Tuesday 29th September 2015 – rock climbing, games

Hello everyone! Another great day ahead of us!

After a great breakfast everyone was ready for activities! While half of kids went rock climbing others gathered for teachers led activity – marshmallow challenge. Kids had so much fun building tower and competing which team will have the strongest, highest and prettiest tower. But everyone was waiting for finale when each team actual got to try their tower, mmmm yummeee!

Meanwhile other group of kids went rock climbing to a real climbing wall down in Sembrancher, just 20 min drive with the bus and everyone was on place for some physical activities. After safety instructions from guides kids put on helmets and harnesses and where ready for challenge. Some needed help with instruction, some with encouragement, but others went straight up showing great climbing techniques. We are so proud of you all!

Once everyone was back in camp it was time to shower and have little bit of free time with activities on camp site, but after dinner is was time for Who wants to be a Millionaire! Kids where enthusiastic and showed great knowledge about a lot of different subjects. Team work played a big role in figuring out the correct answer! Great job winners!

See you all tomorrow with more great news from our campers!


Wednesday 9th September – Mountain biking, Rock climbing

Another beautiful and sunny day here in Verbier! Kids this morning where quick to wake up and it was such a fun day ahead.

Mountain biking in the morning was refreshing but also challenging. Some kids where very confident while other needed s little guidance on balance and speed. Lunch break was just in time for everyone to relax and get ready for the next activity.

Rock climbing was so much fun! After safety instructors kids started to put on helmets and harness. Braver kids went first and others while waiting played team games and encouraged climbers. Instructors where impressed with their skills and after each time kids where able to go higher and shoe better skills.

All day in fresh air got kids tired, but that didn’t stop them from participating in shopping or swimming during their free time. After dinner kids where ready for some fun in disco!!

Tuesday 1st of September 2015 – Rock climbing, Egg dropp chalange

Today kids woke up early and where ready for new challenges! While half group went to rock climbing others joined egg drop challenge here in the camp, but after lunch groups swapped.

After sunny and hot week rain have surprised us, but everyone where up for the challenge. Teams who where doing Edd drop competition where excited to build their own nest strong enough for egg not to brake when it falls. Their first assignment was to design what they will build and figure out what kids of materials from the nature can be used. Once that was done it was time to build what was created on the paper before. It took quite a long time as kids had to figure out how to make it safe for the egg. Finlay it was time to try their nests and see what other teams have created. Challenge was on and teams where exited to see eggs flying down.

Meanwhile other half of the group where rock climbing. After safety speech kids where ready to put on harnesses and helmets and try out their skills. Some kids where a bit cautious and where letting other to try out first so wee technique and best ways to get until top. Other when straight to the top showing amazing skills and a good example to others.

Great day full of sports and different challenges! But in the evening kids can expect more fun in our evening activity- Who wants to be a Millionaire?

High ropes in Aigle, Alpine zoo, Rock climbing in sembrencher, Poetry walk and Disco

After breakfast the students separated into their groups.

Groups A and B went on down to Sembrancher to go climbing in the sunshine, while down there they had some time to relax and play games while waiting to climb. After lunch they moved back to Les Elfes, had a little time to get some water and food, then went on an enjoyable poetry walk with their monitors and teachers, taking their time while stopping at beautiful locations to give the students inspiration for their poems that they made when they returned to Les Elfes.

Groups C and D took off to Aigle ropes course. After a briefing from the guides and the monitors they went around the courses in groups with a teacher or monitor. The students thoroughly enjoyed the ropes course completing many challenges and courses throughout the morning. After the ropes course the groups then took a bus ride and enjoyed the afternoon in the Alpine zoo.

Climbing, Poetry walking, Sion high ropes course and Marecottes Zoo

The students separated into two main groups today, having groups A and B together and C and D doing separate activities.

Groups A and B – The students took off around 9am from Les Elfes to head out to the lovely Sion ropes course, this continued until lunch. After lunch the students then went to the Marecottes Zoo and returned back to Les Elfes around 5pm.

Groups C and D – Took off around 9.50am to go  rock climbing in Sembrencher. During the day the students that waited for climbing had a great time with the monitors playing games and sports. After an amazing BBQ for lunch groups C and D returned to Les Elfes, had a little time to relax and then went on a nice relaxing guided walk stopping to create poems.

After a long day out all of the students returned, had a little time to relax and shower before participating in one of Les Elfes very popular activity, Bin bag fashion show.