Wednesday 4th June – Ropes Course, Sports Day, Mountain Biking…..DISCO

Another glorious day on the mountain for the Les Elfes campers. The sun was shining ready for another fun filled day. After the morning session of languages and optional courses, the groups split off to enjoy their various activities.

For the Discoveries, it was time to try a bit of mountain biking. For some of the little campers, it was their first time ever on a bike, so a real achievement when by the end of the session they could ride. For the other Discoveries, it was time for them to test their skills they already had and to learn some new games on their mountain bikes. A fun day had by all

The Explorers headed down to Le Chable to play a variety of different sports on sun soaked courts and pitches. Tennis, Football and a frizbee being hurled about were enjoyed by all.

Individual brilliance on the tennis court, mixed in with great team work on the football pitch was wonderful to witness.




The Pioneer group went up the mountain for a small walk and warm up before heading up the trees to tackle Verbiers new Ropes course. A wide range of obsticals had to be navigated while also, for some, conquering a fear of hights.


The energy at camp was electric as all the groups headed into town for the fabled Les Elfes Disco.

Singing, dancing and Learning new moves the kids had a fantastic evening. No one wanted to leave as chants of “ONE MORE SONG” rang out.

Discovery Photos

Explorer Photos

Pioneer Photos

Friday 18th of may ski slopes and evening activities

The campers were woken up at 7 am and were given a healthy breakfast . They were ready for their first day at skiing in Zermatt. There were many falls on the slope but our campers were determined to learn how to ski . Everybody had a blast . We finally started our descent by 2 p.m after a tiring day on the slopes .

Everyone hit the showers as soon as they reached back at the hotel and then went into town for ice cream or played football . Some people chose to stay back and relax. Then came their courses (leadership,bushcraft,etc).

Then came our delicious  dinner  of burgers and fries  after which we started with our clubs (apprentice,photography,etc) and the the first day of skiing ended just like it started on a happy note .

Tuesday 22nd – Excursion Day and Clubs night

So today all the campers were very excited to get off campus for excursion day. The Discoveries really enjoyed visting the nest museum and Charlie Chaplin museum they all came back telling the mointors what they learnt and how fun it was. Explorers had a wonderful day visting the chocolate and cheese factories finding out how each thing were made. After they visited the factories they got the chance to go somewhere different for shopping, they went to the beautiful Montreux. Our Pioneers also learnt a lot at the Charlie Chaplin museum and got to spend the day shopping in Vevey.

After dinner the campers got the chance to sign up for many different activties in our clubs night. The options were mountain biking, Ping Pong, football, art and crafts and also smoothie making. Things got very competitive as the campers all wanted to beat their friends at some of the activties. The smoothies all tasted wonderful.

Tomorrow is another exciting day at camp starting off with languages then in the afternoon ropes course, sports day and lake day.


20th August – Sports Day, Hiking, Trottinetting, Music Video!

We can’t believe most of our campers have been here a whole week already but we are certainly having more and more fun everyday. This morning everyone was back to their language classes eager to find out what topic they would be learning about today.

After a lovely lunch at les elfes everyone split up into their age groups to start their activities for the day, some of the pretty extreme but very exciting! Our Discovery children had a sports day organised where they had the chance to try out mountain biking, tennis and golf which some of them had never tried before so it was great to learn a new skill. They all did very well. Our pioneer group took a trip up the mountain and took in the beautiful sights of Verbier whilst on a small hike. After we jumped on our trottinettes and headed down hill, whizzing round the bends and having a go at some tricks. They were all very happy at the end. Our Explorers also ventured up the mountain and had a go at some orienteering skills whilst hiking. Back at camp everyone then enjoyed some free time, with some heading to the pool for a dip whilst others took a trip into town or played basketball at camp.

Tonight we had an amazing time dancing away and acting in our very own music video created by all the children on camp. It’s been great fun and we can’t wait to find out what we’re up to tomorrow!!


Wednesday 16th September – Archery, Mountain biking, Via Ferrata

Fun day here in Verbier! Great outdoor activities and good weather to complete the day!

A group of kids went to Archery. All as one said it was great experience and fun for everyone. Students had to find their targets hidden in woods and fields. Some kids showed great map reading skills and found targets without problem, for some it was a bit harder to hit the target, but after a short practice every managed to get necessary points and finish the assignment successfully.

Meanwhile other groups went mountain biking up in the mountains near Verbier. After safety speech everyone put on their helmets and made sure they have the right bikes. For warm-up everyone rode to Medran and after took gondola up to begging of their fun adventure.

Other group had so much fun in Via Ferrata. Students where brave to climb up the cliff and proved to be not only fiscally but also mental strong – they helped and encouraged each other.

Design & Build and Cooking clubs in the evening was a lot of fun and everyone got involved and tried to make the best cheese cake! Yummeee!


Wednesday 9th September – Mountain biking, Rock climbing

Another beautiful and sunny day here in Verbier! Kids this morning where quick to wake up and it was such a fun day ahead.

Mountain biking in the morning was refreshing but also challenging. Some kids where very confident while other needed s little guidance on balance and speed. Lunch break was just in time for everyone to relax and get ready for the next activity.

Rock climbing was so much fun! After safety instructors kids started to put on helmets and harness. Braver kids went first and others while waiting played team games and encouraged climbers. Instructors where impressed with their skills and after each time kids where able to go higher and shoe better skills.

All day in fresh air got kids tired, but that didn’t stop them from participating in shopping or swimming during their free time. After dinner kids where ready for some fun in disco!!

Thursday 27th August 2015 – Mountain biking

Beautiful day here in Verbier!

Morning as usual started with language classes in which students told their teacher all about last night, how much fun they had in Laser Tag and bowling.

But today we had another great activity in plan –  BBQ up on the mountain where you could see far above the usual and  take some breathtaking photos.

It begin with a training session on the bikes practicing new techniques and learning new skills before departing on an epic journey across to the other side of the mountain abut later it was time for biking down to Verbier center and back to camp.

In the afternoon kids had option to either rest in the camp or choose activity. Half of kids though that it would be great idea to go swimming and spend afternoon relaxing in jacuzzi.

IMG_0215 IMG_0217 IMG_0220 IMG_0222

Monday 17th August – Aquaparc, Mountain biking, Ice Skating

Straight after breakfast kids were ready for their language lessons. Tasks, questions,different assignments got kids exited to test their skills and make conversations between classmates about their hobbies and free time activities.
After a good meal youngest kids were ready to learn and show their skills in mountain biking. Some were unsure, some showed great balance, but with monitors help they all got to experience full afternoon of biking around Verbier.  Kids came back tires but proud of themselves and definitely ready for free time.
Oldest kids had chance to relax in the water. As it was a bit chilly for outside activities near lake, Aquaparc was perfect option for water action! Everyone was exited to try all different kinds of slides, lazy river and wave pool.
During free time some of kids had  optional activities, while others choose to go shopping. Meanwhile some kids preferred to stay in camp to safe energy for evening activity!
After dinner it was time for Ice Skating! Games on ice got smaller kids improve their ice skating so much during just couple of hours! Meanwhile oldest ones were practicing ice hockey and showing their best shots on goal!
 mtb1 mtb2 mtb3 mtb4
For more photos of they day please visit out facebook page:

Mountain biking, trottinetting, ropes course and a sports day

Today all groups had language lessons in the morning. After lunch they all had different activities.

The Discoveries – had a sports day this afternoon where they played tennis, golf and mountain biked.

The Explorers – went to a high ropes course near by and were soon harnessed up and swinging about in the trees

The Pioneers – were racing down the mountain on bikes or trottinettes. A trottinettes is a full suspension scooter and are really good fun!

Tonight all groups went up into the Forrest on the mountain side for a BBQ









The weekends activities

This weekend……

The Discoveries – visited the aqua park on Saturday. It’s a selection of water chutes some fast, some slow, a lazy river and a wave pool. All the kids had a great day leading their monitors around all the adventures inside. Today the students ha language lessons this morning and they have been rock climbing this afternoon followed by a sunny evening at the outdoor pool!

The Explorers – had a career orientation day yesterday held by our monitors. They worked on presenting skills by designing products and presenting to a panel of monitors and students. Today they had language lessons in the morning. This afternoon they have been mountain biking and trottinetting.

The Pioneers – had a group of highly trained professionals come into the camp on Saturday. Their focus was to develop leadership skills within the group. Today the pioneers went to a high ropes course this afternoon. They slipped into Their harnesses and were soon swinging and whizzing down the zip lines high in the Forrest.

Tonight all groups will be doing a music video! I look forward to the final results 🙂






Mt Fort Visit, Rock Climbing and a sports day

Today all of our students had there language lessons in the morning. After lunch they broke away into their groups….


The Discoveries hopped onto the buses for a short trip down the mountain to the rock climbing area. Here they had the chance to practice their skills on a real rock instead of the artificial wall. This evening they have arts and crafts so were all looking forward to see what they produce

The Explorers had their sports day this afternoon. They went up to the Golf course practiced some driving and putting, hit the tennis courts and rode some trails on the mountain bikes. After the hard afternoon they are on a dine out this evening at a nice restaurant in Verbier

The Pioneers went up Mt Fort this afternoon. It was a little cloudy which was a shame so they didn’t get to see the spectacular views but they had lots of fun hiking up to the cross and hiking back down. This evening they are doing a music video dubbing over sound with their own singing






Hiking, orienteering, mountain biking, trottinetting, rock climbing and group games

All of our campers had language lessons this morning. A few had horse riding and private tennis lessons after.

All the groups went up the mountain to a hut for a BBQ lunch. The hut overlooks the Valley into verbier and down into la tzoumaz and sion.

The Discoveries – had a nice nature walk on the way down the mountain. This evening they played are you smarter than your monitor. I’m afraid to say they were ! Well done guys!

The Explorers – had mountain biking and trottinetting after lunch. The mountain bikers broke into two smaller groups where half learnt to ride a bike and the other half went on slightly more challenging terrain. For trottinettes (giant scooter with full suspension, big wheels). The kids all flew down the mountain like ducks to water. On the path down some of the kids saw some marmots (little beaver type creatures) as well as beautiful views of verbier. This evening they have played a game of boys vs girls where they complete challenges against each other please to say the girls won helped by a loss of points for boys trying to bend the rules 🙂

The Pioneers – went rock climbing on the wall in verbier. This evening the teamed up for a game I who wants to be a millionaire.















A visit to the summit of mt fort, lakeside in the sun, sports and a career day

After breakfast our discoveries and explorers started to make their way up the mountain. They had a short walk to the lift station where they boarded the first lift, after 4 more lifts they reached the summit of mt fort some 3330 m above sea level. Here they enjoyed beautiful scenes where they can see France Italy and across Switzerland to the Matterhorn. This afternoon the discoveries had some orienteering challenges and games. The explorers got stuck into sports day playing tennis, golf, mountain biking. This evening the discoveries had to abandon plans to camp due to the storm that rolled in so they made Shelters and a camp fire instead of pitching tents. The explorers were prepping for their canoe expedition tomorrow making sure they have everything ready!

Today the pioneers had a career day where they had to design a product, service or app. They then had to come up marketing strategies, distribution etc after all the planning they had to present to the monitors and the rest of the group to see who won. The winner will receive their next dine our for free. This evening they spent a short time getting ready for the hike tomorrow and then a movie. We wanted to go into the forest and prepare some bush craft skills for them to practice however the weather had other plans.

Sports day, high ropes course, mountain biking and trottinetting

Today all our campers had their language lessons in the morning and broke away for their other activities in the afternoon.

Discovery – today they had a sports day so they hit the tennis courts and wielded their clubs at the driving range. With some football and basketball thrown in as well! We have one little camper from Brazil literally running rings around me on the football pitch! I think the national team should give him a call to replace naymar.

Explorers – They grabbed the picnic and got on the road straight away heading for the high ropes course. For many this was their first time and although some were nervous they were soon clambering around the tree tops.

Pioneers – we split them into two groups. One hit the trails with mountain bikes and the other glided down the mountain on the trottinetts. I must say it was the quickest decent on the trottinetts I’ve ever done so well done guys!!

This evening our discoveries are going to be blindfolded and have to follow ropes around the camp. The explorers are off to eat out in a local restaurant and the pioneers are playing who wants to be a millionaire











Departures, arrivals camping, photography, baking and dance

Well we have had a fun couple of days in camp. Sorry we haven’t been able to update as our internet has been a little iffy on site.

We saw some of our campers depart this weekend and a few new faces come in. We thank all those departing for being great campers really throwing themselves into all the activities. Safe travels and hope to see you next year!!

Discovery – Yesterday our young campers went indoor rock climbing in verbier then had clubs night with all the campers. In clubs night they have options of photography, baking, dance. Today they had language lessons in the morning then went on a hike which involved orienteering and nature quizzes.

Explorers – yesterday our explorers had a mini sports day in verbier involving tennis, good and swimming. In the afternoon they went mountain biking and trottinetting in the evening they had the option of dining out in a local restaurant or eat in and join in on clubs night.

Pioneers – Yesterday our pioneers had a morning of football and volleyball followed by an afternoon of tennis, mountain biking and swimming. Today after languages they had more mountain biking and trottinetting. Tonight they all took the opportunity to go out for dinner as a big group in one of the local Italians.

Tomorrow has another action packed day and sleeping in the mountains for some groups.









Arrivals, biking, trottinetting, rock climbing, mini golf, ice breakers and team building

Today we welcome around 45 new arrivals into camp. As well as an action packed day for our existing campers while our new campers unpack and start to feel at home.

Discovery – Today our discovery campers had a nice picnic then went for an exciting round of mini golf this afternoon before returning for optional activities and free time.

Explorers – Our explorers split into two groups this morning one for mountain biking and the other for trottinetting (big scooters racing down the mountain) this was a great success as some of the trottinetting team were able to have a go at some of the more technical areas on the way down. They had a picnic in the park for lunch followed by beach volleyball and outside swimming at the local pool.

Pioneers – Our pioneers got to go and test their climbing skills on the artificial wall in verbier this afternoon before returning to complete their optional activities.

This evening our campers will break into the three groups for team building games and activities to help our new additions settle into the team






Rock Climbing, Labyrinth,Tennis, Golf, Mountain Biking, Languages, Lakes and Rope course




Another beautiful and sunny day up here in the Swiss Alps!

All campers started their day with various language courses in the morning. After their morning of learning they split into their groups for more fun activities.


Discovery –  After lunch they got into the vans and headed off to the Labyrinth Adventure Park for a few hours. If that was not enough activity, some of them were able to fit in some golf, tennis, and or horse riding to complete the day.


Explorers – This group spent the afternoon testing their climbing skills on the climbing wall. After a few hours on the wall, some of the campers were also able to fit in their other activities to round out their day.


Pioneers – After a fun day on the ropes course (see photos below) yesterday, they spent the day in Verbier doing various activities of tennis, golf, and mountain biking.


All 3 groups were together for their evening activities and dinner. The group hiked for an hour up the mountain for a festive BBQ checking out the mountain views along the way. A few games were played around the dinner area before hiking down right before sunset.

Tomorrow is full of cultural visits across 3 cities – Geneva, Vevey, and Lausanne. We are looking forward to seeing what they discover!



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First Mountain Biking Adventure of the Summer !


Welcome Summer,

Welcome first campers,

Welcome Summer Camp Session 1!

The camp opened last 7th of June! Campers from all over the world are already enjoying mountain and lake Sports!
The explorers group took off to the mountain to enjoy a full afternoons worth of Trottinetting and mountain biking, For some this was a brand new experience but the explorers had great enthusiasm and the monitors were really impressed with their participation.
Here are some pictures of this first (but not least) Mountain Biking Adventure of the Summer!

Languages, Optionals,Mini golf Verbier, Mountain biking Verbier and Torch light walk

After breakfast the students separated into groups to participate in languages, there is two different types of language courses, intensive and conversational.  Between languages and lunch there was a few selected students who went into their optional activities. The activities on today were horse riding and tennis.

After lunch the students separated into their own groups,

Discovery – Team discovery stayed at Les Elfes on campus to do some problem solving and team challenges to get to know the staff working with hem and other students.

Explorers – The explorers took off to the mountain to enjoy a full afternoons worth of Trottinetting and mountain biking, For some this was a brand new experience but the explorers had great enthusiasm and the monitors were really impressed with he participation.

Pioneers – Went into the center of Verbier to have a relaxing afternoon practicing putting on the mini golf course.

After dinner The pioneers gathered together on the football pitch to prepare for the kayak expedition for the following day, tonight they will practice putting a tent up and do a through equipment check.

The discovery and explorers went on a relaxing torchlight walk around Verbier completing challenges along the way.



Mountain biking, Orienteering and The apprentice

A great day on the bikes began with an hour of games, safety and coaching before moving onto the mountain and taking a bike ride. The first route before dinner was short but was based on coaching, and improving rider skills and abilities. After lunch the students then used everything they already knew and some new skills to take it to the next level and do a long mountain bike route.

When the students returned they had a little time to have a shower and have some snacks before doing some orienteering, followed by a sports tournament, competing in football, volleyball and basketball.

After dinner the students were briefed about the evening activity and was told that they need to design a brand new cereal and box and present it to the investors (Monitors). Tomorrow the activity will continue and the students will then need to create the box from their design and also create an advert using a camera.