Monday 25th March – Fun in the sun

With the sun still glaring but the temperature dropping, it was a perfect day of skiing for our students. They all came back with smiles across their cheeks, proud of the improvements that they had made in the day and ready for the afternoon activities

Some of them attended their language class whilst others participated in activities such as games competition which they enjoyed with a warm fire nearby or capture the flag where they expended their last bits of energy.

In the evening, the music video activity got the students creative juices flowing. After a long and successful day they headed to bed to get a good night of rest.

Monday 18th March – Skiing, and Music video

Today we awoke to heavy snowfall, which soon turned in to lovely sunshine as soon as we headed out to ski. So, we were blessed with both good snow, and good weather today!

After skiing in the morning, we had a tasty lunch on the mountain followed by an afternoon of more skiing.

After a snack and a hot chocolate, we enjoyed lots of activities such as capture the flag, village shopping, board games and movie.

This evening, we created a music video with all our friends and truly enjoyed it.

Monday 4th September – Rock Climbing, Team Games and Music Video

We were all delighted to welcome our new school group this morning and take them down to Sembrancher to do some rock climbing and team games. The children did brilliant and many reached the top of the wall quickly! We also had lots of welcome games to get to know the children and learn their names. Everyone was super lively and really enthusiastic which is great to see.

This afternoon all our campers settled into their rooms before having some free time playing football, table tennis and pool. We ended the evening with a music video where in groups they performed their own dance choreography to a piece of music. We will see the finished project at the end of the week!


Sunday 18th June – Hiking, orienteering, mountain biking, music video

Today has been a super active day for all our campers here in Verbier. This morning our youngest group the discoveries had a sports day which involved some golf, tennis and mountain biking. They all did really well and had loads of fun trying new and different activities.

The explorers went on a hike and also learn’t some orienteering skills. The weather was very warm today so they also did brilliantly in the conditions. Some of our campers had their optional activities of horse riding and tennis today as well. The progression is amazing and they are having a really nice time with their instructors.

The pioneers had the opportunity to do some mountain biking as well as trotinetting up in Verbier from Ruinette all the way down to Medran. It was a difficult route but they all did a great job and stuck together helping each other out. To cool off after they had an ice cream break in the sunshine!

We had some well deserved free time this afternoon relaxing, playing games and having a catch up with their parents. Tonight we had music video which was super fun. In groups they had to create their own choreography to a piece of music in fancy dress. Once we have put the video together we will watch the final piece at prize giving!

Monday 27th March – Skiing, town, & Music Video

It has been a lovely sunny day here in Verbier with all our campers eager to get out this morning and get back on their skis. Our level ones were excellent again today and showed real determination to practice and pick up any tips their instructors gave them. Our more advanced skiers took the opportunity to explore more areas of the mountain and were practicing their parallel turns and carving. Everyone had a lot of fun and really impressed the instructors today.

This afternoon after some hot chocolate and snacks it was time for afternoon activities. Some ventured into town to see Verbier village and buy some souveniers for the family while others chilled back at camp playing in the games room.

This evening everyone took part in a music video where we filmed different groups performing their own choreography in some crazy fancy dress! It was an entertaining evening and everyone is looking forward to watching the final piece at prize giving.

Monday 6th March – Skiing, swimming, snow games, baking & Music Video

It has been a wonderful snowy day here in Verbier with all our groups coping really well in the conditions. Everyone has been positive all day and really impressed their instructors. Even in the varied conditions our campers are picking up turns and improving their technique massively.

This afternoon has been lots of fun with many of our campers visiting the pool while some chose to play outside and build snowmen and igloos. They were amazing and the group are excited to carry on tomorrow. The rest of the groups worked together and made some delicious cookies.

This evening everyone took part in music video and got really into it. We had some great fancy dress costumes and some crazy choreographies! We are looking forward to all watching it at prize giving on Thursday. The snow continues to fall so tomorrow is going to be a brilliant day for everyone here at Les Elfes!


Monday 20th February – Skiing, torchlight walk & music video

It has been a lovely sunny day here in Verbier with our groups settling in brilliantly and learning lots on the mountain with their instructors. Our campers on the beginner slope were really keen and improved massively so tomorrow they will get the opportunity to head up to the mountain. Lots of our experienced skiers had a super time exploring new parts of the mountain and trying out new tricks!

This afternoon the majority of camp headed out for a torchlight walk, some up the mountain to watch the sunset and others to visit the old town. Some of our other campers popped into the village for a crepe and a milkshake in the sunshine.

This evening everyone took part in the music video which was hilarious with some great dance moves. We look forward to seeing the final product on Friday.


Monday 13th Feb – Skiing, Shopping, Torchlight walk

CRANS MONTANA: Second day on the slopes for our school from Dubai and all the groups, even the beginners made it up the mountain, which is an amazing effort on just the second day skiing! All the instructors are really impressed with the quick pace of the campers and hopefully this enthusiasm will continue throughout the rest of the week! As it was a lovely bluebird day, the campers had a nice picnic on the terrace which was enjoyed by all!

After skiing, the campers had a chance to do a bit of shopping and this evening was a lovely torchlight walk around the lake.



Today has been super hot and sunny and the children have all enjoyed themselves out on the mountain. They were very eager this morning, with their ski gear on ready to go! Our beginners on Les Esserts are doing fantastic and they can now control their turns and will hopefully progress up to the blue slops tomorrow afternoon. Our intermediate and high level skiers and snowboarders covered a lot of ground, following their instructors, working on parallel turns and carving.

This afternoon we had plenty of activities on offer to keep up with our energetic groups. We had sledging, swimming and snowman building for our school groups and our individuals had languages and sledging, whizzing down and having fun!

This evening our school groups all joined together to take part in a music video whilst the individuals got stuck in with some cooking and the brain puzzling escape rooms.

Monday 16th January – Skiing, sledging, swimming, music video & dine out

Today has been a brilliant day and we are all happy to welcome our new school here at Les Elfes. Upon arrival it was time for lunch before meeting their new instructors and heading up the mountain. They are all experienced skiers and boarders but it is the first time in Verbier for most. Everyone was super positive about their day back at camp and loved skiing in the fresh powder! Our existing groups had a blast today as conditions were great and they are all impressing the instructors with their dedication to learning.

This afternoon we had lots of activities on offer, sledging, baking, swimming and games. The sledgers had an awesome time riding down the mountain on bum boards, the bakers made some delicious cookies and our swimmers splashed around playing some games in the water. The atmosphere has been brilliant all evening, filming our very own music video. The campers were split into groups and came up with their own choreographies to their piece of music. We had some great clips and we are all looking forward to seeing the finished edit at prize giving. Elsewhere our individual campers spent their evening enjoying a meal in town. The italian restaurant was lovely and it was a nice experience for them to dine out together.



9th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Arrivals, Torch Light Walk, Escape Rooms & Music Video

The energy around camp this morning was amazing, all the children were up and eager to get back out on the mountain with their instructors again. After a delicious breakfast they got their ski gear on and headed out to the buses which were waiting to take them to the slopes. The beginners went back to Les Esserts to continue learning important skills such as stopping and turning and hopefully they’ll be progressing up the mountain in no time. Our more advanced group explored new pistes and had great fun learning new tricks from their instructors, who are impressed with their ability.

We welcomed a new school today who are here for 5 days, who we got to meet back at camp after their afternoon skiing and snowboarding. They were full of smiles and stories of their day.

Tonight there were many activities on offer for our Individuals and Schools. Some had the chance to have a go at the brilliant Escape Rooms in town, where each group are given 60 minutes to try and break out of a room. It is very challenging but many groups succeeded so well done to them. On camp we also had a torch light walk and a music video, full of dancing and singing! Everyone is excited to see the finished video at prize giving on Friday.

Monday 2nd – Skiing, swimming, football, baking, casino night & music video

Today has been a been a super fun day with lots of activities going on. This mornings skiing was a success and our instructors have given us some great feedback about our individuals progress on the slopes.

This afternoon we had a game of football on the go as well as a swim at the pool. Some younger ones baked some wonderful brownies this afternoon, some real talent here! To end a brilliant day our explorers enjoyed Casino night where there was some real poker faces. The discoveries made a lip-dub video which went really well and we are all excited to see the final clip at prize giving.


Sunday 20th – Arrivals, skiing, ice skating, music video & torchlight walk

We had another group arrive today so great to see some new faces joining us for the week. They have all been ski fitted with equipment and are eager to get out onto the mountain tomorrow. It was all go for the rest of the campers here who had a brilliant time riding around Verbier and Savoleyres with the instructors. The beginners had a tiring but fun day learning with the hard work paying off as they all seriously improved.

On return from the mountain they were all welcomed with hot chocolate and snacks because choosing their afternoon activities. Some chose to chill and play ping pong and pool in the games room, others went to town for a crepe and a milkshake while a few went to the swimming pool to splash about and relax tired muscles in the jacuzzi.

This evening there was two different activities. Half of the campers went to the ice rink for some skating and ice hockey which was great fun. Many who had never skated before started to pick it up and become more confident which was fantastic to see. Back at Les Elfes it was music video night! The groups tonight made some amazing choreographies to Taylor Swifts ‘Shake It Off’ before coming together to do some JustDance!

It has been a brilliant day and everyone is looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

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Meanwhile in Le Chable…

Our campers have started their week of skiing with full steam ahead. One group of our beginners, with some students who had never even seen snow until this week have progressed so quickly that they will be heading to the mountain on only day 2 of skiing!!!!! Our other beginner group is progressing really quickly too and we’re expecting them to join the others after a little more time at Les Esserts. We also have many groups this week with a high level of ability in skiing and snowboarding, which is great to see and we’re hoping those groups will use this week to really refine their technique and explore the vast expanse of the resort here and in the 4 Vallées!

After skiing and snowboarding today our campers had a chance to visit Verbier for some shopping and to explore the town before a really nice dinner of chicken fajitas. After dinner we had a scenic torchlight walk around the village of Le Chable visiting the old town to see the rustic houses and the beautiful church before finishing with some marshmallows on the BBQ.

Both of our schools are doing a fantastic job of mixing and making new friends from other countries and even other continents and already the lines between the schools at meals and on the slopes have begun to blur! We anticipate a GREAT week ahead!