What a Summer! Thank you For Visiting

Verbier Panorama on top of Les Elfes

Dear Parents,

What a summer. If you haven’t been to the Alps in Summer, do it I promise you it’s well worth it, fresh air, healthy living, tranquillity, and harmony all around. Les Elfes Verbier is no exception, although we do have up to 140 running around taking part in Summer Camp, maybe a little less tranquil than the Sound of Music, but fun is the word.

As I write this, the annual Horse Riding Festival is taking place, earlier this week Verbiers inaugural E-Bike Festival welcomed avid cyclists from all over Europe,  July welcomed the Verbier Festival ( World Famous Classical Music ). It has the best of both worlds, a quiet village tucked away in the mountains, and yet a vibrant family-friendly resort bringing in energy and atmosphere paralleled only by the landscape and scenery.

The question isn’t why would you send your child to Summer Camp here, its Why Wouldn’t You? Please look at our latest Testimonials from Campers, follow us on social media and you will get a great picture of what Summer Camp has to offer.

To those of you who have sent your children to us this Summer, I have to say from all of us, a massive thank you. Each year we have the privilege of taking care of your children, being a father of three myself, I know the journey can be as tough for the parents as it can be for the children! Each Summer I see amazing displays of character from the children, and I look forward to seeing you return.

Winter Camp is upon us soon, many of you have been enquiring, and I hope to see some familiar faces on snow. A magical Summer Camp can only be matched by Winter, for more info do get in touch.

Sporty thursday 25th

Today our amazing campers woke up full of energy ready to start a new warm and sunny day in Verbier. All of them had language lessons and a bit of free time to have fun before lunch.

After lunch, the Discoveries went to Sembrancher to do Rock climbing in real mountains. They had no problem conquering the wall and climbing to the top showing their skills. At the way back they did clubs, where they can choose beetwen swimmingpool, shooping or arts and crafts. The activity night was La Fureur, where they played lots of fun competition games.

Explorers went to play Zorb footbal into teams. They had lots of fun and they did lot of sport at the same time. After dinner they had different activities to join in. Some of them did baking, showing their skills with the amazing cookies that they did. Other played board games in the casino night and the ones a bit tired watched a film in the cinema room, with drinks and pop corn included.

The Pioneers came back late at the campus today. They spent all day at the lake doing amazing activities as tubing or sailing and sharing a delicious outdoor barbaque. Once at the camp they play some games to chill and calm down.

With a stormy night, it was time to relax and sleep to get ready for the emotional last day of the session.

12.04.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion,Games, Town , La Fureur, Escape Rooms.

Another full packed day here at les Elfes with many different campers going on excursion where they got the chance to have a day out of camp and visit the chocolate and cheese factory and also a bit of shopping. If the campers didn’t go on excursion they decided to do some more skiing and snowboarding which they all enjoyed as the weather here was great.

In the afternoon everyone came back and had some snacks and hot chocolate and signed up for activities they had the choice of town for a bit of souvenir shopping on stay and chill on camp and play some games in and outside.

In the evening all the schools took part in a game show called la fureur which is a music game show where they competed against each other to win points for their teams. Everyone really enjoyed with lots of interesting dancing and singing. The individuals got the choice of going to the Escape rooms or having a competitive games night downstairs which involved playing pool, table tennis and also playing on the Wii to try and win themselves points.

Everyone had a lovely day and their are lots of happy faces going around camp today. Everyone is looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow.

Thursday April 6th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ski Race, BBQ, Prize Giving & La Fureur

Today was a super exciting day here at les elfes. The sun was shining and all the campers were eager to get up the mountain today for one big reason today was the ski race day. 

The morning consisted of all the campers competing in the ski race and racing everyone in their groups. 
After the race everyone got to enjoy a yummy BBQ outside in the sunshine and just enjoy skiing and snowboarding all over the mountain with their instructors for the last day on the hill for most of campers as they head off on excursion tomorrow before departing home.
This afternoon after enjoying some hot chocolate and snacks all the campers had prize giving with all their instructors and all the animation team. 
This evening all the campers had an exciting night playing La Fureur which is a interactive music quiz. 
Everyone now is off to bed to catch some sleep for the big excursion and departure day tomorrow.


Monday April 3rd 2017 Baking, Swimming, Escape Rooms

Today was another amazing jam packed day here at les elfes.
This morning gave us warm weather, beautiful blue skies and sunshine and the campers were eager to get up the mountain to practice what they learnt the day before. All of the groups skied and snowboarded around the mountain all day enjoying the snow and learning some new skills with their instructors and some groups were lucky enough to go and check out the world free ride competition for a part of the morning.
After relaxing over hot chocolate and snacks the campers all participated in various activities some went to the town to check out the village and purchase some gifts some got to enjoy a great meal in town, some campers made yummy chocolate chip cookies and some played in the Escape Rooms in town to try their luck at escaping.
After Dinner half of the group went ice skating and enjoyed skating around the rink and playing some ice hockey , some others made a awesome music video to the song good feeling and others went to the escape rooms to try and escape.
Everyone here now if off to bed to catch up on some sleep before the big day that follows tomorrow.


Monday 20.03.17 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking, Shopping, Swimming & Music Video

Today was an awesome day here at Les Elfes the sun has been shining all day and we also welcomed a new school to camp. They arrived and went straight up the mountain to make the most of the lovely weather and soft snow. All the other campers headed up the mountain early this morning and improving all their skills and constantly challenging themselves which is making the instructors very happy

In the afternoon the campers signed up for various activities from, baking, swimming, games both inside and outside and heading into town.

After dinner all the campers participated in a Music Video, where they were split into groups and had to choreograph a part of a song which they are super excited to see come the end of the week.
Everyone here is off to bed now to catch up on some sleep before the big day tomorrow.

Sunday March 19th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking, Swimming, Shopping & Ice Skating

Today has been a awesome first day at Les Elfes the sun is shining, the snow is soft and the campers having lots of fun, learning new things and getting to know each other.
This morning was super exciting as the campers got to meet their ski instructors and groups for the week ahead and head up the mountain for the first time whilst some of the campers who are spending two weeks with us skied all over the mountain learning new skills and tricks.

Back at camp we had a fun afternoon with loads of activities some campers enjoyed swimming, baking yummy chocolate chip cookies and heading to town to do some shopping.

After dinner we went ice skating whilst some enjoyed just skating with their new friends others played a mini game of hockey. Before heading off to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep the campers enjoyed a much needed hot chocolate.
Goodnight from us here at Les Elfes.

Sunday 12th Febuary 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Village Visits & Ice Skating

CRANS MONTANA: First day on the slopes for our school from Dubai, and what a lovely first day it was! The sun was shining and everyone was whizzing around the mountain! Our beginner group enjoyed the magic carpet and are already progressing quickly to the drag lift tomorrow which is great to see.

After skiing the campers thoroughly enjoyed sledging, even as the sun started to go down! This evening they had fun competing against one another in the music quiz, then off for an early night ready for another big day on the slopes tomorrow.


VERBIER: There was a lot of excitement this morning in the camp with many of the campers waking up early knowing it was the first day heading up the mountain for many of them.
Today for some of our campers it meant learning some amazing new skills either skiing or snowboarding and for some campers it means fine tuning some skills from previous years or weeks at Les Elfes.

This afternoon everyone enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate to relax after the big day on the mountain before most of the campers headed into the village for a spot of shopping at the local supermarket and souvenir shop before heading back to Les Elfes for dinner.
After dinner all the campers headed over to the ice skating rink for some skating and a fun hockey match and relaxed with some hot chocolate before heading off to bed and their chalets. Our school from Dubai and the UK stayed behind and competed in a new activity called the Qube, a fast paced, challenging game. They all loved it!


Sunday 24th April 2016 Skiing, Snowshoeing & an Impromptu Casino Night

What a day!

We have had non-stop snow on the mountain today in Verbier and our individual students have had the best day testing out the on-piste powder. A real treat in April. Our school meanwhile were pushing their personal limits with a very challenging snowshoeing adventure, braving the wind, snow and cold in a 5km trek from Ruinette to La Chaux. The perserverence shown by the group have really impressed us today and we are so proud of them! After the arduous journey they finished the day with a great snowman building competition.

This evening was such a nice bonding experience for our group. The school and the individuals had a great poker night together, practicing their bluffing with extravagant pretend sighs and whoops of joy. The atmosphere here in Les Elfes is lovely at the moment and we are all excited to welcome some new faces to the camp tomorrow morning!



Tuesday 22nd march 2016 – Skiing, Optional activities, Clubs night and Escape room

An incredible blue bird sky day today…. with bright sunshine beaming down on the students faces as they progress in skiing/snowboarding and learn more and more throughout the day. The snow conditions although looking very minimal at low level, up on the mountain is great, with snow perfect for snow plow, parallel and even carving.

After returning from skiing, the student removed their boots allowing their feet to have a break before going upstairs to sign up for afternoon and evening activities. The choices of afternoon activities were shopping, snow games or epic games indoors. Many of the students went shopping after taking a relaxing shower and having some snacks… a few decided to go outside, not getting enough snow and making full use of their winter holiday in Verbier by going sledging and snowman building. This then left just around 10 students who decided to play a game of action packed extreme Uno.. pinning each individual against each other, eventually bringing a winner.

During the evening the students had a wide choice of activities, including cooking, arts and crafts, Photography, Design and build and for some the students went down to the escape room, where the group have a series of challenges to move from one room to another.

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Wednesday 10th February Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Guest Speaker, Music Quiz & Chalet Night

After a week of snow the pistes are in great condition here in Verbier and today the groups had the chance to enjoy a day with good visibility and even some sunshine! The progress our beginners have made this week is staggering. Skiing in challenging conditions has meant that now the weather is nice skiing and snowboarding for them is a walk in the park! Today was also a great opportunity for our more experienced skiers to enjoy the wider ski area of the 4 Vallées and to try out their new skills on a variety of different terrain.

For our individuals they had the choice today to have a rest and to visit the Natural History Museum in Geneva and to do a little sightseeing and shopping in the cosmopolitan lake-side city. Tomorrow will be race day and BBQ on the mountain where all of our skiers can see who can top the leaderboard in a slalom challenge.

This evening we had a vast range of FreeTime activities for the campers. Some shopped, some continued their igloo-building project, the was some sledging, swimming, snowman building and one group even decided to challenge themselves in the Escape Rooms. After dinner we had four different activities running! Our individuals chose to have pizza night in the chalets, one of our groups had a baking competition, most of the schools had a music challenge and one of our schools was treated to a lecture on sustainable tourism by a world-renowned International Environmental Lawyer.


Wednesday 3rd – Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, excursion day, movie night

A fun filled Wednesday today for all our groups here at Les Elfes. The snow is back which made conditions particularly difficult on the mountain, however everyone coped really well and we had lots of positive feedback from the instructors. All groups are motivated and keen to learn which is brilliant!

Our individuals were on excursion today where they visited the Natural History museum, did sight-seeing in Geneva as well as shopping! They had a great time visiting the city and exploring somewhere new. The Natural History Museum went down a treat, there were plenty of animals to learn about and look at.  This evening they had dine out so they all went for a pizza in town followed by a chalet evening and group games and activities.

This afternoon our School group were super excited about their chance to go Ice Skating. They were whizzing round the rink, showing off some of their skills and we had a great game of Ice Hockey going on for those that wanted to get competitive. In the evening we had a chilled night, so the students had chance to rest and watch a movie in our cinema room. Now for an early night to get a goods night sleep ready for an active day on the mountain with lots of powder!12650266_163165754059907_1476501800_n 12650466_163165870726562_766092210_n 12660192_163165727393243_639064056_n 12660259_163165730726576_1954389593_n 12665698_163165774059905_1388085827_n 12695744_163165897393226_654664672_n DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO


February 1st – Arrival Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Music Video and Dine Out

This morning we were all up bright and early and ready for another days skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. After breakfast everyone headed up to the top to keep practicing their parallel turns in the beautiful sunshine. Lots of new skills have been learnt today which is great news. Late this morning, we had a new arrival from Geneva who were quick to drop their bags off and shot up to join the rest on the mountain. Some enjoyed a ski off to see which groups they will be placed in during the week whilst others hit the slopes and impressed their new instructors massively! We are in for a good week of skiing.

Everyone came back to Les Elfes with rosey cheeks after hard work in the sunshine. This afternoon we had lots of games taking place, with competitive games of Uno, Cards and Dobble.

This evening after dinner our school group rocked it out in our music video to Uptown Funk and put on a great performance. They are all looking forward to seeing the end result. Our individuals got ready for a chance to dine out in town, which they all loved.

Friday 29th January Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, European Quiz Night, Dine Out & Escape Rooms

Is was a glorious day on the mountain, with lovely sun and great snow conditions throughout the day. All of our groups on the mountain had a chance to really enjoy their day as we reach the end of the week and they can start to use their news skills to explore the pistes. Out beginners have been doing so well ad have made so much progress this week and some of our advanced skiers have even progressed into the 4 Vallées and Bruson ski areas.

One of our schools has finished their skiing course with us and enjoyed a cultural excursion today and a chance for some last-minute souvenir shopping. The tasted the delights of the chocolate factory and had the chance to see how cheese is made in Gruyere, a fantastic day!

Once back at camp many of our school students chose to rest while, in contrast, the individuals enjoyed an afternoon without language lessons where they could all explore the village. For the older individuals it was a grown-up night of Escape Rooms, where they solved puzzles as a team in a race against the clock, and a nice meal together in a restaurant after to mull over their performances. All of our groups escaped this evening, with one group of girls achieving a really good time!

For the school groups and our younger individuals we had European Night. A quiz night where students could learn about Europe and compete to name the flags, capital cities, languages and landmarks of each country.

Tomorrow some of our individuals will be departing. It has been a pleasure to work with them and they will be sorely missed by both staff and fellow students. We hope to see them again next year!



28th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, BBQ, Race Day, Disco

What a great day we have had here in Verbier. This morning everyone was up and out on time to make the most of another good day in the mountain. This time even the beginners headed up the mountain as they now had the confidence to tackle the blue slopes and were able to learn even more off their instructors. Today at lunch, we all stopped for a break and a BBQ on the side of the mountain which was enjoyed by everybody and was a great experience for our Chinese students. For one of our Chinese groups, it was also sadly their last day on the mountain so they had the chance to get competitive and take part in our race day, where there were medals up for grabs! They all had lots of fun and we had some quick times. This afternoon they were then presented with certificates for all their hard work and effort throughout the week.

Tonight for dinner we had meat Fondue, a definite highlight of the week. This was followed by our fantastic disco night, where all the students went in to town for a party and dancing. The music was excellent and everyone enjoyed singing along to their favourite tunes, that the DJ blasted out. It’s safe to say that everyone is now very worn out from a jam packed day full of excitement.
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27th January – Chateau de Chillon, Chamonix, Chocolate Factory, Skiing & Snowboarding

This morning was a different day for some of us here at Les Elfes International as it was excursion day! One of our Chinese schools had the wonderful opportunity to visit Chamonix, in France and got to take a lovely train journey to the ice caves. The views were spectacular, with the sun shining and whilst there they learnt about the amazing glacier. Our Individuals headed to the Chocolate Factory which they were all very excited about. They had the chance to learn about the production of chocolate and see how it is made in the factory. A definite highlight of the day for them was the tasting of the chocolate at the end. After this they moved on for lunch which they had at the Chateau de Chillon, a magnificent castle set in beautiful scenery and a great photo opportunity.

For those that stayed, it was another sunny day in Verbier and everyone enjoyed skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. Each day, everyone has gained more and more confidence and so groups are gradually heading up the mountain to challenge themselves on the harder slopes. They are all keen to learn new techniques and some are now trying out their parallel turns.

This afternoon a few children opted to have even more fun and had a shot at sledging which was great fun to watch. By the end of it, they were all whizzing down super fast with big smiles on their faces. For those that wanted a more relaxing afternoon, opted to stay at Les Elfes for some down time or took a walk in to town to buy some treats.

This evening, we all took part in our Dragons Den competition which got very competitive and we had some amazing end products. Each group used cardboard, sellotape, scissors and paper to design their very own unique shoe racks which were all successful.


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Tuesday 19th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Languages, Clubs Night and Torch Light Walk

This morning started great, with everyone up and ready to go on time to hit the slopes and keep improving on those all important techniques. It was lovely to see our school group full of energy and out the doors first, excited for their first whole day on the mountain. The powder is good which meant they’ve had an amazing day flying down piste and learning off their instructors. We had groups heading off in all directions to explore new areas in resort. Our individuals are continuing to improve every day and they are all eager to have fun and learn. They are gaining more confidence with every run they complete which is exactly what we like to see.

This afternoon has been full of games and activities. After a well deserved hot chocolate and snacks some individuals attended language classes whilst others headed off to town with friends or played exciting games back at Les Elfes.

Tonight, after dinner all children took part in Clubs night and had the chance to take part in different, interesting activities put on by our animation team with some help from their instructors. We had a cooking class taking place in the dinning rooms, with others learning new skills in photography, dance and design and build. It has been a jam packed evening with lots of smiles and laughter. Some even chose to go on an exciting torch light walk, equipped with fire torches, they set out into the night following their leaders closely on a great trail around Verbier.

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Verbier Powder Days Here At Les Elfes

It’s still snowing here at Les Elfes and the powder is good! Today our campers spent the day up the mountain skiing on what was fantastic snow! Others spent the day exploring One of Switzerland’s most famous castle the Châteaux de Chillion! the end of the day was a chance for the campers to improve their bowling skills with friends from all around the world.

After hot chocolate and snacks to end off another beautiful day, the campers were treated to a disco night or ginger bread house making and that turned out to be a big success!
It was another fabulous day!

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Friday 2nd October 2015 – prize giving, departure

Hello everyone! We are sad to say our goodbye to this wonderful group of kids. We have had so much fun with you and wish you could stay a little longer!

After breakfast everyone was already fully packed and we could start our prize giving. Everyone was excited for that and there were a lot of prizes to give out. Challenge winners, tidy room competition and many more where appreciated for their hard work, great attitude and never ending energy!

See you all next year!!

Thursday 1st October 2015 – Aqua park, ropes course

Kids where definitely excited for today’s activities! Straight after breakfast they where ready to begin their day.

Ropes course in the morning was just in time to wake everyone up, but later on it was hard to get kids down from he trees. Like little monkeys they where hanging, jumping and zip lining from tree to tree. One on the most exciting parts where the big zip line at the end of course – exciting and scary!

Aqua park was fun as always – bubble baths, big water slides, wave pool, lazy river and so much more – kids definitely had things to do.

Once everyone came back it was time for packing, but in the evening after dinner it was Disco time!

See you all tomorrow for our last day together!

Wednesday 30th September – salt mines, hike

Beautiful sunny day here in Verbier! Perfect for outdoor activities, that is why first thing in the morning kids went hiking.

They were brought a little bit more up the mountain from where they started o hike across to lunch place in Le Hatay. A long the bise it was nice and relaxing walk with beautiful view all along. Kids where exploring flora and fauna, took a  quiz about nature around them and  learned mountain map reading. But after lunch in the fresh air it was time to continue the day with excursion to Salt mines.

2h long excursion in Sal mines was worth every second. The first excitement started when a little train took all kids inside the mountain for tour to start. After a short introduction of rules everyone continued excursion deeper int he mountain. Not only< kids found out the history of how salt was being discovered and used, but also how necessary it is for human body and even got to try mining themselves.

What a great day it has been! But it is not over just yet. After dinner kids will play Boys vs. Girls where they will have to complete different challenges and show their team work skills.

See you all tomorrow with more exiting news!