Wednesday 8th Aug – Mountain Biking, Ropes Course, Rock Climbing and D-I-S-C-O

Nearing the end of the Session 5 here in Verbier, but still lots of activites and fun for all the campers to have. Languages kicked off the day, and you can really see the progression all the campers have made so far in their language lessons.

After lunch, the Discoveries headed for the ropes course in Aigle. A lovely setting for the youngest group to enjoy climbing up ladders, swinging across ropes and zipping across the trees. Although the smallest group, they showed no fear, as all of the Discoveries had lots of fun in the trees.

Some of the Explorers ventured to rock climbing in Sembrancher, a natural rock, which allows the campers to not just climb on man made climbing walls, but get to experience the real thing. With our guides there to also help as well as the monitors, the campers got to learn how to tie a figure of 8 as well as some of the more Advanced climbers to get to learn how to B-lay another camper. The other half of the Explorers also got to rock climbing as well as mini golf. All of the Explorers showed real potential in climbing and were practically scaling the walls quicker than we could take photos.

The Pioneers went on an adventure up the mountain today, not on foot, but by mountain bikes. All of them ventured up on the gondola and then had to make their way down on the mountain road. All of them gave it a go and were exceedingly good!

The evening was one of those nights that all campers look forward to…THE DISCO!! Leaving straight after dinner, all the campers head to the disco for a bit of a dance. It is really nice to see all the campers getting together and having fun. A great night had by all!

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July 31st – Mountain Biking, Trotinetting, Rock Climbing, The Cube & La Fureur

It has been a fun active day for our campers today. We began with languages this morning where everyone is learning lots of new vocabulary and sentences and impressing their teachers.

This afternoon the discovery group had sports day where they enjoyed some mountain biking, tennis and football in Sembracher. The explorer group spent the day mountain biking and trotinetting up the mountain which was a fantastic experience for them all! The pioneers headed to St Triphon to do some climbing which was great fun. They all progressed a lot and learnt some new things about knots and belaying.

This evening our groups took part in different game shows, a music quiz, and the cube which tested their speed, reactions and memory!

20th July – Mountain Biking, Sports Day, Rock Climbing & BBQ Night

Another brilliant day here at camp with some new extreme, adventurous sports for our campers! After languages and a lovely lunch, the Pioneers headed up the mountain for some fast, down hill mountain biking which they loved and found challenging. Those that weren’t so keen had a go at trotinetting. The explorers had a day at camp, having a mixture of basketball, football and volleyball, getting very competitive and for some of them improving their techniques in new sports. Finally, our youngest group went rock climbing and did extremely well and worked together as a good time encouraging each other.

Tonight the explorers and the pioneers enjoyed a relaxing bbq up at La Hatay and then we played a game of predator, followed by a hike down. Our little ones went on a treasure hunt. Bring on Excursion day tomorrow!

Thursday 22nd June –

A fun filled day for all our campers with lots of activities to get stuck into. Our discoveries headed off to Sion to do an exciting ropes course. They found it quite challenging but also really enjoyable as well. This evening they had a game show of boys v girls, it was very loud and competitive and super fun for our youngest campers!

Our explorers did some rock climbing and tested their skills at a parkour vitta. It was a very active day for them all so it was nice to chill out and have an ice cream afterwards. This evening they all ate out at a lovely Italian restaurant with some tasty pizza & pasta.

The pioneers had a mix day today doing some tennis and golf as well as some mountain biking which was great fun. They also went into town tonight to enjoy some Italian food.

Its the last day tomorrow for most campers so they are definately going to make the most of hanging out with new friends and taking part in the final activities.

Sunday 18th June – Hiking, orienteering, mountain biking, music video

Today has been a super active day for all our campers here in Verbier. This morning our youngest group the discoveries had a sports day which involved some golf, tennis and mountain biking. They all did really well and had loads of fun trying new and different activities.

The explorers went on a hike and also learn’t some orienteering skills. The weather was very warm today so they also did brilliantly in the conditions. Some of our campers had their optional activities of horse riding and tennis today as well. The progression is amazing and they are having a really nice time with their instructors.

The pioneers had the opportunity to do some mountain biking as well as trotinetting up in Verbier from Ruinette all the way down to Medran. It was a difficult route but they all did a great job and stuck together helping each other out. To cool off after they had an ice cream break in the sunshine!

We had some well deserved free time this afternoon relaxing, playing games and having a catch up with their parents. Tonight we had music video which was super fun. In groups they had to create their own choreography to a piece of music in fancy dress. Once we have put the video together we will watch the final piece at prize giving!

Wednesday 10th – Skiing, leadership, journalism, mountain biking and Dine out


It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Zermatt with all our skiers making massive progress and are all now on the chairlift and T-bar. They are working really hard and very determined to learn and improved.  All of them are now confident snow-plowers and many are working towards their parallel turns.

This afternoon our mountain bikers headed out exploring different paths around Zermatt while our journalists continued interviewing and getting content for the magazine. It is all coming together and looking really good. Our leadership groups focused on personality and leadership and how they can be linked together for a successful work unit. This evening we enjoyed dine out at a local traditional swiss restaurant. We had some delicious food and a good chat about the week.

Thursday 27th April – Skiing, mountain biking, problem solving, journalism, etiquette & Web identity

Another snowy day here in Verbier and it looks like it will continue through the night which is great! Our skiers had another superb day out on the mountain and are now up and about the slopes starting to get some good turns in. Again it was quite difficult conditions with bad visibility so our groups did fantastic.

Another group were on excursion today visiting the United Nations which they found extremely interesting. They then had the opportunity to explore Geneva and do some shopping.

This afternoon our journalism class continued with their interviews and articles which are really starting to come together. Our mountain bikers braved the weather and headed out to improve their riding. Back at camp our leadership group took part in various problem solving activities which went down really well.

Tonight was the last evening of etiquette class and web identity. Both have been a huge success and everyone has shown real enthusiasm and interest throughout.

We are all looking forward to another day in the snow tomorrow!

Wednesday 26th April – Skiing, mountain biking, leadership, Journalism, Etiquette, Web Identity

Another fantastic day here in Verbier during our Spring camp. Our skiers did another brilliant job out on the mountain with some tough conditions. It was pretty cold and snowy at times and our instructors were very impressed with our campers attitude.

This afternoon our mountain bikers headed out to the mountain and really enjoyed their ride down. During leadership we learnt about different types of leadership and roles. In journalism the group were interviewing each other ready to write up their articles.

This evening we had a debate about online accounts and discussed how long we should be on the internet for, while in etiquette classes they learnt about meal times and different scenarios.

Tuesday 25th April journalism, etiqutte classes

Today has been a really busy day here in Verbier, our campers this week are making leaps and bounds on the mountain their instructors and are really enjoying the new experience. It was snowing at times during the day making conditions a bit trickier but everyone did really well.

This afternoon was the start of our core lessons. Our students chose between mountain biking where today they learnt the basics of the bike itself and how to do repairs on tyres and chains. They managed to get up the hill and have a practice on the off-road conditions which went really well. Elsewhere some opted for leadership skills where they had some ice-breaker games as well as an overview of what makes a good leader. Lastly we had a journalism class where the group had an introduction to the world of Journalism and looked at topics and ideas of magazines and newspapers.

This evening our classes changed and everyone now either took part in etiquette classes or web identity. During etiquette classes they learnt how to act in public, how to greet people formally and informally as well as role play and scenarios of good and bad examples attitude and behaviour. In web identity the main focus today was how we present ourselves online and awareness on social media.

Tomorrow it is forecast to snow which everyone is super excited about!!

Rock climbing, mini golf, tennis, swimming, golf and mountain biking were all done today!

Today we had all groups in their language lessons first thing. They used this time to prepare their international presentations. After lunch they all took turns presenting facts about their country’s to the other campers. Then they broke up into the three groups for the afternoons activities.

Discovery – This afternoon the discovery kids had a sports day where the went to the outdoor pool and played beach volleyball

Explorer – This afternoon the explorers went to play some mini golf

Pioneers – After their presentations the pioneers went to do some rock climbing

All the groups went up to le Hattay. This is a BBQ spot we use halfway up the mountain in the forest. They had a nice BBQ our chefs provided and a lovely walk back as the sun set.