Dear Parents

Fantastic news, Les Elfes Winter Camp is around the corner. I am sure you have been pondering where to send your loved ones for a fun-filled experience in the great outdoors, well look no further. Simply put, skiing and snowboarding in Verbier are amazing.

Our Winter Camp brings children from all around the world together, gets them up onto the slopes into the clean air and daily life is a congregation of activities and zest.

Here are 5 reasons why Winter Camp is the right choice:


Its no secret skiing and snowboarding is a fantastic unofficial workout, from improving cardiovascular health to balance and core strength, skiing and snowboarding is a great way to work your body hard and have fun. Many of these skills can cross over into other sports away from the slopes, from skateboarding to waterskiing.

Exposure to diversity

At Les Elfes we can have up to 50 different nationalities, incredible, we don’t expect our campers to be best friends with everyone but this cultural exposure is a great environment for kids. Over the years many kids have met at Les Elfes and stayed in touch over the usual social media channels and remained friends ever since, visiting each other in their respective countries.


It is an important part of child development to allow them the opportunity to learn how to make good decisions for themselves. Winter camps are the perfect environment for children to start shaping their personalities and start gaining some independence.

When the safety net of parents or siblings is gone, children are allowed to take charge, of course, our dedicated staff supervise closely and are supportive, but the day to day things that mum or dad usually take care of will be completely in their own hands.

This will allow your child to learn more about themselves. Talk to any parent who has sent their child to Les Elfes or any camp for that matter, and you’re sure to hear about how they came back with new amazing changes.

Self Esteem

Perhaps you have a child who is a little shy, and needs a little self-confidence boost? The first day at camp, a little like school can be an overwhelming experience.

But by putting your child in a new environment, it will allow them the experience of learning to adapt and before too long they will be making new friends and trying out new activities. This overall experience of adapting to a new situation and doing well brings about a higher level of confidence.


When it comes to developing leadership qualities, the camp is a great place to learn. Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, your child is learning how to be a leader. Through their everyday experiences, they are learning how to follow someone’s lead and also perhaps how to step up and be one.

There will be times of adversity on the slopes, and during the week our staff will present challenges to the kids learning how to take the lead teaches your child how to be a more rounded individual. Your child will learn how to function in a group and learn valuable lessons about right and wrong, how to listen and make informed decisions.

It is therefore easy to identify winter camp as merely a place where children can learn a skill, there is so much more to it than that and I hope this can give you an insight into how much further a child’s development can be. I cannot underestimate that our team of staff who mainly are working here all year round, nurture and support the kids every step of the way.

From Winter to Summer children are having an amazing time, and we strongly believe it is an investment for there futures. If you need any more info do get in touch I wish you all a good month ahead. 

Adam Brook

26th December – Boxing Day, Skiing, Snowboarding & Village Visits

Another great day here, Boxing Day meant there was still a lot of christmas cheer around camp today.
The Morning was busy with everyone heading out on the slopes for some skiing and snowboarding perfecting their techniques and trying new areas and runs on the mountain.
The afternoon activities had most of the campers heading out into the village to check out what Verbier village has to offer, after a spot of shopping it was clear the toy store was almost everyone’s favourite.
After dinner we had games night where we played Boys vs Girls which is a mixture of competitive fun games and La Fureur which is a team musical quiz.
We’ve had many new arrivals throughout the day, which we are very excited about and all the instructors are looking forward to getting to know everyone over the coming days. The campers are off to bed to prepare for the big day of skiing and snowboarding tomorrow.


Tuesday 13th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Clubs Night

Another exciting day here in Verbier with all students progressing well in skiing and snowboarding. Our first time skiers are off the beginners slope and hitting the blue runs following their instructors and having great fun on the mountain. There is a great atmosphere among the groups and there ability to learn quickly is really showing. With the sun shining yet again, some of our groups took some time out to enjoy the breath taking views with some well deserved hot chocolate. Our intermediate groups are also showing a lot of improvements and have covered most of the runs around Verbier, so a big well done to them!

Back at camp today there were a mixture of activities going on, including swimming, visits to town and table top games. As well as this, our individual students have been busy learning languages with our specialised teachers, which is a great educational service.

This evening it was Clubs Night,where our children had the chance to sign up for workshops on their interests. On offer tonight we had a cooking club, arts and crafts stations and design and build challenges. Everyone is getting stuck in which is brilliant to see.


6th February- Arrivals day, Snowshoeing, Ski fitting and Ice skating

Today was the last day for many students after two weeks here on campus and the first day for many others at Les Elfes. We had many groups arriving from all over the world all throughout the day, upon arrival the students were greeted by reception and then were shown to their rooms before being showed around the campus. A little later all groups then had a welcome speech from the resort manager, explaining the rules and regulations of the campus.

After lunch the students went downstairs to be ski, clothing and equipment fitted, ensuring they are ready and prepared for their first day of skiing tomorrow.
Many of the students have never seen or touched snow before, so it was only necessary to have a snowball competition and snowman building before being showed around the amazing town of Verbier.

During the evening all of the groups went to the local ice rink to enjoy some relaxing ice skating and a little ice hockey. This was a great opportunity to get the groups to meet each other and to interact together.
For some students it was an early night after a very long day of travelling.

All the students are really excited about skiing tomorrow.

Great weather and fun activities!


Today everybody enjoyed another wonderful day and the slopes! The weather was just as amazing as everybody’s progress! The campers are putting in an awful lot of hard work and are very determined to learn which is really impressive!

Our evening activities all went really well and were extremely good fun! Whilst some enjoyed doing a dancing club to show off their crazy skills, others enjoyed learning magic tricks with our magic instructor! Some of us enjoyed making biscuits to be able to eat them before bed time! Arts and Crafts was a success as usual as we always have very talented artists that spend time with us! To finish off with we had design and bulid, where the campers made horses out of cardboard boxes!

Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow’s excursion to Montenvers and the ice cave for some, or to the chocolate and cheese factory for others!

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Verbier Powder Days Here At Les Elfes

It’s still snowing here at Les Elfes and the powder is good! Today our campers spent the day up the mountain skiing on what was fantastic snow! Others spent the day exploring One of Switzerland’s most famous castle the Châteaux de Chillion! the end of the day was a chance for the campers to improve their bowling skills with friends from all around the world.

After hot chocolate and snacks to end off another beautiful day, the campers were treated to a disco night or ginger bread house making and that turned out to be a big success!
It was another fabulous day!

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Wednesday 13th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Arrivals, excursion, Ice skating & Music Video

Wednesday has been a fun busy day with lots going on. It was the last day skiing for one group  but the weather has cleared up so they had an excellent time on the slopes! The improvement in both skiing and snowboarding has been brilliant. Other individual students have been on excursion today to the National History Museum which they found extremely interesting. They also did some sight seeing and shopping to end their afternoon!

Another group arrived this afternoon so we were busy boot fitting and getting equipment ready for their first day on the mountain tomorrow. They also went into Verbier town to have a look round and do a bit of shopping! In the evening they participated in the Music Video activity which everyone enjoyed and got really into. Another group also went ice skating this evening which was awesome! Lots of skating around, having a laugh and a great game of ice hockey to finish off.