Friday April 7th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town Visits, Escape Rooms, Casino Night & Quiz Night

Today was a awesome day at Les Elfes the sun was shinning and the snow was soft so all the campers very much enjoyed the day up the mountain skiing all over and enjoying their last day before going on excursion tomorrow and departing in the afternoon.
The campers who are staying for another week got to practice all the skills they have learnt over the week and try some new runs.
This afternoon after enjoying some yummy hot chocolate and snacks the campers all packed as tomorrow majority or them leave early in the morning on excursion and other check out of their chalet.
After packing most campers went to town to pick up some last minuet gifts and chocolate.
After dinner the campers did a split in activities some did casino night and others did trivia night before heading off to bed to catch some sleep before the big departure day tomorrow.

17th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Sledging and Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Verbier looked super pretty this morning with the beautiful sunshine beating down on the snowy mountains. The air was fresh but the children were all wrapped up warm and ready to get out on the slopes again to continue learning from their amazing instructors. Some groups are learning to parallel turn whilst others are beginning to carve around the mountain. Our beginners are progressing quickly and most of them will be heading up to the top very soon.

Back at camp there were a mixture of activities on offer and there was an exciting vibe in the air. The children had a crazy time sledging back out in the snow whilst others went swimming or made some delicious cookies. Some of individuals headed to languages and others strolled into town to look around the shops and visit some cafes.

Tonight our school group had a lot of fun participating in Who Want To Be A Millionaire, which got very competitive but showed just how clever our campers are. We also had Boys vs Girls for our Individuals who completed different games and challenges to see who are the ultimate champions! All in all we have had a fantastic day here in Verbier!!