13th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Egg Drop, Town, Music Video, Torchlight Walk

Yet again we’ve had another brilliant day at Les Elfes. The sun has been shining all day and the children are progressing with every run they make. A lot of the groups are heading up the mountain tomorrow so they are super happy with their achievements and will be challenging themselves even more on the blue runs.

After a very hot day the children were pretty tired back at camp but the activities didn’t stop there. We made the most of the beautiful blue sky and outside we had 60 children taking part in an egg drop challenge. The children got competitive and creative, having to design and build an object to protect an egg that we throw from a balcony. They all did very well but there were a few smashed eggs. We also had a cooking club, making some yummy cookies for desert and most our individuals walked into town and to the park.

Tonight, energy levels were still high and everyone danced away during our music video. They all had great fun working together and mixing with new people. Our individuals and one school went on a torchlight walk up the mountain and took in the Verbier views at night. They loved it! It is now time for bed as another big day skiing and snowboarding tomorrow.

12th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Cooking, Ice Skating & Games

Today has been a brilliant first day in Verbier with all the children having lots of fun, learning new things and getting to know each other. This morning we took over the beginner slope, with our first time skiers and snowboarders learning to turn and stop. They have progressed massively already and are listening closely to their instructors. Up the mountain our more advanced groups got to know their surroundings and explored many parts of the mountain including Mont Fort.

Back at camp we had a very busy afternoon with plenty of activities on offer. These included swimming, cooking, games, football and a trip to town. This evening we went ice skating followed by hot chocolate back at camp, as well games and a music quiz.


9th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledging, Prize Giving and Disco

This morning everyone was up and ready to go skiing and snowboarding early, excited about the ski race on the mountain. Everyone who took part did so amazingly and the competition was high. For one of our school groups it was their last day on the mountain and so made the most of their time, whizzing down run after run.

This afternoon we had a mixture of activities, with a cooking club, a movie and of course, unfortunately packing. We were also back out in the snow sledging and having a crazy time creating new runs to see who could get the fastest tracks.

Tonight we had a busy evening with prize giving and a disco. All the instructors were at camp revealing those important race results and awarding medals and prizes to the most improved skiers. After the children had the chance to dance the night away at our Disco which was super fun and a lovely way to spend their last evening with their friends.

4th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Departure day and Arrival day.

We said a sad goodbye to many of our schools on camp today and most of our individuals. We had an amazing week with them but it was now time to welcome a new school and individuals. After a long day of travelling, they still arrived with plenty of excitement and to the pleasant surprise of falling snow! After ski fitting they were straight outside having fun and games in the snow. For our existing school, they had their first day on the mountain and did amazingly. They have already impressed their instructors and are learning fast. Well done guys.

Tonight we had a mixture of activities. We had a chilled evening with movies and games for our new arrivals whilst our other school put their brains to the test with a Who Wants To Be a Millionaire game show. It’s now time for an early night, ready for a big day tomorrow.

3rd March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Last Day, Prize Giving

All our school groups and individuals have had an amazing last day up the mountain and have achieved so much over the last week. Some of our campers arrived less than a week ago, never having seen snow or been on ski’s before and are now parallel turning down blue and red runs. We hope they are super proud of their accomplishment. For our advanced skiers, today they faced the challenge of Tortan and did so brilliantly with ease and style. Back at camp it was time for most of our groups to unfortunately hand back their equipment until next year.

This afternoon we had some last minute present buying in town, shopping for souvenirs for friends and family back home. The children were also busy packing and playing games with their friends.

Tonight we ended the week on a high with prize giving. All the instructors came in to hand out their certificates and medals, to those who had won the race! We have all had an amazing week with everyone, so thank you for being awesome and we hope to see you all again soon!

27th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Cooking Club, Hiking, Music Video, Sledging, and Music Quiz

CRANS MONTANA: Day 2 at Les Elfes Crans Montana with MIC Merbella and they were off to a great start on the slopes starting nice and early. Some of the groups went to a different side of the mountain called Viollete while the beginner group started out at the magic carpet but were able to make it up the button lift later on the day. For lunch 4 out of the 5 groups had lunch on the mountain and were able to enjoy a stunning view with their food. After skiing everyone had some nice hot chocolate to warm them up before heading for sledging. After about 45 minutes of sledging they got tired and we decided to have a snowball fight to end the afternoon. After dinner the campers all got into comfy clothing and even some of them were in pajamas for a music quiz. The campers were able to demonstrate some fantastic dancing, singing, and an excellent knowledge of artists.


VERBIER: We have had great reports back from the mountain today with all our campers putting in 100% effort in their skiing and snowboarding. Our beginners are progressing quickly, with natural talent and are hopefully heading up to the mountain tomorrow on day 3. They are all super excited. Our more experienced groups covered a lot of ground today and explored some new areas, keeping them on their toes and really pushing their comfort zones.

Back at camp, as it was such a lovely day, one of our options was a afternoon hike up the mountain to take in the views and get some more fresh air. There are some tired legs tonight! We also had a cooking club at Les Elfes and all our groups made some scrummy cookies which we had tonight for desert. Whilst some others chose to relax at camp a lot also opted for a swim at the local sports centre which went down a treat after a long day skiing and boarding.

Tonight after diner we had two activities under way. All our school groups participated in a very fun energetic music video which we can’t wait to edit and watch at the end of the week. Our Individuals on the other hand headed into town and put their brains to the test in the Escape Rooms. They all did very well and some even managed to escape in 60minutes. Well done to them!!

24th February – Final Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Village and Prize Giving!!

Today was many of our campers last day out on the mountain so everyone was keen to make the most of their day and were ready and raring to go. The conditions were a lot tougher as we have finally had some snow after a week of glorious weather. The visibility wasn’t great but everyone was amazing, paying attention and still wanting to learn more from their instructors on their final day. This week has been an outstanding week for all the staff at Les Elfes as everyone has integrated well, with school groups mixing well with our individuals. There has been some strong friendships formed and we hope they all stay in touch and come back next year!

This afternoon we had some last minute shopping for gifts as well as a lot of packing and playing games. Tonight we finished the week off with our prize giving. The instructors were all in work presenting their medals and special prizes as well as the animation staff giving out their star camper awards. To top it off we watched a lovely slideshow of all our amazing photos taken throughout the week and then the music video which had been edited and was very funny! We hope you all have a safe journey home and for those that are staying next week…bring it on!!

23rd February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking & Disco

We’ve had a brilliant day here with lot’s going on here in Verbier. This morning kicked off with our ski race where all the children competed down a slalom to see who could get the quickest time. After they were treated to a BBQ in the sunshine. All our children have progressed massively this week, and will fin out what ski level they are tomorrow as well as the race results! Who will win that all important gold medal??

This afternoon there was no time for rest as our activities at camp took place with baking, arts and crafts and wii games. Some students also went into town or chose to go for a swim. Tonight we had cheese fondue a Swiss speciality. Straight after we jumped into the buses and headed into town for our Disco. We had great fun with non stop dancing and there were some great moves! Tonight we have some very tired children so time for bed here!

21st February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Baking and Games Night!!

There has been some great skiing and snowboarding today with all our students making excellent progress, challenging themselves on black, red and blue runs. Our instructors are proud of their development and are quick learners. There has also been a few funny falls which all the children are laughing about back at camp over some well deserved hot chocolate and cake.

This afternoon a lot of our groups decided to stay at les elfes for a chilled out afternoon of baking yummy cookies, swimming and relaxing in the, jacuzzi whilst others took a walk into town to check out the shops and the local creperie’s,

Tonight we have battled it out in a music quiz and an active game show, head to head against each other in fun challenges and competitions. Everyone was amazing and took part in everything with a positive attitude. It’s now time for bed as there are a lot of tired bodies.

16th February – Ski Race, BBQ, Village & Town


This morning everyone on camp was excited for our ski race and BBQ up the mountian. After a week of learning new skills they went up against each other in a timed slalom race. We will find out the results tomorrow and who won the medals. After this everyone enjoyed a fantastic BBQ in the beautiful sunshine and for some of the groups they enjoyed a trip up to the very highest point to Mont Fort. A great day for some fab pictures.

Back at camp most people wanted to chill as they are tired from a busy week. Others chose to head into town to buy souvenirs for family and friends and treated themselves to a few snacks from the shops.

Tonight we had a great time at our Disco. Everyone was up on the dance floor having fun and busting out some crazy moves! Bed time now, ready for another busy day tomorrow.

15th February – Excursion Day, Skiing and Snowboarding


It was excursion day today for our indidual campers and one group headed off to visit the UN and shopping in Geneva. They had a brilliant day, and found the United Nations very interesting and of course loved the shopping in Geneva. Our other group explored a different area of Switzerland, a fantastic experience for them and they had the chance to visit the Chocolate Factory (Yum), the cheese factory and then also hit the shops in Vevey.

Back in Verbier everyone else was back out on the mountain and had some challenging runs to overcome.

Tonight we had a very energetic muisic game show and all the school groups got very competitive and it went down very well! We also had a mini prize giving for our chinese group as they are sadly leaving tomorrow after a fantastic 2 weeks! We will miss them.

14th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Tubing, Torchlight Walk, Bowling, Town & Swimming

CRANS MONTANA: Day 3 on the slopes with our school from Dubai, and yet another beautiful bluebird day here in Crans Montana! Some of the groups ventured up to the glacier today and enjoyed the views, and others ventured to the baby snowpark to have some fun on the jumps.

After skiing, the campers went snow tubing, which was as always enjoyed by all the campers whizzing and swirling down the slope! This evening was a venture out to the bowling alley, the best score of the night being 142! 🎳


VERBIER: The sun was out yet again today with beautiful blue skies and hot temperatures. Our beginners who have been Learning down the mountain went up for the first time today and they did amazing!! They were so happy with their achievements and it’s great to see so many children with massive smiles on their faces. Our more Advanced groups had the chance to explore new areas of the mountain today, keeping them on their toes.

Back at camp, again there were plenty of activities going on. A lot of our children opted for swimming, a time to splash around with their friends and relax in the hot tub. Others had the chance to do some souviner shopping in town whilst the rest chilled out at camp.

Tonight a lot of our children went on a Torch Light walk, a great way to see Verbier by night, lite up by flaming torches. Back at camp we had the Qube and a Bin Bag Fashion show.


30th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Verbier Hunt, Music Video, Escape Rooms and SNOW!

Finally we have had some snow fall here in Verbier and all the groups and instructors were very excited about the prospect of fresh snow tomorrow. Conditions have been tough lately but the groups have coped so well and are getting better day by day. Some of our snowboarders, who had never snowboarded in their life before last week are now comfortably making it down blue and red runs, executing their turns very well. Our advanced groups are learning to carve, and on icy conditions sometimes this can be hard however their instructors are very impressed with their efforts so far. For most of our beginners it was their second and last day on Les Esserts and tomorrow will be taking the big move up the mountain. Well done to them!!

Back at camp this afternoon we welcomed two new schools from Switzerland who went out snow shoeing as soon as they arrived. They had a lot of fun. Our school groups then took part in a Verbier Hunt where they had to find different places around Verbier and take the best pictures. A winner will be revealed later on in the week. Our individuals also headed into town, whilst some stayed and went to Languages or the swimming pool.

Tonight we did a massive group music video which went down well with all the children and they can’t wait to see the end result on Friday. There were some very nice dance moves and acrobats. Half of our individuals challenged themselves to the escape rooms in town, where they got locked into a room, which they had to crack the clues to break out of. Now there are some super tired faces, so off to bed for everyone!

29th January – First day on the mountain, Town, Languages, Swimming and Ice Skating

We have had a brilliant day here in Verbier with a lot of happy faces going to bed tonight. For some it was their first day on the mountain today and they have all done so well. Our beginners are starting off in Les Esserts, learning to snow plough and control their stops and turns. We have had plenty of falls but also many laughs. They are very chuffed with their progress. All intermediate and advanced skiers covered a lot of ground today, exploring new areas of the mountain and working on their parallel turns and carving.

This afternoon some of individuals went to language classes, putting their brains to the test to learn a new language. Others opted for a trip to town or to stay and relax at camp. Our school groups also ventured into town for the first time to see what Verbier had to offer, whilst the other half went for a dip at the pool!

Tonight after dinner we were straight back into activities, heading to the sports centre for Ice Skating. We had a great time and some even had a go at ice hockey.


28th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Bowling, Arrivals & Departures

Today was a very busy day at Les Elfes with many of our campers departing us but that also meant we had many new campers joining us which is super exciting.

The campers who are staying with us for another week had the option to ski and snowboard or go bowling down in Martigny and have some lunch off campus for a change.
This afternoon we have had a new school arrive and after ski fitting the eager campers visited Verbier village to show them around and get any last minute necessities.

After dinner we had more arrivals who will be ski fitted tomorrow and joined in with all the other campers  for a movie and chill out night as most of the campers were very tired from travelling and a early night for the big day tomorrow

27th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, Prize Giving & Departures

It has been a crazy week full of fun and excitement but tonight it was some of our campers last night at Les Elfes so it has been an emotional day. All our groups out on the mountain have done so well, reaching amazing levels and learning so many new skills. Some of our skiers and snowboarders are now level 4 and 5 and for those that were beginners at the start of the week are now reaching level 2 and comfortably getting down blue slopes. All the instructors are very proud of them and it was clear they have all had a great week with lot’s of amazing memories.

This afternoon, most of our campers ventured into town to buy some last minute souvenirs for friends and family back home. Tonight we had our weekly prize giving where the instructors gave out their medals and prizes from race day. There were some surprise winners and lot’s of smiley faces, so well done to everyone who took part. The animation team also gave out star camper prizes and said their final goodbyes to those who are leaving tomorrow. We hope everyone has had an amazing trip and we hope to see you all again soon!!

26th January – Race Day, Games & Disco Night!!

We’ve had an exciting morning here in Verbier with our ski race kicking off in La Chaux. Over breakfast everyone was chatting about the race wondering who will be awarded the gold, silver and bronze medals tomorrow. All the children did very well and we had some very quick results, especially from our Swiss School. Our beginner groups were very chuffed with their achievments, considering at the start of the week some of them had never been skiing or Snowboarding before. After the race they enjoyed more runs in the beautiful sunshine.

This afternoon, after a busy fun filled week, a lot of our students opted to rest at Les Elfes, joining in with games such as Table Tennis, Pool, Bracelet making, and Card Games. It was nice for them to just chill out after an energised day.. Everyone had a fantastic time dancing away tonight at our Disco in town. The tunes were pumping and everyone hit the dance floor following some of our monitors dance routines and having a good time. Now it’s time for some much needed sleep.


January 25th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding and Excursion day

It was an exciting morning here at Les Elfes today with some of the campers heading off on various excursions around Switzerland whilst others enjoyed a another beautiful sunny day on the slopes.

The campers skiing and snowboarding are progressing and perfecting their skills fast most of them now have moved off of the baby slope and onto the mountain.

Some other campers enjoyed a awesome day experiencing some local food at the cheese and chocolate factories before a spot of shopping in Vervey whilst the other campers opted for the Olympic museum and shopping in Lausanne.
Everyone arrived back at Les Elfes for dinner and a fun filled evening of La Fureur which is a energetic music quiz.
After the huge day here everyone is now off to bed to get some much needed rest for tomorrow when everyone hits the slopes again.

23rd January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Sledging & Music Video

Everyone here at camp are doing so well out on the mountain and progressing massively. In particular our beginners have come on leaps and bounds today, their instructors are so happy with what they have achieved and hopefully many of the groups will be making their first attempts on blue slopes which they are all excited about. Up the mountain today the children have been practicing their parallel turns and some are advancing on to carving. The sun has been shining all day so there are some very smiley faces.

Back at camp we had a more chilled afternoon as some of the children were super tired from all their hard work. Most chose to chill out and watch a movie in the cinema room, whilst others did bracelet making and played jungle speed. For those with a bit more energy, headed out sledging, whizzing down the hill on plastic trays and others splashed around in the pool at the sports centre.

Tonight we had a mixture of activities. Our school groups participated in a Music Video which was great fun, full of dancing and laughter. They are all excited to watch it at the end of the week. Our individuals had a ‘Casino’ styled night, with card games, poker and much more. Everyone is now in bed ready for a new day tomorrow!!

January 22nd 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Games & Ice Skating

What a day here at Les Elfes.
Today was a beautiful sunny day here on the slopes and super exciting for all the campers as it was the first day on snow or even seeing snow for many of them.
The groups practiced perfecting their skills skier’s doing snow plows into parallel turns and snowboarders falling leaf heal and toe turn’s all the way into the afternoon where they got to enjoy a well deserved hot chocolate and snack whilst signing up for afternoon activities.
This afternoon some campers went swimming whilst others went outside to make snow angles and build snow people.
After dinner everyone went ice skating where most campers got into the spirit and joined into a game of ice hockey before heading back to Les Elfes for some warm hot chocolate and some well deserved sleep

21st January – Departure & Arrival Day, Skiing, Bowling & Movie Night

So today has been an emotional day for a lot of us here at camp as we have had many individuals leaving us who had been with us for one or two weeks. There were a lot of tears but it is great to know that so many friendships have been formed and lovely to see that they’re going to keep in touch with each other. However, we did have a lot of new arrivals today and everyone is getting to know each other over games of Uno, Cards and Jungle speed, whilst others are chilling out watching a movie.

During the day, our existing individuals had the option to go bowling and have a break from the mountain. Everyone had great fun and there were a few competitive games. The others chose not to have a break and continued to work on their technique as skiers and snowboarders and it was a lovely day to do so, with the sun shining and not a cloud in sight.

All our new arrivals have been kitted out with all their equipment needed for their first day on the mountain, and for some it is their first time on real snow! With exciting times ahead a lot of campers are having an early night ready to get up and go tomorrow.