Tuesday 15th – Skiing & Les Elfes Clubs Night

Yet again our groups woke up to glorious sunshine! There were lots of smiley faces this morning at breakfast and with full stomachs they all headed out to meet their instructors. We had groups out discovering lots of the mountain today in Les Essere, Verbier and the 4 Valleys. The beginners are seriously improving now and can competently snow plow and stop whereas the more experienced skiers are able to parallel and carve down all different slopes. So a big well done to everyone! After a lovely lunch and rest on the mountain the groups couldn’t wait to get back out on the snow and show the instructors what they’ve got which was great to see.

This afternoon back at the chalet it was time for some snacks and hot chocolate before joining with lots of activities! On offer this afternoon was swimming, sledging, games or a trip to Verbier village so lots going on for all our campers. Then this evening was Les Elfes clubs night where everyone signed up to take part in various activities. Some chose to do cooking where they made some delicious flapjacks which looked and smelt amazing when they came out the oven. Others took part in design and build and had to work as a team to create the best robot, we had some interesting designs!

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27th January – Chateau de Chillon, Chamonix, Chocolate Factory, Skiing & Snowboarding

This morning was a different day for some of us here at Les Elfes International as it was excursion day! One of our Chinese schools had the wonderful opportunity to visit Chamonix, in France and got to take a lovely train journey to the ice caves. The views were spectacular, with the sun shining and whilst there they learnt about the amazing glacier. Our Individuals headed to the Chocolate Factory which they were all very excited about. They had the chance to learn about the production of chocolate and see how it is made in the factory. A definite highlight of the day for them was the tasting of the chocolate at the end. After this they moved on for lunch which they had at the Chateau de Chillon, a magnificent castle set in beautiful scenery and a great photo opportunity.

For those that stayed, it was another sunny day in Verbier and everyone enjoyed skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. Each day, everyone has gained more and more confidence and so groups are gradually heading up the mountain to challenge themselves on the harder slopes. They are all keen to learn new techniques and some are now trying out their parallel turns.

This afternoon a few children opted to have even more fun and had a shot at sledging which was great fun to watch. By the end of it, they were all whizzing down super fast with big smiles on their faces. For those that wanted a more relaxing afternoon, opted to stay at Les Elfes for some down time or took a walk in to town to buy some treats.

This evening, we all took part in our Dragons Den competition which got very competitive and we had some amazing end products. Each group used cardboard, sellotape, scissors and paper to design their very own unique shoe racks which were all successful.


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Monday 31st August 2015 – Arrival day, Olympic games

Another sunny morning here in Verbier- perfect day to welcome our new school group!

Students arrived just in time for lunch. After checking in their rooms they enjoy lunch, but after introduction speech where monitors explained rules of the cam it was time for little bit more fun – Olympic games! It such a great weather it would be shame not to do outdoor activities! All kids enjoyed that a lot and where counting points of their team to keep themselves on top of each challenge.

After refreshing shower some kids where ready for some optional activities in the afternoon, but fun wasn’t over just yet.

Straight after dinner kids started gather outside for La Fureur -Music Quiz. Kids got divided in to two groups and had to compete for the loudest singing, entertaining dance moves and much more.

See you all tomorrow for more challenges!

Sunday 30th August 2015 – Hike day, Prize giving

Weather keeps braining more sun each day! Today seems to be hotter than ever at this time of the year!

Once students where sure to have everything they needed – sunscreen, water bottle, proper shoes and the right mood, everyone was ready for Orienteering challenge on the mountain. Day went well and kids where on time for lunch up in Baratan – a mountain hut with breathtaking view to Petite Combine and other peaks on the opposite side of Verbier. After having lunch students were ready to continue challenge and find all the necessary point in the map to win the game.

After coming back to camp it was time for quick sower and prize giving where winner where announced.

Another goodbye, we we are sure to see you all next year!

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Thursday 20th August 2015 – Excursion!

Beautiful morning here in Verbier! After nice breakfast sun was shining bright just in time for group photo when all kids gather together for this great memory of the session! Great day for great excursions!

Two different destinations of choice. Most of students chose to spend day in Aosta, Italy. Beautiful city lying between two rivers and surrounded by majestic mountains. A lot of monuments, historical buildings and nice walks through city center. After taking pictures in old town everyone had a nice pic-nic lunch enjoying the views.

Other students had opportunity to visit Chocolate factory. After a great guided fairy-tail like excursion through factor. Kids got to experience everything about chocolate from who it was discovered, used, evolved during time until nowadays. The most exciting part was at the end of tour when students got to try every chocolate possible and eat as much as they wanted. After chocolate tasting everyone had chance to buy their favorite ones for family and friends.

Everyone came back to camp just in time for dinner and enjoyed Mexican party with fajitas and tortillas with different sauces and fillings.

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Excited students hit the slopes 

the Les Elfes students gathered today on the slopes of Zermatt. We had a blast this morning learning new skills, becoming more independent and using team work to move forward with progression. Many students made it up to the big slopes today. The weather was fantastic today, bright sunny skies with a blue backdrop and a few white clouds. A wonderful view of the Matterhorn and great snow conditions too. In the afternoon the students became even more excited and went for outdoor games, alpine museum and sightseeing. This evening we had a general quiz night and they absolutely enjoyed every minute. The instructors have built a great relationship with our Les Elfes campers and overall we are very happy and laughing together all the time. Looking forward to seeing more progression tomorrow