Spring camp, first day skiing

Beautiful sunshine on the slopes of verbier. As the students woke up and got themselves ready for skiing our chef were preparing the breakfast. After some time the students came downstairs and started eating breakfast.

What a superb morning it was, the instructors were ready and waiting for their new students. The students were collected by our buses and taken to the slopes. Up, up, up they went to reach 2000 meters above sea level.  Once the students had reached the top of the slopes, they begun their morning warm ups, lots of games, running, jumping and much more.

For some students it was their first time on the slopes, with skis, ski boots, and poles. Such a big achievement indeed!

The instructors were very impressed with the students first day progression, they were all quick at learning and picking up their newly learnt skills. Turning, stopping and breaking using the skis is not an easy task on the first day but somehow theses students managed to push ahead and get it done.

After a long day of skiing the students came back to les elfes for a shower and to change their clothes. Then we go them into smaller groups and started our leadership team games. We played spiders web, mine fields, pipes and blind basket ball. It was a fantastic afternoon and the students really enjoyed their time.

After dinner we sent the students to Ice Skating. Many of the students tried ice skating for the first time and they did great. What a wonderful evening they had together on the ice. We played music, danced, laughed and really had a blast!


January 22nd 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Games & Ice Skating

What a day here at Les Elfes.
Today was a beautiful sunny day here on the slopes and super exciting for all the campers as it was the first day on snow or even seeing snow for many of them.
The groups practiced perfecting their skills skier’s doing snow plows into parallel turns and snowboarders falling leaf heal and toe turn’s all the way into the afternoon where they got to enjoy a well deserved hot chocolate and snack whilst signing up for afternoon activities.
This afternoon some campers went swimming whilst others went outside to make snow angles and build snow people.
After dinner everyone went ice skating where most campers got into the spirit and joined into a game of ice hockey before heading back to Les Elfes for some warm hot chocolate and some well deserved sleep

25th December – Christmas Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Prize Giving, Ice Skating

Merry Christmas Everyone! We have had an amazing day here in Verbier and there has been a great vibe around camp with christmas tunes playing everywhere. Out on the slopes the groups have been working very hard, especially our new groups who had never skied before today. Some of our campers had never seen snow before today so they were super excited to get going this morning.

This afternoon we had a mixture of activities including Languages, Gingerbread house making and prize giving where the campers celebrated their past week here with us and were presented with skiing certificates , many prizes and watched a awesome slideshow that showcased their week here with us.
After dinner some of us headed over to the ice skating rink for some fun on the ice whist others chose to just chill and watch a movie after the big day.
We are sadly also saying goodbye to a few campers tomorrow to them we are so glad you came and we have enjoyed getting to know you all and please come again and stay with us soon.

4th April – Skiing, Snowboarding, Games, Shopping, Music Video and Ice Skating.

It’s most peoples second day on the mountain and everything is in full swing. There is a lot of effort being put in my all our students, and the result is paying off as everyone is improving massively. Some of our groups visited a new part of the mountain today which was very exciting and it was good to try some new runs and venture out. For others, they challenged themselves by hitting some red slopes today, rather than just blues which is lovely to hear and they are all super happy about their progress on only day two!

This afternoon we still had some very energetic children who enjoyed a great game of football outside and were even beating some of their instructors. Others chose to take a wander into town again to buy those all important snacks, whilst another group of children enjoyed a splash around in the pool and a chill out in the hot tub.

This evening we had a switch round of activities. For those that went ice skating yesterday, tonight got involved with making their very own unique music video. There were lot’s of dancing going on and some great moved being filmed. For the rest, who had their turn doing the music video yesterday, we ventured out of Les Elfes to the local ice rink. Everyone was super excited to get over there and have a skate around to some music. We had a good game of tag as well as a competitive match of ice hockey down one end of the rink. Fun had by all! As a treat, we had some lovely hot chocolate before getting ready for bed.

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14th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating & Music Quiz

Today started once again with the students impressing our instructors with some excellent effort on the slopes. Although the conditions in the morning weren’t ideal, with thick fog making visibility poor, the skiers and snowboarders powered through and eventually caught some lovely sun later in the afternoon.

After rewinding with some snacks and scrumptious hot chocolate, students chose to spend their afternoon either exploring Verbier Village, swimming in the nearby sports center, or venturing outside for some snow activities. The heavy snowfall in the last few days provided the perfect snowy playground for the campers to either race each others in sledges, or to take part in a massive snow ball fight!!

After dinner, some of the campers had a blast at the ice-rink, either practicing their figure skating skills or playing a ice-hockey match. The students that stayed at campus had an equally exciting evening, where they got to show off their singing, dancing and music knowledge at the famous Les Elfes Music Quiz. A huge party ensued after our Latino campers shared their funky dance moves and music with the rest of the group.

January 24th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Arrival Day, Excursion & Ice Skating

Today we had a very busy morning here in Les Elfes with lot’s of individuals and school groups hitting the slopes for their first morning of skiing and snowboarding. With the sun shinning brightly, most of the children headed to the beginners slope to start learning the basic skills needed for when they head to the mountain soon. They all had great fun learning off their instructors and we have had positive feedback here at camp, ensuring us they are improving quickly which is great news. For our individuals who have been here a few weeks, they went straight up to the top, to work on their parallel turns, and even had the chance to race down the ski cross course.

Today we have also had a new school arrive all the way from China. Once landed, the group headed straight off to Bern to pay a visit to the great History Museum there and after a lovely picnic lunch they had some time for sightseeing and shopping. Back at camp, we got them quickly checked in so they could sit down, relax and enjoy hot chocolate and snacks.

Tonight, everyone has had the chance to go Ice Skating and they have all returned with smiles on their faces. It was a great experience for them and a good chance to meet new people on the ice. Some even attempted a friendly game of ice hockey.


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Skiing, Snowboarding, Bern, Geneva and Ice skating!

Today was brilliant, everyone had a fantastic time on the mountains improving their skiing and snowboarding skills. Groups enjoyed an excursion to Bern visiting the parliament building and the National History Museum in Geneva. To end the evening off we all had an enjoyable time on the ice rink, skating and playing ice hockey!

Monday 7th September 2015 – Arrival day, Team games, Ice skating

We are excited to welcome  another great group to our camp! It is a beautiful day for some outdoor activities.

After arriving, checking in to the rooms and having some time to unpack kids where ready for lunch  -after a long way they where hungry. Kids where introduced with camp rules and after welcome speech it was time for some fun! Kids absolutely loved team games and where working really well together! In the afternoon everyone went to Ice skating – time to play games on the ice! After putting on helmets and ice skates kids when to ice with no fear and started to show their skills. For some it was a bit harder, but there was a big support team and friends who could teach how to ice skate properly!

Great fun today, but it is just the first day! See you all tomorrow with more exciting news!

Canoe expedition, return from the mountain hut, high ropes and Ice skating

Today our Discoveries went to the high ropes course. For many it was their first time and the took to it like a duck to water. One young girl just kept talking and talking about whizzing through the trees on zip lines and clambering up nets. The monitors commented that it was the best session they had personally done with discoveries. Tonight’s activity sees them combine with the explorers to make a music video so we look forward to seeing the finished artical!

The Explorers finished of their wet paddle up the lake to the pick up place then continued day in the aqua park flying up and down the shoots, bobbing up and down in the wave pool or just floating around in the lazy river. This evening they have combined with the discoveries to create a music video. We look forward to the finished article guys!!

The Pioneers had a soggy hike down the mountain from the mountain hut. Not all in vain the wet weather had the fish biting and they caught 3 fish for the monitors dinner 🙂 Then they hopped in the busses to return to camp. Once they’d showered and had a bit of lunch they went ice skating and took part in optional activities well the ones that weren’t rained off! Tonight they are doing a lip dub over a music video again it should produce some interesting results.

Tomorrow is our international day and I can’t wait to see what they produce!!