29th May 2019


Its nearing the end of Les Elfes spring camp 2019 and its already making us sad. Today was crazy fun and personally one of my favourite days. We went bridge swinging today and it was a lifetime experience. The thought of jumping of a cliff and swinging from a harness attached to the bridge seems daunting at first but actually is a lot fun. It was also very cold today as it had rained the previous day.

we also went to the sports centre and played tennis and badminton. One of the coolest things we did today was the egg drop challenge. We were basically given some materials and had to protect the egg in some way when it was dropped from the second floor. It was a lot of fun to see the cool inventions people came out and 2 teams actually managed to survive.

After dinner today we had games and they were definitely the highlight of the day. The older and younger kids had separate sets of games. They were more music, movie and dance related. We had dance-offs, guess the movie and song too. It was a really awesome day in all…

28th May 2019


Today is a day each and every camper looks forward to. Today we visited the cailler chocolate factory and then the cheese factory. We also got to shop for a while after our visit to the chocolate and cheese factory too. The chocolate factory was definitely the highlight. We were shown the whole process of how the chocolate was made. Then we even got to taste the different variety of chocolates that cailler makes. We could even shop for chocolates after that. Then after the cheese factory we got some time to shop in Vevey.

The returning campers got to visit Milan which was a treat. It was a 3 hour long journey and we visited San Siro which is the biggest stadium in Milan and has hosted some of the most legendary football matches. Later we were left free to shop and went on a shopping spree. It was a really fun day in all.

After dinner we had our club activities. For that we had to do a presentation on inspirational leaders and whom that particular team admired the most.

27th May 2019


Today was a fun day. The groups had been separated today and did different activities. The campers below 13 spent the morning playing tennis and then came back and played a few games. After lunch they went for bridge swinging. Bridge swinging is one of the most interesting activities at Les Elfes. We are suspended from a bridge and can swing.

The older campers went for a ropes course situated 2 hours away from Verbier. It was challenging but a lot of fun. We had a picnic lunch and then we did rock climbing .We had a bit of free time so we had a football match. After coming back we had some free time and could go shopping too. After dinner we had our club activities like baking in which we made chocolate cheesecake. We also had magic , bushcraft and the apprentice as club options today.

26th May 2019


It was awesome day today.The morning started with the olympic games. The olympic games are a series of games that the campers take part in in teams. The campers are divided into groups and have to come up with innovative team names and logos. They were all twists on common games like volleyball, rock-paper-stone and kabaddi. It was a really fun morning.

We had a barbeque for lunch which was yumm. Later in the afternoon we went for a long scenic hike through Verbier. In the evening we had our chosen club activities. Dinner was followed by the shoot for the Les Elfes music video. It was a lot of fun creating the video and everyone had a gala time filming it. It was a really fun day but tiring too.

25th May 2019


Yesterday was one of the most interesting days . We got to visit the United Nations headquarters in Geneva . It was a really educational experience for everyone as they have been learning about the UN and its functions . There was also a option of going for a watch making workshop . It was challenging but also fun . It was really interesting as watches are a speciality in Switzerland .

Returning campers got the opportunity to visit Bern the capital of Switzerland . There they visited Albert Einstein house which has been turned into a museum . Later they got to shop and explore the city of Bern . On returning back to Verbier we had dinner and then our evening clubs . One of the clubs was magic , held by Aryaman Agarwal our very own in-house magician . In one of the other club they baked cookies . There was also a new addition to the clubs called the apprentice . In it we were supposed to create a new product and sell it to the investors. It was a really fun day in all.

24th May 2019


It was the last day of skiing and we had the races yesterday . It was a half day for us and everyone was sad . The highlights of the day were the ski races .

Coming to Verbier was a long and tiring journey . We even got some time to shop in Zermatt . Dinner was followed by the talent show which we had practiced for the previous day . The talent show left everyone in fits of laughter . Aryaman Agarwal , Asia’s youngest magician left everyone flabbergasted with his amazing magic tricks . There were many other interesting perfomances by other campers .The talent show is yet to be continued . It was a lovely day as usual .

23rd May 2019

It was the last full day of skiing . Today most of the groups went to the glacier paradise and skied into Italy. It was a unique experience, challenging but a lot of fun. By now everyone is upset to have to leave zermatt tomorrow.

We had our usual club activities at 5. Mountain biking was a lot of fun and it was very challenging also. For leadership we were divided into groups and went for different activities. In the evening we have talent show practice which we have all been eagerly anticipating!

22nd May 2019


Yesterday was the fourth day of skiing. Most skiers have been rapidly improving and have overcome different obstacles. It was also a half day yesterday so we got time to come back and relax for a few hours.

At 5 we all went for our respective club activities. For leadership we were taken for the tent building activity or for escape rooms. people in creative expressions also joined in for escape rooms. After dinner we had the torchlight walk. It was a one of a kind experience and everybody climbed up a mountain and then came down with fire torches in pairs. This is an activity everybody looks forward to!

21st May 2018


It was the third day of skiing. It was a lot of fun. The beginners have been picking up really well and the advance skiers had the opportunity to go to the glacier paradise and ski into Italy.

After the skiing we were free for a while and went out shopping or to play football. In the afternoon we were busy with our respective club activities . For leadership we had a tent making activity with blindfolds. Mountain biking as usual was a lot of fun.

For dinner we had three options. We could go out for cheese fondue, get pizza delivery and watch a movie or have thai food and watch a movie. it was a lot of fun and a change for all of us.

Saturday 18th May 2019

Transfer to Zermatt, Sion castle and rope course!

We arrived in Zermatt today! Its really pretty as well as cold here. On the way we visited the beautiful Sion castle, which is an hour away. The hike was long but a fun experience. Campers returning to Les Elfes had the opportunity of trying something different, and visited the Zermatt fun park and did a rope course.

In the later half we started our club activities. The options include bushcraft, sports coaching, theatre as well as photography. It was a really fun day!

Saturday 20th May leadership, mountain biking journalism

We had a brilliant day up the mountain learning how to stop and turn and everyone is coming on leaps and bounds. Our campers enjoyed a day of sunshine compared to yesterdays bad weather and had a really positive approach to the days lesson.

This afteroon some of us headed down to the football pitch for a kick around while the rest stayed at camp or headed out on a relaxing walk. Afterwards we enjoyed an afternoon doing leadership skills and games in the sports hall to work on types of leadership and communication. Our journalist team started interviewing other campers and instructors for their magazine which is looking really good.

To end the evening we had a really fun clubs night with our photography group filming their stop motion videos and taking some brilliant perspective photos. The theatre group did some acting games and drills which they really got into. Orienteering went out into town using maps to find different photo clues around. All teams got really involved and ran round trying to be the first team back.

Wednesday 26th April – Skiing, mountain biking, leadership, Journalism, Etiquette, Web Identity

Another fantastic day here in Verbier during our Spring camp. Our skiers did another brilliant job out on the mountain with some tough conditions. It was pretty cold and snowy at times and our instructors were very impressed with our campers attitude.

This afternoon our mountain bikers headed out to the mountain and really enjoyed their ride down. During leadership we learnt about different types of leadership and roles. In journalism the group were interviewing each other ready to write up their articles.

This evening we had a debate about online accounts and discussed how long we should be on the internet for, while in etiquette classes they learnt about meal times and different scenarios.