Thursday April 6th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ski Race, BBQ, Prize Giving & La Fureur

Today was a super exciting day here at les elfes. The sun was shining and all the campers were eager to get up the mountain today for one big reason today was the ski race day. 

The morning consisted of all the campers competing in the ski race and racing everyone in their groups. 
After the race everyone got to enjoy a yummy BBQ outside in the sunshine and just enjoy skiing and snowboarding all over the mountain with their instructors for the last day on the hill for most of campers as they head off on excursion tomorrow before departing home.
This afternoon after enjoying some hot chocolate and snacks all the campers had prize giving with all their instructors and all the animation team. 
This evening all the campers had an exciting night playing La Fureur which is a interactive music quiz. 
Everyone now is off to bed to catch some sleep for the big excursion and departure day tomorrow.


25th December – Christmas Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Prize Giving, Ice Skating

Merry Christmas Everyone! We have had an amazing day here in Verbier and there has been a great vibe around camp with christmas tunes playing everywhere. Out on the slopes the groups have been working very hard, especially our new groups who had never skied before today. Some of our campers had never seen snow before today so they were super excited to get going this morning.

This afternoon we had a mixture of activities including Languages, Gingerbread house making and prize giving where the campers celebrated their past week here with us and were presented with skiing certificates , many prizes and watched a awesome slideshow that showcased their week here with us.
After dinner some of us headed over to the ice skating rink for some fun on the ice whist others chose to just chill and watch a movie after the big day.
We are sadly also saying goodbye to a few campers tomorrow to them we are so glad you came and we have enjoyed getting to know you all and please come again and stay with us soon.


The campers had an action packed day today at Les Elfes. For some students the day started on the slopes, with some super skiing. Though not that sunny, it was snowing the whole night before so the students got to enjoy perfect powder conditions.

For many of the others who opted for excursions, they had an amazing time exploring the nearby city of Lausanne. Firstly, they brushed up on their sports knowledge and visited the world-famous Olympic Museum. This was extremely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the campers as special representatives from the 2016 Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony were there to great them and give them a private samba dance lesson!!!!!

Following this, probably the highlight of the day for many of the campers was the mouthwatering visit to a Swiss Chocolate factory. Not only did they learn all about the sourcing and production and history of the scrumptious treat, but were able to taste the different varieties of chocolate, and even bring some home to share with their family and friends!

The excursion ended with cultural sightseeing around the city of Lausanne. The campers loved the beautiful scenery and had the chance to do some last minute shopping.

With this amazing week coming to an end, it was extremely sad for the campers and staff at here at Les Elfes. To recognize their fantastic achievements and progress this week, there was a prize-giving ceremony after dinner. Most of the kids won medals and prizes, not only for their excellent performances at the ski-races the day before, but also for winning the Tidy Dorm Prize, as well as Star Camper accolade, awarded by the animation staff.

The day was rounded off with the showing of the “Happy” music video, which the campers put a lot of hard work into.

Sunday 31st January – Departures, skiing, snowboarding, baking and ice skating

Today came to    the end of the trip for one of our Chinese groups. It has been a pleasure having them and was very sad to see them leave. It was fantastic spending the week with them and we wish them a safe trip home.

The rest of the groups today had another brilliant time on the mountain and there is definitely some real improvement being made in both the skiing and snowboarding.

This afternoon some went to town to do some shopping while others stayed on camp playing games. Fajitas was on tonight’s menu for dinner which went down a treat. Afterwards we had prize giving for one school where we awarded students with medals, certificates and prizes for all their hard work over the week. Then all the groups headed to the ice rink for this evenings activity – Ice skating!! It was a lot of fun skating around and some enjoyed an intense game of ice hockey. To end the evening everyone had a hot chocolate while we reviewed the day activities.

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Meanwhile… in Le Chable…

Some campers are still working in Dubai time, so it was an early start for our students and instructors. Everyone was excited to get outside and enjoy the snow and there were many tumbles, snowball fights and bouts of laughter today. Our level 1s learned to stop AND turn on the first day, which is really great progress and they are now confidently making it down the beginner slope.

We also had some more advanced groups who had their first day on the mountain and were loving spending their morning refreshing their skills and their afternoon exploring small parts of the resort. After a busy day the students returned for hot chocolate and snacks.

After hot chocolate and snacks we had shower time, tidy room competition and then optional activities. There were 2 options today: to finish the movie from last night or to bake cornflake cakes in teams. Dinner was Beef Ragout and Swiss Spatzli followed by a short gondola ride to ice skating.

The group had the chance this evening to meet our individuals from the Verbier camp and to enjoy the ice while trying to swirl around, perform tricks or, for some, stand up. It was a great day and the kids have done so well, it was a busy and trying day and still they persevered and had great spirit throughout and it was so nice to see.

Friday 8th- Skiing, Snowboarding and Prize Giving

Another great day here at Les Elfes! The weather has been better than yesterday but still not brilliant conditions, so a massive well done again to everyone for persevering out on the mountain.

This afternoon a few students went to the pool while some chose to relax here at the chalet. There was also some last minute shoppers as unfortunately a lot of individuals are leaving us tomorrow morning. It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know them and we hope to see them again soon! To celebrate everyone’s achievements from throughout the week we held a prize giving ceremony this evening and awarded many students with medals and certificates. To end the evening we all watched this week’s music video and slideshow to look back at all the skiing, activities and excursions we’ve had.
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Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, prize giving

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Today we came to the end of our week for some of our campers here at Les Elfes, but we ended it in style with a gorgeous BBQ up on the mountain for lunch. The sun was still shining as many students took part in races and time trials out on the slopes with some amazing times recorded! A group of students also had the fantastic opportunity to take part in paragliding from the mountain, an experience they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Once back at campus it was time to relax and play a game or two, while some headed into the village to do some last minute shopping! A traditional cheese fondue was then enjoyed by all before it was time for our prize giving and slideshow of the weeks events.

During the prize giving the instructors and animation team awarded students with medals and prizes to celebrate their achievements in both skiing and snowboarding as well as competitions we’ve had throughout the week.  To end the evening everyone watched the slideshow to look back at the memories they have created over their time here. We have now all said our goodbyes and are ready for some well deserved sleep!

Friday 2nd October 2015 – prize giving, departure

Hello everyone! We are sad to say our goodbye to this wonderful group of kids. We have had so much fun with you and wish you could stay a little longer!

After breakfast everyone was already fully packed and we could start our prize giving. Everyone was excited for that and there were a lot of prizes to give out. Challenge winners, tidy room competition and many more where appreciated for their hard work, great attitude and never ending energy!

See you all next year!!

Friday 25th September 2015 – prize giving, departure

We are glad to spend such a great week with such great group of kids! We are sad to say goodbye, but we know you will come back next year!

After breakfast kids went to rooms to pack their bags and check out. Once it was done everyone gather for prize giving. Tidy room competition, different awards for week long challenges and finally slide show with all the photos from activities that got students exited and remember all the fun times throughout the week!

See you all next year!

Friday 28th August 2015 – Lake day, Prize giving

Another sunny day in Verbier! Perfect weather for day near on the lake banana boating and tubing! Kids where full of energy this morning and ready for fun!

One by one kids started to get on banana boat and tubes, some found more interesting to paddle board or water ski. But there was definitely something for everyone.

After returning back to camp kids had to pack as everyone is leaving tomorrow. But fun wasn’t over just yet! After some quick last shopping it was time for dinner and prize giving! All kids gathered in the big Les Elfes chalet and the monitors put on  a show for them. Various awards were given for the competitions and activities that took place during the week, like the tidiest room, the sports tournaments and the clubs competitions. A star camper was awarded the highest prize for best representing the core Les Elfes values.

After the prizes where given out and the monitors made their speeches everybody headed down to the cinema room to get their sports and languages certificates and watch the videos and slideshows the staff had prepared for them.

Now everybody is saying goodbye and getting ready to got bed, not forgetting exchanging contacts and a few tearful goodbyes … or rather – `till next time`!

Keep checking our Facebook page for more updates!

See you all soon!

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