Sporty thursday 25th

Today our amazing campers woke up full of energy ready to start a new warm and sunny day in Verbier. All of them had language lessons and a bit of free time to have fun before lunch.

After lunch, the Discoveries went to Sembrancher to do Rock climbing in real mountains. They had no problem conquering the wall and climbing to the top showing their skills. At the way back they did clubs, where they can choose beetwen swimmingpool, shooping or arts and crafts. The activity night was La Fureur, where they played lots of fun competition games.

Explorers went to play Zorb footbal into teams. They had lots of fun and they did lot of sport at the same time. After dinner they had different activities to join in. Some of them did baking, showing their skills with the amazing cookies that they did. Other played board games in the casino night and the ones a bit tired watched a film in the cinema room, with drinks and pop corn included.

The Pioneers came back late at the campus today. They spent all day at the lake doing amazing activities as tubing or sailing and sharing a delicious outdoor barbaque. Once at the camp they play some games to chill and calm down.

With a stormy night, it was time to relax and sleep to get ready for the emotional last day of the session.

Session 2

Session 2 is on its way to perfection. Our students have been busy making new friends, studying languages & participating in activities such as the ropes course, mountain biking and team games. Sometimes its hard to make the first step but everything begins from the first step.

Hiking and Les Elfes olympics 24th may thursday

the campers were woken up a little later today at around 8:30 and ate breakfast at 9. After breakfast, the older group went hiking through a scenic route for an hour and stopped at migros for a drink and a small snack. the younger group competed in the Les Elfes olympics where they had to choose an existing country and draw its flag and write its national anthem.

after the older group returned to the camp, the campers had barbecue for lunch. then, the younger kids went for a hike and the older kids participated in the olympics. The older kids had to make up a country and write its national anthem,rules and make the national dance. after that, there were a few games like egg and spoon race, relay race and volleyball jail. at 4, they got their phones and sat around for a bit. their  daily courses started at 5 and ended at 6:30.

dinner was served at 7 and their evening clubs ( photography, baking,journalism and sports coaching) began at 8. at 9:30, the campers were ready to hit the sack.

Tuesday 22nd – Excursion Day and Clubs night

So today all the campers were very excited to get off campus for excursion day. The Discoveries really enjoyed visting the nest museum and Charlie Chaplin museum they all came back telling the mointors what they learnt and how fun it was. Explorers had a wonderful day visting the chocolate and cheese factories finding out how each thing were made. After they visited the factories they got the chance to go somewhere different for shopping, they went to the beautiful Montreux. Our Pioneers also learnt a lot at the Charlie Chaplin museum and got to spend the day shopping in Vevey.

After dinner the campers got the chance to sign up for many different activties in our clubs night. The options were mountain biking, Ping Pong, football, art and crafts and also smoothie making. Things got very competitive as the campers all wanted to beat their friends at some of the activties. The smoothies all tasted wonderful.

Tomorrow is another exciting day at camp starting off with languages then in the afternoon ropes course, sports day and lake day.


19th August – Excursion day

After the rains of yesterday Les Elfes campus woke up to a beautiful blue sky and a great day.

Today was excursion day. The discovery group travelled to the city of Vevey nestled on the north shore of lake Geneva. Whilst there they visited Chaplins world, a museum dedicated the life of famous actor and silent comedian Charlie Chaplin. The kids learnt about his life and his greatest films, some even talked about becoming comedians or actors themselves.

After the visit the kids then had a relaxing picnic lunch out by the lake before doing some site seeing and shopping in the city.

The Explorer and Pioneer groups also went on their own excursion to the Cheese and Chocolate factory. Everyone knows that Swiss chocolate is the best in the world and here the kids learnt about the history of how this chocolate is made along with how the company “Cailler” came into existence.

After the tour of both factories we then took a small bus ride to the city of Montreux, home to famous Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury. The kids enjoyed site seeing and shopping before heading back home to Verbier.

In the evening the older two groups enjoyed a movie that we had set up outside on the football field and the younger ones battled it out for the prize of music quiz champion.

A fantastic day enjoyed by all.

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August 18th: Rock Climbing and Labyrinth

Discovery students are very happy little campers. Running around, smiling but b

est of all these students have managed to create a very cosy and comfortable atmosphere at the campus. They have bonded very well this session, making new friends and following instructions very well. Today the students started with languages, practicing new words, sentences, learning new and exciting games. The students headed off to the Labyrinth after lunch with Les Elfes buses. They had a wonderful experience finding the way around inside the maze. There are many games to play on at the Labyrinthe therefore the children were busy for the whole afternoon. After challenging the students with games and quizes the students headed back to Les Elfes.

Explorers / Pioneers students, had a great time at the outdoor rock climbing center. The group leader was impressed by the effort the student made to get the most out of their climbing. We taught the students how to climb with correct posture, style and gave them new tips on how to make knots for climbing. All of the students climbed.

This evening our students will head to the mountian for a BBQ dinner and walk back with torches. Meanwhile Discovery students will join them but take the bus home for an early evening to bed after a long day at camp.

Please check out these photos below… very exciting indeed!

1st of August – Swiss National Day !!

We have finally met all the new students, and started the day with language classes. The morning is foggy but the forecast is promising sun and high temperature later.

Our youngest group, Discovery are preparing for rock climbing, they are all excited to put on the harness and climb like Spiderman !

Explorers are packing their swimming costumes as they are going to be splashing around Lac Leman (lake Geneva). Here they will be banana boating, tubing, kayaking and paddle boarding. They can`t wait !

Pioneers are going to be challenged at the ropes course in Sion. They are looking forward to swinging around trees like Tarzan on the modified swings (zip wires).


To top it all off our chefs are preparing traditional “Suisse Diner” so plenty of cheese. Yay

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Friday 2nd October 2015 – prize giving, departure

Hello everyone! We are sad to say our goodbye to this wonderful group of kids. We have had so much fun with you and wish you could stay a little longer!

After breakfast everyone was already fully packed and we could start our prize giving. Everyone was excited for that and there were a lot of prizes to give out. Challenge winners, tidy room competition and many more where appreciated for their hard work, great attitude and never ending energy!

See you all next year!!

Wednesday 30th September – salt mines, hike

Beautiful sunny day here in Verbier! Perfect for outdoor activities, that is why first thing in the morning kids went hiking.

They were brought a little bit more up the mountain from where they started o hike across to lunch place in Le Hatay. A long the bise it was nice and relaxing walk with beautiful view all along. Kids where exploring flora and fauna, took a  quiz about nature around them and  learned mountain map reading. But after lunch in the fresh air it was time to continue the day with excursion to Salt mines.

2h long excursion in Sal mines was worth every second. The first excitement started when a little train took all kids inside the mountain for tour to start. After a short introduction of rules everyone continued excursion deeper int he mountain. Not only< kids found out the history of how salt was being discovered and used, but also how necessary it is for human body and even got to try mining themselves.

What a great day it has been! But it is not over just yet. After dinner kids will play Boys vs. Girls where they will have to complete different challenges and show their team work skills.

See you all tomorrow with more exiting news!


Tuesday 29th September 2015 – rock climbing, games

Hello everyone! Another great day ahead of us!

After a great breakfast everyone was ready for activities! While half of kids went rock climbing others gathered for teachers led activity – marshmallow challenge. Kids had so much fun building tower and competing which team will have the strongest, highest and prettiest tower. But everyone was waiting for finale when each team actual got to try their tower, mmmm yummeee!

Meanwhile other group of kids went rock climbing to a real climbing wall down in Sembrancher, just 20 min drive with the bus and everyone was on place for some physical activities. After safety instructions from guides kids put on helmets and harnesses and where ready for challenge. Some needed help with instruction, some with encouragement, but others went straight up showing great climbing techniques. We are so proud of you all!

Once everyone was back in camp it was time to shower and have little bit of free time with activities on camp site, but after dinner is was time for Who wants to be a Millionaire! Kids where enthusiastic and showed great knowledge about a lot of different subjects. Team work played a big role in figuring out the correct answer! Great job winners!

See you all tomorrow with more great news from our campers!


Monday 28th September 2015 – arrival day, team games, treasure hunt

Hello everyone! We are so excited to welcome new group to our camp!

Everyone has arrived just in time for lunch, but after that kids where introduced with camp rules and expectations. After introducing everyone with our staff members it was time for some team games  and treasure hunt. Afternoon was filled with different team building games; we where impressed to see how well kids coordinated assignments within their teams and communicated to reach the goal!

More fun to fallow in the evening when Bin Bag fashion show will take place 🙂

See you all tomorrow with more insight on how kids are doing and which activities they are participating.

Friday 25th September 2015 – prize giving, departure

We are glad to spend such a great week with such great group of kids! We are sad to say goodbye, but we know you will come back next year!

After breakfast kids went to rooms to pack their bags and check out. Once it was done everyone gather for prize giving. Tidy room competition, different awards for week long challenges and finally slide show with all the photos from activities that got students exited and remember all the fun times throughout the week!

See you all next year!

Thursday 24th September 2015 – Labyrinth, Salt Mines

Beautiful sunny day here in Verbier! It has been snowing higher up so we can feel the chilly breeze down here as well, but that wont stop us! Once warmer clothes were put on kids where ready to go!

Labyrinth – adventure park, was their first stop. What a fun time in there – bouncing castles, maze, slides and so much more to do. Kids definitely enjoyed their time participating in every single game and challenge and on the way to Salt mines couldn’t stop talking about their experience and compare it to others.

In the afternoon a little train took kids inside salt mines where they could try out mining, found out so much new about salt, taste it straight from the mountain and learned history of how it was discovered.

During free time everyone had to pack their bags as tomorrow is departure day! But it was done it was time for Prize giving and Slide show where ids could see all the photos taken during their stay here 🙂

Wednesday 23rd September – Aqua park, Ropes course

Aqua park day! Kids are so exited to spend some time on slides and bubble baths.

Day started with good breakfast for everyone, but as soon as it was finished monitors didn’t have to wait for too long until everyone where packed for fun water activities! Once teachers made sure kids had all necessary it was time to leave.

Kids had so much fun – water pirate ship, slides, lazy rivers and many more fun activities. All of that made kids hungry, so when it was lunch time everyone could finally rest, but just for a while as  the next activity promised to be  great fun as well!

Ropes course made kids challenge themselves and their classmates. They where hanging in tree and jumping from one platform to another like little monkeys. Zip lining were their all time favorite!!

One everyone came back to camp it was time to rest and have a shower after a long day full of fun activities. But day isnt over just yet, there is still time for evening activity- Boys vs. Girls!

Good night and see you all tomorrow with more good new from camp!

Tuesday 22nd September – mountain hike

Mountain hike day!

All kids got excited for today activity and where ready straight after eating good breakfast. Water bottles, proper shoes, comfortable clothes and kids where ready to start! Some groups where singing song a long the way, some where more interested in exploring flora and fauna of this area and guided where there to help with that. Breathtaking view of Petit Combin  while hiking across the mountain and lunch in a beautiful are called Le Hatay filled kids day.

Everyone came back still full of energy. After a short brake and shower it was time for some free time activities, but later in the evening La Fureur – Music quiz.

Kids where so excited to play the game – 2 teams competing with each other in many different musical challenges!

See you all tomorrow for more great new from our day!

Monday 21st- arrival day, team games, treasure hunt

Beautiful sunny morning here in Verbier! We are getting ready to welcome new group of students to spend this week with us.

Students arrived just in time for lunch. After quick check in everyone gathered in dinning room for lunch and welcome speech where they got introduced with our rules and expectations for the week. It was time for something more fun after unpacking like treasure hunt and team games in the afternoon.

Straight after lunch kids where ready for some fun! Outdoor activities where just time for such a sunny day! Kids absolutely loves team games and where getting competitive once they where divided in teams, but teams mates encouraged each other all the way thru challenges.

After dinner kids gather to play bin bag fashion show!

Thursday 17th September – Hike, bridge swinging, ropes course

Today a little rain has surprised us, but that didn’t stop students to enjoy today’s amazing activities!

One them was trottinetting up in the mountains near Verbier! Kids had so much fun that they wanted to go again in the afternoon. Other fun activity was bridge swinging – a lot of adrenaline and such a good feeling once you have done it to prove yourself not be scared of short free fall and high. A lot of students did it more than once.

Ropes was fun as always – students like moneys zip-lining from three to three and competing with each other on who will complete certain course faster.

During free time everyone had chance to go shopping or relax in the camp, but evening  everyone spent Le Hatay making campfire and cooking marshmallows, torchlight walk on the way back.

Wednesday 16th September – Archery, Mountain biking, Via Ferrata

Fun day here in Verbier! Great outdoor activities and good weather to complete the day!

A group of kids went to Archery. All as one said it was great experience and fun for everyone. Students had to find their targets hidden in woods and fields. Some kids showed great map reading skills and found targets without problem, for some it was a bit harder to hit the target, but after a short practice every managed to get necessary points and finish the assignment successfully.

Meanwhile other groups went mountain biking up in the mountains near Verbier. After safety speech everyone put on their helmets and made sure they have the right bikes. For warm-up everyone rode to Medran and after took gondola up to begging of their fun adventure.

Other group had so much fun in Via Ferrata. Students where brave to climb up the cliff and proved to be not only fiscally but also mental strong – they helped and encouraged each other.

Design & Build and Cooking clubs in the evening was a lot of fun and everyone got involved and tried to make the best cheese cake! Yummeee!


Tuesda15th September – Mountain biking, Via Ferrata, Team Games, Trottinetts

Morning started early in Les Elfes camp! Students couldn’t sleep for too long as today promised to be full of great outdoor activities!

4 different groups did 4 different activities in the morning and swapped in the afternoon. Mountain biking was one of the most challenging activities of the day, but everyone handled it very well and managed to surprise instructors with their skills and safe riding and good advises to others.

Team games where good challenge for everyone who thought it wouldn’t be as challenging. Strong team work and clear communication work where keys to success.

Via Ferrata was another great challenge of today! It wasn’t easy, but students showed great climbing skills and where not afraid of high. Beautiful view was the prize for everyone once reaching the top. We are so proud of you all!

Trottinetting was so much fun! Most of kids haven’t done it before, but after trying they didn’t wanted to finish.

For pictures please check our Facebook page:

See you all tomorrow for more great stories!

Monday 14th September – Ropes course, Rock climing, bridge swinging!

Beautiful day here in Verbier! So much fun activities for kids today! We are happy to welcome such a big group to our camp and enjoy this short time together!

Rock climbing got students challenged, but they where not afraid to climb higher and higher and challenge each other. It took a lot of strength and practice to finally reach the top and some did it more than once! Impressive!

Meanwhile other group had bridge swinging which was so much fun and also scary for the first moment. But after it was time for Ropes course. Most experienced students straight after practicing went to harder track and try their strength, but zip lines where the most fun for everyone!

More fun in the evening when students will make their own Lip Dup!

Such a fun first day, see you all tomorrow with more good news!

For more photos please check our Facebook page:

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Thursday 10th September 2015 – ropes course, prize giving!

Another great day with great activities! Kids where excited and sad at the same time- ropes course are one on the activities that kids like the most as it is challenging and fun at the same time. But this is also a departure day for all kids which makes us sad as it was such a nice group to work with!

After having lots of fun up in the trees it was time for prize giving – tidy room competition and  challenge winner during their stay in our camp where given Les Elfes  souvenirs for nice memories!

We hope you all had a great time because we sure did! See you all next year!