Thursday 11th May – Clubs, football, town and gameshow

Unfortunately the lifts up the mountain were closed today due to high winds which was a shame for all our campers here. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be up and running so they can continue learning and have their all important race.

Instead of skiing everybody finished their clubs of theatre, photography and orienteering. They have all done brilliantly and we are looking forward to seeing the final videos and productions tomorrow at prize giving. After lunch we headed to the football pitch for a tournament which was super fun. Everyone got really involved and played really well together. A big well done to Iggy’s team for winning the final on penalties!

Following that our campers had the opportunity to visit Zermatt town for some souvenier shopping and bought some lovely gifts for their families. Tonight our younger group took part in our quiz and did amazingly well while our older ones enjoyed a music game show. Even though we couldn’t ski today we certainly made the most of our time here and had a brilliant day.


Tuesday 2nd May – Verbier Campus and Zermatt


It has been a busy active day for all our campers here. On todays agenda was rock climbing and mountain biking which was lots of fun and a new experience for many of our children. They did brilliantly at both activities and worked really hard.  Some of our younger campers also did a treasure hunt around town finding certain places using only parts of pictures. They all managed to complete the challenge so well done to them all!

This afternoon they had the option to bake some yummy cookies or visit the town to do some shopping. Everyone had a lovely afternoon despite the cold weather! Tonights clubs were leadership, mountain biking & journalism which was a success. In leadership we worked on good characteristics of a leader and had an insight to ethical leadership. Our mountain bikers put their classroom based knowledge to work as they set off on the road this evening to enjoy their ride. Our journalists began to put together their article for a magazine which by the end really started to come together.


It has been a snowy day here in Zermatt and our students have performed brilliantly in the conditions and really impressed their instructors. The weather cleared after lunch and all students managed to reach the T-bar, meaning the progression has been fantastic!

This afternoon our groups enjoyed some freetime, we took some of the students into the village and some of the students played football for 1 hour before optionals started. Our students signed up for mountain biking set of into the mountains for some intense and tech riding with their instructor, he was very impressed with their progression using their bikes. The leadership¨set of to the escape rooms in Zermatt, they managed to escape by using their leadership skills, listening to each other and learning new communication skills. Meanwhile our journalists were gathering more information for their magazine which is looking fantastic!

After dinner the students gathered their jackets and their their creative sides and we headed to the school for theatre CLUB. Starting off with simple ideas we opened up to new faces and people we did not know very well within the group, we played many ice breaking games and even set a screen. At the hotel the photography class was kicking off with stop motion, These students gathered many photos and start to make their stop motion videos.

Another fantastic day in paradise