August 18th: Rock Climbing and Labyrinth

Discovery students are very happy little campers. Running around, smiling but b

est of all these students have managed to create a very cosy and comfortable atmosphere at the campus. They have bonded very well this session, making new friends and following instructions very well. Today the students started with languages, practicing new words, sentences, learning new and exciting games. The students headed off to the Labyrinth after lunch with Les Elfes buses. They had a wonderful experience finding the way around inside the maze. There are many games to play on at the Labyrinthe therefore the children were busy for the whole afternoon. After challenging the students with games and quizes the students headed back to Les Elfes.

Explorers / Pioneers students, had a great time at the outdoor rock climbing center. The group leader was impressed by the effort the student made to get the most out of their climbing. We taught the students how to climb with correct posture, style and gave them new tips on how to make knots for climbing. All of the students climbed.

This evening our students will head to the mountian for a BBQ dinner and walk back with torches. Meanwhile Discovery students will join them but take the bus home for an early evening to bed after a long day at camp.

Please check out these photos below… very exciting indeed!

Thursday 24th September 2015 – Labyrinth, Salt Mines

Beautiful sunny day here in Verbier! It has been snowing higher up so we can feel the chilly breeze down here as well, but that wont stop us! Once warmer clothes were put on kids where ready to go!

Labyrinth – adventure park, was their first stop. What a fun time in there – bouncing castles, maze, slides and so much more to do. Kids definitely enjoyed their time participating in every single game and challenge and on the way to Salt mines couldn’t stop talking about their experience and compare it to others.

In the afternoon a little train took kids inside salt mines where they could try out mining, found out so much new about salt, taste it straight from the mountain and learned history of how it was discovered.

During free time everyone had to pack their bags as tomorrow is departure day! But it was done it was time for Prize giving and Slide show where ids could see all the photos taken during their stay here 🙂

Wednesday 19th August 2015 – Ropes course, Labyrinth, Clubs night

This morning kids couldn’t wait to get out of the camp for Ropes course and Labyrinth.

Explorers and Pioneers  went to Aigle and tried their strength up in Ropes course – one of kids favorite activities all times! Trying all of zip lines kids were exited  and scared at the same time. Different platforms, roads to take made them exited to compete with each other about fastest time to complete the tasks. Kids who finished earlier helped other from the ground with useful tips and cheerful encouragements.

Discovery kids had so much fun in Labyrinth! Everyone started with assignment to find hidden treasures inside the Labyrinth, Kids got all exited and tried their hardest to find all of the treasure boxes! After first challenge was completed it was time for bouncing castles – so much fun!! Puzzles, games, tasks, slides and so much more- kids absolutely loved it!

Once everyone came back  free time was about to start. After getting their phones kids went to their optional activities, shopping or resting in camp – bouncing castles can get your really tired!

After a nice meal kids were ready for Les Elfes Clubs nigh where kids choose to do cooking club and made some great chocolate crispy cakes – yummy!

DSC_1546 DSC_1547 DSC_1548 DSC_1552 DSC_1557 DSC_1565 DSC_1577

Labyrinth, mountain safety, avalanche awareness, leadership training

Today our Discovery campers went to the labyrinth adventure park. They managed to get lost in a maze luckily found again. In the park they have many activities and slides to play on. They all returned happy and slightly tired so they should sleep well tonight.

The Explorers have had a day of leadership training by industry experts in management and motivation. This group of explorers really threw themselves into the activities and looked engaged throughout the whole day! This evening some of the students have decided to go to a local restaurant for dinner the rest will join in with the other groups.

The Pioneers had to change the plans slightly. We had hoped they would be going up the mountain to Mt Fort this morning but the weather was so bad you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face so unfortunately we had to change plans a little. We had one of our ski and mountain professionals present and participate in a mountain awareness course. This afternoon they have been ice skating, playing team games such as volleyball, football and basketball.

This evening all the kids will be practicing for the talent show later this week. It should be interesting to see what they come up with.