March 24th – First day on the slopes

After a well deserved night of sleep, the individuals were up bright and early, eager to begin their trips up the mountain. Some seasoned professionals and others complete beginners, everyone was looking forward to getting started.

The individuals arrived back to camp in the afternoon after a long day in the sun and had their energy boosted with a nice snack of indian cheese toasts accompanied with hot chocolate. Later on, individuals moved on to taking part on optional activities including baking and going to the village to do a bit of shopping.

To wrap up the first day, they headed to the sports center where they participated in games ranging from dodgeball to football which they all seemed to love as they were able to bond with the other schools. Every single one of the individuals had a big smile on their face when they came back to camp after an awesome evening doing even more sport.

Monday 18th March – Skiing, and Music video

Today we awoke to heavy snowfall, which soon turned in to lovely sunshine as soon as we headed out to ski. So, we were blessed with both good snow, and good weather today!

After skiing in the morning, we had a tasty lunch on the mountain followed by an afternoon of more skiing.

After a snack and a hot chocolate, we enjoyed lots of activities such as capture the flag, village shopping, board games and movie.

This evening, we created a music video with all our friends and truly enjoyed it.

Tuesday 12th March: Sun, Ski and Quiz Night; Sport Center

Sunny day in Verbier! All our students went really happy to the slopes to do their lessons.

After a hearty snack, the students had the choice between sledging, snowman building, sport center, games competition and also went to their languages classes.

After dinner, our students could enjoy a Quiz Night and the games at the sport center!

Tuesday 5th March: Sunny skiing day!

After two snowy and windy days, we could finally enjoyed a typical sunny day in Verbier.

Our students had a great skiing and snowboarding experience and made the most of it.

As “après-ski” activities, they went to their languages classes or choose between snowman building, arts & craft and play games or watch a movie.

They had a nice dinner with , just enough to get some more energy to try to run away from the Escape Room before the 60 minutes were over! Did they have succeed?


After such a day, they all deserved to have rest and went quietly to bed.