Friday April 7th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town Visits, Escape Rooms, Casino Night & Quiz Night

Today was a awesome day at Les Elfes the sun was shinning and the snow was soft so all the campers very much enjoyed the day up the mountain skiing all over and enjoying their last day before going on excursion tomorrow and departing in the afternoon.
The campers who are staying for another week got to practice all the skills they have learnt over the week and try some new runs.
This afternoon after enjoying some yummy hot chocolate and snacks the campers all packed as tomorrow majority or them leave early in the morning on excursion and other check out of their chalet.
After packing most campers went to town to pick up some last minuet gifts and chocolate.
After dinner the campers did a split in activities some did casino night and others did trivia night before heading off to bed to catch some sleep before the big departure day tomorrow.

Monday April 3rd 2017 Baking, Swimming, Escape Rooms

Today was another amazing jam packed day here at les elfes.
This morning gave us warm weather, beautiful blue skies and sunshine and the campers were eager to get up the mountain to practice what they learnt the day before. All of the groups skied and snowboarded around the mountain all day enjoying the snow and learning some new skills with their instructors and some groups were lucky enough to go and check out the world free ride competition for a part of the morning.
After relaxing over hot chocolate and snacks the campers all participated in various activities some went to the town to check out the village and purchase some gifts some got to enjoy a great meal in town, some campers made yummy chocolate chip cookies and some played in the Escape Rooms in town to try their luck at escaping.
After Dinner half of the group went ice skating and enjoyed skating around the rink and playing some ice hockey , some others made a awesome music video to the song good feeling and others went to the escape rooms to try and escape.
Everyone here now if off to bed to catch up on some sleep before the big day that follows tomorrow.


Tuesday 3rd January 2017- Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, Escape Rooms & Quiz Night

Today was super exciting here at camp as we woke up to our first dusting of snow for 2017. All the ski groups headed up the mountain to enjoy the day skiing and snowboarding and the warm sunshine now the temperature’s dropping here in Verbier. This afternoon the campers enjoyed a town visit and a movie before dinner. After dinner some of the campers got the opportunity to go to the Escape Rooms which is where they have to solve clues to get out of a room and the others had a fun and interactive quiz where we tested their knowledge of music, sports and geography. Everyone here is off to bed now to get some sleep for another big day tomorrow as most campers are off on various excursions or skiing.
Goodnight from Les Elfes.

Tuesday 27th December – Skiing, Swimming, escape rooms & Clubs night

It has been a busy but fun day here at camp with our groups and individual campers. Everyone had a super time out on the slopes. Our campers from last week continued to improve their techniques and are loving seeing different areas of the mountain. For our newcomers it was a chance to take in the beautiful surroundings and get a good feel for the mountain.

This afternoon everyone had various options, some went to the swimming pool for a splash and some races while others visited Verbier town for the first time. Back at camp we had games on the go as well as bracelet making. All the children are mixing really well and getting to know each other which is great to see.

After dinner some of the older group ventured into town to take part in the Escape rooms. Although they did not escape in time the monitors were very impressed with the teamwork and determination of both groups. Back at Les Elfes the rest of the campers enjoyed Design & Build, cooking where they made brownies and cookies and Arts & crafts making chinese lanterns.

Is had been a brilliant day and everyone is looking forward to their excursions tomorrow!


Tuesday 22nd march 2016 – Skiing, Optional activities, Clubs night and Escape room

An incredible blue bird sky day today…. with bright sunshine beaming down on the students faces as they progress in skiing/snowboarding and learn more and more throughout the day. The snow conditions although looking very minimal at low level, up on the mountain is great, with snow perfect for snow plow, parallel and even carving.

After returning from skiing, the student removed their boots allowing their feet to have a break before going upstairs to sign up for afternoon and evening activities. The choices of afternoon activities were shopping, snow games or epic games indoors. Many of the students went shopping after taking a relaxing shower and having some snacks… a few decided to go outside, not getting enough snow and making full use of their winter holiday in Verbier by going sledging and snowman building. This then left just around 10 students who decided to play a game of action packed extreme Uno.. pinning each individual against each other, eventually bringing a winner.

During the evening the students had a wide choice of activities, including cooking, arts and crafts, Photography, Design and build and for some the students went down to the escape room, where the group have a series of challenges to move from one room to another.

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Another perfect bluebird day in Verbier. Clear sunny skies and great powder set the perfect conditions for the campers on the slopes today.

One of the groups started their epic ski touring adventure today, catching the first lift at 8:30 at Medran, trekking up the mountain. After a tough and rewarding hike, the campers finally reached the beautiful and historic Cabane Mt. Fort, where they will be spending the night. The students were lucky enough to talk to the guest speaker, the legendary Swiss Freeride Snowboarder – Emillien Badoux – who shared with them his many triumphs and snowboarding adventures.

The other campers, after returning from another great day of skiing, wined down with a warm cup of a hot chocolate and snacks. They then were spoilt with the choice of either hanging out in campus, shopping and sightseeing around Verbier town, swimming and relaxing in the hot tub, or sledging in the slopes nearby.

Tonight at Les Efles was club night, where our animation team set up many different activities for the campers. At cooking club, the little chefs made delicious apricot and white chocolate flapjacks, learning about kitchen safety and hygiene along the way. Others explored their engineering abilities at Design and Build, where they designed, produced, and tested homemade airplanes. Others got a bit more artistic at arts and crafts, where they made and decorated beautiful ninja squishy balls!!!! At the photography club, the campers wrote their own story lines and produced and filmed their own stop-motion videos.

The individual students also had an amazing evening. One group went on a scenic torchlight walk halfway up the mountain, where they were greeted with stunning views of the shining lights of the Verbier Valley. Another choice was to visit the Escape Rooms, a new live entertainment facility, where the campers had to figure out puzzles and work as a team to “escape” the trapped room in less than an hour.