Thursday 28th March: Racing Day and Prize Giving

Today, all our students woke up excited about the event to come: the RACE!

It was their opportunity to show all the skills they have acquired during the week. The race went remarkably well and as a first reward, they had a barbecue on the moutain and skied the rest of the afternoon.

This afternoon, some of them played either football or table games, others did some shopping in the village, and the rest chose to bake some delicious cookies.

In the evening, all their efforts have been rewarded at Prize Giving.


After a big and energetic breakfast, the kids were ready for an incredible day of skiing, the last one for a lot of them. A great opportunity to enjoy the slopes with new friends and to spend funny time with their instructors. The day was lovely sunny and they ate a yummy picnic on the mountain to continue skiing in the afternoon.

At 4pm all of them came back to the campus to drink hot chocolate and eat snacks, take a shower or relax in the apartments for a bit. Then, some of them had language lessons, other played boardgames and others packed everything to come back home tomorrow.

Between 18 and 19h. in the evening, the dinner was served, before the prize giving started. It’s a beautiful and grateful activity to close an incredible holiday for the kids and gave them some prizes for their good days here. An enjoyable and happy night for everyone at camp!

Friday 15th Last day skiing, prize giving and time to say goodbye!

When the kids woke up this morning, exhausted from the intense weak of skiing and other activities, their spirits were lifted by the beautiful sunny day that awaited them. A quick breakfast, boots and helmets on, and off they went again to battle the mountains one last time!

Alas, this week has come and gone too quickly, and when the kids came back from skiing, it was already time to start packing. Some headed into town for some last minute souvenir shopping and a tasty crepe. Yet, the wisest of them saved their hungry bellies for traditional Swiss raclette, a well-deserved meal for this wonderful group who gave 100% throughout the week!

Finally, it was time to show them the highlights of the week, their entertaining Music Video, Pictures and most importantly our prize giving ceremony, that revealed the winners of the big ski race amongst other prizes.

It has been a great week at Les Elfes, and we will surely miss this group! For now, we bid them farewell and hope to see them again next year!

25th August – Last Day, Lake Day, Bridge Swinging and Prize Giving!!

It was everyone’s last day on camp today and we have gone off with a bang! Everybody has had so much fun and there have been plenty of smiling faces. The discovery and explorer groups were straight off to the lake in the beautiful sunshine. They have had an amazing time playing games on the giant inflatables and having a go at water sports and paddles boarding. On land there were plenty of games to keep them entertained with badminton, football and a classic bit of bat and ball. The Pioneer group had an adrenaline rushed day with a bit of bridge swinging to wake them all up this morning followed by a very competitive, exciting game of lazer tag which they loved!

Back at camp it was sadly time to pack and buy some last minute souvenirs from town. Tonight we finished on a high with prize giving and an emotional slideshow highlighting the amazing memories made at camp. Thank You and See you next year guys!!

July 7th 2017 – Lake day, bridge swinging and prize giving!

We have had a fantastic final day of summer session two doing lots of different activities. The discoveries and explorers headed off to spend the day chilling at the lake taking part in all sorts of water sports. They had the chance to do a bit of paddle boarding, kayaking, tubing and banana boating which was great fun.

The pioneers had the opportunity to do some bridge swinging which was challenging but awesome and then tried some laser tag afterwards. This evening we all got together for prize giving where we handed out certificates and prizes to all the campers. We had a lovely evening celebrating everyone’s achievements. It has been an emotional evening with lots of tears as everyone said their goodbyes

Friday 23rd June – Lake day, Bridge Swing, Prize Giving

It is our final day here for the majority of our campers and it has been an excellent day all round. The discoveries and explorers all went down to the lake to do some watersports such as banana boating, paddleboarding and kayaking which was super fun. They also played lots of games and enjoyed eating ice creams in the sun.

The pioneers had a brilliant time bridge swinging flying through the air. It was great to see them all challenge themselves and try something new. After that they all battled each other at laser tag running around trying to shoot the opposite team.

Tonight we had prize giving to celebrate an end to such a fantastic two weeks with our fabulous campers. We awarded prizes for tidy room, a mixture of games, special awards and finally our star campers of the session. It will be sad to see them leave and we hope to see them again next year!

Monday 29th – BBQ, Aqua park, prize giving and disco

It has been an amazing day here in Verbier with loads of fun activities! This morning we began the day with our etiquette and web identity classes before a lovely BBQ out in the sunshine. Our group then went to the Aqua park and had a brilliant time running around and whizzing down the slides!

This evening we had a prize giving to award all our special campers for their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the week. Afterwards we watched the slideshow and had a disco to end such a fantastic week.

Friday 28th April – Ski race, excursion, core clubs & prize giving

It has been a brilliant Friday here in Verbier with tons and tons of snow! It has literally not stopped for 24 hours giving us so much powder to play and ski with. All our campers have found it amazing building snowmen and having snowball fights. They had their ski race today which went really well, we had some super quick times and some individuals really shone through when it came down to the final race.

Elsewhere we had one group visit Vevey to do some sight-seeing and shopping. They also had a brilliant time at the Charlie Chaplin museum. This afternoon when our campers returned from the mountain we enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate before taking part in our final core clubs. We had presentations to conclude the sessions and show off what they have all learnt.

Tonight we enjoyed prize giving where our animation staff and instructors got to hand out special prizes and award the medals for the race results. We ended the evening with a slideshow of the weeks highlights. It has been a really fun week and we hope to see these campers again next year.

Friday March 24 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Prize Giving and Departures.

Another great day has come to a end here at Les Elfes.
Today some of the campers headed off on various excursions some to the famous Cailler chocolate factory which was thoroughly enjoyed by our group, and then on to the Gruyure cheese factory. Some also visited the Olympic museum which was a lot of fun with its interactive games.
Everyone else here at camp headed up the mountain for one last day of skiing and snowboarding really getting to perfect the skills they have learnt over the week and try some new harder runs.
In the afternoon we sadly had to say goodbye to some of our campers who are heading off home after a super fun week here but before they left we had a small prize giving where the instructors got to give out some special prizes and say goodbye.
The other campers enjoyed a well deserved hot chocolate and snacks and used the afternoon to relax and pack after the big week skiing and snowboarding.
After dinner we had a prize giving for the rest of our camper where our instructors revealed the all important race results and congratulated everyone on their performance throughout the week. Afterwards everyone enjoyed watching the slideshow of the week and the music video we made earlier on in the week. It has been a brilliant week and we are all sad to see these groups leave.

16th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, The Cube and Prize Giving

Another spectacular day on the mountain with the sun shining for our weekly race day. There were some brilliant races which got very competitive and the children had the chance to really show off their speed and technique. After all the groups enjoyed a lovely BBQ on the slopes, taking in the views Verbier has to offer. For some of the groups it was their last day on the mountain and they definitely did it in style.

Back at camp a lot of groups had the chance to venture into town for last minute shopping whilst others took the opportunity to relax after a busy week. One of our school groups took part in our game show The Cube, which challenged their agility, speed, coordination and most importantly their team work.

Tonight we had our prize giving, awarding medals to our race winners and certificates to all our children. We also gave out star camper awards, followed by a slideshow in the cinema room. We have had a great week so far and are looking forwards to one more day with our amazing children!!

9th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledging, Prize Giving and Disco

This morning everyone was up and ready to go skiing and snowboarding early, excited about the ski race on the mountain. Everyone who took part did so amazingly and the competition was high. For one of our school groups it was their last day on the mountain and so made the most of their time, whizzing down run after run.

This afternoon we had a mixture of activities, with a cooking club, a movie and of course, unfortunately packing. We were also back out in the snow sledging and having a crazy time creating new runs to see who could get the fastest tracks.

Tonight we had a busy evening with prize giving and a disco. All the instructors were at camp revealing those important race results and awarding medals and prizes to the most improved skiers. After the children had the chance to dance the night away at our Disco which was super fun and a lovely way to spend their last evening with their friends.

3rd March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Last Day, Prize Giving

All our school groups and individuals have had an amazing last day up the mountain and have achieved so much over the last week. Some of our campers arrived less than a week ago, never having seen snow or been on ski’s before and are now parallel turning down blue and red runs. We hope they are super proud of their accomplishment. For our advanced skiers, today they faced the challenge of Tortan and did so brilliantly with ease and style. Back at camp it was time for most of our groups to unfortunately hand back their equipment until next year.

This afternoon we had some last minute present buying in town, shopping for souvenirs for friends and family back home. The children were also busy packing and playing games with their friends.

Tonight we ended the week on a high with prize giving. All the instructors came in to hand out their certificates and medals, to those who had won the race! We have all had an amazing week with everyone, so thank you for being awesome and we hope to see you all again soon!

24th February – Final Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Village and Prize Giving!!

Today was many of our campers last day out on the mountain so everyone was keen to make the most of their day and were ready and raring to go. The conditions were a lot tougher as we have finally had some snow after a week of glorious weather. The visibility wasn’t great but everyone was amazing, paying attention and still wanting to learn more from their instructors on their final day. This week has been an outstanding week for all the staff at Les Elfes as everyone has integrated well, with school groups mixing well with our individuals. There has been some strong friendships formed and we hope they all stay in touch and come back next year!

This afternoon we had some last minute shopping for gifts as well as a lot of packing and playing games. Tonight we finished the week off with our prize giving. The instructors were all in work presenting their medals and special prizes as well as the animation staff giving out their star camper awards. To top it off we watched a lovely slideshow of all our amazing photos taken throughout the week and then the music video which had been edited and was very funny! We hope you all have a safe journey home and for those that are staying next week…bring it on!!

February 17th – Skiing, escape rooms, dine out, prize giving

It has been an interesting day here in Verbier with all our campers making the most of their last day on the mountain. The weather has been a real mix from beautiful sunshine to lots of snow! Most of our groups enjoyed skiing around different slopes with some visiting Mt Fort as well. Everyone has worked super hard this week and has been determined to carry on even though we had lots of tired legs. A big well done to everyone from all the instructors and monitors here in Verbier.

This afternoon we had lots going on with our discovery group attempting to get out of the escape rooms. They did really well and although they didnt quite make it they displayed great team work and dedication! Back at camp we had lots of games while some chose to wander into town to buy some souveniers. Tonight some of our explorers went on dine out to the restaurant Chez Martin and had a really lovely meal. We celebrated the end of a brilliant week with Prize giving this evening. Our monitors and instructors took the opportunity to thank and congratulate their groups by awarding medals and prizes.

It has been a super week and we are looking forward to meeting our new arrivals tomorrow!




Friday Feb 10th 2017- Skiing, Escape Rooms, Departures & Prize Giving

CRANS MONTANA: Final day on the slopes with our amazing school from Dubai! The ski race had to be postponed to the afternoon due to the strong winds, but all the campers managed to still do brilliantly, going super fast down the boarder cross!

This afternoons prize giving was lovely, giving out lots of prizes and medals which meant lots of happy campers!  All the kids are packed ready for their journey home to Dubai tomorrow!



VERBIER: Today was another amazing day here at Les Elfes the sun was shining and everyone was super excited to get out on the mountain to enjoy for some there last day here on the slopes.
Today for some of our campers it was only a half day skiing before heading back to Les Elfes for lunch and then departing whilst the rest of the campers enjoyed the rest of the afternoon skiing and snowboarding around the mountain with their new friends and instructors.
This afternoon some of our campers went to the Escape Rooms here in Verbier whilst others went to the village for some last minuet special gifts.
Tonight was a awesome night of celebration of all the campers, the staff and the instructors celebrating all of their accomplishments from the week but it also meant a sad goodbye for some as tomorrow we have a number of departures.
Everyone is off to bed now to catch some sleep for the big day tomorrow.

Thursday 2nd January – Skiing, ski race, BBQ, prize giving & disco!

It has been a fun filled day here in Verbier for all our campers and one to certainly remember! Everyone was up nice and early ready to meet their instructors and head out to the mountains. There has been some serious improvement in everyone’s ability and our campers had a super day skiing and boarding around the slopes. Today was also race day and so everyone got the chance to take part in our very own slalom course and compete against their fellow campers. It was taken very seriously and everyone was excited to find out the results at prize giving!

It was a special lunch today, a beautiful BBQ in the sunshine at La Chaux. It was a chance to enjoy the scenery and relax before continuing with this afternoons ski. Back at camp this afternoon it was time for Prize Giving where our instructors and monitors took the opportunity to congratulate our campers and award them with race result medals and prizes. Afterwards it was down to the cinema room to watch this weeks music video and slideshow!

The highlight of the day was tonight’s disco in town! Everyone was dressed to impress and eager to get on the dance floor. The atmosphere was buzzing and all the campers wanted to dance the night away!


27th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, Prize Giving & Departures

It has been a crazy week full of fun and excitement but tonight it was some of our campers last night at Les Elfes so it has been an emotional day. All our groups out on the mountain have done so well, reaching amazing levels and learning so many new skills. Some of our skiers and snowboarders are now level 4 and 5 and for those that were beginners at the start of the week are now reaching level 2 and comfortably getting down blue slopes. All the instructors are very proud of them and it was clear they have all had a great week with lot’s of amazing memories.

This afternoon, most of our campers ventured into town to buy some last minute souvenirs for friends and family back home. Tonight we had our weekly prize giving where the instructors gave out their medals and prizes from race day. There were some surprise winners and lot’s of smiley faces, so well done to everyone who took part. The animation team also gave out star camper prizes and said their final goodbyes to those who are leaving tomorrow. We hope everyone has had an amazing trip and we hope to see you all again soon!!

Friday 20th January – Departures, skiing, village, prize giving

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier and all our campers had a super day skiing around the mountain. The snowboarders have seriously improved and have been working on drills to improve their balance and posture. The skiers have also enjoyed learning new tricks to add to their performance.

We had one school sadly depart after lunch, it has been a wonderful week with excellent skiing and lots of fun activities in the afternoon and evenings. Some of our individuals chilled out playing in the games room while some ventured into the village to enjoy a milkshake and a crepe!

Tonight we have prize giving to award our star campers, the tidiest rooms and announce the all important race results. All our instructors have been super impressed this week and are looking forward to congratulate their groups tonight.

Friday 13th January – SKiing, arrivals, excursion & prize giving

This morning started off with a bang! Everyone was eager to get downstairs to put their boots on and get out skiing and snowboarding on the fresh snow. We have had heaps of snow during the night which continued into today so a powder day for everyone! All our campers persevered through many snow storms and were determined to stay out even in tough conditions. Some groups enjoyed a quick hot chocolate on mountain before carrying on.

Due to the hard conditions today many campers were extremely tired so opted to stay and relax at camp or headed to the village. We also welcomed a new group from China this evening who had spent their first day visiting Chateau de Chillion. They are all excited to be here and are ready to be ski fitted and get a good nights sleep after a long journey!

Also this evening we had our prize giving for our individuals and school from Dubai. It was a chance for our monitors and instructors to thank and congratulate the campers for such a wonderful week.




Friday 6th January – Skiing, town, prize giving

It has been a wonderful week here at Les Elfes and today was our last day for the majority of the campers. The sun was back today and conditions pretty good on the mountain. All the groups did a brilliant job in the cold and stuck it out so a big well done from all the staff. Everyone has put in a lot of effort and determination and it has clearly worked off with the amount of improvement shown today.

This afternoon it was the last chance to buy souvenirs and gifts for family and friends so a trip to town was needed! Everyone else finished packing and played games at camp. Tonight for dinner was traditional Swiss fondue which was delicious!

This evening we celebrated everyone’s achievements at Prize Giving. The animation staff awarded prizes for the tidiest rooms, the winners of the game shows throughout the week and the star campers. The instructors announced the race results and handed out medals to those who won. They also handed out prizes for their star skier this week. To end the night we all headed down to the cinema room to watch the music video and slideshow of the week.

30th December – Ski Race, BBQ, Basketball, Swimming & Prize Giving.

This morning we were all systems go at Les Elfes with all our campers excited about the ski race. The children have been anticipating the results all day, eager to find out if they had won the gold medal. But before they could find out, there were a lot more activities awaiting .

For lunch everyone was treated to a tasty BBQ on the mountain which was enjoyed in the beautiful sunshine. After another day skiing and snowboarding the children had the choice to sign up for Basketball, Swimming or indoor games back at Camp. Basketball was very popular and quite competitive but definitely enjoyed by everyone that took part.

Tonight we were again treated to a swiss speciality – cheese fondue. It went down very well and was a memorable moment for a lot of the students. After, our amazing team of instructors joined us to deliver the all important race results and certificates to all the children, telling them what level skier or snowboarder they have become. We finished tonight with a slideshow showing all the amazing moments captured on camera.