Saturday 9th March 2019 – Arrival Day

Today was the arrival of our individuals on camp, we also had a couple of individuals that are staying with us for another week of skiing which is really lovely to see. The weather this week is meant to bring us lots of snow in Verbier which will be amazing. The individuals that stayed on camp went skiing/snowboarding and the new arrivals prepared themselves for the fun filled week ahead….

Tuesday 26th February: Skiing, Languages & Dine Out!!

They rose up this morning with great energy, all excited to improve their skiing under the sun. They devoured their breakfasts and went down to slip into their boots and grab their skiis. Lunch was had on the mountain, and a few hours later, they made their way to the camp for a snack. Those who had languages, left for them shortly after, the remaining campers chose from a variety of activities. For dinner tonight nearly all went for Dine Out until late. They then made their way home from the restaurants and went to bed already looking forward to another day of skiing.

Wednesday 20th: Excursion day + Skiing for Perin camp!!

Today our students had the choice between going on an excursion at The Charlie Chaplin Museum and skiing.

Most of them went on excursion, discover more about this iconic personality and then enjoyed an afternoon shopping in Vevey.

While others chose to go on the mountain and to get the most of it during their stay at Les Elfes.

“Après-ski” they could either make chocolate mousse, go to the village or play some card games.

At the end of the day, ice-skating was offered to them as an evening activity. The individuals went for Dine Out either to the pizzeria or the fondue restaurant for an authentic dining experience.



Friday 18th of may ski slopes and evening activities

The campers were woken up at 7 am and were given a healthy breakfast . They were ready for their first day at skiing in Zermatt. There were many falls on the slope but our campers were determined to learn how to ski . Everybody had a blast . We finally started our descent by 2 p.m after a tiring day on the slopes .

Everyone hit the showers as soon as they reached back at the hotel and then went into town for ice cream or played football . Some people chose to stay back and relax. Then came their courses (leadership,bushcraft,etc).

Then came our delicious  dinner  of burgers and fries  after which we started with our clubs (apprentice,photography,etc) and the the first day of skiing ended just like it started on a happy note .

02.05.2018 – Skiing, Courses & Clubs

The day started of with the sound of doors banging as a few of our interns got to work- waking up the elfes! Half dressed and half asleep, everyone had breakfast and headed to the slopes. Unlike the cold and windy weather that greeted us the previous day, today it was considerably hotter. This caused the snow to stick causing some, actually a lot of falls. Through the course of a very interesting day of skiing, Iggy’s and Fernando’s group actually went to Italy and ate pizza, Eddie’s group made their way from the T-bar to the chairlift, Elliot’s group skiied in deep powder snow although it proved quite disastrous. Over all every ski group had an amazing day, with a whole lot of exhausted but excited discoverers and pioneers returning home.

After all of that it was still only around 3:30 in the afternoon. Every smelly and sweaty skier was sent to their room, some surprisingly against their will. Then came phone time. Every singe person crowding to get their phones, sitting downstairs to get better internet, telling their parents about their day, before being chased around until they finally gave in their phones and headed to the courses. A flurry of footsteps resulted in all the instructors having their full groups and starting the activities. From the sounds of it, all the elves had a fabulous time in their respective courses as the interns prepared for the evening. After a really good dinner of lasagna, fries and chocolate mousse, children scattered to their respective meeting points for the clubs.

The clubs went off amazing as well. The debating kids impressively potrayed their opinions without planning, the journalism buffs got an amazing amount of work done, the photography fans had a passion filled relaxed and interesting evening, the sports coaching apprentices had a nice visit to the gym and were introduced to circuit training, the little baking chefs had the time of their lives planning their cookie company.

At the end of this eventful day, the most appealing prospect for the kids, interns and instructors was undoubtedly heading to bed.

Thursday 15th Feb – Skiing/ Snowboarding/Rock Climbing/ Disco

This Thursday kids woke up at 7:30 for a foggy day. Weather was not the best but kids were excited to go to the slopes anyways. After a delicious breakfast they left to go skiing and although the weather was miserable, all campers did their best and made the most out of it. All of the campers were really happy as it was ski race day. Very competitive, but all campers are looking forward to finding out of their results tomorrow at prize giving. Coming back in the afternoon for hot chocolate and bread with Nutella was well deserved by all the campers.

For most of the campers who didn’t have languages, either signed up for shopping in town or a bit of rock climbing. After dinner it was time to head to the Disco, which was enjoyed by all. So many different nationalities from our six schools this week on camp and also all our individuals. Was really nice to see that whatever country you are from, everyone can get along and have fun together.


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6th Jan – Changover day, skiing, Snowboarding, shopping

Most of the campers are leaving today, so it is a bit sad for us, but we will remember the great time we spent together in the past week. As for those who stay here and for the new arrivals from yesterday, they went skiing. The weather was very good, sunny and beautiful, could not be better for skiiers. In the afternoon, the new kids have Verbier Hunt and Ski Fit, getting ready for the amazing time that they are going to have in Les Elfes. In the evening, we played the cube, which consists of various mental, physical games for the campers.

All campers quite tired, ready to sleep for the week ahead!

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Sunday 10th December: Skiing, Christmas Cookies, The Cube and lots of snow

Snow, snow and snow! Equipped with an infinite amount of warm layers, our group from Singapore went to ski this morning excited to wake up to a fresh layer of snow! After skiing all morning, the kids were glad to stop for a warm lunch and short break. Gloves, Helmet, Goggles and off they went again for some more skiing in the afternoon.

Although they enjoyed skiing, with some kids hitting the slopes for the first time ever, they were glad to return to the camp to find some hot chocolate and food waiting for them. As the snow kept falling, the campers stayed in the warm to bake some Christmas cookies. They split into teams and got started, with some very artistic cookies being made, lots of different shapes and sizes.

In the evening after a yummy dinner, the campers played THE CUBE! IT was a battle against the two teams to see who had the fastest reactions, awesome aim, imagination and most of all teamwork.

Finally, after a long first day, they were quite happy to make their way up to bed, and seem to have already gotten through their jet lag!

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Friday 8th December Skiing, Ski Race, Cookie Baking, Dance Party & Prize Giving

It has been another busy day at camp and today we received the big snowfall we were expecting. This meant that, for the students, the conditions were challenging. They had a mix of conditions under-foot from pisted slopes to fresh powder throughout the day and the visibility was changing constantly. It was a good test for our ski team from Switzerland and a new experience for our now-professional group from Spain. Our school from Spain also had their ski race today in which they all had a chance to test their skills.

In the afternoon both of our groups were very busy packing for their departures tomorrow before a fun afternoon of activities together. Some baked cookies for their ski groups to have as a snack on the mountain the following day, others had a dance party in the cinema and mixed with student from the other school, some serviced their skis and also learnt how to care for their skis properly and we had an inter-schools games room competition of fussball, table tennis and pool.

For the evening we had a lovely chance for our Spanish school to say goodbye to their instructors and to reflect on the week with their Prize Giving, followed by a slideshow of photos for the week and a showing of their music video which they made at the start of their trip. Our Swiss school had someFreeTime to pack and enjoy the games available at camp before a group meeting focussing on their skiing and an early night ready to prepare for their lessons tomorrow.




Thursday 7th December Skiing, Snowboarding, Movie, Games & Disco

So… contrary to the forecast weather our students today had glorious sunshine for the whole day. This was especially exciting for our group who were heading, for the first time to the black slope and for another venturing onto the M25… a piste,  not actually a motorway. The groups this week have really benefited from their excellent snow conditions and good visibility, making the most of their week to progress quickly and we are anticipating some surprises in the ski race the week!

After skiing our groups were especially tired today and had a choice of relaxing activities on camp. Some chose to watch a Christmas movie together in the cinema room, others enjoyed a games competition and some even made some pretty bracelets.

The groups enjoyed plenty of mexican-style food this evening with chicken/ quorn fajitas, salad, salsa and nachos before their evening activities. Our Swiss school spent some of their evening focussing on the ski progression before an early night while our school from Spain had a just-dance-disco and fun games in the games room.

Tomorrow… it is time for the new snow!


Wednesday 6th December Skiing, New Arrival, Snowman Building & The Cube

What a busy day we have had at camp today! Our campers were up early, full of energy for their fun-packed day on the mountain. Even our beginners are now skiing happily all over the mountain and rumour has it some of our groups are even progressing to the black slopes tomorrow! It was a sunny day, with spectacular panoramic views across the valley and each of our groups took the time today to enjoy their surroundings. They will need to brace themselves as tomorrow the snow arrives again which means beautiful conditions under-foot but a new challenge for some of our skiers.

In the afternoon our existing school settled in for their hot chocolate before a snowman building competition and even snowball fight before dinner. Meanwhile, in Les Elfes 2 building we had a new arrival of skiers from a nearby Swiss school with plenty of familiar faces in the group. They settled into their rooms and had a brief welcome speech before dinner.

After dinner one of our groups serviced their skis and had a group meeting to prepare and begin focussing on their ski training tomorrow while the other group played a very energetic game of The Cube, filled with mini games to test their coordination, agility, reaction time and sometimes even their sense of humour.


Tuesday 5th December – Skiing/Snowboarding/Christmas Cookies/Decorations and Torchlight Walk

Second day on the slopes for our school from Spain and aren’t they improving massively! All the instructors are really happy to be teaching this group, they are all really keen to learn and improve their skiing! The day was yet another glorious sunshining day, which always keeps moral high!

When the campers returned, they got involved with making some scrummy Christmas cookies, which turned out to be delicious! All the groups did well by following the recipe and making some amazing Christmas shaped cookies. The campers also had some time to get a bit crafty and decorate the campus by making some Christmas décorations of their own to hang around Les Elfes.

After dinner, the campers went on a torchlight walk down to the old Verbier Village, which was a nice way to spend the evening. Once back in the warm, by the fire, the campers tucked into some of their homemade cookies and drank some hot chocolate before heading to bed.

Monday 4th December – Skiing/ Verbier Hunt/ Music Video

What an amazing first day on the slopes for our International school from Spain. Although quite a cold start to the morning, the sun came out and was shining the whole day, which is always a great way to start the week on the snow!

The snow conditions were awesome as all our students ventured onto the mountain for their first day getting their ski/snoboard legs back! All the instructors were really impressed with the level of skiing and the enthusiasm from all of the students. With a hot lunch on the mountain, all the students managed to get a full day of skiing!

After skiing, it was time for some snacks and hot chocolate back at Les Elfes before a venture into town for the Verbier Hunt. Splitting the students into small teams, the challenge is to answer all the questions by finding clues and answers around town. Although quite chilly, all the tems enjoyed the hunt, and are awaiting the results at the end of the week….

Back in the warm and time for some dinner, followed by the students making their own music quiz. Choreographing their own moves to their section of the song, the students had loads of fun creating their masterpiece.

Everyone will sleep well tonight….


Friday 12th – Ski Race, Last Day, Prize Giving!

Today has been fantastic and to top off a brilliant two week in Switzerland our group of students finished with their ski race. Everyone was very excited this morning and eager to have a go at our slalom course. The groups battled it out between themselves for those all important Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. They have improved massively over the last week and their instuctors are very proud of each of their achievements.

This afternoon there was no time for chilling as we had to head off and catch the train, sadly leaving Zermatt behind us. However, we were heading back to Verbier where we were welcomed with a lovely dinner followed by a prizegiving, where all the awards won over the two weeks were handed out. We had prizes for our tidy room competition, a football competition, star camper awards and much more. All the staff here at Les Elfes has had a brilliant two weeks with the children and it will be sad to say goodbye. Thank you all for being amazing and we hope to see you all again soon!!

Wednesday 10th – Skiing, leadership, journalism, mountain biking and Dine out


It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Zermatt with all our skiers making massive progress and are all now on the chairlift and T-bar. They are working really hard and very determined to learn and improved.  All of them are now confident snow-plowers and many are working towards their parallel turns.

This afternoon our mountain bikers headed out exploring different paths around Zermatt while our journalists continued interviewing and getting content for the magazine. It is all coming together and looking really good. Our leadership groups focused on personality and leadership and how they can be linked together for a successful work unit. This evening we enjoyed dine out at a local traditional swiss restaurant. We had some delicious food and a good chat about the week.

29th April – Skiing, Excursions, Ski Fit & La Fureur!

Today has been extremely busy here at Les Elfes in Verbier with skiing, excursions and arrivals. Our existing individual students were up and out in their ski gear this morning and were greeted by great snow conditions and a beautiful day. They had lots of fun out on the mountain and made the most of the powder, exploring new slopes and perfecting their parallel turns. For our school groups from India they headed out to explore Vevey and had the chance to look around some shops and experience our Swiss culture at the chocolate and cheese factory. They absolutely loved it, especially all the chocolate tasting.

We also welcomed a new group today who were very excited to get outside and play in the snow. We spent the afternoon ski fitting them with their ski’s and ski clothes and are now all ready to leave for Zermatt tomorrow morning and get out on the mountain.

Tonight we hosted a big music quiz which was extremely energetic and involved lots of singing and dancing. Everyone went to bed very happy and had big smiles on their faces.

1st day of Spring camp

Arrival day today!

The students arrived for our first day of spring camp. Such an exciting time for everyone. As the sun was shinning and the snow was waiting the students flooded out of the buses one by one with glorious smiles and exciting spirits.

The students were distributed their rooms and key and sat down for a warm lunch. After lunch we introduced the team at Les Elfes and went on to explain our house rules.

Once the rules were done we organized the students for ski fitting and clothing fitting. The students brought gloves, google, socks and sun cream ready for their first adventure of the slopes.

After the ski fitting we gathered the students are afternoon tea, hot chocolate and bread. Followed our adventurous “verbier hunt” the students were keen to explore and look around their new village.

Upon their return we served a beautiful hot dinner cooked from our chefs, then we watched a calming movie and played quite games. Our youngest students went off the bed and prepared for the next day



Thursday 13th April- Skiing, Snowboarding, Milk Bar, Swimming, Games, Disco

Today everyone really enjoyed another day on the slopes and the weather was lovely once again they were learning their final skills and techniques ready for tomorrow as its an exciting day on the slopes with a ski race and a BBQ.

In the afternoon one school were very lucky to get the opportunity to go to the milk bar and have crepes and milkshakes. Others got the chance to play games at les elfes and get ready for the disco early and some campers even went for a nice relaxing swim at the local swimming pool.

In the evening everyone jumped on the buses and went to the local disco venue and danced the night away which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of tired but happy campers this evening.

12.04.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion,Games, Town , La Fureur, Escape Rooms.

Another full packed day here at les Elfes with many different campers going on excursion where they got the chance to have a day out of camp and visit the chocolate and cheese factory and also a bit of shopping. If the campers didn’t go on excursion they decided to do some more skiing and snowboarding which they all enjoyed as the weather here was great.

In the afternoon everyone came back and had some snacks and hot chocolate and signed up for activities they had the choice of town for a bit of souvenir shopping on stay and chill on camp and play some games in and outside.

In the evening all the schools took part in a game show called la fureur which is a music game show where they competed against each other to win points for their teams. Everyone really enjoyed with lots of interesting dancing and singing. The individuals got the choice of going to the Escape rooms or having a competitive games night downstairs which involved playing pool, table tennis and also playing on the Wii to try and win themselves points.

Everyone had a lovely day and their are lots of happy faces going around camp today. Everyone is looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow.

11th April – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating,Baking, Dine out and Torch Light Walk

Another brilliant day out on the mountain for all our groups in Verbier. Some of our beginner groups who have already mastered their snow plough turns and stops hit the chair lift for the first time which is a great achievement considering it’s only their third day skiing and snowboarding. Our more advanced groups today had the chance to explore a new area and headed off to the four valleys. There were some tricky slopes to conquer but they all did amazing and impressed their instructors massively.

Back at camp this afternoon we had various activities on offer. Some children went Ice skating and made cookies whilst others made the most of the nice weather and wandered into town to treat themselves to milkshakes and crepes. As well as this we had outdoor and indoor games at camp.

Tonight our individuals had a great time on Dine out in town! For our schools, they enjoyed a torchlight hike up the mountain and took in the views of Verbier at night.

Sunday 9th April – Ski camp, village, relaxing walk & Ice skating

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier with lots going on for our new groups. It was the schools first day on the mountain and they were all super excited to get out and meet their instructors for the week. They all got on really well and were very happy with the progress made.

On return to camp we welcomed our campers back with hot chocolate and snacks and signed them up for optional activities this afternoon. Some opted to go on a relaxing walk up the mountain where as the rest headed into town to check out the shops.

Tonight we welcomed one more arrival who were ski fitted and then had a movie night to chill and relax. The rest of camp visited the ice rink for some fun skating around and a game of ice hockey! It has been a brilliant day and we are all looking forward to tomorrows activities.