Bridge swinging and evening clubs

The campers woke up at 7:30 and ate breakfast at around 8:15. One part of The older group left for bridge swinging while the others had an activity where they had to make a path for an egg to land from the first and second floor without breaking. The younger group went rock climbing and to the rope course. After the older group returned and had Pizza for Lunch, the other group went bridge swinging where they had to jump off a platform. After returning, the older group went for a dine out while the. Younger kids had dinner at the camp. Evening clubs took place at 8 and everyone went to bed by 9:30.

Visit to UN, CERN and shopping

The campers woke up at 7 am and ate breakfast. Then, the younger group left in a bus to shop first while the older group headed off to the European headquarters of UN in Geneva. There, we were briefed about the history of the UN and the buildings. Then, the older group went to CERN where we learnt facts about the collider and the Higgs boson. Then, we ate lunch on the grass and left to the mall where we shopped for clothes, shoes and accessories. After The younger kids shopped , they went to CERN and UN. The returning students went to France to visit Evian water factory where they bottled  their  own water. Everyone returned in time for dinner and as soon as dinner was finished, their evening clubs started. The clubs finished at 9:30 and they went to sleep soon after.

Wednesdnay 20th, Excursion day/Skiing day/ Disco

Another great day at Les Elfes ended and all our little campers are about to fall asleep after these tiring but amazing activities and excursions.

Our bunch of kids had three options concerning the activities of the day :

The first option they had was to go in excursion in Evian (France), followed by the visit of the famous Olympic Museum, and finally ending with some shopping in Lausaunne to bring a few typical presents to family and friends.

The second group chose the excursion to the chocolate factory, which was apparently really huge and impresive. Right after that they had the chance to do a bit of shopping in the enormous Chrismas Market of Lausanne.

For the ones who were keen to go skiing the third option was perferct, all day on the slopes riding and having loads of fun with their favourite instructors.

As usual we finished the day with a delicious dinner, followed by one of kids favourite evening activity…THE DISCO!!

Have a good night and don’t let the bugs bite guys.

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Sunday 10th December: Skiing, Christmas Cookies, The Cube and lots of snow

Snow, snow and snow! Equipped with an infinite amount of warm layers, our group from Singapore went to ski this morning excited to wake up to a fresh layer of snow! After skiing all morning, the kids were glad to stop for a warm lunch and short break. Gloves, Helmet, Goggles and off they went again for some more skiing in the afternoon.

Although they enjoyed skiing, with some kids hitting the slopes for the first time ever, they were glad to return to the camp to find some hot chocolate and food waiting for them. As the snow kept falling, the campers stayed in the warm to bake some Christmas cookies. They split into teams and got started, with some very artistic cookies being made, lots of different shapes and sizes.

In the evening after a yummy dinner, the campers played THE CUBE! IT was a battle against the two teams to see who had the fastest reactions, awesome aim, imagination and most of all teamwork.

Finally, after a long first day, they were quite happy to make their way up to bed, and seem to have already gotten through their jet lag!

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Wednesday 6th December Skiing, New Arrival, Snowman Building & The Cube

What a busy day we have had at camp today! Our campers were up early, full of energy for their fun-packed day on the mountain. Even our beginners are now skiing happily all over the mountain and rumour has it some of our groups are even progressing to the black slopes tomorrow! It was a sunny day, with spectacular panoramic views across the valley and each of our groups took the time today to enjoy their surroundings. They will need to brace themselves as tomorrow the snow arrives again which means beautiful conditions under-foot but a new challenge for some of our skiers.

In the afternoon our existing school settled in for their hot chocolate before a snowman building competition and even snowball fight before dinner. Meanwhile, in Les Elfes 2 building we had a new arrival of skiers from a nearby Swiss school with plenty of familiar faces in the group. They settled into their rooms and had a brief welcome speech before dinner.

After dinner one of our groups serviced their skis and had a group meeting to prepare and begin focussing on their ski training tomorrow while the other group played a very energetic game of The Cube, filled with mini games to test their coordination, agility, reaction time and sometimes even their sense of humour.


Tuesday 5th December – Skiing/Snowboarding/Christmas Cookies/Decorations and Torchlight Walk

Second day on the slopes for our school from Spain and aren’t they improving massively! All the instructors are really happy to be teaching this group, they are all really keen to learn and improve their skiing! The day was yet another glorious sunshining day, which always keeps moral high!

When the campers returned, they got involved with making some scrummy Christmas cookies, which turned out to be delicious! All the groups did well by following the recipe and making some amazing Christmas shaped cookies. The campers also had some time to get a bit crafty and decorate the campus by making some Christmas décorations of their own to hang around Les Elfes.

After dinner, the campers went on a torchlight walk down to the old Verbier Village, which was a nice way to spend the evening. Once back in the warm, by the fire, the campers tucked into some of their homemade cookies and drank some hot chocolate before heading to bed.

20th August – Sports Day, Hiking, Trottinetting, Music Video!

We can’t believe most of our campers have been here a whole week already but we are certainly having more and more fun everyday. This morning everyone was back to their language classes eager to find out what topic they would be learning about today.

After a lovely lunch at les elfes everyone split up into their age groups to start their activities for the day, some of the pretty extreme but very exciting! Our Discovery children had a sports day organised where they had the chance to try out mountain biking, tennis and golf which some of them had never tried before so it was great to learn a new skill. They all did very well. Our pioneer group took a trip up the mountain and took in the beautiful sights of Verbier whilst on a small hike. After we jumped on our trottinettes and headed down hill, whizzing round the bends and having a go at some tricks. They were all very happy at the end. Our Explorers also ventured up the mountain and had a go at some orienteering skills whilst hiking. Back at camp everyone then enjoyed some free time, with some heading to the pool for a dip whilst others took a trip into town or played basketball at camp.

Tonight we had an amazing time dancing away and acting in our very own music video created by all the children on camp. It’s been great fun and we can’t wait to find out what we’re up to tomorrow!!


Saturday 19th – International Day, Holi Festival of Colours, Dine Out, Crazy Golf & Pyjama Party

This afternoon after our amazing International Feast for lunch which included a variety of food from around the globe we kicked off our international day! All our children got themselves into groups and made posters of their countries, finding out interesting facts about their cultures which they then presented to the rest of their camps. We learnt about their religions, cuisine, traditions and even had some dances!

After everyone got ready for our Holi Festival which everyone was super excited about! We played loads of games and got competitive to gain colour sachets for our teams. We then danced around and threw colour in the air and over each other until everyone was multi-coloured!

Tonight we had a mixture of activities, with our explorers playing crazy golf, our pioneers heading into town for dine out and our discoveries had a fun pyjama party eating popcorn and watching a movie!

11th August – Aqua Park, Bridge Swinging, Lazer Tag and Prize Giving

For a lot of our campers it was sadly their last day at les elfes but we’ve definitely ended on a high! For our discovery and explorers they were straight off to the Aqua Park and had an amazing time splashing around, chilling in the lazy river and whizzing down the slides. Our Pioneers pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and loved bridge swinging and a hike to the waterfall! After they got competitive in a game of lazer tag.

This evening after packing we had an emotional goodbye to all our children at our prize giving but did give out a lot of prizes!! We had most improved campers, star campers and winners of all our games. Well done everyone, we hope you’ve all had an amazing time and we hope to see you again soon!


Tuesday April 4th 2017 Escape Rooms, Chalet Night, Torchlight Walk

Today was another awesome day here at Les Elfes and campers made sure they made the most of the great weather and snow.
All the groups headed out to practice all the skills they have been learning over the past days and a lot of the groups have progressed from the magic carpet to the big slopes now hitting blues and reds and really toning their skills.
This afternoon after relaxing over hot chocolate and snacks the campers all signed up for various afternoon activities some got to go try their luck escaping from the Verbier escape rooms, some baked some yummy chocolate chip cookies, some visited the village for some shopping and crepes, others had their language courses and some stayed at les elfes and played games.
Tonight all of the campers who live in the Chalet got to enjoy their at the chalet and hang out their for the night.
The rest of the campers after dinner went on a awesome torchlight walk up the mountain to check out the stars and  others participated in the cube which is a bunch of different games to beat the clock.
Everyone here is now off to bed to catch up on some sleep for the big day to come tomorrow.


Crans Montana. Tuesday 4th April.

Day 3 with are new campers in Crans Montana. The sun was shining and the snow was excellent. All the groups have done amazing with the beginner groups mastering how to turn and stop on the magic carpet, whilst the advanced groups are learning how to carve on red runs.

The campers came back for snacks and hot chocolate this afternoon. We then went to the cinema in Crans to see the new Beauty and Beast film, which all the campers loved they even cheered at the end. We then came back for a delicious dinner at les Elfes with a table football competition where all the campers got competitive.

March 14 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Scenic Walk, Dine Out & La Fureur

Today was another beautiful day full of sunshine and clear skies.  This morning all the groups headed out to the slopes some to beginner slopes to continue to perfect their skills so they can move onto the big mountain in the coming days and some went straight up the mountain to enjoy leaning some new skills and trying some new runs with their instructors.
After a big day of skiing and snowboarding the campers signed up for various afternoon activities some went on a nice walk which offered some awesome views of the mountains at sunset, some did a water balloon drop challenge and some went to the village for some shopping.
Tonight some of the campers went to dine out at various locations around Verbier whilst others stayed at Les Elfes and participated in La Fureur which is a super energetic music and game quiz
Everyone now is heading off to bed to catch up on some sleep and get ready for the exciting day to come tomorrow.

13th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Egg Drop, Town, Music Video, Torchlight Walk

Yet again we’ve had another brilliant day at Les Elfes. The sun has been shining all day and the children are progressing with every run they make. A lot of the groups are heading up the mountain tomorrow so they are super happy with their achievements and will be challenging themselves even more on the blue runs.

After a very hot day the children were pretty tired back at camp but the activities didn’t stop there. We made the most of the beautiful blue sky and outside we had 60 children taking part in an egg drop challenge. The children got competitive and creative, having to design and build an object to protect an egg that we throw from a balcony. They all did very well but there were a few smashed eggs. We also had a cooking club, making some yummy cookies for desert and most our individuals walked into town and to the park.

Tonight, energy levels were still high and everyone danced away during our music video. They all had great fun working together and mixing with new people. Our individuals and one school went on a torchlight walk up the mountain and took in the Verbier views at night. They loved it! It is now time for bed as another big day skiing and snowboarding tomorrow.

12th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Cooking, Ice Skating & Games

Today has been a brilliant first day in Verbier with all the children having lots of fun, learning new things and getting to know each other. This morning we took over the beginner slope, with our first time skiers and snowboarders learning to turn and stop. They have progressed massively already and are listening closely to their instructors. Up the mountain our more advanced groups got to know their surroundings and explored many parts of the mountain including Mont Fort.

Back at camp we had a very busy afternoon with plenty of activities on offer. These included swimming, cooking, games, football and a trip to town. This evening we went ice skating followed by hot chocolate back at camp, as well games and a music quiz.


10.03.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming,Town, The Cube

Today was the last day of skiing for most of the campers because sadly they will be leaving tomorrow. The weather has been really sunny so it was the best day to do the last bit of skiing.

In the afternoon everyone packed their suitcases but also did lots of fun activities like swimming and last minute souvenir shopping in town.

In the evening everyone got very competitive in a game show called the cube where two teams competed against each other to win points for their team. It worked on the children’s team work, coordination, agility and speed! After an active evening everyone had an early night as they have long days travelling back home tomorrow. Thank you for being amazing!


9th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledging, Prize Giving and Disco

This morning everyone was up and ready to go skiing and snowboarding early, excited about the ski race on the mountain. Everyone who took part did so amazingly and the competition was high. For one of our school groups it was their last day on the mountain and so made the most of their time, whizzing down run after run.

This afternoon we had a mixture of activities, with a cooking club, a movie and of course, unfortunately packing. We were also back out in the snow sledging and having a crazy time creating new runs to see who could get the fastest tracks.

Tonight we had a busy evening with prize giving and a disco. All the instructors were at camp revealing those important race results and awarding medals and prizes to the most improved skiers. After the children had the chance to dance the night away at our Disco which was super fun and a lovely way to spend their last evening with their friends.

Tuesday 7th March- Skiing, Snowboarding, Bracelet Making

We have had a lot of snow here at Les Elfes with it snowing all night and day, we have had a lot of happy campers as it has been amazing conditions on the mountain to ski and snowboard.  Everyone coping very well with the powder snow and still improving everyday all the instructors very pleased with all the campers.

As the snow has improved, a lot of the campers went back outside to finish off their snowmen or igloos. Some have chose to be a bit more relaxed after a tiring day on the mountain and chose either to make bracelets or watch a movie.

In the evening one school went on a torchlight walk, walking and exploring the old village with their torches lighting the way. The other school did an activity called the cube which is a range of competitive games which they all really enjoyed.

1st March – Snow, Skiing, Cinema, Crans vs. Montana, Snowboarding and Excursion Day!


Day 4 was off to a fantastic start, all throughout breakfast the kids could see the fresh snow falling as they geared up for the day. All groups were able to make it up the mountain to enjoy a full day of powder.

Once returning from the day the campers prepared to go watch Oscar-nominated film Lion starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman at the local movie theater in Crans. Following the amazing film, they enjoyed some supper and were able to get cozy in the chalet for an indoor game of Crans vs. Montana. Which included various mini games such as Over & Under, Orange Pass, and Keep the Card.

Tomorrow is going to be another fantastic day of skiing with all the fresh snow that is expected overnight!

VERBIER: Goodbye February and hello March! This morning we woke up to more snow here in Verbier which is great for the conditions on the mountain and means our skiers and snowboarders had the chance to ski in some powder today. They had great fun and for our beginners it meant a very soft landing. Everyone did very well on the slopes, following their instructors advice and progressing massively from day one!

For one of our School groups from Ethiopia and the individuals, it was time to ditch their snow gear and head off for excursion day. They were very excited as their first stop was the new Neste Museum which is very interactive and modern and of course a chance to sample some chocolate. After, they were straight off to the Cheese Factory followed by some shopping in Vevey, which went down well with all our campers. They’ve had an amazing day and it’s great for them to explore new areas in Switzerland.

Tonight everyone was super energetic during our evening activities. We had round two of La Fureur and The Qube, which got all the children dancing, singing and very competitive. After a long day, it is finally time for bed!!

27th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Cooking Club, Hiking, Music Video, Sledging, and Music Quiz

CRANS MONTANA: Day 2 at Les Elfes Crans Montana with MIC Merbella and they were off to a great start on the slopes starting nice and early. Some of the groups went to a different side of the mountain called Viollete while the beginner group started out at the magic carpet but were able to make it up the button lift later on the day. For lunch 4 out of the 5 groups had lunch on the mountain and were able to enjoy a stunning view with their food. After skiing everyone had some nice hot chocolate to warm them up before heading for sledging. After about 45 minutes of sledging they got tired and we decided to have a snowball fight to end the afternoon. After dinner the campers all got into comfy clothing and even some of them were in pajamas for a music quiz. The campers were able to demonstrate some fantastic dancing, singing, and an excellent knowledge of artists.


VERBIER: We have had great reports back from the mountain today with all our campers putting in 100% effort in their skiing and snowboarding. Our beginners are progressing quickly, with natural talent and are hopefully heading up to the mountain tomorrow on day 3. They are all super excited. Our more experienced groups covered a lot of ground today and explored some new areas, keeping them on their toes and really pushing their comfort zones.

Back at camp, as it was such a lovely day, one of our options was a afternoon hike up the mountain to take in the views and get some more fresh air. There are some tired legs tonight! We also had a cooking club at Les Elfes and all our groups made some scrummy cookies which we had tonight for desert. Whilst some others chose to relax at camp a lot also opted for a swim at the local sports centre which went down a treat after a long day skiing and boarding.

Tonight after diner we had two activities under way. All our school groups participated in a very fun energetic music video which we can’t wait to edit and watch at the end of the week. Our Individuals on the other hand headed into town and put their brains to the test in the Escape Rooms. They all did very well and some even managed to escape in 60minutes. Well done to them!!

24th February – Final Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Village and Prize Giving!!

Today was many of our campers last day out on the mountain so everyone was keen to make the most of their day and were ready and raring to go. The conditions were a lot tougher as we have finally had some snow after a week of glorious weather. The visibility wasn’t great but everyone was amazing, paying attention and still wanting to learn more from their instructors on their final day. This week has been an outstanding week for all the staff at Les Elfes as everyone has integrated well, with school groups mixing well with our individuals. There has been some strong friendships formed and we hope they all stay in touch and come back next year!

This afternoon we had some last minute shopping for gifts as well as a lot of packing and playing games. Tonight we finished the week off with our prize giving. The instructors were all in work presenting their medals and special prizes as well as the animation staff giving out their star camper awards. To top it off we watched a lovely slideshow of all our amazing photos taken throughout the week and then the music video which had been edited and was very funny! We hope you all have a safe journey home and for those that are staying next week…bring it on!!

21st February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Baking and Games Night!!

There has been some great skiing and snowboarding today with all our students making excellent progress, challenging themselves on black, red and blue runs. Our instructors are proud of their development and are quick learners. There has also been a few funny falls which all the children are laughing about back at camp over some well deserved hot chocolate and cake.

This afternoon a lot of our groups decided to stay at les elfes for a chilled out afternoon of baking yummy cookies, swimming and relaxing in the, jacuzzi whilst others took a walk into town to check out the shops and the local creperie’s,

Tonight we have battled it out in a music quiz and an active game show, head to head against each other in fun challenges and competitions. Everyone was amazing and took part in everything with a positive attitude. It’s now time for bed as there are a lot of tired bodies.

18th February – Departure Day, Excursion, Skiing, Arrival Day, Movie Night

Today has been a super busy day at Les Elfes with plenty of arrivals and sadly many departures. At camp we have been busy ski fitting all our new schools and individuals for their first day on the mountain tomorrow. Our school from Dubai are very excited, as some of them have never seen snow before! After a busy day travelling most of our children are now in bed or enjoying a chilled out evening watching a movie.

For our existing individuals, today they were back out on the mountain and had a trip to Mont Fort, a great challenge for the children. For one of our schools, they were off on an excursion to Le Chateau before heading to Geneva and the airport. They had a great day getting to see a different side to Switzerland!