Monday 1st April – Skiing, afternoon activities, and Quiz Night!

The new day brings a new month, and we were welcomed again in our chalets by beautiful sunshine!

After collecting our skis and snowboards from the main campus, we were up again on the slopes for an active day and a tasty lunch on the mountain.

After returning to the main camp for a well deserved break with a snack and hot chocolate, some of us went to our language classes, whilst others participated in the number of fun afternoon activities available for us today, we chose from shopping in Verbier village, baking muffins (which we later ate!) and a games competition in the games room.

After a delicious dinner, we spent the evening playing a Quiz with our friends, playing the cube or doing a torchlight walk in the old village.

Sunday 31st March – First Ski day, afternoon activities, The Cube and Sport Center

“It’s easy like a Sunday morning!”

We awoke today with a glorious sunshine for our first day of skiing and snowboarding.

After a fun-filled day on the mountain, we went back to the camp for a snack and hot chocolate before participating in our language classes, or,chosing from a number of fun afternoon activities. Some of us chose to play football, participated in the games competition or egg drop challenge, and some of us chose to go and shop in Verbier Village.

We all had a tasty dinner and then we played the fun game ‘The Cube’ or went to the sport center before going back to our respective camp for a much needed sleep.

Saturday 30th March: Departure, New Arrivals and Movie Night

Early this morning, we bid farewell to our current students and few hours later said hello to our new individuals students. Even if they had just arrived, they were already willing to ski and enjoyed a nice sunny day on the slopes.

We then welcomed all our other students in the afternoon and organized ski, snowboard and clothes fitting.

Everyone had delicious and well deserved dinner; while some coming from the other side of the world chose to go to bed, others prefered to have an easy night and watched a movie.

They all look quite excited about the day to come.

Friday 29th March: Skiing, Excursions and DISCO!!

One of our school and most of our individual students have chosen to ski one more day and had lot of fun. Once they came back, some played table games or went to the village whilst others focused on packing.

One school went to the Chocolate and Cheese Factory of Broc whilst a second one chose to visit the Olympic Museum. They both enjoyed a picnic lunch before doing souvenir shopping either in Vevey or Lausanne.

All our students had dinner together at Les Elfes before heading for the most expected event of the week: the DISCO!

Thursday 28th March: Racing Day and Prize Giving

Today, all our students woke up excited about the event to come: the RACE!

It was their opportunity to show all the skills they have acquired during the week. The race went remarkably well and as a first reward, they had a barbecue on the moutain and skied the rest of the afternoon.

This afternoon, some of them played either football or table games, others did some shopping in the village, and the rest chose to bake some delicious cookies.

In the evening, all their efforts have been rewarded at Prize Giving.

Tuesday 26th March: Great skiing; The Cube and Sport Center!

Today, our students were all excited for gain more experiences skiing they leaped out of bed and were on the slopes in no time at all.

After a great lunch on the moutain and a sunny afternoon on the slopes, they headed back to the camp and ate some delicious waffles, donuts and hot chocolate.

As “après-ski” activities, our students had the choice between sledging, arts and crafts, shopping in the village and swimming.

In the evening, they all enjoyed some team games; some did it at the sport center whilst the others stayed on camp and played the Cube!!

Monday 25th March – Fun in the sun

With the sun still glaring but the temperature dropping, it was a perfect day of skiing for our students. They all came back with smiles across their cheeks, proud of the improvements that they had made in the day and ready for the afternoon activities

Some of them attended their language class whilst others participated in activities such as games competition which they enjoyed with a warm fire nearby or capture the flag where they expended their last bits of energy.

In the evening, the music video activity got the students creative juices flowing. After a long and successful day they headed to bed to get a good night of rest.

Saturday 23rd March – Departures, Arrivals, Movie!!

An extremely busy morning was had as all the schools were leaving very early to catch their long-haul flights.

Later in the day, more schools arrived. They had some food, relaxed, were welcomed with a speech explaining how everything will run, and then went straight downstairs to get ski fitted. The schools and individuals arrived one by one and activities were provided for those who were already kitted out.

Dinner time came around and everyone sat around to enjoy their first meal altogether. Many were tired so they promptly went to bed while others went down to the cinema room to watch Harry Potter.

A few more individuals arrived later and ate some dinner before unpacking and going to asleep along with everyone else.

Thursday 21st March: Ski and Snowboard Race and…..DISCO!!!

Our students have been extremely lucky this week and woke up with the sun again.

It was a perfect weather for a barbecue. After having lot of fun on the slopes, they all stopped for a great barbecue lunch on the mountain at La Chaux where they could also relax listening to some music.

Then came the time of the race. Our students were truly into it, they gave their best and always kept their smiles on their faces.

Once on camp, our students could chose between making lovely chocolate mousse, going souvenir shopping in the Village and watching a movie.

This evening, after a tasty dinner of Swiss fondue, we danced the night away at the disco.

Wednesday 20th March: Amazing skiing, Excursion day and Escape Room

Yet, another sunny day here in Verbier and our students had two choices to enjoy it: they could either go to ski or go on excursion.

The skiing group had lot of fun on the slopes and ate a great lunch on the mountain. They then happily headed back to the camp in the middle of the afternoon where they enjoy a tasty snack of donuts, bread and jam, and hot chocolate. “Après-ski”, the students had a number of fun activities to choose from: baking muffins, games competition, and selfie challenge.

Our students that chose to go on an excursion went to the Chocolate Factory and the Cheese Factory in the town of Broc. In the afternoon, they had the opportunity to go shopping in Vevey. They brought lots of yummy treats and happy memories.

In the evening, they finally entered…the Escape Room! And managed to escape just in time!!!

Monday 18th March – Skiing, and Music video

Today we awoke to heavy snowfall, which soon turned in to lovely sunshine as soon as we headed out to ski. So, we were blessed with both good snow, and good weather today!

After skiing in the morning, we had a tasty lunch on the mountain followed by an afternoon of more skiing.

After a snack and a hot chocolate, we enjoyed lots of activities such as capture the flag, village shopping, board games and movie.

This evening, we created a music video with all our friends and truly enjoyed it.

Sunday 17th March: First day skiing and The Cube

Today was the first day on skis for the majority of our students.

The conditions could have not been better: indeed, the sun was shinning and the snow was nice and easy.

Our students enjoyed a nice lunch on the mountain and practiced more in the afternoon.

As “après-ski” activities, they had the choice between village shopping, snowman building, sledging and baking shortbread biscuits.

This evening, they were playing The Cube, a very funny team game.

After such a day, our students went to bed willing to get some energy for the coming snowy day.

Nice day skiing in Verbier

Tuesday 12th March: Sun, Ski and Quiz Night; Sport Center

Sunny day in Verbier! All our students went really happy to the slopes to do their lessons.

After a hearty snack, the students had the choice between sledging, snowman building, sport center, games competition and also went to their languages classes.

After dinner, our students could enjoy a Quiz Night and the games at the sport center!

Monday 11th March – A beautiful snowy day!

Today we were blessed with beautiful snow fall. Some of us came back to camp to enjoy a lunch at main campus, whilst others enjoyed a tasty lunch up on the mountain. As usual, we came back after a fun day of skiing and had a hot chocolate before going to our language classes.

After a great dinner, our evening activity was The Cube!
After such a day, we all went happily to bed.

Sunday 10th March – Skiing, snowboarding and torchlight walk!

Today we woke to a rather wet and rainy day in Verbier, but that didn’t deter us from going skiing and snowboarding on the slopes and having fun, as normal! After a day on the mountain, we returned to warm up with a hot chocolate at camp, and then on to attend our language classes or partake in some afternoon activities such as baking, village shopping or capture the flag.
After a tasty dinner, we joined some school groups on a torchlight walk.

Friday 8th March – Sun, sun, sun!

What gloriously sunny weather we have had for what has been the last day of skiing or snowboarding for some of us here at Les Elfes. After we returned from skiing, we partook again in our language classes and then packed our suitcases ready for departure tomorrow, before having a tasty dinner at camp. This evening was prize-giving, a lot of amazing prizes were won and was also really emotional to say goodbye to the new friends they made. See you next winter and safe journey back!

Friday 1st March: Race Day, Packing, Shopping & Prize Giving!!

As usual, the excitement this morning was very much present. The kids got their ski pants on, had a big breakfast and went downstairs to jump into their boots. They left with their instructors as the clouds started coming in. The snow started falling after an unusually warm week. They had lunch on the slopes and after a few more hours, they came down to camp. After a snack, the kids finished off their packing as some were going home and others were moving to the other campus in Perin. Once they finished packing, they could head into town to do some last minute souvenir shopping. After dinner we had prize giving with all the instructors. Once that finished, the kids were knackered after a long week so they went straight to bed after saying goodbye to those leaving early the coming morning.


Wednesday 27th February. Skiing, snowboarding, flexi time and Scape Rooms!

Another sunny day today, lovely weather here in Verbier for our Medran kids. All of them enjoyed their fourth day on the slopes, improving their skills massively. After a tasty lunch up on the mountain, they came back to camp to drink a hot chocolate and eat some delicious snacks. After a warm shower they had plenty of time to choose a fun activity like going to the park, shopping or just relaxing and playing games at camp before the dinner started. At 7pm they had yummy Mexican dinner and then, all of them had fun with one of our Star evening activities: The Escape Rooms!

Before 10pm it’s time to bursh their teeth, put their pyjamas on and dream of the following day on the slopes.


Tuesday 26th February: Skiing, Languages & Dine Out!!

They rose up this morning with great energy, all excited to improve their skiing under the sun. They devoured their breakfasts and went down to slip into their boots and grab their skiis. Lunch was had on the mountain, and a few hours later, they made their way to the camp for a snack. Those who had languages, left for them shortly after, the remaining campers chose from a variety of activities. For dinner tonight nearly all went for Dine Out until late. They then made their way home from the restaurants and went to bed already looking forward to another day of skiing.

Wednesday 20th: Excursion day + Skiing for Perin camp!!

Today our students had the choice between going on an excursion at The Charlie Chaplin Museum and skiing.

Most of them went on excursion, discover more about this iconic personality and then enjoyed an afternoon shopping in Vevey.

While others chose to go on the mountain and to get the most of it during their stay at Les Elfes.

“Après-ski” they could either make chocolate mousse, go to the village or play some card games.

At the end of the day, ice-skating was offered to them as an evening activity. The individuals went for Dine Out either to the pizzeria or the fondue restaurant for an authentic dining experience.



Tuesday 19th: Great skiing and The Cube for Perin Camp!

Another sunny day skiing in Verbier with a great lunch on the moutain.

Our students had plenty of options for their “après-ski” activities: they could either do card games, play “Capture the flag” in the snow, go shopping in the Village or chose a more relaxing activity such as watching a movie.