Departure day! Saturday 10th.

Today we saw the departure of lots of campers, which is always a hard day, seeing so many lovely students from the last two weeks head back home to their various countries. However was lovely to see this session so many friendships that have been made and also so many students wanting to return the following year.

We wish you a great arrival to home, enjoying with all your family and having lots of fun the rest of the summer. We will miss you and we hope to see you again in our camp!

On the other side, we were so happy to recive some new arrivals, 15 Ideas kids that came from China this morning after a very long flight and also 2 individuals that arrived in the afternoon. They played the Verbier Hunt this afternoon to have a first contact with the town and have fun at the same time. For the existing kids that stay longer, they played tennis and did rock climbing at the Sport Center and they had free time to do some shopping in the village.

After dinner we all watched a film in the cinema room, to chill, relax and get ready for tomorrow, a day full of activities and new arrivals that we want to welcome.

Bridge swinging and evening clubs

The campers woke up at 7:30 and ate breakfast at around 8:15. One part of The older group left for bridge swinging while the others had an activity where they had to make a path for an egg to land from the first and second floor without breaking. The younger group went rock climbing and to the rope course. After the older group returned and had Pizza for Lunch, the other group went bridge swinging where they had to jump off a platform. After returning, the older group went for a dine out while the. Younger kids had dinner at the camp. Evening clubs took place at 8 and everyone went to bed by 9:30.

Rope course and music video

The campers woke up early at 7 and ate breakfast by 8:30. The older group went rock climbing first. After playing football and managing to scale the wall, the hungry group ate lunch at 12. The younger kids went bridge swinging, where they had to jump off a bridge. After lunch, the older group went to the rope course, where they had to walk over tightropes and zip line. When everyone returned to the camp, they were divided into 7 groups and shot the les elfes music video on the song thriller. After dancing and singing along, they ate dinner and had a leadership course which included a volleyball match. After the match, everyone went to the cinema room and watched a live football match between Real Madrid and Liverpool. After the match was over, they finally went to bed.

Cycling and zermatt hunt

The campers woke up early at 7 am and went skiing. They ate spinach ravioli for lunch and continued skiing till 2. After reaching the hotel, they went cycling and shopping. At 5, their courses started and some of them went to the escape rooms. After getting back, they were served dinner and the zermatt hunt started at 8. The younger kids had a photo hunt, where they had to find some locations based on the pictures given to them while the older kids were given some Riddles and challenges like dancing and planks.v Continue reading “Cycling and zermatt hunt”

Friday April 7th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town Visits, Escape Rooms, Casino Night & Quiz Night

Today was a awesome day at Les Elfes the sun was shinning and the snow was soft so all the campers very much enjoyed the day up the mountain skiing all over and enjoying their last day before going on excursion tomorrow and departing in the afternoon.
The campers who are staying for another week got to practice all the skills they have learnt over the week and try some new runs.
This afternoon after enjoying some yummy hot chocolate and snacks the campers all packed as tomorrow majority or them leave early in the morning on excursion and other check out of their chalet.
After packing most campers went to town to pick up some last minuet gifts and chocolate.
After dinner the campers did a split in activities some did casino night and others did trivia night before heading off to bed to catch some sleep before the big departure day tomorrow.

Sunday 02.04.17- Skiing, Snowboarding,Games, Swimming, Baking,Town, Music Video, Ice Skating

Today it snowed up the mountain so a lot of campers were very pleased about that as some of them it was their first time up the mountain. The campers on the beginners slopes really enjoyed their day and are improving already.

In the afternoon we had many different activities to chose from. Two groups did baking and they made some lovely cookies and brownies which got eaten for dessert after dinner. Some campers chose to stay on camp and play lots of board games, cards and in the games room. Some campers even chose to go to the local swimming pool and have a nice relaxing swim.

After dinner we slit into two groups. One group got the chance to produce a music video where they split into smaller groups and came up with some fantastic dance moves which will be edited and they will all see it at the end of the week at prize giving. The other half of the campers went ice skating at the local ice rink and had loads of fun and they even got the chance to watch and play a bit of ice hockey.

Everyone is really looking forward to tomorrow.

Sunday March 19th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking, Swimming, Shopping & Ice Skating

Today has been a awesome first day at Les Elfes the sun is shining, the snow is soft and the campers having lots of fun, learning new things and getting to know each other.
This morning was super exciting as the campers got to meet their ski instructors and groups for the week ahead and head up the mountain for the first time whilst some of the campers who are spending two weeks with us skied all over the mountain learning new skills and tricks.

Back at camp we had a fun afternoon with loads of activities some campers enjoyed swimming, baking yummy chocolate chip cookies and heading to town to do some shopping.

After dinner we went ice skating whilst some enjoyed just skating with their new friends others played a mini game of hockey. Before heading off to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep the campers enjoyed a much needed hot chocolate.
Goodnight from us here at Les Elfes.

Saturday 11th February- Arrival day

What a beautiful day in verbier!!

Today we have had a very busy day with lots of arrivals from all around the world. We are all settling in very well and making friends already. We had ski fitting so we are all prepared and ready to go skiing straight away in the morning. We also had a nice relaxing movie and games night.

25th December – Christmas Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Prize Giving, Ice Skating

Merry Christmas Everyone! We have had an amazing day here in Verbier and there has been a great vibe around camp with christmas tunes playing everywhere. Out on the slopes the groups have been working very hard, especially our new groups who had never skied before today. Some of our campers had never seen snow before today so they were super excited to get going this morning.

This afternoon we had a mixture of activities including Languages, Gingerbread house making and prize giving where the campers celebrated their past week here with us and were presented with skiing certificates , many prizes and watched a awesome slideshow that showcased their week here with us.
After dinner some of us headed over to the ice skating rink for some fun on the ice whist others chose to just chill and watch a movie after the big day.
We are sadly also saying goodbye to a few campers tomorrow to them we are so glad you came and we have enjoyed getting to know you all and please come again and stay with us soon.

April Fool’s Day Skiing, Snowboarding, Jokes, Quiz Night & Prize Giving

We have had an eventful and fun April Fool’s Day here at camp with many small pranks between the staff. Our groups have loved their final day as we mixed up the ski groups a little and they had a chance to ski and snowboard with their friends that they sometimes don’t have the chance to see on the mountain. It was an occasion for fun, photos and some videos to show off their new skiing prowess and some of individuals even had the opportunity to paraglide above Verbier.

In the afternoon the groups had check out and prepared their luggage for their departure before some souvenir shopping in the village. Gifts for loved ones and memorabilia from their stay with us.

After a nice dinner together the schools had Les Elfes Quiz night with a range of different topics. There was much frustration and laughter. Of course the teachers ran away with it, showing the young whipper-snappers that they could score more points without knowing any popular music at all. Meanwhile… the individuals had a prize giving together, a chance to say good bye to their instructors and to celebrate their stay with us. Quite an emotional evening for all!


Tuesday 29th March Skiing, Snowboarding, Music Challenge, Baking and NEW ACTIVITY Manhunt!

It was a nice morning on the slopes with  some new snow making conditions just that little bit fluffier. Many of our newbies progressed to the mountain for the first time and some have even graduated to using poles and chairlifts at the same time!! Our advanced groups have been learning to carve, starting with J turns and trying out some 180s.

After skiing the groups split for swimming, shopping, games at camp and escape rooms in town with one group escaping with a whopping 10minute left on the clock. A great achievement!!

After dinner the groups had a choice again. Our individuals chose between a relaxing movie night or a cookie baking competition while our schools chose between two rather lively option. Option 1 was the ever-popular, ever-crazy Les Elfes music challenge while option 2, brand new to Les Elfes, was Manhunt night with a range of sneaky hide and seek games outside around the campus. It was a great night of mixing and working with students from other schools and lots of fun was had by all.


Easter Monday 28th March Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Escaping and Music Video

Another fantastic day on the slopes today with many of our beginners progressing so well that they will graduate to skiing and snowboarding on the mountain tomorrow. For our more advanced skiers and snowboarders it was a great opportunity to really appreciate the vast scope of the resort with much better visibility than yesterday. All of the groups have continued to approach their skiing and snowboarding with smiles and enthusiasm and it has been really great to see them enjoying themselves.

This afternoon the students had lots of choices with language lessons, swimming, shopping, games at camp and some even choosing to accept the escape room challenge in town.

After dinner we had a big range of activities again with our newer individuals escaping, or at least trying to within 60 minutes, our Hong Kong schools went Ice Skating and our remaining two schools worked together with the existing individuals to create an energetic and creative music video which we will watch at the end of the week.


Sunday 28th February First Day on the Slopes and Lots of Smiles!

Wow what a day for many of our campers! With schools this week from Ethiopia, Kuwait & Dubai it was not a surprise that for most of our level one skiers and snowboarders it was their first time ever seeing snow. We have been quizzing the campers this afternoon on what they now think of snow… most of them said it is nothing like they imagined and that they have had lots of fun making snowballs and rolling around on the slopes.

Of course, the aim of day one was to avoid the rolling and move towards stopping and turning and we were so impressed to see some of our campers turning steadily on their first day! For our other campers it was a great chance for them to refresh their skills and orientate themselves with the local mountains ready for a week packed with learning new techniques and exploring new terrain.

After skiing and snowboarding we all enjoyed hot chocolate together before showering ready for afternoon activities. This afternoon we had shopping, swimming and relaxing at camp for those still feeling a little jet lagged.

This evening after dinner the students had an evening of ice skating, again something new for some of our campers. The atmosphere here on camp is lovely, all of the schools mixing together nicely and making new friends from new places around the world.


Saturday 27th February Arrival Day with Verbier Hunt, Sledging & Ski Fitting

For our individuals who are staying an extra week it was a special day today with a morning of snowshoeing to take in the views of Verbier and the surrounding mountains and to try a sport which is new for most of our campers. On the way back some of them even chose to sledge back down which was lots of fun.

Meanwhile, at the camp, our first school and individuals were arriving ready for a welcome speech, lunch and then ski fitting. It is always an exciting time when students receive their skis and boots for the coming week and find out who will be their instructor while they are here. After ski fitting our first arrivals competed in a Verbier Treasure Hunt to familiarise themselves with the village while our other schools began arriving throughout the afternoon.

After the Verbier Hunt we played some games of Dobble, Jungle Speed and Splat and spent some time with all of the groups learning each others’ names. After some ice breaking games a group of the students chose to sledge while others showered, unpacked, visited the village and played in the snow at the campus.

Dinner was fantastic, Chicken and potato wedges, a hearty meal after a long journey for most. After dinner there was the option to watch a movie but, tired after all their travelling, almost all of the campers chose to have an early night so that they can really make the most of their first day skiing tomorrow.



Sunny, Hot and Perfect for a Final Day on the Slopes 26th February

Well, what a strange week it has been. One minute it is snowing, windy and zero visibility, the next it feels like summer has hit. What a fantastic end of the week for our departing students though! We had great conditions for the ski race and to have final group photos with breath-taking scenery in the background. Our beginners have come so far this week and we are so proud that their skiing and snowboarding is good enough to compete in the race alongside our other groups. For the advanced group it has been a special week too, full of tricks, jumps and even itinerary runs.

Once the group returned from the slopes this evening it was time for most of them to pack their suitcases and buy their final souvenirs and gifts for loved ones. After dinner we had a lovely prize giving with speeches from both instructors and students about how fantastic their week has been.

It will be really sad to say goodbye to these groups after a lovely week together and we look for ward to seeing them again next year.


Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion and Lots of Music Challenges Wednesday 24th February

The snow is back!! After a few days which felt a little bit like summer the snow has returned and we have been plunged back into winter which is great for the ski and snowboard lessons. Our beginners in both skiing and snowboarding have impressed us no-end this week with their determination and their readiness to learn and it is so great to see. For our advanced skiers it has been an exciting day to explore the 4 Vallées and to really stretch their legs.

For some of our individuals it was time to take a bit of a rest today and to soak up some of the local Swiss culture during their excursion day. They travelled to Geneva for sightseeing, shopping and a guided tour of the United Nations.

This evening most of our individuals chose to eat out in a local restuarant and to spend some quality time together while our remaining individuals and school gropu competed in a very lively music challenge, filled with shouting, running, laughter and singing (which sounded a little more like screaching)!


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Arrivals Day Saturday 20th Feb. A new week, a new adventure!

It was emotional this morning as we bid farewell to many schools and individuals who have made the camp such a brilliant place to be over the past week. We know that we will see many of them again next year and until them with them the best and safe travels. For photos from the past week please download the Les Elfes App and check out our facebook page Les Elfes International and we hope to see you next winter!

Meanwhile, our existing campers had a choice today between skiing or relaxing with their friends. Most chose to ski ,which was really great to see and the progress they continue to make in their lessons is fab. Throughout the day we had new arrivals, two schools and many individuals to add to the mix.

Our new campers seem full of character and have already begun to mix with one-another and to learn a little about each-others’ cultures which is a really special aspect of the camp here. We have a big mix of abilities and skiers and snowboarders ready for the slopes tomorrow so it will be an exciting day and we hope that the weather treats us well!


Wednesday 10th February Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Guest Speaker, Music Quiz & Chalet Night

After a week of snow the pistes are in great condition here in Verbier and today the groups had the chance to enjoy a day with good visibility and even some sunshine! The progress our beginners have made this week is staggering. Skiing in challenging conditions has meant that now the weather is nice skiing and snowboarding for them is a walk in the park! Today was also a great opportunity for our more experienced skiers to enjoy the wider ski area of the 4 Vallées and to try out their new skills on a variety of different terrain.

For our individuals they had the choice today to have a rest and to visit the Natural History Museum in Geneva and to do a little sightseeing and shopping in the cosmopolitan lake-side city. Tomorrow will be race day and BBQ on the mountain where all of our skiers can see who can top the leaderboard in a slalom challenge.

This evening we had a vast range of FreeTime activities for the campers. Some shopped, some continued their igloo-building project, the was some sledging, swimming, snowman building and one group even decided to challenge themselves in the Escape Rooms. After dinner we had four different activities running! Our individuals chose to have pizza night in the chalets, one of our groups had a baking competition, most of the schools had a music challenge and one of our schools was treated to a lecture on sustainable tourism by a world-renowned International Environmental Lawyer.


Wednesday 3rd – Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, excursion day, movie night

A fun filled Wednesday today for all our groups here at Les Elfes. The snow is back which made conditions particularly difficult on the mountain, however everyone coped really well and we had lots of positive feedback from the instructors. All groups are motivated and keen to learn which is brilliant!

Our individuals were on excursion today where they visited the Natural History museum, did sight-seeing in Geneva as well as shopping! They had a great time visiting the city and exploring somewhere new. The Natural History Museum went down a treat, there were plenty of animals to learn about and look at.  This evening they had dine out so they all went for a pizza in town followed by a chalet evening and group games and activities.

This afternoon our School group were super excited about their chance to go Ice Skating. They were whizzing round the rink, showing off some of their skills and we had a great game of Ice Hockey going on for those that wanted to get competitive. In the evening we had a chilled night, so the students had chance to rest and watch a movie in our cinema room. Now for an early night to get a goods night sleep ready for an active day on the mountain with lots of powder!12650266_163165754059907_1476501800_n 12650466_163165870726562_766092210_n 12660192_163165727393243_639064056_n 12660259_163165730726576_1954389593_n 12665698_163165774059905_1388085827_n 12695744_163165897393226_654664672_n DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO


February 1st – Arrival Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Music Video and Dine Out

This morning we were all up bright and early and ready for another days skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. After breakfast everyone headed up to the top to keep practicing their parallel turns in the beautiful sunshine. Lots of new skills have been learnt today which is great news. Late this morning, we had a new arrival from Geneva who were quick to drop their bags off and shot up to join the rest on the mountain. Some enjoyed a ski off to see which groups they will be placed in during the week whilst others hit the slopes and impressed their new instructors massively! We are in for a good week of skiing.

Everyone came back to Les Elfes with rosey cheeks after hard work in the sunshine. This afternoon we had lots of games taking place, with competitive games of Uno, Cards and Dobble.

This evening after dinner our school group rocked it out in our music video to Uptown Funk and put on a great performance. They are all looking forward to seeing the end result. Our individuals got ready for a chance to dine out in town, which they all loved.

Friday 29th January Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, European Quiz Night, Dine Out & Escape Rooms

Is was a glorious day on the mountain, with lovely sun and great snow conditions throughout the day. All of our groups on the mountain had a chance to really enjoy their day as we reach the end of the week and they can start to use their news skills to explore the pistes. Out beginners have been doing so well ad have made so much progress this week and some of our advanced skiers have even progressed into the 4 Vallées and Bruson ski areas.

One of our schools has finished their skiing course with us and enjoyed a cultural excursion today and a chance for some last-minute souvenir shopping. The tasted the delights of the chocolate factory and had the chance to see how cheese is made in Gruyere, a fantastic day!

Once back at camp many of our school students chose to rest while, in contrast, the individuals enjoyed an afternoon without language lessons where they could all explore the village. For the older individuals it was a grown-up night of Escape Rooms, where they solved puzzles as a team in a race against the clock, and a nice meal together in a restaurant after to mull over their performances. All of our groups escaped this evening, with one group of girls achieving a really good time!

For the school groups and our younger individuals we had European Night. A quiz night where students could learn about Europe and compete to name the flags, capital cities, languages and landmarks of each country.

Tomorrow some of our individuals will be departing. It has been a pleasure to work with them and they will be sorely missed by both staff and fellow students. We hope to see them again next year!