Departure day! Saturday 10th.

Today we saw the departure of lots of campers, which is always a hard day, seeing so many lovely students from the last two weeks head back home to their various countries. However was lovely to see this session so many friendships that have been made and also so many students wanting to return the following year.

We wish you a great arrival to home, enjoying with all your family and having lots of fun the rest of the summer. We will miss you and we hope to see you again in our camp!

On the other side, we were so happy to recive some new arrivals, 15 Ideas kids that came from China this morning after a very long flight and also 2 individuals that arrived in the afternoon. They played the Verbier Hunt this afternoon to have a first contact with the town and have fun at the same time. For the existing kids that stay longer, they played tennis and did rock climbing at the Sport Center and they had free time to do some shopping in the village.

After dinner we all watched a film in the cinema room, to chill, relax and get ready for tomorrow, a day full of activities and new arrivals that we want to welcome.

Sunday, 14th of April. Skiing, snowboarding, free time and Sports Center!

Today, our students were all excited for gain more experiences skiing they leaped out of bed and were on the slopes in no time at all.

After a great lunch on the moutain and a sunny afternoon on the slopes, they headed back to the camp and ate some delicious snacks and hot chocolate.

As “après-ski” activities, our students had the choice between different funny activities or the went to language lessons.

In the evening, they all enjoyed some team games at the Sports Center!

Monday, 15th of April. Skiing, snowboarding, flexi time and torchlight walk!

The kids were eager to get on the slopes before it all melts in this warm spring. It was a sunny day with great visibility, so improvements in technique could still be made with their fantastic instructors!

Once they came back from their lessons, they chose between do some shopping at the village, do rock climbing at the Sport Center or stay at the campus relaxing and playing boardgames. Another group went to study languages during the afternoon.

After a dinner of delicious rice, veggies and turkey, some of them got their jackets on and went on a torchlight walk up the mountain. Those who stayed at camp watched a movie until it was time for bed.

Monday 8th April

This morning was a lot brighter and the children had loads of fun skiing and snowboarding through heaps of powder and learning how to parallel turn.

This afternoon back at camp there were plenty of activitities on offer, including shopping, playing games and snowman building. Some of the students had languages in the village.
Tonight after a delicious dinner the children had the option to either sledge or take part in our casino night which involved a friendly game of poker, uno, jungle speed and cards.

Tuesday 19th March: Great skiing day and Sport Center!

Another sunny day in Verbier.

Today, a big sunshine woke up our students. They had a nice breakfast, got dressed and were very eager to ski.

After a nice lunch on the moutain and a great afternoon skiing, they came back on camp and had a nice snack.

In the afternoon, they had the choice between sledging, arts and crafts and village shopping

And the evening activity was Sport Center!!!!!!

Saturday 9th March 2019 – Arrival Day

Today was the arrival of our individuals on camp, we also had a couple of individuals that are staying with us for another week of skiing which is really lovely to see. The weather this week is meant to bring us lots of snow in Verbier which will be amazing. The individuals that stayed on camp went skiing/snowboarding and the new arrivals prepared themselves for the fun filled week ahead….

Sunday 24th – First Day Skiing and Snowboarding, Languages, Free Time & Sports Centre!!

Everyone on camp woke up to a beautiful blue sky in Verbier and the smell of bacon, eggs and pancakes cooking. After a scrummy breakfast all the children were downstairs ready to ski and snowboard, eager to show their instructors what they are made of! This morning the beginner students learnt all the basic skills to become great skiers and snowboarders like learning to turn and stop whereas our experienced individuals explored the mountain and jumped straight into parallel turns. This afternoon language classes kicked off whilst others ventured into town or chilled out at camp. Tonight we had an exciting evening at the sports centre playing loads of games and getting a little bit competitive!!

Sunday 17th – Ski day, arrival day and sports centre for Medran Campus!

We have been blessed with another beautifully sunny day here in Verbier. For those already on camp, it was another great day of skiing, and another tasty lunch on the mountain. After skiing, as the skiers came back and got ready for activities at the main campus, another school arrived at Medran to begin their Verbier adventure. The students who had just arrived unpacked, and had dinner at Medran Campus, whilst the others stayed at the main campus for their dinner. This evening we went to the sport centre for games and activities.

9th February – Arrival Day, Village Hunt, Snowman Building & Games Night.

This morning we had some extremely early departures and it was sad to see the students go. However, we were very excited to meet the new children and welcome them to our camp. After a quick ski fit the children were off into town to explore the shops and local area. Back at camp we played games and went snowman building! Tonight, after a delicious dinner some children watch a film whilst others continued to play games and get to know each other.

Thursday 7th February at Medran Campus – Ski Race, Skiing and Disco Night!

Today Verbier finally saw clouds again, but that didn’t deter us from another fun-filled day in the mountains. This morning we had a ski race, followed by a tasty lunch on the mountain and another afternoon skiing. This afternoon we had our weekly prizegiving, awarding students with prizes and medals for all their hard work and achievements throughout their stay. This evening, we joined Perin and Le Chable Campuses for a fun night dancing away at the Disco!


Wednesday 6th January, Excursion Day or Ski Day and Dine Out for Medran Campus

Today was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a trip to Italy for some, and a ski and snowboard day for others! This evening, some of the students dined out in Verbier Village in one of the many lovely restaurants we have here, for a tasty treat.

Thursday 31st January – Skii race, skiing, prize-giving, and disco

Another very snowy day here in the mountains! But, that didn’t deter the students or instructors. After a tasty breakfast of pankcakes, bacon and eggs, we went up to the slopes for a fun morning of skii races! After a lunch on the mountains, we continued the day skiing until it was time to come down, warm up with a hot chocolate and get ready for languages or flexi-time. Some children even decided to have a go at ice skating which was super fun! This evening, we joined the main campus groups after dinner at the Disco. It was good and everyone danced the night away!


Sunday 27th – ski day, language classses and sports centre!

Today, the snow began to fall here in Verbier as begun a full day of skiing and snowboarding. After wrapping up warm and eating a good, big breakfast, we headed up the slopes. Although cold up on the mountain, we enjoyed an active and fun day with our instructors and friends. Later on in the afternoon, we attended our language classes before rewarding ourselves with a tasty dinner at camp. In the evening, we had lots of fun playing different sports and activities in the sport centre.

Tuesday 22nd January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Flexi Time, Languages & Games Night.

Yet again everyone was awake early and tucking into breakfast, enjoying the chocolate croissants, bacon and eggs and cereal. It’s also another bright sunny day outside meaning the conditions are ideal for our beginners. Some were back at the beginners slope this morning, hoping that after lunch they may be able to progress up the mountain. Their achievements and stories have been great to hear when they returned back to camp. Out intermediate and advanced groups ventured to a different part of the mountain today to explore new, challenging runs. They all had great fun. Flexi time back at camp included games of uno and cards, whilst some took a walk into the town. After languages we all sat down for dinner which was followed by much more fun at the sports centre doing Rock Climbing or at Medran Slope doing sledging. It’s been an exciting, full on day so off to bed we go!!

Over in main camp, students were eager to begin activities after a action packed first day of skiing. On arrival back to camp they were able to recharge their energy with a delicious snack of jam filled doughnuts and a cup of hot chocolate to help warm up. They had the possibilities of ice skating or a range of team games in the sports centre which they all enjoyed thoroughly. We all headed back to camp for dinner and closed out the night with a couple of games bringing out bursts of laughter and joy from everyone involved.


8th January – Snow, Skiing, Rock Climbing & a trip to the Sports Centre

Snow has begun to fall here in Verbier so the skiing conditions were excellent and all the children were excited to get out on the slopes. Lots of groups have progressed up the mountain today which is great news and a real challenge to set their minds on. This afternoon a few children opted to go Rock Climbing in their free time whilst others chilled out at camp or wandered in to town for some shopping and dinner. Tonight after a lovely meal everyone took part in some fun and games at the sports centre, including Football, Basketball and Hockey!!



Thursday 11th January Ski Race, Skiing and Snowboarding

This morning was quite nice with patches of sun shining through and casting stunning light over the mountains across from the camp. A beautiful way to start the morning and to enjoy breakfast. Our campers headed out this morning full of energy and ready for the ski race in the groups. Each group had its own ski race on the La Chaux piste so that they could compete against fellow campers of a similar level and see how their skills held up under pressure. Some of the winners of the race were a real surprise and it will make for a fantastic prizegiving tomorrow.

After lunch the campers had a chance to relax and to ski the mountain in their groups and to enjoy their evening and reflect on their performance in the ski race of the morning and, for some, laugh about their entertaining mid-race tumbles.

After skiing the students enjoyed a nice snack together and gleefully retrieved their phones before their language lessons. For those without languages some chose to go ice skating at the new rink in the village while others went for a crêpe or visited the town for some souvenir shopping.

Dinner was a real treat this evening as all our students had an opportunity to try Swiss cheese fondue… some for the first time. Then it was time to PAAAAARTY at the disco. Our lovely team of drivers took us on a short bus ride to our local Disco for a fun-packed evening of dancing. It was a great opportunity for our campers to relax, enjoy their evening together and celebrate the birthday of two of our campers.


Thursday 14th Skiing race, design and build, sledging and Disco Night

Today is the highly expected racing day. Everyone was so excited when they were heading out. Was a little bit foggy this morning but the groups were  keen to get out up onto the slopes, they really gave it there all today so many improvments in the different groups. Especially for the beginners group for today is the first time for them to go to the mountains! Much difference would they encounter from the towns!

When they got back, as usual, it is hot chocolate and snacks that are waiting for them! We gave them options for afternoon activity, either go sledging or build and design. For those who chose sledging, they took their sledge, helmet and googles with nicely dressed ski clothes, exploring their way to a nearby slope. By stamping on the snow, they made a smooth sledging slope. It was quite slippery after they sledged down in the first round and really had a great time! When it got dark, they came back, holding the torches. As for the other group who chose to do build and design at camp, they were split into two teams, and asked to make a car model that could be used in snowy Verbier. It was quite impressive and incredible to see how well a work they were done by teamwork! They presented a proper demonstration on the creative design they were made and we scored according to four different dimensions. All of them was so good and contribute to this work so it was so hard for the judge to decide. We are so proud of the campers at Les Elfes!

Tonight is Disco Night! We collected playlist from these artistic and versatile, amazing campers. With the help of Just Dance, we spent such a wonderful night together! It was so good to activate the body and make every muscle flexible. Good exercise. Some boys chose to play table games after that. But since they were all tired, though happy, they were asked to go to bed early, falling asleep with big smiles.

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Wednesday 13th, shreding down the slopes, apres ski activities and fureur night.

Hello everyone, here we go for another great day at Les Elfes International in Verbier !

Today the kids left the campus impatient and full of energy for their ski training on the slopes of Les Quatre Vallés ski resort. The weather is by our side today, the snow finally stoped falling and has let place to a beautiful blue bird day, not even a cloud at the horizon. Some of our kids brought their GoPro today to record their best runs !

After this exhausting but fanstastic training they came back to the campus for the daily hot chocolate break before starting the afternoon activities. These activities were followed by a delicious diner and The Fureur which is one of our game speciality here at Les Elfes. They obviously had a lot of fun !


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Friday 8th December Skiing, Ski Race, Cookie Baking, Dance Party & Prize Giving

It has been another busy day at camp and today we received the big snowfall we were expecting. This meant that, for the students, the conditions were challenging. They had a mix of conditions under-foot from pisted slopes to fresh powder throughout the day and the visibility was changing constantly. It was a good test for our ski team from Switzerland and a new experience for our now-professional group from Spain. Our school from Spain also had their ski race today in which they all had a chance to test their skills.

In the afternoon both of our groups were very busy packing for their departures tomorrow before a fun afternoon of activities together. Some baked cookies for their ski groups to have as a snack on the mountain the following day, others had a dance party in the cinema and mixed with student from the other school, some serviced their skis and also learnt how to care for their skis properly and we had an inter-schools games room competition of fussball, table tennis and pool.

For the evening we had a lovely chance for our Spanish school to say goodbye to their instructors and to reflect on the week with their Prize Giving, followed by a slideshow of photos for the week and a showing of their music video which they made at the start of their trip. Our Swiss school had someFreeTime to pack and enjoy the games available at camp before a group meeting focussing on their skiing and an early night ready to prepare for their lessons tomorrow.




Thursday 7th December Skiing, Snowboarding, Movie, Games & Disco

So… contrary to the forecast weather our students today had glorious sunshine for the whole day. This was especially exciting for our group who were heading, for the first time to the black slope and for another venturing onto the M25… a piste,  not actually a motorway. The groups this week have really benefited from their excellent snow conditions and good visibility, making the most of their week to progress quickly and we are anticipating some surprises in the ski race the week!

After skiing our groups were especially tired today and had a choice of relaxing activities on camp. Some chose to watch a Christmas movie together in the cinema room, others enjoyed a games competition and some even made some pretty bracelets.

The groups enjoyed plenty of mexican-style food this evening with chicken/ quorn fajitas, salad, salsa and nachos before their evening activities. Our Swiss school spent some of their evening focussing on the ski progression before an early night while our school from Spain had a just-dance-disco and fun games in the games room.

Tomorrow… it is time for the new snow!


25th August – Last Day, Lake Day, Bridge Swinging and Prize Giving!!

It was everyone’s last day on camp today and we have gone off with a bang! Everybody has had so much fun and there have been plenty of smiling faces. The discovery and explorer groups were straight off to the lake in the beautiful sunshine. They have had an amazing time playing games on the giant inflatables and having a go at water sports and paddles boarding. On land there were plenty of games to keep them entertained with badminton, football and a classic bit of bat and ball. The Pioneer group had an adrenaline rushed day with a bit of bridge swinging to wake them all up this morning followed by a very competitive, exciting game of lazer tag which they loved!

Back at camp it was sadly time to pack and buy some last minute souvenirs from town. Tonight we finished on a high with prize giving and an emotional slideshow highlighting the amazing memories made at camp. Thank You and See you next year guys!!