Tuesday 1st of September 2015 – Rock climbing, Egg dropp chalange

Today kids woke up early and where ready for new challenges! While half group went to rock climbing others joined egg drop challenge here in the camp, but after lunch groups swapped.

After sunny and hot week rain have surprised us, but everyone where up for the challenge. Teams who where doing Edd drop competition where excited to build their own nest strong enough for egg not to brake when it falls. Their first assignment was to design what they will build and figure out what kids of materials from the nature can be used. Once that was done it was time to build what was created on the paper before. It took quite a long time as kids had to figure out how to make it safe for the egg. Finlay it was time to try their nests and see what other teams have created. Challenge was on and teams where exited to see eggs flying down.

Meanwhile other half of the group where rock climbing. After safety speech kids where ready to put on harnesses and helmets and try out their skills. Some kids where a bit cautious and where letting other to try out first so wee technique and best ways to get until top. Other when straight to the top showing amazing skills and a good example to others.

Great day full of sports and different challenges! But in the evening kids can expect more fun in our evening activity- Who wants to be a Millionaire?

23rd Lake Geneva and Bridge swinging, Departures

No languages today, the students separated into their groups after breakfast.

Explovery – Team explovery took on off to lake Geneva, having a go at tubing, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Pioneers – Pioneers went bridge swinging today.

During the evening all the students participating in Les Elfes presentation and prize giving.

Early night for most as its departure day early tomorrow, we have thoroughly enjoyed having the students this session and hope they return soon.



22nd Mtb, Trottinettes and Lake Geneva

After languages the students separated into their groups to be explained what we would be doing during the day.

Explovery – Team explovery tried their hand at mountain biking, taking the bikes up onto the mountain, then hiring trottinettes to ride them down and to ride the mountain bikes back to Les Elfes.

Pioneers – Team pioneer took of to Lake Geneva today, while over at the lake the students tried their hand at tubing, a very exhilarating sport.

During the evening the students all participated into the disco, boogieing on down to the beats in the cinema room.

20th Excursion

No languages today, meeting for all groups at 8am.

Explovery – Team explovery took off down to the lovely town of Vevey near the lakeside to do a little bit of sight seeing before moving on to Servion zoo. After the zoo the students went on to the Callier chocolate factory, being given a full guided animation tour around the factory and experiencing the chocolate themselves before returning to Les elfes for dinner.

Pioneers – The pioneers traveled across to the next country of Italy, experiencing the spectacular food and taking a guided tour around one of the local castles before taking some time to go shopping and returning to Les Elfes.

19th Climbing and ropes course

After languages the students separated into their groups.

Explovery – Team explovery took of down to Medran to go climbing in the local climbing center. It was great to see the team work and for some of the students they were shown advanced techniques from the monitors. During the evening the students participated boys vs girls.

Pioneers – Team pioneer took off down to the Aigle ropes course, during the day the students started on the easy course and gradually moved on up to more challenging courses. During the evening the students went on to a local restaurant for dine out.


18th International day

International day today, with great food and a presentation from groups from each country.

After languages and the presentation it was time to try some international food. During the evening the students all had a great time in Les elfes carnival.

17th Verbier sports day and Climbing

Languages for all students, after languages the students separated into their groups.

Over the past few day the students of Discovery and Explorers have been getting on very well together, after asking all the students we have decided to merge the two groups together for the duration of this session, creating one amazing group, Explovery.

Explovery – Team Explovery stayed at Les Elfes today to do Verbier sports day, playing an hour of tennis, golf, basketball and football, for some this was a chance to brush up on their skills while for others this was a great chance to learn and try a new sport.

Pioneers – Team pioneer took off down the road to one of the local climbing spots, after having a briefing on safety and correct climbing techniques the students cracked on with he climbing

during the evening all the students had clubs night, either doing photography, tapas, dancing, acting and Arts and crafts.

16th Lake Geneva and Mountain biking

Discovery and Explorers- Team discovery and explorers went to lake Geneva today, while at the lake they had a chance to go banana boating and relax in by the pool.

Pioneers – The Pioneers took off up the mountain today to go mountain biking and trottineting, the students thoroughly enjoyed it, taking in the breathtaking views on the route.

During the evening all the students on campus participated in the very popular evening activity, Music video.

15th August Excursion day

Excursion day today no languages.

Discovery and Explorers joined together to go to Evian, while at Evian the students had some time to relax and go see the famous Evian water fountain before going on a boat trip to lausanne across lake Geneva. The students went to Lausanne to go shopping, and enjoy the toy shops and local atmosphere. during the evening the students had a game of mini golf.

Pioneers- The pioneers took a trip over to Geneva today, visiting the United Nations and doing some shopping in the afternoon. During the evening the students of pioneers had an activity named “lip dub”, involving acting singing and plenty of laughs.

12th August

First day of languages, after breakfast the students were told which language they have chosen and then they had some time to meet and greet their new teachers, after languages the students has a small break before going to their new groups and meeting points to be told what they will be doing for the day.

Discovery – The students of Discovery had lunch on campus and went on a hunt around Verbier, being shown the local shops and area while completing challenges.

Explorers – The explorers had mountain biking, after having a safety briefing and ensuring everybody can ride a bike, the students took a cable car up to one of Verbiers local mountains, Ruinette. They then cycled down the mountain on large off road tracks back to the camp.

Pioneers – The pioneers took of to lake Geneva today to go tubing on the lake.

During the evening all the students of Les Elfes did Ice skating, for some this was a new experience, having a monitor instruct them on ice skating, while other had the chance to play ice hockey.

11th August Arrivals Day

Arrivals day today, the students have arrived from all over the world, some have never been to Switzerland and are very exited. The students were arriving all day, upon arrival they had check in to their new rooms. meet their new room mates and go to reception to hand in pocket money for reception to put into safe, after this the students had a briefing with the monitors and managers to go over all the rules within the camp and show them to their groups. After lunch the students had chance to be shown around the local town of Verbier, while some went swimming. During the evening the discovery group met their new group monitors and did some team games to get to know each other within the group. After the games the students joined the explorers and pioneers to watch a movie in the cinema room, and playing board games while chatting to each other.

10th August Departure day

Departure day today, with many people leaving during the early hours of the morning, and throughout the day. During the day the remaining students went shopping and relaxed at Les Elfes.

We hope the students have enjoyed their time here at Les Elfes and hope they return soon.

9th August

No languages today, the students went straight to their meeting points after breakfast.

Discovery and Explorers – Team discovery joined team explorers on the big bus to go over to lake Geneva  While over there the weather was raining and to cold to go banana boating so both groups went to Aqua park. During the afternoon the weather gradually became better and the explorers went banana boating on lake Geneva.

Pioneers – Team pioneer took off past Martigny to go bridge swinging,  the students thoroughly enjoyed the bridge swinging, many very nervous by their first attempt and then continued onto a second day.


8th August

After languages the students separated into their groups –

Discovery – Team discovery took of to Saxon to go rock climbing indoors, the group work very well today and thoroughly enjoyed the session of climbing.

Explorer – Team explorer went ice skating, followed by climbing in Saxon.

Pioneer – The pioneers took of to aqua park, having a nice relaxing day on the slides.


7th August

DSCN6636 - Copy (Small) DSCN6638 - Copy (Small) DSCN6653 - Copy (Small) DSCN6659 - Copy (Small) DSCN6662 - Copy (Small)After languages the students separated into their groups.

Discovery – Today team discovery did mountain biking, after a safety brief, explaining how all the gears and brakes work they then had some time to practice before departing off up the mountain. They took the gondola up from medran, for some this was the first gondola they have ever taken, a great experience.

Explorer – Explorers did Verbier sports day today, a collection of Verbiers finest sports, golf, football, Tennis and some other ball related sports, some of the students this was a nice time to relax and enjoy their sport, for others it was a great time to practice and receive tuition on how to correctly do the sports and get better with practice.

Pioneer – The pioneers took off to Aigle today to go on the ropes course, after having a safety brief the students thoroughly enjoyed the activity and it was great to see such great team work from the group.

During the evening all the Les Elfes students had a BBQ at Le Hatey, having a nice relaxing time around a campfire, singing songs and playing games.

The weather today has begun fairly poor, with on and off rain showers, all the students were advised to wear rain jackets, jumpers and sun cream incase it gets hot later.

6th August

No languages today as the students all went on excursion.

Discovery –  Today team Discovery went to Monteaux to a little bit of shopping and some sight seeing on lake Geneva, after shopping the students then went to the Callier chocolate factory, with a guided tour around the history of they chocolate with a treat at the end. After lunch the students then went to Servian zoo before returning back to Les Elfes for dinner.

Explorers –  Todaz the explorers took a trip on over to Lake Geneva, while there they had a guided tour around the Chateux de chillion. Later they had some time to shop before going on over to the chocolate factory.

Pioneers – Today the pioneers took a trip over to Italy and visited Aosta, while over there they had chance to visit one of the local castles and do some shopping and had lunch at a local pizza restaurant before returning to Les Elfes for dinner.

During the evening all of the groups participated in clubs at Les Elfes, this included arts and crafts, Tapas, Dance, Photography, acting and learning to play the guitar.

05th August

After languages the students separated into their groups.

Discovery – Team discovery took off like a flash today to go to the Labyrinth, while there the students had time to get lost inside the maze, had some fun on some very odd bicycles and had a very large water fight in the sunshine. During the evening the students participated in mini golf.. 18 holes where only the best continued onto greatness to win the grand champion of mini golf.

Explorer – Team explorer adventured on out to go rock climbing today, throughout the day they learned techniques about how to climb correctly and how to put on harness and for some selected individuals how to correctly belay while being monitored. During the evening the students played boys vs girls, a selection of challenges pinning the genders against each other.

Pioneers – The pioneers did Verbier sports day today, having a good go at many different sports, for some being coached and others just having their first go. During the evening the students had dine out, enjoying a nice relaxing dinner outside at a local restaurant.


4th August

International day!

International day at Les Elfes today, their were posters, and presentation during the day. All groups participated in the International day, their was great food and all the students learnt from each other about their own countries.

During the evening the activity for all the students was carnival night, this activity turned out great, there was loads of games and activities with prizes to be won.

3rd August

Discovery – Team discovery went to ropes course today, it was great to see the bonding and team work within the group, the monitors are very impressed.

Explorers – The explorer team  went mountain biking during the afternoon.

Pioneers – Team pioneer went over to a local climbing spot to do some climbing, some of the students deserve a mention for excelling very well at climbing and learning more about the correct techniques.