Thursday 15th Feb – Skiing/ Snowboarding/Rock Climbing/ Disco

This Thursday kids woke up at 7:30 for a foggy day. Weather was not the best but kids were excited to go to the slopes anyways. After a delicious breakfast they left to go skiing and although the weather was miserable, all campers did their best and made the most out of it. All of the campers were really happy as it was ski race day. Very competitive, but all campers are looking forward to finding out of their results tomorrow at prize giving. Coming back in the afternoon for hot chocolate and bread with Nutella was well deserved by all the campers.

For most of the campers who didn’t have languages, either signed up for shopping in town or a bit of rock climbing. After dinner it was time to head to the Disco, which was enjoyed by all. So many different nationalities from our six schools this week on camp and also all our individuals. Was really nice to see that whatever country you are from, everyone can get along and have fun together.


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Tuesday 29th September 2015 – rock climbing, games

Hello everyone! Another great day ahead of us!

After a great breakfast everyone was ready for activities! While half of kids went rock climbing others gathered for teachers led activity – marshmallow challenge. Kids had so much fun building tower and competing which team will have the strongest, highest and prettiest tower. But everyone was waiting for finale when each team actual got to try their tower, mmmm yummeee!

Meanwhile other group of kids went rock climbing to a real climbing wall down in Sembrancher, just 20 min drive with the bus and everyone was on place for some physical activities. After safety instructions from guides kids put on helmets and harnesses and where ready for challenge. Some needed help with instruction, some with encouragement, but others went straight up showing great climbing techniques. We are so proud of you all!

Once everyone was back in camp it was time to shower and have little bit of free time with activities on camp site, but after dinner is was time for Who wants to be a Millionaire! Kids where enthusiastic and showed great knowledge about a lot of different subjects. Team work played a big role in figuring out the correct answer! Great job winners!

See you all tomorrow with more great news from our campers!


Monday 14th September – Ropes course, Rock climing, bridge swinging!

Beautiful day here in Verbier! So much fun activities for kids today! We are happy to welcome such a big group to our camp and enjoy this short time together!

Rock climbing got students challenged, but they where not afraid to climb higher and higher and challenge each other. It took a lot of strength and practice to finally reach the top and some did it more than once! Impressive!

Meanwhile other group had bridge swinging which was so much fun and also scary for the first moment. But after it was time for Ropes course. Most experienced students straight after practicing went to harder track and try their strength, but zip lines where the most fun for everyone!

More fun in the evening when students will make their own Lip Dup!

Such a fun first day, see you all tomorrow with more good news!

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Wednesday 9th September – Mountain biking, Rock climbing

Another beautiful and sunny day here in Verbier! Kids this morning where quick to wake up and it was such a fun day ahead.

Mountain biking in the morning was refreshing but also challenging. Some kids where very confident while other needed s little guidance on balance and speed. Lunch break was just in time for everyone to relax and get ready for the next activity.

Rock climbing was so much fun! After safety instructors kids started to put on helmets and harness. Braver kids went first and others while waiting played team games and encouraged climbers. Instructors where impressed with their skills and after each time kids where able to go higher and shoe better skills.

All day in fresh air got kids tired, but that didn’t stop them from participating in shopping or swimming during their free time. After dinner kids where ready for some fun in disco!!

Tuesday 1st of September 2015 – Rock climbing, Egg dropp chalange

Today kids woke up early and where ready for new challenges! While half group went to rock climbing others joined egg drop challenge here in the camp, but after lunch groups swapped.

After sunny and hot week rain have surprised us, but everyone where up for the challenge. Teams who where doing Edd drop competition where excited to build their own nest strong enough for egg not to brake when it falls. Their first assignment was to design what they will build and figure out what kids of materials from the nature can be used. Once that was done it was time to build what was created on the paper before. It took quite a long time as kids had to figure out how to make it safe for the egg. Finlay it was time to try their nests and see what other teams have created. Challenge was on and teams where exited to see eggs flying down.

Meanwhile other half of the group where rock climbing. After safety speech kids where ready to put on harnesses and helmets and try out their skills. Some kids where a bit cautious and where letting other to try out first so wee technique and best ways to get until top. Other when straight to the top showing amazing skills and a good example to others.

Great day full of sports and different challenges! But in the evening kids can expect more fun in our evening activity- Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Tuesday 18th August 2015 – Mountain biking, Rock climbing and Mini golf

It was an exciting morning for kids as they all joined for group photo of this session! Straight after it was time for language lessons where they learn something new every day! Talking with their classmates in foreign language lets them improve their skills and communicate much more easily.

After Language classes and a nice meal the kids were ready for today’s activities!

Our youngest group went Rock climbing. After putting their climbing gear – harness and helmet everyone got ready to climb the training wall. After the instructors gave them a safety speech and instructions the kids started on the beginner wall and then progressed on to the more challenging ones. Some kids showed great skills and climbing techniques while others overcome their fears and made themselves proud! While some kids were climbing other had time to play mini golf just next to climbing wall and of course cheer for their friends up high on the wall!

Oldest kids had much challenging activity- mountain biking! With excitement everyone went down the mountain back to village center.

After active day outside kids were ready to relax and enjoy their time shopping with friends.

Dinner time can quickly and after a nice meal it was finally time for quiz for older kids: Are you smarter than your monitor? and Bib Bag Fashion Show for our youngest group. Both Discovery and Pioneers had a lot of fun competing, comparing and trying their best to win!

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The weekends activities

This weekend……

The Discoveries – visited the aqua park on Saturday. It’s a selection of water chutes some fast, some slow, a lazy river and a wave pool. All the kids had a great day leading their monitors around all the adventures inside. Today the students ha language lessons this morning and they have been rock climbing this afternoon followed by a sunny evening at the outdoor pool!

The Explorers – had a career orientation day yesterday held by our monitors. They worked on presenting skills by designing products and presenting to a panel of monitors and students. Today they had language lessons in the morning. This afternoon they have been mountain biking and trottinetting.

The Pioneers – had a group of highly trained professionals come into the camp on Saturday. Their focus was to develop leadership skills within the group. Today the pioneers went to a high ropes course this afternoon. They slipped into Their harnesses and were soon swinging and whizzing down the zip lines high in the Forrest.

Tonight all groups will be doing a music video! I look forward to the final results 🙂






Rock climbing, sports day and a nature hike

After languages and lunch ….

The Discoveries – hiked down from the lunch destination on top of the mountain with a mountain guide. They were shown along the way different plants that are edible and some that are not. Signs of animals that are present in the area and how to spot them.

The Explorers – had a sports day when they came down from lunch so they were knocking balls around the tennis courts, and hitting long on the golf course. Tonight the discoveries an pioneers joined forces to play boys vs girls.

The Pioneers – went to the local rock climbing wall this afternoon to test their climbing skills. This evening they went to a local restaurant for dinner.










Sports day, ropes courses and rock climbing

Today we had all groups do their language lessons and optional activities in the morning.

After lunch the Discoveries hopped on the mini busses and took a short ride to sion for the high ropes course. The kids got their harnesses on and were climbing around the trees like monkeys after some early nerves.

The explorers also squeezed into harnesses and went to the outdoor climbing wall in verbier! The group leader commented that one of the students was the best climber he has seen all summer!

Our pioneers had a sports day today, so hit the tennis, volleyball courts and the golf centre. Some practiced their driving and some had a putting contest.

This evening we had our popular clubs night where the campers can choose what activities they want to do. We had some baking, dancing, sports, building things, photography, and acting class. I can confirm from the baking that the cookies are good and the ice cream was smooth and creamy.











Mt Fort Visit, Rock Climbing and a sports day

Today all of our students had there language lessons in the morning. After lunch they broke away into their groups….


The Discoveries hopped onto the buses for a short trip down the mountain to the rock climbing area. Here they had the chance to practice their skills on a real rock instead of the artificial wall. This evening they have arts and crafts so were all looking forward to see what they produce

The Explorers had their sports day this afternoon. They went up to the Golf course practiced some driving and putting, hit the tennis courts and rode some trails on the mountain bikes. After the hard afternoon they are on a dine out this evening at a nice restaurant in Verbier

The Pioneers went up Mt Fort this afternoon. It was a little cloudy which was a shame so they didn’t get to see the spectacular views but they had lots of fun hiking up to the cross and hiking back down. This evening they are doing a music video dubbing over sound with their own singing






Hiking, orienteering, mountain biking, trottinetting, rock climbing and group games

All of our campers had language lessons this morning. A few had horse riding and private tennis lessons after.

All the groups went up the mountain to a hut for a BBQ lunch. The hut overlooks the Valley into verbier and down into la tzoumaz and sion.

The Discoveries – had a nice nature walk on the way down the mountain. This evening they played are you smarter than your monitor. I’m afraid to say they were ! Well done guys!

The Explorers – had mountain biking and trottinetting after lunch. The mountain bikers broke into two smaller groups where half learnt to ride a bike and the other half went on slightly more challenging terrain. For trottinettes (giant scooter with full suspension, big wheels). The kids all flew down the mountain like ducks to water. On the path down some of the kids saw some marmots (little beaver type creatures) as well as beautiful views of verbier. This evening they have played a game of boys vs girls where they complete challenges against each other please to say the girls won helped by a loss of points for boys trying to bend the rules 🙂

The Pioneers – went rock climbing on the wall in verbier. This evening the teamed up for a game I who wants to be a millionaire.















St Bernard museum, ice skating, rock climbing and Martingy castle

Today the Discoveries went to the St Bernard dog museum. They learnt about the history of the rescue dogs and how they were used in mountain recovery. They recently had some puppies so they got to pet and play with them as well.

After languages and lunch the Explorers went ice skating. After an hour or so whizzing round they came back to camp instead of going out in the rain, they watched a movie in the cinema.

The Pioneers hopped on the bus this afternoon an went rock climbing in martingy. While in the historical town they visited the castle with stunning views overlooking the vin yards.

This evening all groups will be polishing their dancing shoes and digging out their best clothes for the DISCO. The smoke machine is ready and awaits them. We look forward to hearing how it went tomorrow. 20140711-184803-67683861.jpg











Rock climbing, high ropes, and banana boating

All of our students had language lessons this morning! The teachers have commented how well everyone is applying themselves to the lessons!

Discoverys – They all headed towards the lake after lunch! Once they arrived and unpacked they all started lining up for a go on the banana boat! Some had a go on the different paddle sports on offer as well.

Explorers – After lunch the explorers had a short walk across the village to the rock climbing wall. They broke into two groups and took turns at climbing and playing mini golf. They returned back to camp for free time, some students did their optional activities.

Pioneers – The pioneers went to the high ropes course this afternoon. They suited up into their harnesses and began to climb into the tree tops. After a couple of hours climbing and whizzing down zip lines it was time to go home.

This evening we had our clubs night which all students signed up for. Some clubs include photography, football coaching, arts and crafts, acting, singing, the list goes on. Everyone had a great time and are now heading for bed ready for their excursions tomorrow











Arrivals, biking, trottinetting, rock climbing, mini golf, ice breakers and team building

Today we welcome around 45 new arrivals into camp. As well as an action packed day for our existing campers while our new campers unpack and start to feel at home.

Discovery – Today our discovery campers had a nice picnic then went for an exciting round of mini golf this afternoon before returning for optional activities and free time.

Explorers – Our explorers split into two groups this morning one for mountain biking and the other for trottinetting (big scooters racing down the mountain) this was a great success as some of the trottinetting team were able to have a go at some of the more technical areas on the way down. They had a picnic in the park for lunch followed by beach volleyball and outside swimming at the local pool.

Pioneers – Our pioneers got to go and test their climbing skills on the artificial wall in verbier this afternoon before returning to complete their optional activities.

This evening our campers will break into the three groups for team building games and activities to help our new additions settle into the team