Departure day

Over this weekend we have said good bye to all of our summer campers, and closed the camp until the first of our schools arrive in just over a week.

We have had a fantastic summer with over 50 nationalities visiting us here in the Swiss alps. We had over 15 nationalities working here. Coming from far and wide…… Australia, Wales, South Africa, Argentina, Latvia, Ireland and many more places!

I have seen campers from across the world make new friends from places they never knew existed, and they remain in touch with each other and us in camp via our various social media. Some are already planning to meet up again next year!!

All in all it has been wonderful meeting everyone that has visited and we hope to see you all again next year!

Thank you





















International day and group games

Today all of our groups had language lessons in the morning. After lunch they started preparing their presentations for international day! All the campers divide into groups from their country and make a short presentation for the other campers. It was great to see them interacting together, old and young. They all showed a great sense of pride whilst presenting to everyone.

Tonight the discoveries played a game where they blindfold everyone and one person in the team communicates with all the others as the lead them around a challenging course.

The explorers played a music and team game. Both teams played well and sang their hearts out in a bid to win.

Our pioneers have gone on an evening hike tonight. Once the light deserted them they lit some touches and hiked back along the trails under touch light IMG_0005.JPGIMG_0007.JPG







Hiking, orienteering, mountain biking, trottinetting, rock climbing and group games

All of our campers had language lessons this morning. A few had horse riding and private tennis lessons after.

All the groups went up the mountain to a hut for a BBQ lunch. The hut overlooks the Valley into verbier and down into la tzoumaz and sion.

The Discoveries – had a nice nature walk on the way down the mountain. This evening they played are you smarter than your monitor. I’m afraid to say they were ! Well done guys!

The Explorers – had mountain biking and trottinetting after lunch. The mountain bikers broke into two smaller groups where half learnt to ride a bike and the other half went on slightly more challenging terrain. For trottinettes (giant scooter with full suspension, big wheels). The kids all flew down the mountain like ducks to water. On the path down some of the kids saw some marmots (little beaver type creatures) as well as beautiful views of verbier. This evening they have played a game of boys vs girls where they complete challenges against each other please to say the girls won helped by a loss of points for boys trying to bend the rules ūüôā

The Pioneers – went rock climbing on the wall in verbier. This evening the teamed up for a game I who wants to be a millionaire.















Sports day, Ice Skating, Mountain biking, Trottinetting and Sports day

Discovery – The discovery group had languages this morning. After the hot lunch they got dressed up nice and warm for the afternoon activities. They were driven up to the Les Elfes mountain hut for some games. After they headed to the ice skating rink for a game of ice hockey and ice skating long with the music. In the afternoon the students signed up for games and swimming.

Explores – Languages took place in the morning and after lunch these keen students headed to the mountain for some trottinette and mountain biking. We spilt the the group into two therefore all students managed to do both activities. We had a fantastic afternoon with them with lots of fun and they also learnt some new skills

Pioneers – Languages early morning. After a delicious lunch these students headed to the golf course. After they went to the tennis courts for a competitive game of tennis. Our experienced staff caught them some new skills so hopefully they will win the next matches.

Evening Activities – Tonight the discovery students roasted marshmallows on the bbq with chocolate biscuits, they really deserved this wonderfall treat. The older students “Explorers and Pioneers” decorated les elfes with flags and posters for the world cup final. Most students had their faces painted. We set up the large projector screen in our common area and watched the world cup final it was a fantastic evening.

Transfers from and to the Geneva Airport

How and where do you welcome children coming by airplane?

Arrival desk at the airport


Les Elfes welcomes campers in the arrival hall of the Geneva Airport (GVA).
We have our own office here.
Our friendly and helpful staff will take care of the youngsters right away and then drive them with our private bus to the campus. Our campus can be easily reached within 1h50 after leaving the Geneva airport.

Departure at the Geneva Airport

This is a video made by our staff during an arrival day:

Welcome Session 4… over 50 different nationalities!

Summer Camp Session 4 just started…
Very good mix this session!

We are very happy to welcome over 50 different nationalities at the campus!

In the past, we have heard from many campers that they have found lifelong friendships and have built international networks for their future… For sure this session will be a good one…
Some of the countries represented: India, Russia, Hong Kong, Spain, Switzerland, USA, UAE, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, Singapore, Kazasthan, Belgium, Greece, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Romania, UK, Nigeria…

International Day will be exciting!

Meet the Staff / Summer 14

Welcome-Summer-Camp-14The Camp is supervised by Adam, the Resort Manager, an Activities Manager and a Head Organizer. Les Elfes runs the camps with all appropriate staff, including monitors, organizers, kitchen staff, secretaries, drivers, cleaning staff etc.

Message from Adam, the resort manager

Summer has finally arrived !!

I have been eagerly anticipating the summer camps for a while now and last Saturday the students began to arrive and we are full steam ahead.
Meeting parents from all over the world from countries as far away as India and Mexico, has been a real pleasure, and the students, what can I say, fantastic people.
We began the day with some arrivals games, getting to know each other and bonding as a team or group, and the students were brilliant, we have such a great atmosphere around the camp at the moment and I am really pleased with this session so far.
We have such a great week lined up, camping, hiking, kayaking, banana boating, sports, mountain biking, trottinettes, and many more, we are just packed with activities for them.
Stay in touch and we will be uploading some great pics of the last few days later on, and wherever you are enjoy!


Meet the staff, Summer Camp 2014

First Mountain Biking Adventure of the Summer !


Welcome Summer,

Welcome first campers,

Welcome Summer Camp Session 1!

The camp opened last 7th of June! Campers from all over the world are already enjoying mountain and lake Sports!
The explorers group took off to the mountain to enjoy a full afternoons worth of Trottinetting and mountain biking, For some this was a brand new experience but the explorers had great enthusiasm and the monitors were really impressed with their participation.
Here are some pictures of this first (but not least) Mountain Biking Adventure of the Summer!

Languages, Optionals,Mini golf Verbier, Mountain biking Verbier and Torch light walk

After breakfast the students separated into groups to participate in languages, there is two different types of language courses, intensive and conversational.  Between languages and lunch there was a few selected students who went into their optional activities. The activities on today were horse riding and tennis.

After lunch the students separated into their own groups,

Discovery – Team discovery stayed at Les Elfes on campus to do some problem solving and team challenges to get to know the staff working with hem and other students.

Explorers – The explorers took off to the mountain to enjoy a full afternoons worth of Trottinetting and mountain biking, For some this was a brand new experience but the explorers had great enthusiasm and the monitors were really impressed with he participation.

Pioneers – Went into the center of Verbier to have a relaxing afternoon practicing putting on the mini golf course.

After dinner The pioneers gathered together on the football pitch to prepare for the kayak expedition for the following day, tonight they will practice putting a tent up and do a through equipment check.

The discovery and explorers went on a relaxing torchlight walk around Verbier completing challenges along the way.



Matterhorn and Race day

Group picture first of all, in front of the Matterhorn. The sun was shinning for the whole day and the spirits were very high indeed. Off the students went to ski, either using the magic carpet the rope or the chair lift. Students of the camp this week have shown the instructors extreme dedication! This afternoon we had a small ski race set up for the children on the magic carpet. Now the students are on the ropes course, museum or shopping for last minute souvenirs. Later after dinner we will be packing and taking our luggage down stairs ready for the departure tomorrow.

Thursday 27th June (Excursion Day)

Discovery РFor the Discovery group, the excursion took place at mines de sel, very famous salt mines known all over the world. this trip took them deep into the tunnels, given a full feature presentation and explanation of how the area was mined. As for the afternoon, this was spent shopping around the local area.

DSCN0146 - CopyDSCN0181 - CopyDSCN0150 - Copy

Explorers РToday the Explorer group went on a excursion to Geneva, they had a guided visit around the United Nations and learnt much about the history of the UN and thoroughly enjoyed the educational visit. During the afternoon, the group separated with monitors and went shopping in the local city of Geneva, some collecting souvenirs for their family and friends, while others just enjoyed the walk around the area.

D Excursion (1) - CopyD Excursion (4) - CopyD Excursion (20) - Copy

D Excursion (15) - Copy

Pioneers РThe Pioneers today took a trip to Italy, visiting some very famous sites and shopping in the afternoon.

As for the evening, all the students in all groups participated in music video, an activity where we show them a song, they then separate¬†into groups and create a video to go with this song, if im honest the was some good dancing and acting… and some not so good… but one thing was for sure… everyone enjoyed the evening activity.


E music video (2) - CopyE music video (4) - CopyE music video (6) - Copy

E music video (3) - CopyE music video (22) - Copy  DSCN0207 - CopyDSCN0220 - Copy

Tuesday 25th June (Mountain Hut, Camping and Tee-Pee’s)

All of the groups split off after languages and started their adventure to the mountain huts. Some of the students were¬†camping, mountain huts and tee-pee’s for an overnight experience in the¬†forest and beautiful mountain range.

 C Mountain Hut (1) - Copy C Mountain Hut (2) - Copy C Mountain Hut (3) - Copy C Mountain Hut (12) - Copy C Mountain Hut (35) - Copy C Mountain Hut (37) - Copy C Mountain Hut (46) - CopyB torchlight walk (19) - Copy DSCN0002 - Copy DSCN0016 - Copy DSCN0022 - Copy DSCN0040 - Copy DSCN0046 - Copy DSCN0056 - Copy DSCN0062 - Copy DSCN0065 - Copy DSCN0076 - Copy DSCN0078 - Copy

Zermatt skiing day 4

This morning we all woke up to 40cm of snow in the village. It was delightful to see. We are all very lucky to experience this amazing site. The students progressed very quickly today and they all had a fantastic day. After a great day of skiing we went back to the hotel for a shower. The older students went to the alpine museum whilst the younger students went to the ropes course. Tonight is dine out and everyone is excited

HITACHI Digital Camera HITACHI Digital Camera HITACHI Digital Camera HITACHI Digital Camera HITACHI Digital Camera HITACHI Digital Camera HITACHI Digital Camera HITACHI Digital Camera HITACHI Digital Camera

Skiing in Zermatt day 3

Today the weather was slightly different to the past two days, today was special. On the top of the mountain high above the clouds it was snowing hail stones. The students were amazed to be a part of this amazing sight. The students were so very excited  and proud as almost everyone made it to the top of the T Bar today and some of the more experienced students went all the way to the top of the chairlift, a very big improvement today. After a very tasty pizza the students headed back to the hotel for some snacks and a shower. We got the students together for some reflection time and asked them to write down on large piece of paper their experiences in Les Elfes. After the students went to play basketball, tennis and football as the weather was nice. Tonight the students will complete a Zermatt Hunt, this involves searching for certain places in Zermatt and completing a quiz. It is very fun and educational.

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Skiing in Zermatt Day 2

This morning the children woke up very excited. They could not wait to get their skis back on. Most of the students progressed very quickly and today they will be going on the T-Bar so that they can ski down the mountain. The students arrived at the top of the mountain and started showing the instructors how good they are. The instructors were all impressed with the progression on the students and many of them managed to go on the T-Bar. The sun was shinning, the views were amazing and it was a beautiful day. After a hard working day on the slopes the students got together for afternoon snacks. They signed up for afternoon activities including indoor games, playing the wii or playing outdoor sports such as tennis, basketball or football. After a delicious dinner at the hotel the students and the instructors went for a torchlight walk. The instructors gave a safety speech and away we went. We walked to the top of the mountains and looked down on the beautiful city of Zermatt. We walked until the sun went down then we walked through the village back to the hotel for a good night sleep ready for skiing in the morning.

DSCF0801DSCF0808 DSCF0811 DSCF0815 DSCF0817 DSCF0821P1110854 P1110855 P1110858 P1110860

Skiing in Zermatt day 1

This morning the children enjoyed a beautiful breakfast at the hotel. They gathered their ski clothing together and headed for the slopes. After the gondola ride to 3000 meters above seas level the students stepped on their skis for the first time. The snow conditions are fantastic and the weather was beautiful. The Matterhorn looked absolutely fantastic today. The whole group progressed very quickly, after one hour the students were turning in snowplough and some of them were turning parallel. The weather kept the students active and excited therefore after a hot lunch they wanted to continue skiing, very keen students. We left the mountain to go back to the hotel for a shower. After the students signed up for Tennis, Basketball, Football or a nice late afternoon walk. Some of the students decided to watch the cricket match. Tonight the students will have a Wii Competition and indoor games. They are very excited for ski tomorrow.image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_8