July 31st – Mountain Biking, Trotinetting, Rock Climbing, The Cube & La Fureur

It has been a fun active day for our campers today. We began with languages this morning where everyone is learning lots of new vocabulary and sentences and impressing their teachers.

This afternoon the discovery group had sports day where they enjoyed some mountain biking, tennis and football in Sembracher. The explorer group spent the day mountain biking and trotinetting up the mountain which was a fantastic experience for them all! The pioneers headed to St Triphon to do some climbing which was great fun. They all progressed a lot and learnt some new things about knots and belaying.

This evening our groups took part in different game shows, a music quiz, and the cube which tested their speed, reactions and memory!

20th July – Mountain Biking, Sports Day, Rock Climbing & BBQ Night

Another brilliant day here at camp with some new extreme, adventurous sports for our campers! After languages and a lovely lunch, the Pioneers headed up the mountain for some fast, down hill mountain biking which they loved and found challenging. Those that weren’t so keen had a go at trotinetting. The explorers had a day at camp, having a mixture of basketball, football and volleyball, getting very competitive and for some of them improving their techniques in new sports. Finally, our youngest group went rock climbing and did extremely well and worked together as a good time encouraging each other.

Tonight the explorers and the pioneers enjoyed a relaxing bbq up at La Hatay and then we played a game of predator, followed by a hike down. Our little ones went on a treasure hunt. Bring on Excursion day tomorrow!

19th July – Sports Day, Hiking, Ropes Course & Clubs Night

There’s been loads of fun activities today with all our groups jetting off to take part in new adventures. Our youngest group had a brilliant time whizzing about in the trees on zip wires and obstacles and did very well at challenging themselves to get up high! Our Explorers had a hike in the mountains with a trip to the highest point in Verbier – Mont Fort to take in the stunning views. The pioneers took part in a competitive sports day with a mixture of mountain biking, tennis and football. They loved it!

Tonight after our Pasta Party dinner Clubs Night was held for all the children to pick their favourite activity to take part in. Some opted for a baking club or football whilst others enjoyed some arts and crafts or yoga and smoothie making! A great night indeed and well done to everyone.

Wednesday 7th July – Ropes, water sports, sports day, disco

It has been a superb Wednesday here in Verbier with all of our campers getting involved with lots of activities. The younger Discoveries enjoyed a challenging day at Sion ropes course but had a great time swing through the trees on the different elements. The explorers took part in various sports such as tennis, football and mountain biking which they loved. Our Pioneers spent a lovely day at the lake taking part in all the water sports and activities!

This evening we all partied the night away at our local disco with DJ Massive and the kids had a fantastic time dancing and singing along!


29th June – Languages, Rock Climbing, Sports Day, Quiz Night & Games

We kicked off this morning with some more language classes and all the teachers are super impressed with their children’s improvements.

Straight after lunch everyone split off into their age groups to do some exciting activities. The discovery group challenged themselves at our indoor rock climbing wall in Verbier whilst the Explorers had a sports day which involved Golf and indoor and outdoor games. The Pioneers headed to Saxon and also had a go at Rock Climbing, with most of them reaching the top!

For dinner we had a BBQ outdoors and after, again got stuck into more activities. The younger ones had loads of fun getting creative with a Bin Bag Fashion show and the Older groups got competitive during a game show and a quiz!!

21st June – Languages, Sports Day, Aqua Park, Hiking & Disco!!

We kicked off today with our intensive and conversational languages and as they have been attending classes for a week and a half now everyone is really improving and their teachers are super impressed with their progression.

After our yummy BBQ lunch outside in the sunshine it was time to shoot off for our daily activities. Our youngest group the Discoveries went on an adventurous hike up the mountain to a beautiful view point and played some team building games. For our Explorers, they had an exciting sports day down in valley which included Mountain Biking, …….. Our oldest group hit the road and headed for the Aqua Park. They all had great fun whizzing down the slides and taking a dip in the lake.

Tonight we all ventured into town for our local disco which everyone enjoyed. We had some classic tunes and a lot of dancing with plenty of smiling faces. A great day all round. Only a few days left here for our campers so bring on tomorrow!!