Wednesday 6th March: Excursion day and Skiing!

Today half of our students went skiing or snowboarding while the others went on excursion.

It was not as sunny as yesterday but those on the slopes did enjoyed it. They had a great lunch on the mountain and skied an other couple of hours.       Après-ski, they could choose between going shopping in the village, baking some delicious cookies or playing table games.

Our students on excursion went first visiting the Chocolate Factory of Maison Cailler , then went on with the Cheese Factory of “Maison du Gruyère”. In the afternoon, they had the opportunity to do some shopping in the town of Vevey.

At dinner, all our students discovered the ice-skating ring and had lot of fun.

Wednesday 20th: Excursion day + Skiing for Perin camp!!

Today our students had the choice between going on an excursion at The Charlie Chaplin Museum and skiing.

Most of them went on excursion, discover more about this iconic personality and then enjoyed an afternoon shopping in Vevey.

While others chose to go on the mountain and to get the most of it during their stay at Les Elfes.

“Après-ski” they could either make chocolate mousse, go to the village or play some card games.

At the end of the day, ice-skating was offered to them as an evening activity. The individuals went for Dine Out either to the pizzeria or the fondue restaurant for an authentic dining experience.



11th April – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating,Baking, Dine out and Torch Light Walk

Another brilliant day out on the mountain for all our groups in Verbier. Some of our beginner groups who have already mastered their snow plough turns and stops hit the chair lift for the first time which is a great achievement considering it’s only their third day skiing and snowboarding. Our more advanced groups today had the chance to explore a new area and headed off to the four valleys. There were some tricky slopes to conquer but they all did amazing and impressed their instructors massively.

Back at camp this afternoon we had various activities on offer. Some children went Ice skating and made cookies whilst others made the most of the nice weather and wandered into town to treat themselves to milkshakes and crepes. As well as this we had outdoor and indoor games at camp.

Tonight our individuals had a great time on Dine out in town! For our schools, they enjoyed a torchlight hike up the mountain and took in the views of Verbier at night.

Sunday 9th April – Ski camp, village, relaxing walk & Ice skating

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier with lots going on for our new groups. It was the schools first day on the mountain and they were all super excited to get out and meet their instructors for the week. They all got on really well and were very happy with the progress made.

On return to camp we welcomed our campers back with hot chocolate and snacks and signed them up for optional activities this afternoon. Some opted to go on a relaxing walk up the mountain where as the rest headed into town to check out the shops.

Tonight we welcomed one more arrival who were ski fitted and then had a movie night to chill and relax. The rest of camp visited the ice rink for some fun skating around and a game of ice hockey! It has been a brilliant day and we are all looking forward to tomorrows activities.

Monday April 3rd 2017 Baking, Swimming, Escape Rooms

Today was another amazing jam packed day here at les elfes.
This morning gave us warm weather, beautiful blue skies and sunshine and the campers were eager to get up the mountain to practice what they learnt the day before. All of the groups skied and snowboarded around the mountain all day enjoying the snow and learning some new skills with their instructors and some groups were lucky enough to go and check out the world free ride competition for a part of the morning.
After relaxing over hot chocolate and snacks the campers all participated in various activities some went to the town to check out the village and purchase some gifts some got to enjoy a great meal in town, some campers made yummy chocolate chip cookies and some played in the Escape Rooms in town to try their luck at escaping.
After Dinner half of the group went ice skating and enjoyed skating around the rink and playing some ice hockey , some others made a awesome music video to the song good feeling and others went to the escape rooms to try and escape.
Everyone here now if off to bed to catch up on some sleep before the big day that follows tomorrow.


Sunday 02.04.17- Skiing, Snowboarding,Games, Swimming, Baking,Town, Music Video, Ice Skating

Today it snowed up the mountain so a lot of campers were very pleased about that as some of them it was their first time up the mountain. The campers on the beginners slopes really enjoyed their day and are improving already.

In the afternoon we had many different activities to chose from. Two groups did baking and they made some lovely cookies and brownies which got eaten for dessert after dinner. Some campers chose to stay on camp and play lots of board games, cards and in the games room. Some campers even chose to go to the local swimming pool and have a nice relaxing swim.

After dinner we slit into two groups. One group got the chance to produce a music video where they split into smaller groups and came up with some fantastic dance moves which will be edited and they will all see it at the end of the week at prize giving. The other half of the campers went ice skating at the local ice rink and had loads of fun and they even got the chance to watch and play a bit of ice hockey.

Everyone is really looking forward to tomorrow.

Saturday 26th March – Skiing, baking, town & ice skating

It has been a wonderful first day for our new arrivals as they settle into camp. This morning they met their instructors for the first time and were introduced to the rest of their ski or snowboard  group. Everyone new to skiing went along to the beginner slope where they practiced putting skis on and off. Afterwards it was time to learn how to stop and do snow plow. The more experienced riders explored Verbier mountain and practiced improving their technique.

Everyone had a really fun day and returned to camp with smiley faces and lots of stories. This afternoon one school headed into Verbier town to have a look round while another group baked some delicious cookies! This evening we all went to the ice rink to do some skating and ice hockey before having a cup of hot chocolate back at Les Elfes.

Everyone is super excited to head back out tomorrow.



Crans – Montana. Sunday, 26th March.

We have all had an amazing first day skiing with all are new campers in Crans Montana. Everyone was woken up at 7.30 am to enjoy a filling breakfast and to get ready for the first day of skiing. All the new campers where split into 5 ski groups with 2 beginner groups. The beginner groups went to the magic carpet, where they learnt how to snow plow with some managing to parallel turn by the end of the day, whilst the other three intermediate ski groups explored the rest mountain and started to improve their individual ski technique ; even though the weather conditions where slightly foggy today all the ski groups managed amazingly well.

After skiing everyone came back for snacks and hot chocolate. This afternoons activity was Bin bag fashion show where all the campers split into 4 groups and made a costume based on the theme animal kingdom, we had a killer mouse, Tarzan, sausage dog and a narwhale. Following on from this we had a delicious dinner and then went bowling, which all the kids enjoyed with many of them getting strikes.  Everyone can not wait for Skiing tomorrow.   

Sunday March 19th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking, Swimming, Shopping & Ice Skating

Today has been a awesome first day at Les Elfes the sun is shining, the snow is soft and the campers having lots of fun, learning new things and getting to know each other.
This morning was super exciting as the campers got to meet their ski instructors and groups for the week ahead and head up the mountain for the first time whilst some of the campers who are spending two weeks with us skied all over the mountain learning new skills and tricks.

Back at camp we had a fun afternoon with loads of activities some campers enjoyed swimming, baking yummy chocolate chip cookies and heading to town to do some shopping.

After dinner we went ice skating whilst some enjoyed just skating with their new friends others played a mini game of hockey. Before heading off to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep the campers enjoyed a much needed hot chocolate.
Goodnight from us here at Les Elfes.

12th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Cooking, Ice Skating & Games

Today has been a brilliant first day in Verbier with all the children having lots of fun, learning new things and getting to know each other. This morning we took over the beginner slope, with our first time skiers and snowboarders learning to turn and stop. They have progressed massively already and are listening closely to their instructors. Up the mountain our more advanced groups got to know their surroundings and explored many parts of the mountain including Mont Fort.

Back at camp we had a very busy afternoon with plenty of activities on offer. These included swimming, cooking, games, football and a trip to town. This evening we went ice skating followed by hot chocolate back at camp, as well games and a music quiz.


Sunday March 5th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding & Ice Skating

Today started off with some glorious sunshine and clear skies before the snow returned once again.
The morning was full of excitement as today was some of the campers first day out skiing. This meant meeting their new instructors and group for the week ahead. For some it was the second day and it was time for them to head up the mountain to perfect the skills they have already learnt. Everyone had a fantastic time and returned to camp with huge smiles and stories of their day.
This afternoon lots of our campers chose to visit the swimming pool and have a splash around. It was a lot of fun with races, games and time in the jacuzzi to relax tired muscles. The rest of camp opted to either play in the snow or chill in the games room.

Tonight after dinner we headed over to the sports centre for some ice skating and a mini hockey match for those who wanted to join in. For some it was their first time on the ice and they did extremely well!
Everyones off to bed soon to get some sleep for another big day tomorrow.

Sunday 26th Febuary – Ski Fit, Skiing, Snowboarding, Crans Hunt, Bowling

CRANS MONTANA: Last night we welcomed MIC Merbella to Les Elfes Crans Montana, and what a first day it has been today! Ski fit took place first thing, followed by the groups heading for their first morning skiing and snowboarding 🏂 🎿 One group of beginners headed to the learner slope, whilst the others ventured up the mountain!

It was a beautiful bluebird day, and all the campers were raring to go! Back to Les Elfes for lunch out on the terrace, followed by some more skiing and also a chance to watch the final of the slalom World Cup.

This afternoon the campers ventured out to get to know the town and this evening a bit of fun with bowling 🎳


It has been a super sunday here in Verbier with our new groups absolutely smashing it on their skis. For many it was their first time and they all tried so hard to pick it up. There was lots of positive energy and all the instructors were very impressed.

This afternoon everyone had the option to visit the village or stay and relax on camp playing games. Many were very tired after the first day but everyone arrived back at camp with an extremely positive attitude. We all had a lovely time walking and having a look round. This evening it was ice skating night at the rink. Everyone enjoyed skating around and having races with each other! After some hot chocolate it was time for bed to get some much needed rest ready for another big day tomorrow.

Sunday 19th February- Skiing, Swimming, Games, Verbier Hunt and Ice Skating

We have had a very busy day on camp today with many different activties going on. Skiing went well for everyone and the weather was lovely. For some of our campers it was their first time on the slopes and we can’t wait to see them progress throughout the week. Everyone is coping very well being away from home and being organised throughout the day.

During the afternoon we had many activties going on. Swimming, games and Verbier hunt they were all very successful. Lots of us buying lovely souvernirs for our families back home.

This evening we all went ice skating then came back and relaxed with some hot chocolate and headed to bed to get an early night ready for a busy day tomorrow.

Smiles all round at camp today.

Sunday 12th Febuary 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Village Visits & Ice Skating

CRANS MONTANA: First day on the slopes for our school from Dubai, and what a lovely first day it was! The sun was shining and everyone was whizzing around the mountain! Our beginner group enjoyed the magic carpet and are already progressing quickly to the drag lift tomorrow which is great to see.

After skiing the campers thoroughly enjoyed sledging, even as the sun started to go down! This evening they had fun competing against one another in the music quiz, then off for an early night ready for another big day on the slopes tomorrow.


VERBIER: There was a lot of excitement this morning in the camp with many of the campers waking up early knowing it was the first day heading up the mountain for many of them.
Today for some of our campers it meant learning some amazing new skills either skiing or snowboarding and for some campers it means fine tuning some skills from previous years or weeks at Les Elfes.

This afternoon everyone enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate to relax after the big day on the mountain before most of the campers headed into the village for a spot of shopping at the local supermarket and souvenir shop before heading back to Les Elfes for dinner.
After dinner all the campers headed over to the ice skating rink for some skating and a fun hockey match and relaxed with some hot chocolate before heading off to bed and their chalets. Our school from Dubai and the UK stayed behind and competed in a new activity called the Qube, a fast paced, challenging game. They all loved it!


Thursday 9th February – Ski race, BBQ, Sledging, Ice Skating, Torchlight Walk, PJ Party & Disco

CRANS MONTANA: Day 5 of skiing for our school fro, Dubai and what lovely day it was! The sun was shining for the first day of the week, which was lovely for the group. As every day the campers still have bags of energy and were whizzing around the slopes enjoying the fresh snow with the sunshine, what a perfect combination!

In the afternoon all the campers went for a bit of an ice skate, followed by a disco. Final day of skiing for the group tomorrow with the ski race in the morning!


VERBIER: Today has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier with one school group making the most of their last full day on the mountain. The conditions were fantastic and so everyone was happy skiing about. Race day was on all morning with each group taking part to see if they could make the quickest time. The results will be announced at tomorrows prize giving and everyone is eager to find out if they have won. Lunch was different today, it was BBQ time! It was lovely weather and a brilliant atmosphere as the children enjoyed their food out in the sunshine.

This afternoon lots of our campers went over to the ice rink for some skating, they had a brilliant time whizzing around and playing ice hockey. Other campers opted to go sledging and had a super time sliding down on the boards.

This evening we had a mixture of activities, a torchlight walk around the old town, a PJ party and disco! Everyone had lots of fun and we are all excited to see what tomorrow brings.


Friday 3rd February – skiing, ice-skating, departures, cabin Mt Fort & Escape Rooms

It has been a very busy Friday here at camp with lots going on. Unfortunately we had to say farewell to 3 of our school groups after a fantastic week. Hopefully we will see them return next year. One group spent the morning at the ice-rink skating around and enjoying themselves.

The rest of the campers were having fun on the mountain making the most of their time skiing and snowboarding. For most it was their last time with their instructors and so an emotional afternoon! Some of our individuals had the opportunity to snow shoe up to Cabin Mt Fort this afternoon and spent the night watching the sunset on the mountain. It was a great experience for them all to end a brilliant week. Everyone else at camp ventured into town to take part in the Escape Rooms and try to solve all the problems and clues within 60 minute. They all did really well.

It has been a super day and we are all looking forward to tomorrow!

29th January – First day on the mountain, Town, Languages, Swimming and Ice Skating

We have had a brilliant day here in Verbier with a lot of happy faces going to bed tonight. For some it was their first day on the mountain today and they have all done so well. Our beginners are starting off in Les Esserts, learning to snow plough and control their stops and turns. We have had plenty of falls but also many laughs. They are very chuffed with their progress. All intermediate and advanced skiers covered a lot of ground today, exploring new areas of the mountain and working on their parallel turns and carving.

This afternoon some of individuals went to language classes, putting their brains to the test to learn a new language. Others opted for a trip to town or to stay and relax at camp. Our school groups also ventured into town for the first time to see what Verbier had to offer, whilst the other half went for a dip at the pool!

Tonight after dinner we were straight back into activities, heading to the sports centre for Ice Skating. We had a great time and some even had a go at ice hockey.


Sunday 15th January – Skiing, sledging, games & ice skating!

Sunday has almost come to an end and we have enjoyed every minute of it! Everyone has been making the most of the powder and good visibility today. Our beginners have made real improvement learning how to stop and turn while our advanced campers have started to improve their technical side to skiing and snowboarding.

This afternoon a couple campers were keen to try out sledging and so we hiked up a little way and enjoyed whizzing down the mountain. As soon as the powder was compressed the sledges were running super fast, the boys loved it! Back at camp we had lots of table games with a big game of Uno on the go as well.

This evening we all headed to the ice rink for some skating and had a brilliant time racing round. On return there was some lovely hot chocolate to warm us all up.


Sunday 1st January – Skiing, treasure hunt, ice-skating & PJ Party

It has been an excellent start to the year with lots going on here in Verbier. We had to say goodbye to some of our campers today which was sad but we will see them again soon i’m sure! Our first time skiers were working hard learning how to stop and snow-plow on Les Esserts and the remaining campers had a brilliant time on the mountain practicing different drills with their instructors.

This afternoon some chose to visit Verbier village for some crepes and milkshakes while one group stayed and took part in a treasure hunt around camp. Tonight ice-skating was on the agenda for our explorers while the discoveries had their own pyjama party with games and a movie. It had been a super day and we are all looking forward to tomorrow.


Sunday 11th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Games, Town & Ice Skating

Today, the children were up early and eager to get their ski gear on and head out to the slopes. After breakfast, the students met their instructors for the first time and got to know each other. For a lot of our students it was their first ever time on ski’s but they did so well and their instructors were super impressed with their effort and determination. They have been focusing on learning how to stop and snow plough which will help them in the days to come. For those who already had some experience, they have been exploring more of the mountain and practicing their parallel turns.

It was clear that quite a few of the children were shattered after a long day travelling yesterday and hard work today so a few of them chose to chill out at camp and play some games. Others went swimming and shopping was also on the agenda.

Tonight everyone enjoyed ice skating and we even managed to watch the end of a competitive ice skating match which was a great experience for our international students.

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Sunday 3rd – Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating & music video

A fantastic first day on the mountain for all our groups that arrived yesterday. There was lots of enthusiasm and excitement all round and some great skiing and snowboarding. Our on going campers returned from a wonderful over night stay in cabin mt fort with stunning views. They also had an enjoyable day skiing and exploring the mountain.

This afternoon we took a trip to Verbier town to have a look at the free ride world tour stalls. After snacks and hot chocolate we wandered around taking in all the scenery. This evening the activities were ice skating and music video which was a lot fun and everyone participated really well.

We are all looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow!

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Sunday 20th – Arrivals, skiing, ice skating, music video & torchlight walk

We had another group arrive today so great to see some new faces joining us for the week. They have all been ski fitted with equipment and are eager to get out onto the mountain tomorrow. It was all go for the rest of the campers here who had a brilliant time riding around Verbier and Savoleyres with the instructors. The beginners had a tiring but fun day learning with the hard work paying off as they all seriously improved.

On return from the mountain they were all welcomed with hot chocolate and snacks because choosing their afternoon activities. Some chose to chill and play ping pong and pool in the games room, others went to town for a crepe and a milkshake while a few went to the swimming pool to splash about and relax tired muscles in the jacuzzi.

This evening there was two different activities. Half of the campers went to the ice rink for some skating and ice hockey which was great fun. Many who had never skated before started to pick it up and become more confident which was fantastic to see. Back at Les Elfes it was music video night! The groups tonight made some amazing choreographies to Taylor Swifts ‘Shake It Off’ before coming together to do some JustDance!

It has been a brilliant day and everyone is looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

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Meanwhile in Le Chable…

Our campers have started their week of skiing with full steam ahead. One group of our beginners, with some students who had never even seen snow until this week have progressed so quickly that they will be heading to the mountain on only day 2 of skiing!!!!! Our other beginner group is progressing really quickly too and we’re expecting them to join the others after a little more time at Les Esserts. We also have many groups this week with a high level of ability in skiing and snowboarding, which is great to see and we’re hoping those groups will use this week to really refine their technique and explore the vast expanse of the resort here and in the 4 Vallées!

After skiing and snowboarding today our campers had a chance to visit Verbier for some shopping and to explore the town before a really nice dinner of chicken fajitas. After dinner we had a scenic torchlight walk around the village of Le Chable visiting the old town to see the rustic houses and the beautiful church before finishing with some marshmallows on the BBQ.

Both of our schools are doing a fantastic job of mixing and making new friends from other countries and even other continents and already the lines between the schools at meals and on the slopes have begun to blur! We anticipate a GREAT week ahead!