Monday 28th September 2015 – arrival day, team games, treasure hunt

Hello everyone! We are so excited to welcome new group to our camp!

Everyone has arrived just in time for lunch, but after that kids where introduced with camp rules and expectations. After introducing everyone with our staff members it was time for some team games  and treasure hunt. Afternoon was filled with different team building games; we where impressed to see how well kids coordinated assignments within their teams and communicated to reach the goal!

More fun to fallow in the evening when Bin Bag fashion show will take place 🙂

See you all tomorrow with more insight on how kids are doing and which activities they are participating.

Monday 7th September 2015 – Arrival day, Team games, Ice skating

We are excited to welcome  another great group to our camp! It is a beautiful day for some outdoor activities.

After arriving, checking in to the rooms and having some time to unpack kids where ready for lunch  -after a long way they where hungry. Kids where introduced with camp rules and after welcome speech it was time for some fun! Kids absolutely loved team games and where working really well together! In the afternoon everyone went to Ice skating – time to play games on the ice! After putting on helmets and ice skates kids when to ice with no fear and started to show their skills. For some it was a bit harder, but there was a big support team and friends who could teach how to ice skate properly!

Great fun today, but it is just the first day! See you all tomorrow with more exciting news!

Wednesday 2nd September 2015 – Nature hike, Escape from Les Elfes

Another great day for fun activities!

Escape from Les Elfes was one of the activities where kids had to design and build something to escape from Les Elfes. We are proud to see their effort and creativity!

After morning spent trying to escape, finally after lunch kids went for a hike up on the mountain. Kids had a lot of chances to take picture with this breathtaking view!

After shower it was reflection time, but once kids where finished with dinner it was time for evening activity- Who wants to be a Millionaire?


Rock climbing, canoe expedition continued team games and a musical duel

Discovery – This morning our young campers played a number of different games and had a treasure hunt before they gathered their belongings and set off on a short hike to the busses. In the afternoon they had rock climbing and a BBQ for lunch before heading home to camp! After dinner this evening they joined the explorers for a musical game which had them all participating and having a great time!

Explorers – After breakfast the explorers had some fun playing wilderness survival games and dramatic first aid scenarios. They then had a long hike down the mountain to the busses. They returned back to camp a little soggy and worn out. After some showers and rest they played some team games before dinner. Afterwards they joined in the musical game with the Discoveries.

Pioneers – The pioneers tent building skills were really put to the test last night with the rain. Were happy to report everyone was dry when they woke, well I say everyone… One monitor really should have listened harder 🙂 After breakfast they set off on the lake and finished their expedition. This afternoon they went to the lakeside beach. They took out some paddle boards and hopped on the banana boat. This evening they all went out for dinner in one of the local restaurants.