24th May 2019


It was the last day of skiing and we had the races yesterday . It was a half day for us and everyone was sad . The highlights of the day were the ski races .

Coming to Verbier was a long and tiring journey . We even got some time to shop in Zermatt . Dinner was followed by the talent show which we had practiced for the previous day . The talent show left everyone in fits of laughter . Aryaman Agarwal , Asia’s youngest magician left everyone flabbergasted with his amazing magic tricks . There were many other interesting perfomances by other campers .The talent show is yet to be continued . It was a lovely day as usual .

23rd May 2019

It was the last full day of skiing . Today most of the groups went to the glacier paradise and skied into Italy. It was a unique experience, challenging but a lot of fun. By now everyone is upset to have to leave zermatt tomorrow.

We had our usual club activities at 5. Mountain biking was a lot of fun and it was very challenging also. For leadership we were divided into groups and went for different activities. In the evening we have talent show practice which we have all been eagerly anticipating!

Monday 4th March – Skiing, Languages and Dine Out

Today was cooler here in Verbier, but we still happily went out skiing and snowboarding nonetheless. We had a tasty lunch on the mountain, and after another afternoon on the slopes, we returned to camp for hot chocolate and snacks. After a much needed rest and refuel, we went to our language classes and partook in numerous activities before heading to the restaurant for dine out.


New From Perin Campus

In a week with snowfalls and bluebirds days in the Perin Campus there are students from schools from Hong Kong and Malaysia who are having a lot of fun experiencing the snow for the first time or improving their riding skills. The afternoon activities and the games we play every night are helping them to know better each other and make good memories of this experience.

If you want to see the pictures we take every day just click here!

Friday 2nd February Skiing, Snowboarding and Prize Giving

It has been quite an emotional day at camp today as most of our students will be leaving tomorrow and some have been with us for 3-6 weeks so it will be sad to say good bye to them tomorrow. It has been a fantastic week with many different campers from around the world, many of different ages spending time together and getting to know each other. The atmosphere on camp this week has been brilliant and, as a reward for their final day, many of our older individuals took their phones with them on the mountain to get nice photos in the sunshine and fresh powder with their friends and their instructors.

After skiing most of our students needed to pack their bags and many squeezed in a little bit of last-minute souvenir shopping and gift shopping for friends and family at home. We enjoyed a nice final dinner together and finished the evening with a prize giving ceremony with all of our campers and their instructors.

Saturday 27th January Arrivals, Departures & Bowling Excursion

All of our campers this morning woke up at 9am after a much-needed lie in. For some it was then time to bid Farewell to the camp and to their friends until next year. For those who were not leaving it was a chance to visit a bit more of Switzerland and rest their tired legs after a busy week of skiing and Snowboarding. The had a relaxed morning and mooched about the village before an early lunch at Les Elfes. In the afternoon they experienced Swiss rail in all of it fabulousness and travelled to the local town of Martigny for some bowling, arcades and a bit of shopping.

Meanwhile at camp our new students were starting to arrive with welcome speeches, ski and clothes fitting, tours of the campus and tours of the village throughout the day to welcome all of our groups. In the evening the students had a chance to mingle, play some card games together, get an early night (for those who have travelled a long way), some watched a movie in the cinema and some of our individuals even had a spa night with face masks and pampering. The atmosphere on camp this evening was lovely, what a nice way to start the week.


Friday 26th January Skiing, Snowboarding, Departures, Excursion & Prize Giving

For our Swiss school this morning it was all systems go with the students bringing their lugage down, heading out to ski for the morning, returning at lunch for some quick food and a prize giving presentation with their instructors before returning to school to greet their parents. It was a busy, but fun, final day.

Meanwhile our school from Jordan got dressed in thei regular clothes for a day off the mountain visiting the Chocolate Factory in Broc to sample their delights and to shop for gifts (and trainers) in Aubonne at Etoy, a small lake-side spot just outside Geneva.

Finally our Individuals had a final day on the mountain with their friends. Half of the group will be departing tomorrow so it was a final chance for photos, laughter and fun. After skiin and snowoarding some needed to pack their suitcases, squeeze in some last minute souvenir shopping and even some sushi before their prize giving ceremony with their instructors. The evening ended with hugs, thank yous, good byes and a slideshow of photos to remember the week before our campers headed to their rooms to return home or to ready themselves for another week packed with sports, excursions & new students from around the world!!

For more videos of the week visit our Facebook Page at Les Elfes International.


Thursday 25th January – Ski race, Mountain BBQ

What a busy day with many students choosing lots and lots of different activities. It started with some stunning weather, beautiful snow and a ski race within the ski groups to see who will be the reigning champion of the week. After the ski race all of our groups enjoyed a BBQ at the snow park on the mountain where they could relax, enjoy some delicious food and also Watch some of the pros showing their skills on the kickers and rails.

In the afternoon the groups split for an afternoon of exploring the mountain and enjoying the lovely sunshine. After skiing & Snowboarding some students visited the village for sushi, some went Ice Skating, we had sledgers and spaghetti tower builders, snow tunnel architects and some campers who decided to unwind and Watch the Parent Trap in our cinema room. After a much-enjoyed dinner together the students headed out to the buses for the D.I.S.C.O. a chance to let off some steam and even make unlikely new friends between our younger school campers and our elder individuals. What a crazy day… it is most definitely time for some sleep!


Friday 19th January Skiing, Snowboarding & Prize Giving

Today has been a crazy, crazy day at camp. We had the departure of a school of 100 campers, follwed swiftly by the arrival of another school while our 65 individuals remain at camp, most of whom will depart tomorrow. Fortunately the horrid wind is gone and we now have the chance to enjoy all of this fabulous new snow and the sun even came out to give us the most stunning views of the mountains, all dramatic after the new snowfall and beautifully lit by striking clouds and sun beams.

Our individual students had their race day this morning and, as a special treat, they all took their phones skiing and took photos with their friends and instructors. In the evening we had to quickly pack suitcases, collect pocket money from reception and hand in keys so that the students could dash to the village for some final souvenir shopping and sushi snack. After a nice dinner together it was finally time to say goodbye to the campers and for them to see their instructors for the final time.

It was an emotional prize-giving ceremony with plenty of tears and touching speeches. After the prize giving we had a nice slideshow of all of the photos of the week to reflect on the campers’ time with us.

They have been a fantastic group and it will be a shame to see them leave. I hope to see them again next year!

Thursday 11th January Ski Race, Skiing and Snowboarding

This morning was quite nice with patches of sun shining through and casting stunning light over the mountains across from the camp. A beautiful way to start the morning and to enjoy breakfast. Our campers headed out this morning full of energy and ready for the ski race in the groups. Each group had its own ski race on the La Chaux piste so that they could compete against fellow campers of a similar level and see how their skills held up under pressure. Some of the winners of the race were a real surprise and it will make for a fantastic prizegiving tomorrow.

After lunch the campers had a chance to relax and to ski the mountain in their groups and to enjoy their evening and reflect on their performance in the ski race of the morning and, for some, laugh about their entertaining mid-race tumbles.

After skiing the students enjoyed a nice snack together and gleefully retrieved their phones before their language lessons. For those without languages some chose to go ice skating at the new rink in the village while others went for a crêpe or visited the town for some souvenir shopping.

Dinner was a real treat this evening as all our students had an opportunity to try Swiss cheese fondue… some for the first time. Then it was time to PAAAAARTY at the disco. Our lovely team of drivers took us on a short bus ride to our local Disco for a fun-packed evening of dancing. It was a great opportunity for our campers to relax, enjoy their evening together and celebrate the birthday of two of our campers.


10th of January. Skiing, excursions, escape rooms, fashion show and casino night

We started a busy day full of energy with a big and nice breakfast. All the kids were ready for different excursions they had chosen already the days before. Some of the kids went to Skiing to improve their skills while other two groups went for a excursion. Some of them visit the Olympic museum and the others had the oportunity to visit the Charlie Chaplin museum.
After a long day out all the kids came back to Les Elfes where they could chill for a bit, to take some snacks and hot chocalte.
In the afternoon the kids signed up for different activities; some of them had the chance to enjoy going to the escape room and other could go to the village to do some shopping. After that everyone came back for dinner when they got to know the different choices for the evening activities. Some kids chose for fashion show and the rest were doing Casino night.
After a long day everyone went to sleep and to rest!



8th January skiing, snowboarding, language classes and music video

It has been a wintry snowy day in verbier with lots of new snowfall high on the slopes. One beginners are progressing well and all of our campers are mixing and making new friends. It has been so nice to see them smiling even through difficult conditions and for the older kids to be taking care of the younger kids and making the camp a real family atmosphere.

In the afternoon the students had time for a quick snack and shower before heading straight into their language classes to learn a little more about their European surroundings. Dinner this evening was chicken breasts on a bed of sautéed vegetables and spatzli, a Swiss speciality similar to gnocchi.

After dinner the students mixed up and worked in teams to create an amazing video which they can take home with them as a souvenir to remember their week at camp and their new friends here. Tomorrow the students will have a much-needed Lie In to recuperate after their long journeys to camp and busy days of skiing and snowboarding.


Arrival day 09.12.2017 Ski Fit, Verbier Hunt & Some much-needed sleep

Today a group from Signapore arrived, a bunch of kids that we could not wait to meet. After a long trip from Singapore they finally arrived with big smiles on their faces, and were very keen to explore the Les Elfes campus and get to there rooms.

After a nice welcome meeting the students were assigned their ski Equipment and ski clothing for the week and found out who their instructor would be. They had a chance to explore the campus, drink some hot chocolate and settle in at camp.

At the end of some afternoon snacks they were ready to walk, learn and discover lots of different things about Verbier village and swiss culture. After a swift walk around town we then headed back to campus to unpack, shower and chill out before eating dinner.

Because of a long flight  a lot of kids went to bed early. They were extremely tired, but some of them managed to stay awake to play various different games.




Friday 8th December Skiing, Ski Race, Cookie Baking, Dance Party & Prize Giving

It has been another busy day at camp and today we received the big snowfall we were expecting. This meant that, for the students, the conditions were challenging. They had a mix of conditions under-foot from pisted slopes to fresh powder throughout the day and the visibility was changing constantly. It was a good test for our ski team from Switzerland and a new experience for our now-professional group from Spain. Our school from Spain also had their ski race today in which they all had a chance to test their skills.

In the afternoon both of our groups were very busy packing for their departures tomorrow before a fun afternoon of activities together. Some baked cookies for their ski groups to have as a snack on the mountain the following day, others had a dance party in the cinema and mixed with student from the other school, some serviced their skis and also learnt how to care for their skis properly and we had an inter-schools games room competition of fussball, table tennis and pool.

For the evening we had a lovely chance for our Spanish school to say goodbye to their instructors and to reflect on the week with their Prize Giving, followed by a slideshow of photos for the week and a showing of their music video which they made at the start of their trip. Our Swiss school had someFreeTime to pack and enjoy the games available at camp before a group meeting focussing on their skiing and an early night ready to prepare for their lessons tomorrow.




Thursday 7th December Skiing, Snowboarding, Movie, Games & Disco

So… contrary to the forecast weather our students today had glorious sunshine for the whole day. This was especially exciting for our group who were heading, for the first time to the black slope and for another venturing onto the M25… a piste,  not actually a motorway. The groups this week have really benefited from their excellent snow conditions and good visibility, making the most of their week to progress quickly and we are anticipating some surprises in the ski race the week!

After skiing our groups were especially tired today and had a choice of relaxing activities on camp. Some chose to watch a Christmas movie together in the cinema room, others enjoyed a games competition and some even made some pretty bracelets.

The groups enjoyed plenty of mexican-style food this evening with chicken/ quorn fajitas, salad, salsa and nachos before their evening activities. Our Swiss school spent some of their evening focussing on the ski progression before an early night while our school from Spain had a just-dance-disco and fun games in the games room.

Tomorrow… it is time for the new snow!


New Arrivals for Winter 2017

The start of the Winter season has begun with not only the arrival of a massive dump of snow but also the arrival of our first school from Spain!

A busy afternoon of ski fitting and settling into campus for our campers, followed by a walk into town. All campers are energetic ready to get on the slope, so much so they were all asking if they could go skiing tonight! After having a yummy dinner, the campers unpacked and then it was time for movie night. A quiet night to relax before the jam packed week of skiing and animation activites during the afternoon and evening!

It’s going to be an amazing first week at Les Elfes Verbier!



28th February 2017- Skiing, Baking, Snowman Building, Swimming, The Qube, La Furuer, Chalet Night


Today EIC Merbella woke up to an amazing sight of a fresh dump of snow. All the groups made it up in the morning to enjoy all the new snow. Due to the bad weather in the afternoon 4 out of the 5 groups went ice skating while the beginner group made it to the golf course to keep practicing on the button lifts.

After warming up with some nutella and hot coco, the kids went on a shopping spree around the wonderful town of Crans-Montana. Once returning to the chalet the campers were able to get cozy for dinner and then watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Hopefully it’ll keep snowing over night and we can look forward to another powder day tomorrow!



VERBIER: Today we had lots of snow which was very exciting and everyone loved playing in it. The conditions on the slopes were harder then other days but everyone coped very well and are still improving day by day.

We have had another busy day on camp with many exciting activties happening. Lots of people went outside and had a snowman competition. One school made some very yummy cookies which were very successful. Some chose to relax and others chose to go swimming.

In in the evening we got very competitive in the game shows the cube and la fureur. With lots of singing, dancing and having fun with challenging games. The individuals had a lovely relaxing evening with pizza and a movie.


Saturday 14th Jan – Skiing, Snowboarding & Aquatic park.

Today was another amazing day at Les Elfes and on the snow for the campers waking up this morning a little later than usual after a well deserved lie in to more fluffy white snow.
Half of the campers headed up the slopes for a awesome day skiing and snowboarding in all the fresh snow whilst the other half enjoyed a great day at the aquatic park and we also got some new campers from Brazil and Argentina.
This afternoon most of the campers were exhausted from skiing and snowboarding but headed into the village for a mini tour and a spot of shopping whist some of the others decided a relaxing afternoon at Les Elfes was needed.
After dinner most of the campers opted for a movie night whilst others decided to play card games and have a jam session with the guitar before bed.
Everyone is off to bed now to get some sleep for tomorrow as they will all have a big day of skiing and snowboarding and tomorrow also promises to be sunny.

Thursday 19th May… High ropes, rock climbing, bridge swinging, tennis and mountain biking

This morning the students awoke to a beautiful morning in Verbier. Snow covered the slopes just behind the camp like icing sugar and the low clouds were clinging to the mountains with little beams of sun sneaking through… My favourite type of morning.

The groups were split today into older Ana duping we students. The younger students tried their hand at a spot of rock climbing and really impressed all of the staff with their attentiveness and eagerness in the high ropes course activity.

The older group had tennis lessons with our professional coaches followed by a big variety of mountain bike sessions. Some students learnt to ride a bike for the first time while others practices their skills off-road through fields and small brooks. Finally they took a leap of faith, trusting the staff an their new friends and stepping off the platform for a once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline experience in the bridge swinging challenge.

Now it’s time for showers, snacks and the first of our leadership and trust building sessions to that our campers can integrate with one another and start to build life-long friendships!

more photos to follow later…