26th of March skiing, snowboarding, sports center, village, music video

It has been a sunny day in Verbier with lots of snow up in the slopes. One beginners are progressing well and all of our campers are mixing and making new friends. It has been so nice to see them smiling even through difficult conditions and for the older kids to be taking care of the younger kids and making the camp a real family atmosphere.

In the afternoon, the campers choose between three different activities: sports center, visit to the village or playing games at the main campus. They had their usual snacks and hot chocolate before going for their chosen activity.

After dinner the students mixed up and worked in teams to create an amazing music video which they can take home with them as a souvenir to remember their week at camp and their new friends here.

Tomorrow the students will wake up for their third day of skiing or snowboarding too keep practicing and improving their skills.


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Monday 4th December – Skiing/ Verbier Hunt/ Music Video

What an amazing first day on the slopes for our International school from Spain. Although quite a cold start to the morning, the sun came out and was shining the whole day, which is always a great way to start the week on the snow!

The snow conditions were awesome as all our students ventured onto the mountain for their first day getting their ski/snoboard legs back! All the instructors were really impressed with the level of skiing and the enthusiasm from all of the students. With a hot lunch on the mountain, all the students managed to get a full day of skiing!

After skiing, it was time for some snacks and hot chocolate back at Les Elfes before a venture into town for the Verbier Hunt. Splitting the students into small teams, the challenge is to answer all the questions by finding clues and answers around town. Although quite chilly, all the tems enjoyed the hunt, and are awaiting the results at the end of the week….

Back in the warm and time for some dinner, followed by the students making their own music quiz. Choreographing their own moves to their section of the song, the students had loads of fun creating their masterpiece.

Everyone will sleep well tonight….


Monday April 3rd 2017 Baking, Swimming, Escape Rooms

Today was another amazing jam packed day here at les elfes.
This morning gave us warm weather, beautiful blue skies and sunshine and the campers were eager to get up the mountain to practice what they learnt the day before. All of the groups skied and snowboarded around the mountain all day enjoying the snow and learning some new skills with their instructors and some groups were lucky enough to go and check out the world free ride competition for a part of the morning.
After relaxing over hot chocolate and snacks the campers all participated in various activities some went to the town to check out the village and purchase some gifts some got to enjoy a great meal in town, some campers made yummy chocolate chip cookies and some played in the Escape Rooms in town to try their luck at escaping.
After Dinner half of the group went ice skating and enjoyed skating around the rink and playing some ice hockey , some others made a awesome music video to the song good feeling and others went to the escape rooms to try and escape.
Everyone here now if off to bed to catch up on some sleep before the big day that follows tomorrow.


Monday 20.03.17 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking, Shopping, Swimming & Music Video

Today was an awesome day here at Les Elfes the sun has been shining all day and we also welcomed a new school to camp. They arrived and went straight up the mountain to make the most of the lovely weather and soft snow. All the other campers headed up the mountain early this morning and improving all their skills and constantly challenging themselves which is making the instructors very happy

In the afternoon the campers signed up for various activities from, baking, swimming, games both inside and outside and heading into town.

After dinner all the campers participated in a Music Video, where they were split into groups and had to choreograph a part of a song which they are super excited to see come the end of the week.
Everyone here is off to bed now to catch up on some sleep before the big day tomorrow.

23rd January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Sledging & Music Video

Everyone here at camp are doing so well out on the mountain and progressing massively. In particular our beginners have come on leaps and bounds today, their instructors are so happy with what they have achieved and hopefully many of the groups will be making their first attempts on blue slopes which they are all excited about. Up the mountain today the children have been practicing their parallel turns and some are advancing on to carving. The sun has been shining all day so there are some very smiley faces.

Back at camp we had a more chilled afternoon as some of the children were super tired from all their hard work. Most chose to chill out and watch a movie in the cinema room, whilst others did bracelet making and played jungle speed. For those with a bit more energy, headed out sledging, whizzing down the hill on plastic trays and others splashed around in the pool at the sports centre.

Tonight we had a mixture of activities. Our school groups participated in a Music Video which was great fun, full of dancing and laughter. They are all excited to watch it at the end of the week. Our individuals had a ‘Casino’ styled night, with card games, poker and much more. Everyone is now in bed ready for a new day tomorrow!!

February 29th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, Swimming & Music Video!

We definitely made the most of our extra day of the year today, and it was smiles all round at Les Elfes International.

The conditions weren’t the best today which made skiing a little tricky for our beginners but they pulled through and had lot’s of fun on the slope. With determination and hard work they are learning the skills quickly which is great news and everyone is beginning to master their snowplow nicely. On the mountain today, our level 3 and 4 skiers and snowboarders had fun trying out the ski cross and added a bit of competition to their day.

Back at camp, after some tasty hot chocolate and snacks, a lot of campers continued to brave the cold and snow and headed into the pretty town of Verbier, to visit the local shops and supermarkets, treating themselves to some well deserved goodies. Others chose to have a splash around in the pool and relax in the Jacuzzi or simply chilled out at les elfes and played games.

This evening after diner, we rocked it out to FloRida in our music video. All the groups had great fun creating their own dances and excitement filled the air. We can’t wait to watch the final video at the end of the week!

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Today our campers woke up early in the morning and were very excited to spend another great day on the slopes.
After having lunch on the mountain, they had time to relax and take a break before going back to their ski and snowboard lessons.
As soon as the campers came back from the mountain, they signed up for the activities we offer for the afternoon and then they enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate, good for them after so many hours on the snow. Some of the children decided to stay on campus, play games at Les Elfes and some others wanted to go to Verbier town and visit the shops. On the other hand most of our individuals students spent their afternoon expanding their knowledge learning a new language such us German, French and English.

The activity for this afternoon was Music Video, so after dinner, all the students went to the cinema room and watched an example of music video to have an idea how to preform it. We had six groups of eight children each one and with help of a monitor they choreographed one part of the selected song, in this case was Rather be. All the groups were very creative and many of them impressed their monitors.
At the end of the activity the monitors set up a disco, so the children could dance for some minutes before going to bed.




15th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Music Video

This morning everyone on camp was up bright and early and eager to get out on the slopes to show their Instructors what they are made of. Today there has been massive improvements and a lot of impressed instructors. Some groups who were on the beginners slope yesterday have already moved up to the main mountain which is amazing and shows true dedication and determination from all the children. With weather conditions also improving there has definitely been plenty of fun and laughter, with plenty of students eager to tell us their stories of their adventure today.

After refueling with a nice cup of hot chocolate and some bread and jam, the children were back in action with their afternoon activities. Not many of them want to rest so there were lots going on, including trips to Verbier Village, splashing around in the swimming pool and yet again some chose to have a crazy time sledging and snowman building.

This evening, after  yet another lovely meal enjoyed by all, everyone took part in a music video activity where all the children got the chance to dress up and choreograph their own routine to part of a song. They all had great fun and there was some super dancing from all groups, we can’t wait to see the final product.


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Friday 4th September 2015 – slide show, music video, prize giving

Beautiful morning here in Verbier started with packing as we have to say goodbye to our group who leave today.

Once kids had packed and taken bags down outside it was time to check out from their rooms. Prize giving started shortly after and everyone was so exited to take a part in it. Tidy room competition, La Fureur and many other challenge winner got rewarded. Finally it was time to watch their own Music Video that kids made couple days before as it was put together and made in one great music clip. Kids where exited to see other teams performing and all the nice pictures from this weeks activities put together in slide show!!

It was pleasure to send this week with you! See you again next year!

Bex Salt mines, Sports tournament, Music video and The Apprentice

A great start to the day by going to the Bex salt mines. once in the mines the students were guided around and was explained how the mine works, the history of the mine, how extraction of the salt happens and some other things. The students really enjoyed being at the mines and want to return soon. The students returned to Les Elfes around 3, front here they separated into two groups and played a sports tournament, with the winning team choosing the next sport.

Just before dinner the students all participated in a Les Elfes music video, while in the video the students were required to wear fancy dress, and be a choreographer as well as the dancers and singers.

After dinner the group gathered together to finish yesterdays Apprentice project. Today they needed to build the designed cereal box and create an advert for the investors (Monitors) to judge.

Around dinner time there was a large groups of arrivals from Zermatt. After dinner they completed check in and watched a movie in the cinema room due to tiredness from skiing then straight driving over.