12.04.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion,Games, Town , La Fureur, Escape Rooms.

Another full packed day here at les Elfes with many different campers going on excursion where they got the chance to have a day out of camp and visit the chocolate and cheese factory and also a bit of shopping. If the campers didn’t go on excursion they decided to do some more skiing and snowboarding which they all enjoyed as the weather here was great.

In the afternoon everyone came back and had some snacks and hot chocolate and signed up for activities they had the choice of town for a bit of souvenir shopping on stay and chill on camp and play some games in and outside.

In the evening all the schools took part in a game show called la fureur which is a music game show where they competed against each other to win points for their teams. Everyone really enjoyed with lots of interesting dancing and singing. The individuals got the choice of going to the Escape rooms or having a competitive games night downstairs which involved playing pool, table tennis and also playing on the Wii to try and win themselves points.

Everyone had a lovely day and their are lots of happy faces going around camp today. Everyone is looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow.

Wednesday 22.03.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking,Town,La Fureur, Fashion Show, Chalet night

Today we welcomed lots of new campers and sadly said goodbye to some others. The new campers went straight up the mountain and had a great first day. Everyone came back and signed up for many different activities. Lots of campers chose to go to town to the Milk bar for milkshakes and crepes and also do a bit of shopping. Many other campers chose to do some baking and they made some very yummy brownies which they ate for pudding.

After dinner half the campers did a music game show called La fureur which they all eally enjoyed and got very involved with. The individuals had a chalet night where they got the chance to make their own dinner and play some chilled games. The older ones chilled in the games room and played pool and table tennis and also watched a movie to chill out. The younger campers had a bin bag fashion show where they designed their own costumes and performed them down a catwalk.

Very busy day here on camp and everyone looking forward to tomorrow.

Tuesday 21.03.17 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Team building, Swimming, Town, Fashion Show, Yoga

Another lovely day here at camp. The snow conditions still great and everyone still improving on their skills.

After skiing the campers signed up for many different activities including swimming, team building games, town to enjoy crepes, fashion show and even a bit of relaxing yoga. Everyone then had a yummy dinner and went onto their evening activities.

In the evening we had a few activities going on. The younger children enjoyed a game show called The Cube then went off to pack as it was their last night here. We also had another game show called The Fureur which is a music game show which they all got very involved with and they then headed up to pack. All the other campers went on a nice relaxing torchlight walk through verbier.

One schools last day up the mountain tomorrow so they are looking forward to making the most the snow.

8th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledging and La Fureur

We are on our 4th day of skiing already for our schools and individuals and so the standards are getting higher each day. The visibility up the mountain was a bit tricky today but everyone persevered and the fresh snow provided a lot of entertainment for all the children. They are having a great time with their instructors and it’s lovely to see so many smiley faces back at camp.

The excitement didn’t stop there as we were back out in the snow this afternoon sledging, whizzing down the hill and falling about in the deep snow! Some children also opted to go into town to have a look around the shops and buy some presents for friends and family back home.

Tonight everyone took part in a very energetic, exciting game show called La Fureur which involved plenty of games, challenges, dances and singing. Well done to everyone.

Wednesday 22nd February – Skiing, Arts & Crafts, Swimming, Music Quiz and Can You beat the Cube!

Today has been a fantastic day all round, the weather has been beautiful, the skiing great and everyones enthusiam on top form. All our groups are now on the mountain discovering their new found talent for skiing or snowboarding! All the instructors have been really impressed with the campers attitude and willingness to learn which is fantastic. Elsewhere some of our individuals had the opportunity to go to Aosta, Italy on excursion. They visited the castle before heading to around the lovely town and grab an ice cream!

This afternoon we had different activities on offer such as swimming, arts and crafts and spaghetti towers which was a huge success. This evening half the groups took part in a music gameshow with lots of dancing, singing and games while the rest enjoyed a competitive version of the Cube. Both went down really well and everyone enjoyed taking part which is amazing!