9th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledging, Prize Giving and Disco

This morning everyone was up and ready to go skiing and snowboarding early, excited about the ski race on the mountain. Everyone who took part did so amazingly and the competition was high. For one of our school groups it was their last day on the mountain and so made the most of their time, whizzing down run after run.

This afternoon we had a mixture of activities, with a cooking club, a movie and of course, unfortunately packing. We were also back out in the snow sledging and having a crazy time creating new runs to see who could get the fastest tracks.

Tonight we had a busy evening with prize giving and a disco. All the instructors were at camp revealing those important race results and awarding medals and prizes to the most improved skiers. After the children had the chance to dance the night away at our Disco which was super fun and a lovely way to spend their last evening with their friends.

8th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledging and La Fureur

We are on our 4th day of skiing already for our schools and individuals and so the standards are getting higher each day. The visibility up the mountain was a bit tricky today but everyone persevered and the fresh snow provided a lot of entertainment for all the children. They are having a great time with their instructors and it’s lovely to see so many smiley faces back at camp.

The excitement didn’t stop there as we were back out in the snow this afternoon sledging, whizzing down the hill and falling about in the deep snow! Some children also opted to go into town to have a look around the shops and buy some presents for friends and family back home.

Tonight everyone took part in a very energetic, exciting game show called La Fureur which involved plenty of games, challenges, dances and singing. Well done to everyone.

1st March 2017 – Skiing, excursion day, sledging, Music quiz and torchlight walk

Can’t believe its March already and what a beautiful start to the month with more fresh powder! Our individuals and one school ventured off this morning on excursion, to the cheese factory, Nestle and Vevey to do some shopping. They were excited to have the opportunity to look round Switzerland and do some sight-seeing.

The rest of camp were on the mountain practicing their turns and improving their technical side. They all had a super time and are loving being up the mountain whizzing round. This afternoon we had sledging on offer now the snow has arrived and we had such a good time. For many it was their first time and really enjoyed sliding down the mountain. A few of our campers opted to put their feet up and watch a movie.

This evening we ran one competitive gameshow and one music quiz which got really intense and had lots of laughs. At the same time one school went out on a torchlight walk and saw Verbier by night.

27th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Cooking Club, Hiking, Music Video, Sledging, and Music Quiz

CRANS MONTANA: Day 2 at Les Elfes Crans Montana with MIC Merbella and they were off to a great start on the slopes starting nice and early. Some of the groups went to a different side of the mountain called Viollete while the beginner group started out at the magic carpet but were able to make it up the button lift later on the day. For lunch 4 out of the 5 groups had lunch on the mountain and were able to enjoy a stunning view with their food. After skiing everyone had some nice hot chocolate to warm them up before heading for sledging. After about 45 minutes of sledging they got tired and we decided to have a snowball fight to end the afternoon. After dinner the campers all got into comfy clothing and even some of them were in pajamas for a music quiz. The campers were able to demonstrate some fantastic dancing, singing, and an excellent knowledge of artists.


VERBIER: We have had great reports back from the mountain today with all our campers putting in 100% effort in their skiing and snowboarding. Our beginners are progressing quickly, with natural talent and are hopefully heading up to the mountain tomorrow on day 3. They are all super excited. Our more experienced groups covered a lot of ground today and explored some new areas, keeping them on their toes and really pushing their comfort zones.

Back at camp, as it was such a lovely day, one of our options was a afternoon hike up the mountain to take in the views and get some more fresh air. There are some tired legs tonight! We also had a cooking club at Les Elfes and all our groups made some scrummy cookies which we had tonight for desert. Whilst some others chose to relax at camp a lot also opted for a swim at the local sports centre which went down a treat after a long day skiing and boarding.

Tonight after diner we had two activities under way. All our school groups participated in a very fun energetic music video which we can’t wait to edit and watch at the end of the week. Our Individuals on the other hand headed into town and put their brains to the test in the Escape Rooms. They all did very well and some even managed to escape in 60minutes. Well done to them!!

Monday 13th Feb – Skiing, Shopping, Torchlight walk

CRANS MONTANA: Second day on the slopes for our school from Dubai and all the groups, even the beginners made it up the mountain, which is an amazing effort on just the second day skiing! All the instructors are really impressed with the quick pace of the campers and hopefully this enthusiasm will continue throughout the rest of the week! As it was a lovely bluebird day, the campers had a nice picnic on the terrace which was enjoyed by all!

After skiing, the campers had a chance to do a bit of shopping and this evening was a lovely torchlight walk around the lake.



Today has been super hot and sunny and the children have all enjoyed themselves out on the mountain. They were very eager this morning, with their ski gear on ready to go! Our beginners on Les Esserts are doing fantastic and they can now control their turns and will hopefully progress up to the blue slops tomorrow afternoon. Our intermediate and high level skiers and snowboarders covered a lot of ground, following their instructors, working on parallel turns and carving.

This afternoon we had plenty of activities on offer to keep up with our energetic groups. We had sledging, swimming and snowman building for our school groups and our individuals had languages and sledging, whizzing down and having fun!

This evening our school groups all joined together to take part in a music video whilst the individuals got stuck in with some cooking and the brain puzzling escape rooms.

Thursday 9th February – Ski race, BBQ, Sledging, Ice Skating, Torchlight Walk, PJ Party & Disco

CRANS MONTANA: Day 5 of skiing for our school fro, Dubai and what lovely day it was! The sun was shining for the first day of the week, which was lovely for the group. As every day the campers still have bags of energy and were whizzing around the slopes enjoying the fresh snow with the sunshine, what a perfect combination!

In the afternoon all the campers went for a bit of an ice skate, followed by a disco. Final day of skiing for the group tomorrow with the ski race in the morning!


VERBIER: Today has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier with one school group making the most of their last full day on the mountain. The conditions were fantastic and so everyone was happy skiing about. Race day was on all morning with each group taking part to see if they could make the quickest time. The results will be announced at tomorrows prize giving and everyone is eager to find out if they have won. Lunch was different today, it was BBQ time! It was lovely weather and a brilliant atmosphere as the children enjoyed their food out in the sunshine.

This afternoon lots of our campers went over to the ice rink for some skating, they had a brilliant time whizzing around and playing ice hockey. Other campers opted to go sledging and had a super time sliding down on the boards.

This evening we had a mixture of activities, a torchlight walk around the old town, a PJ party and disco! Everyone had lots of fun and we are all excited to see what tomorrow brings.


Crans Montana – 8th Feb – Skiing, snow tubing and Crans vs Montana indoor game


Another amazing day on the slopes for all the groups! Still loads of snow which means amazing conditions on the slopes! Midway through the week now; and after a much needed lie in this morning, all the groups were raring to go skiing! All the instructors are really impressed by the level of all the skiers, and all the campers are still having lots of fun with big smiles on their faces!

This afternoon the campers went snow tubing, which is always fun for all and this evening they took part in the Crans vs Montana game, where two teams complete challenges such as orange pass, musical chairs and many more games!


Another Snowy day here in Verbier so the powder was brilliant but extremely challenging for our skiers and snowboarders, particularly the beginners. Our instructors were super impressed with their performance and determination throughout the day in the conditions.

Lots of our individuals went on excursion today and had a fantastic time visiting different parts of Switzerland. They visited the Olympic Museum first which was very popular with the students followed by the Cailler chocolate factory. Of course everyone loved this as they got to taste different types of chocolate! Elsewhere one group had the opportunity to go to Aosta in Italy and explored a castle in the historic area before looking around the town.


Crans Montana – Tuesday 7th Feb – 3rd day on the slopes, shopping and torchlight walk

Day 3 at Crans Montana, and what a week it has already been so far! All the groups are now whizzing around the slopes, even the beginners, which is amazing progression from our students from Dubai! 🎿

Over the past couple of days, the campers have  been sledging, had an epic snowman building competition, ☃️ enjoyed some indoor activities including music quiz and bowling, but have also managed to have some down time with shopping and movie night!

Mid way through the week and all the campers still have bags of energy! Very excited to see what the rest of the week brings!

Today has been another snowy day which has been perfect for our children here on camp. Many of our skiers have had the opportunity to ski around and explore different areas of the mountain today. On return to camp there was lots of smiley faces and stories of the day.

This afternoon we had lots of activities for our groups such as sledging, snow man building and spaghetti towers. This evening our school groups took part in a torchlight walk or joined in with a music game show. Our individuals baked some yummy cookies and did some design and build.

23rd January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Sledging & Music Video

Everyone here at camp are doing so well out on the mountain and progressing massively. In particular our beginners have come on leaps and bounds today, their instructors are so happy with what they have achieved and hopefully many of the groups will be making their first attempts on blue slopes which they are all excited about. Up the mountain today the children have been practicing their parallel turns and some are advancing on to carving. The sun has been shining all day so there are some very smiley faces.

Back at camp we had a more chilled afternoon as some of the children were super tired from all their hard work. Most chose to chill out and watch a movie in the cinema room, whilst others did bracelet making and played jungle speed. For those with a bit more energy, headed out sledging, whizzing down the hill on plastic trays and others splashed around in the pool at the sports centre.

Tonight we had a mixture of activities. Our school groups participated in a Music Video which was great fun, full of dancing and laughter. They are all excited to watch it at the end of the week. Our individuals had a ‘Casino’ styled night, with card games, poker and much more. Everyone is now in bed ready for a new day tomorrow!!

17th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Sledging and Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Verbier looked super pretty this morning with the beautiful sunshine beating down on the snowy mountains. The air was fresh but the children were all wrapped up warm and ready to get out on the slopes again to continue learning from their amazing instructors. Some groups are learning to parallel turn whilst others are beginning to carve around the mountain. Our beginners are progressing quickly and most of them will be heading up to the top very soon.

Back at camp there were a mixture of activities on offer and there was an exciting vibe in the air. The children had a crazy time sledging back out in the snow whilst others went swimming or made some delicious cookies. Some of individuals headed to languages and others strolled into town to look around the shops and visit some cafes.

Tonight our school group had a lot of fun participating in Who Want To Be A Millionaire, which got very competitive but showed just how clever our campers are. We also had Boys vs Girls for our Individuals who completed different games and challenges to see who are the ultimate champions! All in all we have had a fantastic day here in Verbier!!

Monday 16th January – Skiing, sledging, swimming, music video & dine out

Today has been a brilliant day and we are all happy to welcome our new school here at Les Elfes. Upon arrival it was time for lunch before meeting their new instructors and heading up the mountain. They are all experienced skiers and boarders but it is the first time in Verbier for most. Everyone was super positive about their day back at camp and loved skiing in the fresh powder! Our existing groups had a blast today as conditions were great and they are all impressing the instructors with their dedication to learning.

This afternoon we had lots of activities on offer, sledging, baking, swimming and games. The sledgers had an awesome time riding down the mountain on bum boards, the bakers made some delicious cookies and our swimmers splashed around playing some games in the water. The atmosphere has been brilliant all evening, filming our very own music video. The campers were split into groups and came up with their own choreographies to their piece of music. We had some great clips and we are all looking forward to seeing the finished edit at prize giving. Elsewhere our individual campers spent their evening enjoying a meal in town. The italian restaurant was lovely and it was a nice experience for them to dine out together.



Sunday 15th January – Skiing, sledging, games & ice skating!

Sunday has almost come to an end and we have enjoyed every minute of it! Everyone has been making the most of the powder and good visibility today. Our beginners have made real improvement learning how to stop and turn while our advanced campers have started to improve their technical side to skiing and snowboarding.

This afternoon a couple campers were keen to try out sledging and so we hiked up a little way and enjoyed whizzing down the mountain. As soon as the powder was compressed the sledges were running super fast, the boys loved it! Back at camp we had lots of table games with a big game of Uno on the go as well.

This evening we all headed to the ice rink for some skating and had a brilliant time racing round. On return there was some lovely hot chocolate to warm us all up.