Wednesday 8th Aug – Mountain Biking, Ropes Course, Rock Climbing and D-I-S-C-O

Nearing the end of the Session 5 here in Verbier, but still lots of activites and fun for all the campers to have. Languages kicked off the day, and you can really see the progression all the campers have made so far in their language lessons.

After lunch, the Discoveries headed for the ropes course in Aigle. A lovely setting for the youngest group to enjoy climbing up ladders, swinging across ropes and zipping across the trees. Although the smallest group, they showed no fear, as all of the Discoveries had lots of fun in the trees.

Some of the Explorers ventured to rock climbing in Sembrancher, a natural rock, which allows the campers to not just climb on man made climbing walls, but get to experience the real thing. With our guides there to also help as well as the monitors, the campers got to learn how to tie a figure of 8 as well as some of the more Advanced climbers to get to learn how to B-lay another camper. The other half of the Explorers also got to rock climbing as well as mini golf. All of the Explorers showed real potential in climbing and were practically scaling the walls quicker than we could take photos.

The Pioneers went on an adventure up the mountain today, not on foot, but by mountain bikes. All of them ventured up on the gondola and then had to make their way down on the mountain road. All of them gave it a go and were exceedingly good!

The evening was one of those nights that all campers look forward to…THE DISCO!! Leaving straight after dinner, all the campers head to the disco for a bit of a dance. It is really nice to see all the campers getting together and having fun. A great night had by all!

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Wednesday 4th June – Ropes Course, Sports Day, Mountain Biking…..DISCO

Another glorious day on the mountain for the Les Elfes campers. The sun was shining ready for another fun filled day. After the morning session of languages and optional courses, the groups split off to enjoy their various activities.

For the Discoveries, it was time to try a bit of mountain biking. For some of the little campers, it was their first time ever on a bike, so a real achievement when by the end of the session they could ride. For the other Discoveries, it was time for them to test their skills they already had and to learn some new games on their mountain bikes. A fun day had by all

The Explorers headed down to Le Chable to play a variety of different sports on sun soaked courts and pitches. Tennis, Football and a frizbee being hurled about were enjoyed by all.

Individual brilliance on the tennis court, mixed in with great team work on the football pitch was wonderful to witness.




The Pioneer group went up the mountain for a small walk and warm up before heading up the trees to tackle Verbiers new Ropes course. A wide range of obsticals had to be navigated while also, for some, conquering a fear of hights.


The energy at camp was electric as all the groups headed into town for the fabled Les Elfes Disco.

Singing, dancing and Learning new moves the kids had a fantastic evening. No one wanted to leave as chants of “ONE MORE SONG” rang out.

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Thursday 15th Feb – Skiing/ Snowboarding/Rock Climbing/ Disco

This Thursday kids woke up at 7:30 for a foggy day. Weather was not the best but kids were excited to go to the slopes anyways. After a delicious breakfast they left to go skiing and although the weather was miserable, all campers did their best and made the most out of it. All of the campers were really happy as it was ski race day. Very competitive, but all campers are looking forward to finding out of their results tomorrow at prize giving. Coming back in the afternoon for hot chocolate and bread with Nutella was well deserved by all the campers.

For most of the campers who didn’t have languages, either signed up for shopping in town or a bit of rock climbing. After dinner it was time to head to the Disco, which was enjoyed by all. So many different nationalities from our six schools this week on camp and also all our individuals. Was really nice to see that whatever country you are from, everyone can get along and have fun together.


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3rd January – Skiing/Snowboarding/Baking/Rock Climbing/Disco

Today the weather was a bit miserable for the campers as there was a massive snow storm that hit Verbier. This did not discourage the campers, as even though they had to come back to camp a tiny bit early, they were still all smiling and wanted to ski/snowboard more, which is always amazing to see.

When they returned, there were lots of choices of activities, from baking, rock climbing, games or just chilling with friends on camp.

In the evening we went into town for our mid-week DISCO, which was amazing! All the students got involved and showed us their moves on the dance floor…

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Wednesday 7th July – Ropes, water sports, sports day, disco

It has been a superb Wednesday here in Verbier with all of our campers getting involved with lots of activities. The younger Discoveries enjoyed a challenging day at Sion ropes course but had a great time swing through the trees on the different elements. The explorers took part in various sports such as tennis, football and mountain biking which they loved. Our Pioneers spent a lovely day at the lake taking part in all the water sports and activities!

This evening we all partied the night away at our local disco with DJ Massive and the kids had a fantastic time dancing and singing along!


Thursday 13th April- Skiing, Snowboarding, Milk Bar, Swimming, Games, Disco

Today everyone really enjoyed another day on the slopes and the weather was lovely once again they were learning their final skills and techniques ready for tomorrow as its an exciting day on the slopes with a ski race and a BBQ.

In the afternoon one school were very lucky to get the opportunity to go to the milk bar and have crepes and milkshakes. Others got the chance to play games at les elfes and get ready for the disco early and some campers even went for a nice relaxing swim at the local swimming pool.

In the evening everyone jumped on the buses and went to the local disco venue and danced the night away which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of tired but happy campers this evening.

Wednesday April 5th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Village Visits , Games at Camp & Disco

Today was an amazing day here at Les Elfes. The campers started the off with a lot of clouds and light snow fall but once they got up the mountain they broke through to sunshine and had a awesome day skiing and snowboarding some new snow.
The day was spent really toning the skills they have learnt over the past days and all the beginner groups are now starting to link turns and show real control and confidence on the mountain.
Some of our campers also had an exciting excursion today to the chocolate and cheese factory where they got to taste some of Switzerland’s most finest chocolate and cheese.
After chilling out and enjoying some hot chocolate and snacks the campers that went skiing today all participated in different activities some went swimming, some stayed at camp and played games outside, some went to town to enjoy crepes and do some shopping and some went to the escape rooms to try their luck.
After dinner all the campers headed into the town for tonight’s disco where they got to party the night away with their new and old friends and enjoy some awesome music and show off their dance moves.
After the huge day here everyone is off to bed to catch up on some sleep for tomorrow.

30th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Race Day, BBQ and Disco!

Today has been full of action with our ski race taking place in La Chaux. All our groups had the opportunity to take part in an exciting slalom style race, where they were competing for a first place position with the quickest time. Everyone had a great time, and are now eager to find out their results which we will reveal at our prize giving on Friday. After they were treated to a lovely BBQ in the sunshine, enjoying the views and of course the food! What a day!

Back at camp on of our schools headed out to enjoy a milkshake and a crepe at Café in town, a great way for them to socialise and laugh about their funny moments so far. Others chose to do some souvenir shopping, buying presents for friends and family back home whilst the rest chilled out at camp and made the most of the great weather by playing games outside.

Tonight everyone had lots of fun at our weekly disco. Everyone had been looking forwards to it and it great seeing everyone smiling and dancing away with old and new friends!


Crans Montana. Thursday 30th March. 149 726

Another action packed day in Crans Montana; with a full day skiing on the mountain for all the campers. We had beautiful warm sunny weather here which all the campers enjoyed. The beginner groups continue to improve; with the intermediate groups impressing their instructors at every turn.

Everyone came back for hot chocolate and snacks; then this afternoon we hosted a wii and table football competition, which all the campers enjoyed. Followed by the legendary disco held at the pub in Crans town. We had some amazing dancers this year, with everyone pulling out their best moves.

All the campers are looking forward to their last day of skiing in Crans Montana.







15.03.17- Skiing,Snowboarding,Excursion Day, Bin Bag Fashion show,Swimming and Shopping

Once again another beautiful day in verbier. Most of the campers got up to go skiing and the rest of the campers went on a excursion to the chocolate and cheese factories and some shopping in the town. After lunch some of the campers got the chance to go look at the amazing views at the highest part of the mountains called Mt Fort they were amazed at how beautiful it was.

In the afternoon the campers came back and got to sign up for lots more interesting activities including a very animated and entertaining bin bag fashion show, some souvenir shopping for our older students and even a swimming session for some.

Some of our campers had dinner on camp while others went for a nice restaurant meal with their monitors. After dinner everyone danced the night away in our local Disco Venue in town. With lots of great moves and singing. All campers had a fun filled day and are looking forward to what tomorrow brings them.


2nd March 2017 – Skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, ski race, town, swimming & disco!!


Day 5 was off to a great start with another dump of fresh snow, because of the wind conditions the Cry’der lift was shut in the morning so all the groups took the bus to the Violettes. Once coming back for lunch the campers were able to re-energize and head back to shred the mountain.

After a long day of skiing the kids warmed up and then went right back out to enjoy some snow tubing. Snow tubing was a lot of fun because of the fresh snow. Returning from dinner the kids had some time to get ready for the disco after dinner. The disco was great as the campers were able to all show off there amazing dance moves.

Getting back from the disco the kids were able to relax for what would be a blue bird day of skiing!

VERBIER: Today has been a brilliant day here at camp with all our skiers and snowboarders progressing massively and all performing really well in our slalom ski race on the mountain. Lots of our campers are confident they won they will have to wait anxiously till tomorrows prize giving to find out. We then had to have an indoor BBQ due to the weather but everyone still enjoyed the delicious food that was prepared.

This afternoon some visited the local pool for some games and a relaxing jacuzzi while many headed into town with our monitors to buy souvenirs for their family back home. Tonights dinner was traditional cheese fondue which went down a treat before this evenings disco! We had lots of dance routines to follow and everyone was giving it their all on the dance floor.


23rd February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking & Disco

We’ve had a brilliant day here with lot’s going on here in Verbier. This morning kicked off with our ski race where all the children competed down a slalom to see who could get the quickest time. After they were treated to a BBQ in the sunshine. All our children have progressed massively this week, and will fin out what ski level they are tomorrow as well as the race results! Who will win that all important gold medal??

This afternoon there was no time for rest as our activities at camp took place with baking, arts and crafts and wii games. Some students also went into town or chose to go for a swim. Tonight we had cheese fondue a Swiss speciality. Straight after we jumped into the buses and headed into town for our Disco. We had great fun with non stop dancing and there were some great moves! Tonight we have some very tired children so time for bed here!

Thursday 9th February – Ski race, BBQ, Sledging, Ice Skating, Torchlight Walk, PJ Party & Disco

CRANS MONTANA: Day 5 of skiing for our school fro, Dubai and what lovely day it was! The sun was shining for the first day of the week, which was lovely for the group. As every day the campers still have bags of energy and were whizzing around the slopes enjoying the fresh snow with the sunshine, what a perfect combination!

In the afternoon all the campers went for a bit of an ice skate, followed by a disco. Final day of skiing for the group tomorrow with the ski race in the morning!


VERBIER: Today has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier with one school group making the most of their last full day on the mountain. The conditions were fantastic and so everyone was happy skiing about. Race day was on all morning with each group taking part to see if they could make the quickest time. The results will be announced at tomorrows prize giving and everyone is eager to find out if they have won. Lunch was different today, it was BBQ time! It was lovely weather and a brilliant atmosphere as the children enjoyed their food out in the sunshine.

This afternoon lots of our campers went over to the ice rink for some skating, they had a brilliant time whizzing around and playing ice hockey. Other campers opted to go sledging and had a super time sliding down on the boards.

This evening we had a mixture of activities, a torchlight walk around the old town, a PJ party and disco! Everyone had lots of fun and we are all excited to see what tomorrow brings.


26th January – Race Day, Games & Disco Night!!

We’ve had an exciting morning here in Verbier with our ski race kicking off in La Chaux. Over breakfast everyone was chatting about the race wondering who will be awarded the gold, silver and bronze medals tomorrow. All the children did very well and we had some very quick results, especially from our Swiss School. Our beginner groups were very chuffed with their achievments, considering at the start of the week some of them had never been skiing or Snowboarding before. After the race they enjoyed more runs in the beautiful sunshine.

This afternoon, after a busy fun filled week, a lot of our students opted to rest at Les Elfes, joining in with games such as Table Tennis, Pool, Bracelet making, and Card Games. It was nice for them to just chill out after an energised day.. Everyone had a fantastic time dancing away tonight at our Disco in town. The tunes were pumping and everyone hit the dance floor following some of our monitors dance routines and having a good time. Now it’s time for some much needed sleep.


19th January – Ski Race, Afternoon Activities and Disco Night!

What a day we have had here at Les Elfes. The standard of skiing and snowboarding has been super high this week with everyone eager to learn. Anticipation filled the air out on the mountain as the groups waited for their turn for race day. The timings were extremely close as everyone battled it out for that chance to win the gold medal. All the children find out their results tomorrow, so Good Luck to them all!!

There was no time to stop and relax back at camp as there were plenty of activities on offer. A lot of the girls joined in with bracelet making which they found very fun and learnt the techniques quickly. A small group chose again to go sledging, whizzing down the hill and creating new crazy runs. Others picked to join in with games such as table tennis, Wii, pool, and table football and after we put on a movie to chill out to.

Tonight was the exciting part. All our school groups and individuals danced the night away at our weekly Disco. Everyone had a brilliant time and the tunes were flowing. There was a great vibe and a good buzz, it was nice to see everyone getting along, smiling and enjoying their time away from home. One girl said it was ‘the best time of her life!’

Thursday 12th January – Skiing, race day, swimming, baking & disco!

We have all had a fantastic time here in Verbier with lots of activities going on. This morning everyone was up early for breakfast raring to hit the slopes. It was race day here so everyone had their game face on ready for the tough competition. All groups did brilliantly and are eagerly waiting for the results tomorrow at prize giving. Everyone did loads of skiing around and took in lots of skiing knowledge from their instructors.

Back at camp we had hot chocolate and snacks ready for their arrival. Some children from the schools took the option to swim this afternoon so headed to the pool for lots of races and games. We also had some shortbread making which turned out really well and JustDance going on in the cinema room for some of the girls to show off their moves! Tonight everyone was all dressed up and excited for the disco out in town. It was a brilliant night with some super tunes and great dancing from all our campers!


Thursday 22nd December – Excursion day, skiing & disco!

Today has been super fun with lots going on. For the majority of our campers it was excursion day, a chance to see parts of Switzerland and do some shopping! Some visited the wonderful Cailler chocolate factory and enjoyed an interactive learning experience about the famous Swiss chocolate. They then visited the cheese factory before heading to the Montreux Christmas markets for some sight-seeing. Our other group enjoyed a trip to the Nestle museum which was extremely popular. They also got the chance to visit Montreux before returning to Verbier.

Our remaining campers were back on the mountain putting in lots of hard work. This can clearly be seen as they are making tremendous progress.

Tonight it was disco time! Everyone was excited to get on the dance floor and absolutely loved dancing away to some new and classic tunes.

Thursday 7th – Skiing, snowboarding, BBQ, Mt Fort & Disco

Today has been fantastic with lots going on. The sun was back out in Verbier which was ideal for the lovely BBQ on the mountain. Everyone sat out in the sunshine enjoying the food before heading up Mt Fort for some stunning views. Some groups then skied down the difficult run and made the most of the afternoons runs. It was also race day today where we recorded some speedy times and will reveal the race results tomorrow.

After some snacks back at the chalet to refuel it was time for the afternoon activities. Lots chose to head into town to shop while many stayed and relaxed inside playing games. We had a great game of football on the court outside which got pretty competitive.

Tonight’s dinner was a traditional Swiss dish Cheese Fondue which was lovely and went down a treat with our guests. Afterwards it was time for Disco in town which everyone was super excited for. It was a great evening and an amazing atmosphere full of singing and dancing.

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Thursday 31st March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Prize Giving, Disco!!!

This morning was the last day on the mountain for most of our schools from Hong Kong. They are all super sad to be leaving their instructors and of course the snow, but they have had great fun throughout the week and have improved massively. Today, everyone enjoyed a BBQ lunch, even though the wind did pick up, but it was a great way to spend their last moments on the slopes. For the rest of the groups, they still have one more day to ski and board.

This afternoon a lot of our campers have been busy packing and getting checked out before they leave tomorrow. We also had a great prize giving, awarding everybody with their certificates and medals if they were in the top 3 for race day! We also had some lovely prizes for star campers and our weekly tidy room competition. We have all had a wonderful week with the students and they have all put in lot’s of effort and energy into skiing and evening activities.

Tonight we had an absolutely amazing time at our disco night in town, it was buzzing! All the students danced the evening away to some great tunes and the party atmosphere was great. Some of the students celebrated their last night jumping to the music, a wicked way to end their ski trip.

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Thursday 17th – Race day, BBQ, Disco & Dine Out

Today has been a glorious day here in Verbier with the sun shining making it perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Everyone had a lovely time out riding and learning new skills from their instructors. It was race day today so all our campers had the opportunity to take part in the slalom course. We had some quick times and a few surprising competitors! Afterwards they all headed to the BBQ on the mountain which was beautiful in the sunshine. There was lots of laughter and chatter and with full stomachs everyone headed back out in their groups for the rest of the afternoon.

Back at Les Elfes there was snacks out for the returning campers and then lots of activities on offer. Many headed into Verbier town to by presents and souvenirs for family and enjoyed a milkshake as well. Others chose to relax and play games here instead. This evenings dinner was traditional cheese fondue and went down a treat with everyone here especially as many had never tried it before.

After dinner it was Disco and kareoke time for one of the groups where they danced and sang the night away. There was some brilliant dancing and many games as well. Others joined in with our quiz while some went into town. It has been a busy but awesome day here and we’ve had lots of fun with our campers.

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3rd March – Race Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Disco!!

This morning we woke up to piles of soft, powdery snow and even more snow falling. After a good breakfast, all the children got mentally prepared for race day! With all the energy they needed everyone headed out to get competitive for the big race, with those all important medals up for grabs. The conditions haven’t been great today but it’s good to see that everyone put in all their effort to keep trying and learning new skills.

Back at camp, a lot of people decided to stay and relax at les elfes, and opted for some chilled out card games as well as billiards, table tennis and table football. For those who still had energy remaining, headed for the swimming pool and town.

Tonight we had a Swiss treat as for dinner it was time for cheese fondue! A lot of our students had never had the pleasure of trying this before so it was a great new experience for them, and most people loved it! After piling in the cheese and bread, we partied into the evening with our exciting Les Elfes Disco. People busted their moves and we even had a few dance offs which were very entertaining.

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Thursday 18th – Skiing, race day, BBQ, town, prize giving & disco!

It’s been an exciting Thursday here at Les Elfes with lots going on. The morning started brightly with the sun shining and everyone ready to get out onto the slopes. For some it was their last day on the mountain and so they wanted to make every minute count. The groups had an awesome time skiing around and exploring the mountain. It was also race day here and so everyone got the chance to race on our slalom course and see who would be champion racer! There was some super quick times and the instructors were really impressed with all the competitors. Afterwards there was a lovely BBQ prepared on the mountain which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

This afternoon it was time to head to the village to buy some gifts and souvenirs while others stayed and had snowball fights and played games. We also hosted a prize giving ceremony for one group leaving tomorrow where we awarded them with certificates and medals for all their hard work and achievements over the week. To follow we had a traditional cheese fondue for dinner which went down really well as some had never had one before.

To end the evening we headed to town for our weekly disco at Etoile la rouge! It was buzzing in their and the atmosphere was great. We had many dance offs and some great songs to sing and dance a long to._DSC7089 _DSC7091 _DSC7103 _DSC7106 _DSC7124 _DSC7133 _DSC7164 _DSC7197 _DSC7211 11653284_10201428234824910_1557915008_n 11997352_10153957376503656_676885948_n 12714069_10201428234144893_970984473_n 12714192_10201428234384899_1281770721_n 12722158_10153211861276566_1667150633_n 12746061_10153211861301566_1517961758_n