Skiing and dine out

The campers woke up early at 7 am and rushed off to the slopes. After having a lot of fun, they headed back to the hotel at 3. Soon, it was time for their courses. After their daily courses ( leadership, mountain Biking ), the older kids headed off to the restaurant ‘grampis’. The younger kids went to mallinos to eat dinner. After delicious dinner, they returned to the hotel and went to sleep.

Friday 18th of may ski slopes and evening activities

The campers were woken up at 7 am and were given a healthy breakfast . They were ready for their first day at skiing in Zermatt. There were many falls on the slope but our campers were determined to learn how to ski . Everybody had a blast . We finally started our descent by 2 p.m after a tiring day on the slopes .

Everyone hit the showers as soon as they reached back at the hotel and then went into town for ice cream or played football . Some people chose to stay back and relax. Then came their courses (leadership,bushcraft,etc).

Then came our delicious  dinner  of burgers and fries  after which we started with our clubs (apprentice,photography,etc) and the the first day of skiing ended just like it started on a happy note .

Wednesday 16th of May. Arrival day, Ski fitting, Verbier hunt, Fondue dinner

Today We were pleased to welcome a big group of Indian kids to Les Elfes. Even when they were tired after the long trip still they had some energy left for the day. When they arrived we did the check-in and assigned their rooms. Right after that everyone was Ski fitted with all the equipment needed for our week in Zermatt!
Then It was time for lunch to take some energy for the rest of the day.
In the afternoon, all the campers were splitted in five groups and with the supervision of a staff member they went to village to play our famous “Verbier hunt” so they could get to know more the place.
Afterwards everyone was back to campus where we had a important speech about the rules of the camp and the schedule for the following days. By then It was already dinner time so we could enjoy all together the delicious Fondue and some Indian food.
After dinner and the long day for our campers It was bed time, so everyone prepared their things for next day and went to sleep!


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Monday 30th of April- Excursion to Sion, arrival to Zermatt, chill and torchlight walk

Today everyone woke up full of energy and after a nice breakfast all the campers brought down their luggage ready for the excursion to Sion and to move to Zermatt.

The weather was better than the day before so it was cloudy but no rain almost!

During the excursion we had the chance to visit the Sion’s castle, everyone loved the sightseeing.

Then, already in Zermatt the kids had time for snacks and we split them by rooms. After they had time to unpacked and to chill a bit with their phones before dinner.

Right after dinner it was time for our evening activity. Today it was the turn of our famous “torchlight walk”. The oldest kids enjoyed a nice walk up to the hill. It was a nice moment for all together!

And when we were back to the hotel it was already bed time. Everyone went to sleep, to rest and be ready for Skiing the next day.


Our new students have arrived in Les Elfes Verbier Campus!

As the students arrived we gave them their rooming numbers, checked them into their rooms and gave them some time to unpack. After lunch we informed them our les elfes of rules and regulations. Once all was clear, we started the ski fitting and clothes fitting. After some time our students were fitted and ready for skiing on Wednesday.

As dinner was served the students sat around the tables talking about their journey to Les Elfes, explaining their adventures so far and expressing their excitment for the days ahead.

After everything was done we played basketball before watching the movie. The students are excited for the excursion day tomorrow!