Monday 7th January: Skiing, Torchlight Walk and Escape Rooms!

Still jet lagged but better rested, everyone came for breakfast and filled up their plates with eggs and bacon. Soon after they put on their warmest clothes and made their way downstairs to put on their boots. With suncream on their noses they shuffled into their groups with skiis in hand. Following an intense morning, the kids took a break in the La Chaux dining room and had some hot food.


After the second half of the ski session, they came back, had a snack and went to language class. Those that didn’t have languages relaxed a bit or went into the village before dinner. After dinner, the evening activity was either: Escape Rooms, for those that didn’t do it yesterday, and a Torchlight walk through the woods for the other half. They had the chance to either find their way out of a code filled room, or walk under a starlit sky through the trees. When all was said and done, the kids went to bed and there wasn’t a sound.




Another blue bird day in Verbier! Most students are excited and ready to do more skiing, while some feeling a bit weak decided to stay and relax in the campus. After skiing there will be language lessons for some individual students and others went to swimming pool. Later everyone will join in the main campus for New Year’s Eve dinner and then it’s the Carnival Evening and also torchwalk up to the hill to see the beautiful night view of Verbier! The village is ready to celebrate the last day of the year and welcome the 2019!




The kids got up this morning and there were many new faces, just arrived from different parts of the world yesterday. Many needed ski fitting and other ski gear, but that was all taken care of by the instructors. Once they all gathered their skiis and boards, they made their way to Medran lift station to meet the rest of the students and instructors. After a filling lunch and more skiing under the sun, they came back to the campus.


They had a snack and those who had language lessons left quite soon after. The rest of the kids enjoyed the village during the afternoon or did ice skating with the music and the lights from Verbier town in this time of the year.

After the delicious dinner and a bit of free time to relax, it’s time to go to the Sport Center to play the Olympic games. They enjoyed a lot being competitive and sharing moments with the kids from the main campus all together.


After a big and energetic breakfast, some of the kids from the Perin campus, went on excursion to Aosta, Italy, on a very exciting day. For the others, it was an amazing sunny skiing morning. A very special one, because is the last day for a big group of them, the last day to enjoy the ski with the new and old friends, and to spend time with the monitors having fun.

In the afternoon, the kids had nice snacks and they started the afternoon activity, some had languages lessons, some enjoyed the scaperoom and for the others it’s time to packed the lugagge.

In the evening, we had prize giving to close an incredible holidays for some of the kids, and the Cube for others  that stay longer with us. An enjoyable and happy night for everyone at camp.



Monday 17th December White Peaks and Torches!!

Some tired and others full of energy, but all excited to improve their skiing, all went up to breakfast, where the smell of fresh croissants filled up the dining room. They were soon devoured by all and everyone came to life again.
Boots strapped and clenching onto their skis, they all rushed to join the rest of the instructors  to make the most of as much of the freshly fallen snow before the crowds arrived. It’s lunch time and the kis eat to be ready and full of energy to come back to the slopes.The afternoon it’s time for a hot chocolate and snacks, language classes and indoor activitites like climbing or boardgames sharing good moments together. After all the excitement, the kids met up again back at the campus for a hot dinner. Food that will help them recover to further improve and grow. Once they were all fed and watered, they went downstairs for the final activity of the the day.

They grabbed some torches and lit them. The large flame was used to aid their vision as they strolled through the night around town. They eventually made their way back, quenched their torches and went inside.

After a long funny day it’s time to sleep, Another day in Verbier came to an end and all that is left is to rest our heads.



Friday 24th Aug 2018 – Final Day, prize giving, Aqua park

Final day of session 6 and also final day of summer! Like every other day for the past two weeks the kids woke up very early and got ready for the greatest day at Aqua Park. After a nice breakfast, campers had the energy they needed to have an awesome time. At 9:00h we got all the kids on the buses and made our way to the park. Once there, it was nothing but happiness, laughter and excitement. Discoveries and Pioneers had the opportunity to be together today, and the were very happy about it. A mix of emotions we would say, at the aquapark. For some campers it was just excitment, but for others it was also a moment to put their fears away and ride as many rides as possible. Today was about making the best memories, for the kids this was the last opportunity to spend time with all the new friends they made.

After Aqua Park everyone was very tired, since having fun takes loads of energy, but that did not stop them from playing and hanging out once back in camp. They returned at about 17:30h and went up to their rooms to finish packing and getting themselves ready for prize giving.

At dinner time they recharged their energy and were ready for a night full of surprises.

Prize giving is always very exiting for campers. We gave out prizes for star campers, special mentions and winners for all the games and activities we had during the session. At 22:00h it was time to say goodbye and tears of joy and sadness started to course down their cheeks. It is a very emotional moment for the kids to let go of a place they have been having so much fun, making new memories and new friends, having such a great time, but today was awesome for them.


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Thursday 23rd Aug 2018 Sports day, Ropes course

It is a new day and the campers are up very early getting ready for one of the most awaited days of the session, today was Disco night. At 9:00h all campers went to their corresponding languages. As every day, intensive languages were held until 12:00h and conversational until 11:00h. Today the kids also went to their optional activities which included horse riding, golf and tennis. After languages and optional activities,  we all gathered in the dinning room for a delicious lunch.

For Discoveries we had an amazing activity, high ropes courses at Aigle. We took the campers to Adventure park which is located in Aigle, about an hour from Verbier. The kids had so much fun and were able to test their skills and strength. Not only did they had fun, but some of them even conquered their fear of heights. The look of  achievement on their faces was priceless once they were finally able to jump from the platform they were so scared of.

Pioneers had a very active sports day at Verbier. Campers had different activities throughout the afternoon. Volleyball, Mini golf and tennis were part of the day. The kids had a great time playing sports tonight and creating memories with their new friends. Skills are also part of this sports day, as they learn how to work in a team and how to create strategies to win the games.

From 17:00h to 19:00h it was flexi time and the options were town and relaxing in camp, for pioneers. For discoveries, they had time to pack and organize their suitcases for departure day.

The most awaited part of the day had finally arrived, Disco! Campers had so much fun dancing to international music and creating dance moves.

What an amazing night we had today at Les Elfes.

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Wednesday 22nd August – Sports Hall, Mountain Biking, Design + Build, Escape Rooms, Aprentice

Another great day at camp for the students on camp. Nearing the end but all the campers are still super motivated and ready for anything, even if the weather is a bit peaky.

The younger group ventured out for a bit of mountain biking, following the road up behind Les Elfes, they biked into the medow, passed the lake and then whizzed down the hill. Some of them found it challenging, but still managed to do it with smiles on their faces, which is always lovely to see.

The older group headed to the sports centre where they speant the afternoon doing lots of great activities. Some students did some rock climbing on the auto b-lays, which looked very impressive, whilst others did some trampolining, practicing their jumps. Others played a bit of badminton and tennis and even gave it a go with some squash.

In the evening the younger group was split into two, some heading to Escape Rooms and managing to escape in a really impressive time and under the 60 minute cut off point. The others stayed at camp at took part in designing and building a course for a golf ball to travel down, which the boys loved and was lovely to see that they put a lot of energy and thought into their designs.

The older group took part in the apprentice, designing the ideal app for Verbier. Their specification was design an app that didn’t already exist in Verbier, they had to draw it and then present it to the others. All the older campers gave some really interesting ideas which was lovely to see.



Monday 20th Aug 2018- Optional day courses, Leadership, Cooking, Baking, Etiquette, Theater

The was out and so were the kids, full of energy and enthusiasm for the optional course day. After an early breakfast, they were ready for the day.

Today the kids were not divided into age groups, but rather they were divided based on the different courses. The classes included etiquette, cooking and baking, Arts, Theater and Leadership. All courses had different programs and activities. For cooking, the kids got to make pizza from scratch, cupcakes, frosting, tomato sauce and even learned how to cut their vegetables, they had a blast in the kitchen. Leadership program included different games and activities based on teamwork, common sense and critical things. After this course, you can definitely notice how the kids develop a strong sense of independence, but also teamwork. In arts and theater, campers got to paint and get creative making an advertisement, both courses were a success. The kids were learning while having fun with their friends which made it very enjoyable for them.

After a full day of activities and learning it was time for flexitime. Campers chose between going to the pool, relaxing in camp or going to town. Some campers also had optional sports during the afternoon, paragliding, horse riding, and tennis.

Dinner time was great for the kids, after a big day it is very nice to have a delicious meal before continuing with the evening activities.

Discoveries had the opportunity to enjoy a night of Escape rooms. This is one of the kids favorite activities. Campers have to work in a team to figure out all the passwords to escape. It was a great night with the kids.

Pioneers, on the other hand, had a chill casino and jungle speed night on camp. It was a very relaxing and fun experience for the campers.

Big day coming up tomorrow since we are going on three different exciting excursions!

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Sunday 19th Aug 2018- Languages, Dine out, Escape room, Postcards, Rock Climbing, Olympic games.

The first day of the second week for session 6!


This morning, as every day, the kids had a busy morning. We had languages from 9:00h to 11:00h for conversational and from 9:00h to 12:00 for intensive languages. Some campers also had optional sports from 11:15 to 12:15


From 12:15 to 13:00h, the kids had lunch at Les Elfes. After lunch, they went to their corresponding meeting places to get informed about the afternoon activities.


Discoveries had a very exciting day doing Olympic games. Campers are separated into four groups and they get to compete for the first place. The Olympics include different games like basketball, obstacles course, water pong and other different games where they get a score. The kids were very concentrated while the activity was going on because everyone wanted to be the winner. They learned how to work as a team, as they need to get everyone to help to be able to win. Besides teamwork, the kids were having a great time, laughing and playing.


Pioneers, on the other hand, went out of Verbier to do rock climbing, it was great. Rock climbing is always super fun and the camper enjoy it a lot. It is very fulfilling to see everyone pushing themselves to achieve their best in this activity. Sometimes it is hard for some campers to climb, but once they get to the top they have a sense of achievement no one can take away from them.


The kids returned to camp for lunch. After having lunch, they were able to choose between going to town, relaxing at the camp or going swimming.


Evening activity was a very interesting one for the discoveries since they were writing postcards. The kids chose a person to whom they wanted to write a letter. Some of them chose their grandparents, parents and some of them chose to write a letter to their future self. It was interesting to see how campers got so involved in this activity. It was a little emotional for some of them because they did put their hearts in writing the letters.


Dine out and Escape room were the two options for pioneers this evening. The dine out group, went out on a walk to a very nice Italian restaurant about 15 minutes away from Les Elfes. The Escape room group had the chance to prove their problem solving and critical thinking skills at the escape room. Campers had so much fun in both of the activities. The kids always fall in love with the escape room, for many, this is their favorite activity.


A big day awaits tomorrow, so it is time to rest and wait for tomorrows optional courses day!

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Saturday 18th August – International Day, Dine Out, Escape Rooms and Movie Time

Last day of the first week and what a day. Of course the morning started with languages, which at this point the campers are getting really into. They are making so much progression within their language classes and all Verbier Language School Teachers seem really happy with their groups.

After an International feast for lunch, the campers all got together to make their International présentations. They got into smaller groups and designed posters about various countries around the globe, either ones they are from or other countries they have joined with their friends. It is always so interesting to see what the campers come up with in their présentations, and lovely to see them work as a team to create it.

They also all got the chance to make some International foods, included sushi and pizza. All campers got really involved in the activity, making and designing their own pizzas and eating all the sushi they could make.

In free time, some of our campers went shopping but also to the pool, whilst others had their optional sports of Tennis, Golf or Horse Riding. After dinner, the younger campers wanted to finish their film from the previous night as they didn’t get a chance, which they were over the moon about. Some of the older campers had the chance to dine out, whilst the other went to Escape Rooms, a chance to test your skills and team work to escape from a locked room within 60 minutes, which they managed to do.

Another fun packed day at Les Elfes, with tomorrow the start of the last week of this years summer….It has truley flown by…


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Friday 17th Aug 2018- Excursion,United Nations, Mini Golf

Excursion day!! what a marvelous day the kids had in their excursion. As usual, campers woke up at 7:30h, only this time not for languages, but for an exciting day out of camp.

Discoveries got the chance to have a dreamed excursion to the chocolate and cheese factory, what a blast they had. For the chocolate factory, we took the kids through different rooms where they were told the history of Swiss chocolate and of the Cailler brand. The most awaited part of the factory comes at the end, free chocolate samples! After this, the campers were taken to the cheese factory, where they were shown how cheese is made.

As for Pioneer, campers were taken to the Olympic museum. Usually, for the kids, the idea of a museum is not very appealing, but campers love the Olympic museum. It is very interactive and full of interesting stories.

Returning students, on the other hand, had the opportunity to go to the United Nations. It is an educational excursion; nevertheless, it is very interesting for the kids, they enjoyed it a lot.

Last stop was either Geneva or Vevey mall, for a little shopping. They had time to buy souvenirs, relax and check out other stores.

Once back in camp, kids had an hour to relax, play some games, sports, trampoline, board games and use their phones until 19:00h.

After dinner, the little ones had a PJ party!! They all came down to the cinema room with their pajamas and their pillows to watch a movie, The Incredibles. Old but gold, what a great movie, kids loved it.

The oldest group went for a fun night at the mini-golf course in Verbier. The kids had a score sheet to see who was the best.

Nothing but laughter, jokes and loads of fun today.

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Thursday 16th Aug 2018 bin bag fashion show, Selfie challenge

Good morning! Buenos días! Guten Morgen! The sun is out and campers are getting ready for a delicious breakfast and a morning of languages. Like every day the kids have languages from 9:00h to 11:00h, for conversational and 9:00h to 12:00h for intensive. Optional activities were also part of the morning as some campers also had tennis and golf. While some campers were in their intensive courses or in their optional activities the kids that stayed in camp had one hour to relax and play some games. Some of them were at the trampoline showing their acrobatic skills, some were at the football pitch scoring goals and some were inside playing cards or board games.

After a fulfilling lunch, the campers got ready for their afternoon activities.

Discoveries, the little ones, packed their bags with water bottles and got ready for an exciting afternoon that included rock climbing and mini golf. It is amazing to see the camper rock climbing. In the beginning, some of them are scared to do it or afraid of heights, but after a while, they let go of their fears and climb as high as they can. For some kids, it is difficult to get all the way to the top, but once they do it there is nothing that can take away that feeling of achievement and happiness. Loads of fun was also going on at the mini golf, right beside the rock climbing wall. Campers were divided into teams and they tried their best to be the golfers. The little ones truly enjoyed these activities.

Pioneers, the oldest ones, were able to try the Verbier ropes course. Just like the little ones, teenagers are sometimes afraid of heights, but this is never an impediment for them to have fun. It is always fun for the kids to go to this activity. They get to prove to themselves how strong and courageous they are. Pioneers loved the ropes course.

Today the kids also had languages in the afternoon from 16:00h to 18:00h for conversational and 16:00h to 19:00h for intensive languages.

After dinner, we had two activities before bedtime.

For the little ones, it was bin bag fashion show competition. The little ones are divided into groups and are given different materials, bin bag being the main one. A topic is chosen and based on the topic they have to come up with the most creative dress they can think of and make it only using the materials they are given. Lots of laughter and fun, the kids had a great time making their imagination fly.

On the other hand, Pioneers got to do a “Selfie challenge”. Monitors create a list of tasks that the kids have to follow to be able to win, for example: take a selfie scaring a monitor. This challenge really makes them think out of the box as they need to complete difficult tasks and they have to be creative to be able to achieve it.

Today was a day full of learning and creating memories that will last forever. Campers surly had fun today.

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Wednesday 15th Aug 2018- Camping, Lake, Clubs night, Team building games, Hiking

Sun is out and the kids woke up full of energy for a day packed with great activities.

On Tuesday 14th campers started their day with optional sports and languages. After their lunch they went up to their rooms and packed for a huge adverture. It was time to go camping! Enthusiasm and Excitement took over the camp and the kids were ready to go.

This morning the little ones woke up after a big day at Cran Montana, another Les Elfes location. Everyone came down for breakfast to start the day that was awaiting. After breakfast the campers went upstairs to their rooms to pack and get ready to go for the daily activities. Beautiful place, full of life and an amazing view, perfect for a morning walk to the lake. Later that morning after the refreshing walk dow to the lake the kids had the opportunity to go on a ropes coarse just beside it. It takes strength and courage for camper to go on a high ropes coarse, but the kids were more than happy to leave their fears aside and show their skills.

For the pioneers, the older group, we had a morning full of laughter. Starting very early with team building games for the kids to get to know others and themselves better. After a few hours it was getting warmer, so we decided it was a good idea to go for a swim in the gorgeous lake.

Away from the city, and any kind of sound contamination, what a relaxing camping trip they had. At about 14:00h in the afternoon it was time to come back to Verbier. The little ones were picked up by the Les Elfes buses and driven back to Verbier. As for the pioneers, they took an easy and relaxing hike back down to Les Elfes.

Once back in Verbier they showered, relaxed and had dinner before the afternoon activities began. Today was Clubs night day, campers got the chance  to choose between rock climbing, baking or photography. At 20:00h the fun started and kids were very excited for their clubs and they had so much fun with it.

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Monday 13th Aug 2018- Languages, Nature Hike, Mountain Biking, Boys vs. Girls, The cube

The sun was up very early and so were the kids at 7:30 am. We started our day getting everyone ready for breakfast, so that everyone had the energy to start the day with a smile in their face. Languages started at 9:00am and campers were taken to their corresponding classes. Intensive, conversational English and Intensive French were drove to the Verbier Language School, while the other students met their teachers on camp. Languages ran from 9:00 to 11:00, for conversational languages and from 9:00 to 12:00 for intensive languages. Campers with optional sports were taken to their corresponding optional, horse riding and golf; unfortunately, because of the weather tennis had to be cancelled and rescheduled for another day.
At 12:00 campers had a delicious lunch at Les Elfes, followed by a healthy dessert, watermelon.

As soon as lunch was over the kids went to their corresponding meeting points where they were told what they were going to need for their afternoon activities.
With new friendships we started our activities, after lunch the kids were filled with energy and excitement.
The youngest ones, group 1, went on a beautiful hike/walk around Verbier. Singing songs and telling stories as we hiked up and down this wonderful mountain. An hour went by and we decided to make a stop in a small cafe for a well deserved scoop of ice cream. Full of energy we continued to hike by a path with a gorgeous view of the Swiss Alps.
Group 2, the oldest campers, had a great time mountain biking down the mountain all the way to Le Chable. What an amusing view they had cycling down from Verbier. Campers reached Le Chable and took the lift back up to Verbier.
From 5 to 7 some of the kids stayed in camp playing games and having showers, while some of them were in town getting some snacks and checking out the interesting stores.
From 19:00 to 8:00 dinner was served in the dinning room at Les Elfes 1.
After dinner the little ones had a great time playing “boys vs. girls”, a game that consists of many challenges such as pass the orange, mummy, magic carpet and many others. Meanwhile, group two was having fun playing the cube, which is a very similar game, but the challenges are different.
Today we had a big day with loads of activities, fun and laughter.
At 9:00 little ones went up to their rooms, brush their teeth, got into their pyjamas and into bed. The older campers went up to their rooms at 22:00, with the same routine as the youngest ones.
A big day awaits tomorrow so rest is a very important part of this wonderful day.


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Sunday 12th Aug 2018 – Arrival Day, Welcome to Les Elfes, Team building games, Carnival, Town visit

Today we welcomed our last session of the summer 2018. With over 30 new campers  from 15 different nationalities and some students from our previous session, we started our day at 8:30am. Campers arrived throughout the day, but for those who were here from the early morning, we had a wonderful trip to La Chaux for the Fete de Famile. Fete de Famile is a festival that happens once every year, a family festival. The kids got to do many different activities with live music, food and games. Campers also got the oppotunity to go to a circus, whos acrobats were kids,  it was part of the festival.

While some campers were at the festival, staff was getting ready to recieve the new arrivals. Children started arriving at Les Elfes from a very early time until 21:00. The kids got the chance to go for a visit to town and bought some snacks and souveniers from verbier, while getting to know each other. Meanwhile in camp, campers kept arriving and getting a warm welcome from kids and staff. Some of the kids were exploring and making use of our internet room, football pitch, games room, etc..

Smiles and laughter struck Verbier when the majority of campers arrived and at 18:30 they got together at the football pitch for the welcome speech. Sandy, the resort manager, explained what was going to happen during the two weeks, after giving them a warm welcome. They got to know all the staff and got all the information needed to start with their wonderful experience at Les Elfes.

After the welcome speech, at dinner time, the kids were helping themselfs with some pasta and meatballs while getting to know all the interesting cultures that had arrived to Les Elfes.

Later that day we played some team building games, for the kids to get to know the staff and each other better. Campers were exited and having fun, creating new memories and friendships that will last forever.

First day in camp is always exiting, but it is also difficult sometimes for the kids. New places, new faces can sometimes be scary and going home might seem like the best way to deal with it, but when they start making friends and living the Les Elfes expereince, nothing can erase the smile from their faces.














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Friday 10th 2018

A misty morning welcomed the campers of Les Elfes to their final day of the session. Of course excitement was in the air, as final day is often reported as the best day. After a wonderful breakfast spirits were lifted even more as the cloud and fog lifted and Verbier was greeted with sun. With the temperatures up and energy high the 3 groups of Les Elfes parted ways to participate in their final day activities.

Our youngest and middle ages groups, Discoveries and Explorers hopped on to buses to drive to Lake Geneva to enjoy a full day at the lake. There they were able to do about every water sport under the sun, each having a chance to go tubing, banana boating, playing on the inflatables, water slides, or even just simple swimming and sunbathing. This fun packed day not only allowed the kids to enjoy one last day in the sun but allowed them time to relax and say goodbye to friends.Tired, wet but happy the campers returned back to camp at 6 to pack and get ready for prize giving.

Our oldest campers, the pioneers were able to something a little different and special. They participated in the gravity defying bridge swinging, which tested most of the kids bravery. Happily we can report the pioneers conquered those fears and all took the leap.With their adrenaline racing they then went to compete against each other in lazer tag where furious battles broke out.

After the days activities all the campers returned to camp to pack and get ready for camping. At 7 the campers met again for their last super.

After dinner, prize giving was kicked off in full swing.The night was filled with a lot of chocolate, cheering, a few words from the monitors, music video and slideshows. The kids then seperated back out into their three groups, giving everyone the chance to say goodbye to their friends and monitors and recieved their certificates.

Finally the kids are in their rooms trying to get to sleep and do some last minute packing, ready but sad for their departures tomorrow.

Languages, rope courses, movie night and casino night for 9th of august

Like every morning the kids woke up at 7:30h. Today the weather wasn’t the best but it didn’t stop our kids to have a really nice day.
After a nice breakfast all the campers were ready to start their language lessons. It was the last lesson before the session come to the end. They kept improving their skills in English, French, Spanish, German or Mandarin. The teachers were happy with all the progression the kids had from the first day.
Afterwards It was already lunch time. All the kids enjoyed the delicious Ravioli of today. Just before lunch the Pioneers left and went to Aqua park since the weather it wasn’t the best finally. But they had still a lot fun there and enjoy the slides so much.
After lunch Discoveries went for a walk in the Nature where our small kids had a nice moment waking and seeing a lot animals that we can find in Switzerland.
Explorers splitted the group in two and while one group was doing mountain biking the other one was doing the rope course. Everyone participated in the activities and gave the best.
Later it was already dinner time when all the campers were back in camp. Today we enjoyed eating together the famous Swiss Fondue and the kids said it was yummy.
Right after dinner all the groups started their evening activities. Discoveries were packing with the help of the leaders since they are leaving on Saturday. Explorers had a chill evening enjoying a movie altogether in the cinema room. And Pioneers had a fun and more active evening going to escape rooms or playing some card games during the Casino night.
Then the children went to their rooms to sleep and get some rest for next and last day in camp.

Wednesday 8th Aug – Mountain Biking, Ropes Course, Rock Climbing and D-I-S-C-O

Nearing the end of the Session 5 here in Verbier, but still lots of activites and fun for all the campers to have. Languages kicked off the day, and you can really see the progression all the campers have made so far in their language lessons.

After lunch, the Discoveries headed for the ropes course in Aigle. A lovely setting for the youngest group to enjoy climbing up ladders, swinging across ropes and zipping across the trees. Although the smallest group, they showed no fear, as all of the Discoveries had lots of fun in the trees.

Some of the Explorers ventured to rock climbing in Sembrancher, a natural rock, which allows the campers to not just climb on man made climbing walls, but get to experience the real thing. With our guides there to also help as well as the monitors, the campers got to learn how to tie a figure of 8 as well as some of the more Advanced climbers to get to learn how to B-lay another camper. The other half of the Explorers also got to rock climbing as well as mini golf. All of the Explorers showed real potential in climbing and were practically scaling the walls quicker than we could take photos.

The Pioneers went on an adventure up the mountain today, not on foot, but by mountain bikes. All of them ventured up on the gondola and then had to make their way down on the mountain road. All of them gave it a go and were exceedingly good!

The evening was one of those nights that all campers look forward to…THE DISCO!! Leaving straight after dinner, all the campers head to the disco for a bit of a dance. It is really nice to see all the campers getting together and having fun. A great night had by all!

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Tuesday the 7th of August-Excursion Day, Movie night, Photo Challenge & Music Video

With the sun already up the campers arose at 7:30 fun another exciting day, except this day was even more special, it was Excursion Day! Excursion Day allows the campers of Les Elfes to leave Verbier and explore the other incredible cities and cultural aspects Switzerland has to offer.

Our youngest campers, the discoveries had the amazing opportunity to visit the Charlie Chaplin museum. They spent the time their exploring his home where he lived with his family, looking at the incredible wax figures and watching some of clips of his films. After an enriching morning, the discoveries were able to go shopping in Montreux.

The Explorers, the middle age group had a similar amazing opportunity as they were able to go to the Chocolate and Cheese Factory and visiting Gruyere. After learning all about the process of how make these amazing foods, the kids where able to stuff their faces full of chocolate and buy a few gifts for their family back home. Content they were then able to finish the day shopping in Gruyere, one of Switzerland beautiful cities.

Finally our oldest campers, the Pioneers, had the chance to explore the incredible Olympic Museum. Known for its amazing set up the Pioneers where exposed to some incredible facts, pictures and movies of one the biggest sporting events in history. After the informative trip the Pioneers moved onto to Lausanne to partake in a well deserved shopping trip.

Around 6 in the evening the campers returned back to Les Elfes, to rest and eat to regain their energy for the nights activities. The discoveries carried on their chilled night by watching a movie and eating popcorn. The Explorers brought out their dance moves by creating an awesome music video. Finally the pioneers completed the photo challenge, competing against each other to take the best photos. After an tiring but fun filled day, all the campers are in bed getting ready for another activity packed day.