Monday 4th September – Rock Climbing, Team Games and Music Video

We were all delighted to welcome our new school group this morning and take them down to Sembrancher to do some rock climbing and team games. The children did brilliant and many reached the top of the wall quickly! We also had lots of welcome games to get to know the children and learn their names. Everyone was super lively and really enthusiastic which is great to see.

This afternoon all our campers settled into their rooms before having some free time playing football, table tennis and pool. We ended the evening with a music video where in groups they performed their own dance choreography to a piece of music. We will see the finished project at the end of the week!


Team games, rock climbing ice skating, Tennis, Golf and horse riding

Today was the first day all of our new groups got to know each other. We had a fun filled day starting with the language courses in the morning followed by ….

The Discoveries and Explorers – Took part in many team games and problem solving challenges set out by the monitors. Some got caught up in the spiders web while others avoided falling into shark infested custard!

The Pioneers – went to the rock climbing wall in verbier this afternoon. Some were flying up it and some of the others found this quite challenging but the monitors and guides in charge said they were proud of everyone for putting in a big effort so well done guys!

This evening saw all the groups take to the ice rink. Again everyone had a great time and lots I smiling faces sliding around the ice, some standing and some sitting on the ice 🙂













Banana boats, paddle sports, team games and outdoor swimming!

Today was the last day of activities for most of our campers as they all start to depart for home tomorrow.

Discoveries – This morning the discoveries broke into three groups and took part in some team challenges like dribbling and shooting a football, tennis serving, basketball from different areas of the court. After lunch they headed down to the outdoor swimming pool where they enjoyed the lovely mountain sun as the swam and played beach volleyball.

Explorers and Pioneers – Today both the explorers and pioneers went to lake Geneva to enjoy sun. Once they got down there they were on and off the banana boat, hoping in and out of the kayaks paddling around. Some just enjoyed the sun and relaxed by the lake after a busy couple of weeks activities.

Tonight is prize giving and the final chance for everyone to say goodbye to all their new friends and staff.