Friday 12th – Ski Race, Last Day, Prize Giving!

Today has been fantastic and to top off a brilliant two week in Switzerland our group of students finished with their ski race. Everyone was very excited this morning and eager to have a go at our slalom course. The groups battled it out between themselves for those all important Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. They have improved massively over the last week and their instuctors are very proud of each of their achievements.

This afternoon there was no time for chilling as we had to head off and catch the train, sadly leaving Zermatt behind us. However, we were heading back to Verbier where we were welcomed with a lovely dinner followed by a prizegiving, where all the awards won over the two weeks were handed out. We had prizes for our tidy room competition, a football competition, star camper awards and much more. All the staff here at Les Elfes has had a brilliant two weeks with the children and it will be sad to say goodbye. Thank you all for being amazing and we hope to see you all again soon!!

16th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, The Cube and Prize Giving

Another spectacular day on the mountain with the sun shining for our weekly race day. There were some brilliant races which got very competitive and the children had the chance to really show off their speed and technique. After all the groups enjoyed a lovely BBQ on the slopes, taking in the views Verbier has to offer. For some of the groups it was their last day on the mountain and they definitely did it in style.

Back at camp a lot of groups had the chance to venture into town for last minute shopping whilst others took the opportunity to relax after a busy week. One of our school groups took part in our game show The Cube, which challenged their agility, speed, coordination and most importantly their team work.

Tonight we had our prize giving, awarding medals to our race winners and certificates to all our children. We also gave out star camper awards, followed by a slideshow in the cinema room. We have had a great week so far and are looking forwards to one more day with our amazing children!!

16th February – Ski Race, BBQ, Village & Town


This morning everyone on camp was excited for our ski race and BBQ up the mountian. After a week of learning new skills they went up against each other in a timed slalom race. We will find out the results tomorrow and who won the medals. After this everyone enjoyed a fantastic BBQ in the beautiful sunshine and for some of the groups they enjoyed a trip up to the very highest point to Mont Fort. A great day for some fab pictures.

Back at camp most people wanted to chill as they are tired from a busy week. Others chose to head into town to buy souvenirs for family and friends and treated themselves to a few snacks from the shops.

Tonight we had a great time at our Disco. Everyone was up on the dance floor having fun and busting out some crazy moves! Bed time now, ready for another busy day tomorrow.

26th January – Race Day, Games & Disco Night!!

We’ve had an exciting morning here in Verbier with our ski race kicking off in La Chaux. Over breakfast everyone was chatting about the race wondering who will be awarded the gold, silver and bronze medals tomorrow. All the children did very well and we had some very quick results, especially from our Swiss School. Our beginner groups were very chuffed with their achievments, considering at the start of the week some of them had never been skiing or Snowboarding before. After the race they enjoyed more runs in the beautiful sunshine.

This afternoon, after a busy fun filled week, a lot of our students opted to rest at Les Elfes, joining in with games such as Table Tennis, Pool, Bracelet making, and Card Games. It was nice for them to just chill out after an energised day.. Everyone had a fantastic time dancing away tonight at our Disco in town. The tunes were pumping and everyone hit the dance floor following some of our monitors dance routines and having a good time. Now it’s time for some much needed sleep.


Friday 16th December – Race day, skiing, excursion day, prize giving

A fantastic week has unfortunately come to an end for most of our schools here on campus and it has been wonderful having them here. Lots of memories have been made and new friendships forged. It has been an unforgettable week with everyone taking home new skills, talents and an ability to ski!!

One school enjoyed sight-seeing in Montreux at the christmas market and visited the Cailler chocolate factory as well as the cheese factory in Geneva.

Today our race day was in full flow and everyone was eager to find out their results at this evening’s prize giving. Instructors and animation staff gave special mentions, prizes and medals to congratulate their groups this week. Afterwards we all headed down to the cinema room to watch the music video and final slideshow of all the week’s highlights.

Thursday 17th – Race day, BBQ, Disco & Dine Out

Today has been a glorious day here in Verbier with the sun shining making it perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Everyone had a lovely time out riding and learning new skills from their instructors. It was race day today so all our campers had the opportunity to take part in the slalom course. We had some quick times and a few surprising competitors! Afterwards they all headed to the BBQ on the mountain which was beautiful in the sunshine. There was lots of laughter and chatter and with full stomachs everyone headed back out in their groups for the rest of the afternoon.

Back at Les Elfes there was snacks out for the returning campers and then lots of activities on offer. Many headed into Verbier town to by presents and souvenirs for family and enjoyed a milkshake as well. Others chose to relax and play games here instead. This evenings dinner was traditional cheese fondue and went down a treat with everyone here especially as many had never tried it before.

After dinner it was Disco and kareoke time for one of the groups where they danced and sang the night away. There was some brilliant dancing and many games as well. Others joined in with our quiz while some went into town. It has been a busy but awesome day here and we’ve had lots of fun with our campers.

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3rd March – Race Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Disco!!

This morning we woke up to piles of soft, powdery snow and even more snow falling. After a good breakfast, all the children got mentally prepared for race day! With all the energy they needed everyone headed out to get competitive for the big race, with those all important medals up for grabs. The conditions haven’t been great today but it’s good to see that everyone put in all their effort to keep trying and learning new skills.

Back at camp, a lot of people decided to stay and relax at les elfes, and opted for some chilled out card games as well as billiards, table tennis and table football. For those who still had energy remaining, headed for the swimming pool and town.

Tonight we had a Swiss treat as for dinner it was time for cheese fondue! A lot of our students had never had the pleasure of trying this before so it was a great new experience for them, and most people loved it! After piling in the cheese and bread, we partied into the evening with our exciting Les Elfes Disco. People busted their moves and we even had a few dance offs which were very entertaining.

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28th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, BBQ, Race Day, Disco

What a great day we have had here in Verbier. This morning everyone was up and out on time to make the most of another good day in the mountain. This time even the beginners headed up the mountain as they now had the confidence to tackle the blue slopes and were able to learn even more off their instructors. Today at lunch, we all stopped for a break and a BBQ on the side of the mountain which was enjoyed by everybody and was a great experience for our Chinese students. For one of our Chinese groups, it was also sadly their last day on the mountain so they had the chance to get competitive and take part in our race day, where there were medals up for grabs! They all had lots of fun and we had some quick times. This afternoon they were then presented with certificates for all their hard work and effort throughout the week.

Tonight for dinner we had meat Fondue, a definite highlight of the week. This was followed by our fantastic disco night, where all the students went in to town for a party and dancing. The music was excellent and everyone enjoyed singing along to their favourite tunes, that the DJ blasted out. It’s safe to say that everyone is now very worn out from a jam packed day full of excitement.
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