Tuesday 22nd September – mountain hike

Mountain hike day!

All kids got excited for today activity and where ready straight after eating good breakfast. Water bottles, proper shoes, comfortable clothes and kids where ready to start! Some groups where singing song a long the way, some where more interested in exploring flora and fauna of this area and guided where there to help with that. Breathtaking view of Petit Combin  while hiking across the mountain and lunch in a beautiful are called Le Hatay filled kids day.

Everyone came back still full of energy. After a short brake and shower it was time for some free time activities, but later in the evening La Fureur – Music quiz.

Kids where so excited to play the game – 2 teams competing with each other in many different musical challenges!

See you all tomorrow for more great new from our day!

Tuesday 8th September 2015 – Hike day!

Weather is just perfect for a long day hike today! Sun is shining bright, but you can feel the autumn freshness in the air.

After putting good shoes on and comfortable clothes everyone was ready for a hike. Good breakfast was a great start to prepare ourselves for a good hiking day. All day long beautiful views, physical challenges, fun and smiles on kids faces! Have to admit – everyone came back tired, but kids had free time to rest before dinner and evening activity!

Sunday 30th August 2015 – Hike day, Prize giving

Weather keeps braining more sun each day! Today seems to be hotter than ever at this time of the year!

Once students where sure to have everything they needed – sunscreen, water bottle, proper shoes and the right mood, everyone was ready for Orienteering challenge on the mountain. Day went well and kids where on time for lunch up in Baratan – a mountain hut with breathtaking view to Petite Combine and other peaks on the opposite side of Verbier. After having lunch students were ready to continue challenge and find all the necessary point in the map to win the game.

After coming back to camp it was time for quick sower and prize giving where winner where announced.

Another goodbye, we we are sure to see you all next year!

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