Wednesday 20th March: Amazing skiing, Excursion day and Escape Room

Yet, another sunny day here in Verbier and our students had two choices to enjoy it: they could either go to ski or go on excursion.

The skiing group had lot of fun on the slopes and ate a great lunch on the mountain. They then happily headed back to the camp in the middle of the afternoon where they enjoy a tasty snack of donuts, bread and jam, and hot chocolate. “Après-ski”, the students had a number of fun activities to choose from: baking muffins, games competition, and selfie challenge.

Our students that chose to go on an excursion went to the Chocolate Factory and the Cheese Factory in the town of Broc. In the afternoon, they had the opportunity to go shopping in Vevey. They brought lots of yummy treats and happy memories.

In the evening, they finally entered…the Escape Room! And managed to escape just in time!!!

Wednesday 20th: Excursion day + Skiing for Perin camp!!

Today our students had the choice between going on an excursion at The Charlie Chaplin Museum and skiing.

Most of them went on excursion, discover more about this iconic personality and then enjoyed an afternoon shopping in Vevey.

While others chose to go on the mountain and to get the most of it during their stay at Les Elfes.

“Après-ski” they could either make chocolate mousse, go to the village or play some card games.

At the end of the day, ice-skating was offered to them as an evening activity. The individuals went for Dine Out either to the pizzeria or the fondue restaurant for an authentic dining experience.



Wednesday 13th February: Skiing, Aquarium & Dine Out!!

Everyone got up at the usual time with half of the group going to the aquarium in Geneva and the other half skiing on this clear and sunny day. The skiers went to the 4 Valleys for the day so they brought a packed lunch to waste as little time as possible. When they came back to the camp, they had their snack and then relaxed while they waited for the ones who went on excursion to arrive. Once everyone was back, they showered and changed for the restaurant as tonight was “Dine Out” night. After a long and leasurely dinner in the Pizzeria, they made their way back to the camp. They tidied their rooms, brushed their teeth and slid into their beds.

Tuesday 22nd – Excursion Day and Clubs night

So today all the campers were very excited to get off campus for excursion day. The Discoveries really enjoyed visting the nest museum and Charlie Chaplin museum they all came back telling the mointors what they learnt and how fun it was. Explorers had a wonderful day visting the chocolate and cheese factories finding out how each thing were made. After they visited the factories they got the chance to go somewhere different for shopping, they went to the beautiful Montreux. Our Pioneers also learnt a lot at the Charlie Chaplin museum and got to spend the day shopping in Vevey.

After dinner the campers got the chance to sign up for many different activties in our clubs night. The options were mountain biking, Ping Pong, football, art and crafts and also smoothie making. Things got very competitive as the campers all wanted to beat their friends at some of the activties. The smoothies all tasted wonderful.

Tomorrow is another exciting day at camp starting off with languages then in the afternoon ropes course, sports day and lake day.


Tuesday 8th August – Excursion day & Music Video

Today we had excursion day to various parts of Switzerland which was fantastic despite the rainy weather! Some went to the chocolate and cheese factory and to Vevey to do some shopping while others went to Chamonix, France to visit the Alpine museum. The rest went to the Charlie Chaplin museum and the Neste factory. This evening we had a music video where the groups made a choreography to a dance which was pretty cool!

Tuesday 25th July – Excursion day & Carnival Night

It has been a really exciting day here for all our campers who have been out on excursion! One group visited the chocolate and cheese factory before having the chance to shop in Vevey, they loved tasting all the different chocolates on offer!

Another group were up early and had a thoroughly enjoyable time site-seeing around Milan with their Italian tour guide. Some others visited the Olympic museum and found out lots more interesting facts about their favourite athlètes. Afterwards they had a cultural visit of Lausanne and did lots of shopping!

This evening was Carnival Night which was fantastic! All the campers took part in different games and stalls to try and win top score before we did a raffle with lots of prizes to be won. The children loved it and it was a great atmosphere.

4th July

All our children have had a brilliant day on excursion, exploring Switzerland and for some, even venturing into France.

Our Discovery group were up and out on an exciting trip to the Zoo in Servion, and had great fun looking at all the animals. After a picnic lunch they headed off to Chaplin’s World followed by an icecream treat at Chateux de Chillon. A very beautiful castle and great for photos.

Our explorers jumped on to their bus and headed towards the amazing Caillier Chocolate Factory which is a favourite of evryones. They had the opportunity to travel back in time and discover how chocolate came to Switzerland and have a go at being a chocolate taster! After their lunch they were off to the cheese factory followed by shopping in Montreux , a stunning location on the edge of the lake.

Finally our Pioneers visited the Charlie Chaplin World, which they enjoyed and found very interesting. After lunch by the lake in Vevey, they hit the mall for some much needed shopping which of course went down very well.

Tonight there were a mixture of exciting activities which included a music game show, a design and build challenge and a well deserved movie night for the little ones!!

Friday 30th June – Excursions, PJ party, the cube and dine out

It has been a full on day for all our campers who have been out and about visiting new parts of Switzerland. The discovery group enjoyed a day tasting chocolate at the Cailler chocolate factory before heading to the the cheese factory and Vevey for some shopping. The explorers went to the Olympic museum and learn’t some more things about their favourite athletes. Afterwards they walked around Lausanne and did some shopping!! The pioneers went to the U.N and Geneva and a small group went to Aosta, Italy to visit the chateaux and the town.

Tonight the younger ones had a PJ party and watched a movie, the explorers got competitive in the Qube and the older group went out for dinner at a nice italian restaurant. It has been a great day all round!

Friday 16th May – Excursion day & evening activities

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier and we were all up bright and early ready for our excursions. Our discovery group headed off to the Gruyure cheese factory and Cailler chocolate factory before going to Vevey shopping. They had a really good day finding out all about the local chocolate and tasting them!

The explorer group visited the Olympic museum this morning and enjoyed learning more about their favourite athletes and sports. Afterwards they had lunch by the lake before doing some shopping in Lausanne. The pioneers visited the UN building this morning for a tour round and then went to Genenva to do some shopping and sight-seeing.

Tonight some of the group are off to play some mini golf and have a nice meal out for dine out while the youngers ones enjoy a bin bag fashion show.

1st May Verbier and Zermatt

We kicked off this month with a great morning, heading out on excursion to visit the chocolate and cheese factory in Switzerland.  First we started with a very interactive tour around the chocolate factory, Learning about the history of chocolate and the company Callier and Nestle. The children also had the opportunity to become chocolate testers, trying a variety of chocolates which they loved. After this they were back in the mini buses and off to the cheese factory where they were able to sample different cheeses produced in Switzerland. After a busy morning they enjoyed a relaxing lunch and after had the chance to hit the shops in Vevey and spend some of their Pocket money! All the children arrived back at camp very happy and full of stories about the day.

After dinner tonight we had a Clubs evening. The older children learnt about Web Identity and the danger of being exposed on the internet. The younger children took part in a social ettiquitte class where they learn how to behave in public, respect for others and informal and formal greetings. All our children have learnt alot this evening and were very interested and enthusiastic, getting involved in all our games and activities. Thank You for an amazing day!!

Meanwhile in Zermatt

The students were awake at 7h30 today, they were downstairs dressed for skiing and already eating breakfast… These young healthy and strong children were ready for their first day skiing in Zermatt

Skiing in Zermatt is an excepectional experience. For some of them it was their first day skiing and for others it was their 5th time skiing in Zermatt, either way the students were all excited and ready for the first day on the slopes. The snow was coming down fast, the children had to battle the cold, fog and snow all in one day. The conditions on the slopes were incredibly tough and but they did not let it stop them! Some groups were skiing until 16h00 they achieved a great deal on their first day! Shortly after some tasty snacks were prepared, the students were every hungry indeed, they eat a variety of snack and drank some hot chocolate too.
We gathered the students together for our optional courses, mountain biking, leadership & journalisum. During our leadership course, they discovered the fundimentals for becoming a great leader, the students shared their views and ideas together working as a team. Looking into leadership further, they discussed which type of roles are needed in order to become a world class leader. They looked into different leadership styles and discussed which styles work the best. Journalisum was kicking of fast as the progression of the magazine was really coming together now. As the students started to find their roles within the production process they were learning abou the importance of being a team. Our mountain miking students set of into the village of Zermatt. Once they had reached their destination they tested out their balancing skills and talked about choice of terrian. Of they set for some uphill challanges… they managed to climb high into the heights of Zermatt!

After dinner these students gathered for teh Zermatt hunt. They split into two teams and navigated their way around the beautiful streets of Zermatt. What a fantastic adventure for These wonderful lucky students!

29th April – Skiing, Excursions, Ski Fit & La Fureur!

Today has been extremely busy here at Les Elfes in Verbier with skiing, excursions and arrivals. Our existing individual students were up and out in their ski gear this morning and were greeted by great snow conditions and a beautiful day. They had lots of fun out on the mountain and made the most of the powder, exploring new slopes and perfecting their parallel turns. For our school groups from India they headed out to explore Vevey and had the chance to look around some shops and experience our Swiss culture at the chocolate and cheese factory. They absolutely loved it, especially all the chocolate tasting.

We also welcomed a new group today who were very excited to get outside and play in the snow. We spent the afternoon ski fitting them with their ski’s and ski clothes and are now all ready to leave for Zermatt tomorrow morning and get out on the mountain.

Tonight we hosted a big music quiz which was extremely energetic and involved lots of singing and dancing. Everyone went to bed very happy and had big smiles on their faces.

Friday March 24 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Prize Giving and Departures.

Another great day has come to a end here at Les Elfes.
Today some of the campers headed off on various excursions some to the famous Cailler chocolate factory which was thoroughly enjoyed by our group, and then on to the Gruyure cheese factory. Some also visited the Olympic museum which was a lot of fun with its interactive games.
Everyone else here at camp headed up the mountain for one last day of skiing and snowboarding really getting to perfect the skills they have learnt over the week and try some new harder runs.
In the afternoon we sadly had to say goodbye to some of our campers who are heading off home after a super fun week here but before they left we had a small prize giving where the instructors got to give out some special prizes and say goodbye.
The other campers enjoyed a well deserved hot chocolate and snacks and used the afternoon to relax and pack after the big week skiing and snowboarding.
After dinner we had a prize giving for the rest of our camper where our instructors revealed the all important race results and congratulated everyone on their performance throughout the week. Afterwards everyone enjoyed watching the slideshow of the week and the music video we made earlier on in the week. It has been a brilliant week and we are all sad to see these groups leave.

15.03.17- Skiing,Snowboarding,Excursion Day, Bin Bag Fashion show,Swimming and Shopping

Once again another beautiful day in verbier. Most of the campers got up to go skiing and the rest of the campers went on a excursion to the chocolate and cheese factories and some shopping in the town. After lunch some of the campers got the chance to go look at the amazing views at the highest part of the mountains called Mt Fort they were amazed at how beautiful it was.

In the afternoon the campers came back and got to sign up for lots more interesting activities including a very animated and entertaining bin bag fashion show, some souvenir shopping for our older students and even a swimming session for some.

Some of our campers had dinner on camp while others went for a nice restaurant meal with their monitors. After dinner everyone danced the night away in our local Disco Venue in town. With lots of great moves and singing. All campers had a fun filled day and are looking forward to what tomorrow brings them.


1st March – Snow, Skiing, Cinema, Crans vs. Montana, Snowboarding and Excursion Day!


Day 4 was off to a fantastic start, all throughout breakfast the kids could see the fresh snow falling as they geared up for the day. All groups were able to make it up the mountain to enjoy a full day of powder.

Once returning from the day the campers prepared to go watch Oscar-nominated film Lion starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman at the local movie theater in Crans. Following the amazing film, they enjoyed some supper and were able to get cozy in the chalet for an indoor game of Crans vs. Montana. Which included various mini games such as Over & Under, Orange Pass, and Keep the Card.

Tomorrow is going to be another fantastic day of skiing with all the fresh snow that is expected overnight!

VERBIER: Goodbye February and hello March! This morning we woke up to more snow here in Verbier which is great for the conditions on the mountain and means our skiers and snowboarders had the chance to ski in some powder today. They had great fun and for our beginners it meant a very soft landing. Everyone did very well on the slopes, following their instructors advice and progressing massively from day one!

For one of our School groups from Ethiopia and the individuals, it was time to ditch their snow gear and head off for excursion day. They were very excited as their first stop was the new Neste Museum which is very interactive and modern and of course a chance to sample some chocolate. After, they were straight off to the Cheese Factory followed by some shopping in Vevey, which went down well with all our campers. They’ve had an amazing day and it’s great for them to explore new areas in Switzerland.

Tonight everyone was super energetic during our evening activities. We had round two of La Fureur and The Qube, which got all the children dancing, singing and very competitive. After a long day, it is finally time for bed!!

18th February – Departure Day, Excursion, Skiing, Arrival Day, Movie Night

Today has been a super busy day at Les Elfes with plenty of arrivals and sadly many departures. At camp we have been busy ski fitting all our new schools and individuals for their first day on the mountain tomorrow. Our school from Dubai are very excited, as some of them have never seen snow before! After a busy day travelling most of our children are now in bed or enjoying a chilled out evening watching a movie.

For our existing individuals, today they were back out on the mountain and had a trip to Mont Fort, a great challenge for the children. For one of our schools, they were off on an excursion to Le Chateau before heading to Geneva and the airport. They had a great day getting to see a different side to Switzerland!

15th February – Excursion Day, Skiing and Snowboarding


It was excursion day today for our indidual campers and one group headed off to visit the UN and shopping in Geneva. They had a brilliant day, and found the United Nations very interesting and of course loved the shopping in Geneva. Our other group explored a different area of Switzerland, a fantastic experience for them and they had the chance to visit the Chocolate Factory (Yum), the cheese factory and then also hit the shops in Vevey.

Back in Verbier everyone else was back out on the mountain and had some challenging runs to overcome.

Tonight we had a very energetic muisic game show and all the school groups got very competitive and it went down very well! We also had a mini prize giving for our chinese group as they are sadly leaving tomorrow after a fantastic 2 weeks! We will miss them.

Wednesday 1st February – Skiing, excursion day, torchlight walk & La Fureur

The 1st of February has been and gone here at camp and what a brilliant day we have all had. A beautiful sunny morning and the camp was busy and full of excitement. Many of our individual campers and groups headed off for their excursions across Switzerland. Some visited the Olympic Musuem and Cailler chocolate factory, while others went to Lausanne and the Charlie Chaplin museum. Everyone had a brilliant day and enjoyed sight-seeing and shopping as well!

Our skiers also had a superb day and made some serious improvement with their instructors. They were all extremely positive and willing to learn. Our more advanced skiers rode around exploring different parts of the mountain and focused on improving their technique.

On return to camp everyone enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate before getting ready for afternoon activities. Some took the opportunity to go out on a torchlight walk and hiked up the mountain to enjoy a beautiful view of Verbier village and ventured back with torches to guide the way! The rest of our campers enjoyed playing games or headed into town for a milkshake.

This evening everyone took part in a music game show called La Fureur. There was lots of dancing, singing & games which went down brilliantly. Everyone was super enthusiastic and involved.

January 25th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding and Excursion day

It was an exciting morning here at Les Elfes today with some of the campers heading off on various excursions around Switzerland whilst others enjoyed a another beautiful sunny day on the slopes.

The campers skiing and snowboarding are progressing and perfecting their skills fast most of them now have moved off of the baby slope and onto the mountain.

Some other campers enjoyed a awesome day experiencing some local food at the cheese and chocolate factories before a spot of shopping in Vervey whilst the other campers opted for the Olympic museum and shopping in Lausanne.
Everyone arrived back at Les Elfes for dinner and a fun filled evening of La Fureur which is a energetic music quiz.
After the huge day here everyone is now off to bed to get some much needed rest for tomorrow when everyone hits the slopes again.

January 18th 2017- Skiing, Snowboarding & Excursion Day

A beautiful sunny morning here at Les Elfes and a lot of excitement this morning as some of our individuals and schools headed out on various excursions around Switzerland. Some visited the Cailler chocolate factory, some to the Charlie Chaplin museum and some to Italy. Back in Verbier all the others made the most of the amazing weather out on the slopes practicing their turns and learning new skills.

This afternoon some of the campers went swimming, sledging up behind Les Elfes and also baking some delicious chocolate brownies which were eaten tonight for dessert.
One group are sadly leaving us and so they with their instructors from the week had a prize giving and presentation to celebrate their week here with us. Another group enjoyed an exciting game of La Fureur which is a interactive music quiz. The rest of our individuals spent the evening cooking and eating at their chalets and played some games in the evening.
Everyone here has had a very fun filled exhausting day and are now off to bed ready for another awesome day to tomorrow.



Friday 13th January – SKiing, arrivals, excursion & prize giving

This morning started off with a bang! Everyone was eager to get downstairs to put their boots on and get out skiing and snowboarding on the fresh snow. We have had heaps of snow during the night which continued into today so a powder day for everyone! All our campers persevered through many snow storms and were determined to stay out even in tough conditions. Some groups enjoyed a quick hot chocolate on mountain before carrying on.

Due to the hard conditions today many campers were extremely tired so opted to stay and relax at camp or headed to the village. We also welcomed a new group from China this evening who had spent their first day visiting Chateau de Chillion. They are all excited to be here and are ready to be ski fitted and get a good nights sleep after a long journey!

Also this evening we had our prize giving for our individuals and school from Dubai. It was a chance for our monitors and instructors to thank and congratulate the campers for such a wonderful week.




11th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion & Chalet Night

Today has been jam packed with activities, excursions, skiing and snowboarding.

Our school’s and a few individuals put on their warm winter clothes and headed out to different parts of the mountain to explore new areas and work on their techniques. Amazingly, nearly all our beginner groups today joined the rest of the groups at the top at for some of them it was their first time ever up a mountain. The beautiful sunshine helped keep motivations high and they did so well, all the instructors are very proud of what they have achieved in only a few days. Our new snowboarders are now able to link their turns and are falling less and less everyday!

Our individuals today had the opportunity to go on excursion and were able to discover new areas of Switzerland. They had a great time at the new Nestle Factory which was very interactive and modern. Then they managed to fit in a bit of shopping in Vevey which they were extremely pleased about and also had the chance to visit the United Nations in Geneva, the second largest in the world and a very interesting, important building.

Tonight there has been a lot going on, including a torch light walk up the mountain, a very competitive and exciting Music Quiz/Game show as well as a mexican styled ‘Fajita’ night in the chalets for our individuals to chill out and bond over board games.