and the mummy game. The teams where called the pink fluffy unicorns and the rainbow penguins.

All the campers have gone to bed now and looking forward to their fourth day skiing in Crans Montana.





24th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, Games and Clubs Night

Today there was a lot of excitement during breakfast as many of the groups were heading up the mountain for the first time. The instructors are so impressed with their ability and progress and you can tell the children are very happy with their achievements and should be so proud of themselves. We had a few falls up on the slopes but all the groups were laughing at lunch telling tales of the best falls and collisions. Their snow plough turns are coming on nicely and are gradually slipping a few parallel turns in there. Our more advanced groups today covered a lot of ground are preparing for race day on thursday.

This afternoon a lot of our school children and individuals went into town, buying souvenirs for home as well plenty of swiss chocolate. Yum. Tonight our schools had clubs night so there were a mixture of activities going on including cooking club, design and build and problem solving. In cooking we made some amazing cookies, the best all season and some healthy blueberry oat muffins. Our individuals had the chance to go out into town for dine out to enjoy some local swiss cuisine such as fondue. They certainly had a great time!!

Monday 16th January – Skiing, sledging, swimming, music video & dine out

Today has been a brilliant day and we are all happy to welcome our new school here at Les Elfes. Upon arrival it was time for lunch before meeting their new instructors and heading up the mountain. They are all experienced skiers and boarders but it is the first time in Verbier for most. Everyone was super positive about their day back at camp and loved skiing in the fresh powder! Our existing groups had a blast today as conditions were great and they are all impressing the instructors with their dedication to learning.

This afternoon we had lots of activities on offer, sledging, baking, swimming and games. The sledgers had an awesome time riding down the mountain on bum boards, the bakers made some delicious cookies and our swimmers splashed around playing some games in the water. The atmosphere has been brilliant all evening, filming our very own music video. The campers were split into groups and came up with their own choreographies to their piece of music. We had some great clips and we are all looking forward to seeing the finished edit at prize giving. Elsewhere our individual campers spent their evening enjoying a meal in town. The italian restaurant was lovely and it was a nice experience for them to dine out together.