Sunday 2nd – sports day, mountain biking and hiking!

After a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and a few hours of language lessons, the discoveries started their sports day! This included an hour of golf with our monitor Jon, who lead the group to a few hole in ones! Although it was a bit cloudy and cold, everyone got stuck in and had a go. After golf, the discoveries played an hour of tennis, learning the correct technique for both forehand and backhand. Some even mastered how to give the ball top spin! After golf, everyone had a go at mountain biking around the Les Elfes campus, some even learning to ride a bike for the first time!

The explorers went on a hike today to the Baratin, learning how to use a map and compass! They worked in teams to try and find their way back to Les Elfes!

The pioneers had a go at mountain biking today along the mountain bike trail in Verbier! Some even attempted a few professional tricks on their bikes, such as pavement jumps and corner skids!

Overall, another jam-packed day resulting in some very happy campers!

25th May – Hiking, Olympic Games, Leadership, Web Identity and Social Etiquette

Today has been the children’s first full day in Verbier and haven’t they been busy! We kicked off this morning with a mixture of fun and crazy activities in our Olympic styled games. The children had to work in teams and get competitive in activities around the camp! These included shooting games, Basketball, challenges and an obstacle course. After a lovely BBQ in the beautiful sunshine we then switched it up and headed out of camp on a hike up the mountains and through the woods in Verbier. The views were stunning and even though some of the children found it tiring they loved being outdoors and took on the challenge. Well done to them all!

Back at camp after some well deserved snack, we had Leadership, Mountain Biking and Journalism. The bikers set off yet again, having a go at some down hill trails which they found very exciting. Our leadership groups put their brains to the test in some hard problem solving activities whilst others took on a role as an instructor/leader, explaining and running their very own games. Tonight we finished off with our new clubs, social etiquette and web identity which was very interactive and interesting.

5th May – Mountain Biking, Basketball, Aqua Park, Leadership and Journalism

Today was our groups final day in Verbier before they head to Zermatt for their final week. We’ve had such a jam packed, exciting week here and today was no exception. We started the day with our optional activities which included Journalism, Leadership and Mountain Biking. All our children have excelled this week and today we reviewed what we had learnt and put it into practice. We are super impressed with their level of knowledge and proud of all their achievements.

After a lovely BBQ lunch outside in the sunshine the children grabbed their swim suits, jumped on our coach and were heading off for the Aqua Park. They absolutely loved whizzing down all the slides, racing each other and splashing around in the wave pool. They returned to camp full of excitement and chatting about how fast the slides were and which on was their favourite. Unfortunately it was time to pack as they are all going to Zermatt tomorrow where they will start their Ski week. After a long day it is now time to rest and get some well needed sleep.

Wednesday 16th September – Archery, Mountain biking, Via Ferrata

Fun day here in Verbier! Great outdoor activities and good weather to complete the day!

A group of kids went to Archery. All as one said it was great experience and fun for everyone. Students had to find their targets hidden in woods and fields. Some kids showed great map reading skills and found targets without problem, for some it was a bit harder to hit the target, but after a short practice every managed to get necessary points and finish the assignment successfully.

Meanwhile other groups went mountain biking up in the mountains near Verbier. After safety speech everyone put on their helmets and made sure they have the right bikes. For warm-up everyone rode to Medran and after took gondola up to begging of their fun adventure.

Other group had so much fun in Via Ferrata. Students where brave to climb up the cliff and proved to be not only fiscally but also mental strong – they helped and encouraged each other.

Design & Build and Cooking clubs in the evening was a lot of fun and everyone got involved and tried to make the best cheese cake! Yummeee!


Tuesda15th September – Mountain biking, Via Ferrata, Team Games, Trottinetts

Morning started early in Les Elfes camp! Students couldn’t sleep for too long as today promised to be full of great outdoor activities!

4 different groups did 4 different activities in the morning and swapped in the afternoon. Mountain biking was one of the most challenging activities of the day, but everyone handled it very well and managed to surprise instructors with their skills and safe riding and good advises to others.

Team games where good challenge for everyone who thought it wouldn’t be as challenging. Strong team work and clear communication work where keys to success.

Via Ferrata was another great challenge of today! It wasn’t easy, but students showed great climbing skills and where not afraid of high. Beautiful view was the prize for everyone once reaching the top. We are so proud of you all!

Trottinetting was so much fun! Most of kids haven’t done it before, but after trying they didn’t wanted to finish.

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See you all tomorrow for more great stories!

Thursday 27th August 2015 – Mountain biking

Beautiful day here in Verbier!

Morning as usual started with language classes in which students told their teacher all about last night, how much fun they had in Laser Tag and bowling.

But today we had another great activity in plan –  BBQ up on the mountain where you could see far above the usual and  take some breathtaking photos.

It begin with a training session on the bikes practicing new techniques and learning new skills before departing on an epic journey across to the other side of the mountain abut later it was time for biking down to Verbier center and back to camp.

In the afternoon kids had option to either rest in the camp or choose activity. Half of kids though that it would be great idea to go swimming and spend afternoon relaxing in jacuzzi.

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