December 28th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion Day, Disco Night

This morning most of our campers left Verbier and headed out on Excursion to many exciting places. Our most popular option was the Trip to Aosta in Italy to visit the Castle and it’s stunning grounds. All the children loved the trip and after they had the chance to do more site seeing and some shopping. Others had an amazing time visiting the Charlie Chaplin Museum as well as shopping in Vevey. Our lost option, another popular one was the Olympic Museum which all the children found very interesting and interactive. After they were treated to the Chocolate Factory and shopping in Lausanne.

For those who were kean to continue practicing their techniques in skiing and snowboarding ventured back out onto the slopes and for some of them it was their first time up the mountain and on a chair lift. Well done guys!!

Tonight we danced the night away in town at our private disco. The tunes were pumping and the children loved dancing. It has been a fun night.

6th April – Excursion Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Clubs Night

This morning we woke up to rain in Verbier, however on a brighter note, it should mean plenty of snow up the mountain which is great news and extremely needed. For those that were skiing today were ready on time and prepared to face the challenge of skiing in the snow for the first time. The conditions were very different today which made skiing quite difficult, especially for some of our beginners, but they tried very hard and it has definitely paid off, as they are all chuffed with their achievements.

For two of our groups, they had a break from hitting the mountain today and are instead venturing out of Verbier to visit a bit of Swiss culture. Our school from the UAE were straight out the doors on to the bus and set off for Geneva, where they visited the United Nations as well as a spot of shopping in the City. It was a great chance for the older ones to learn about how Switzerland is a key country in helping to maintain peace and security around the world, and after had a well deserved break and lunch. Following this they then ended their trip at the magnificent chocolate factory and got the chance to sample some of Switzerland’s finest chocolates. YUM! Our individual campers also ditched their ski gear for the day and also had the opportunity to visit the famous cheese and chocolate factories here in Switzerland. They all had a great day and came back smiling with lot’s of goodies for friends and family back home.

After dinner this evening it was time for Clubs night which all our students had signed up for in the afternoon. We had a big group taking part in our cooking club, which is always popular here at Les Elfes, and the cookies smelt delicious. We can’t wait to sample them tomorrow. Others took part in a photography stop motion class as well as a design and build challenge and a Drama club.

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Wednesday 3rd – Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, excursion day, movie night

A fun filled Wednesday today for all our groups here at Les Elfes. The snow is back which made conditions particularly difficult on the mountain, however everyone coped really well and we had lots of positive feedback from the instructors. All groups are motivated and keen to learn which is brilliant!

Our individuals were on excursion today where they visited the Natural History museum, did sight-seeing in Geneva as well as shopping! They had a great time visiting the city and exploring somewhere new. The Natural History Museum went down a treat, there were plenty of animals to learn about and look at.  This evening they had dine out so they all went for a pizza in town followed by a chalet evening and group games and activities.

This afternoon our School group were super excited about their chance to go Ice Skating. They were whizzing round the rink, showing off some of their skills and we had a great game of Ice Hockey going on for those that wanted to get competitive. In the evening we had a chilled night, so the students had chance to rest and watch a movie in our cinema room. Now for an early night to get a goods night sleep ready for an active day on the mountain with lots of powder!12650266_163165754059907_1476501800_n 12650466_163165870726562_766092210_n 12660192_163165727393243_639064056_n 12660259_163165730726576_1954389593_n 12665698_163165774059905_1388085827_n 12695744_163165897393226_654664672_n DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO


27th January – Chateau de Chillon, Chamonix, Chocolate Factory, Skiing & Snowboarding

This morning was a different day for some of us here at Les Elfes International as it was excursion day! One of our Chinese schools had the wonderful opportunity to visit Chamonix, in France and got to take a lovely train journey to the ice caves. The views were spectacular, with the sun shining and whilst there they learnt about the amazing glacier. Our Individuals headed to the Chocolate Factory which they were all very excited about. They had the chance to learn about the production of chocolate and see how it is made in the factory. A definite highlight of the day for them was the tasting of the chocolate at the end. After this they moved on for lunch which they had at the Chateau de Chillon, a magnificent castle set in beautiful scenery and a great photo opportunity.

For those that stayed, it was another sunny day in Verbier and everyone enjoyed skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. Each day, everyone has gained more and more confidence and so groups are gradually heading up the mountain to challenge themselves on the harder slopes. They are all keen to learn new techniques and some are now trying out their parallel turns.

This afternoon a few children opted to have even more fun and had a shot at sledging which was great fun to watch. By the end of it, they were all whizzing down super fast with big smiles on their faces. For those that wanted a more relaxing afternoon, opted to stay at Les Elfes for some down time or took a walk in to town to buy some treats.

This evening, we all took part in our Dragons Den competition which got very competitive and we had some amazing end products. Each group used cardboard, sellotape, scissors and paper to design their very own unique shoe racks which were all successful.


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January 24th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Arrival Day, Excursion & Ice Skating

Today we had a very busy morning here in Les Elfes with lot’s of individuals and school groups hitting the slopes for their first morning of skiing and snowboarding. With the sun shinning brightly, most of the children headed to the beginners slope to start learning the basic skills needed for when they head to the mountain soon. They all had great fun learning off their instructors and we have had positive feedback here at camp, ensuring us they are improving quickly which is great news. For our individuals who have been here a few weeks, they went straight up to the top, to work on their parallel turns, and even had the chance to race down the ski cross course.

Today we have also had a new school arrive all the way from China. Once landed, the group headed straight off to Bern to pay a visit to the great History Museum there and after a lovely picnic lunch they had some time for sightseeing and shopping. Back at camp, we got them quickly checked in so they could sit down, relax and enjoy hot chocolate and snacks.

Tonight, everyone has had the chance to go Ice Skating and they have all returned with smiles on their faces. It was a great experience for them and a good chance to meet new people on the ice. Some even attempted a friendly game of ice hockey.


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Wednesday 30th September – salt mines, hike

Beautiful sunny day here in Verbier! Perfect for outdoor activities, that is why first thing in the morning kids went hiking.

They were brought a little bit more up the mountain from where they started o hike across to lunch place in Le Hatay. A long the bise it was nice and relaxing walk with beautiful view all along. Kids where exploring flora and fauna, took a  quiz about nature around them and  learned mountain map reading. But after lunch in the fresh air it was time to continue the day with excursion to Salt mines.

2h long excursion in Sal mines was worth every second. The first excitement started when a little train took all kids inside the mountain for tour to start. After a short introduction of rules everyone continued excursion deeper int he mountain. Not only< kids found out the history of how salt was being discovered and used, but also how necessary it is for human body and even got to try mining themselves.

What a great day it has been! But it is not over just yet. After dinner kids will play Boys vs. Girls where they will have to complete different challenges and show their team work skills.

See you all tomorrow with more exiting news!


Tuesday 25th August 2015 – Excursion to Chamonix

Beautiful day here in Verbier! For some kids it started with horse riding lessons straight after breakfast but day continued with excursion from everyone.

Excursion promised to be exiting as it was in France, Chamonix – one of the oldest ski resorts in French, beautiful town with great sightseeing’s mostly because of majestic Mt Blanc- north side of Chamonix. Excursion day is always lot of fun – seeing new places, experiencing breathtaking views and of course buying a few souvenirs to take home!  The tour started by taking the steep gondola ride up to Aguille du Midi. The gondola still holds the record for the highest vertical ascent in the world going all the way up to 3800 meters high. After that the headed down to the beautiful traditional village for a cultural visit. The highlight was definitely visiting the magical Ice Palace on the Mont Blanc Glacier, before their own stroll around shops in town.

A very long but equally fun day!