29th May 2019


Its nearing the end of Les Elfes spring camp 2019 and its already making us sad. Today was crazy fun and personally one of my favourite days. We went bridge swinging today and it was a lifetime experience. The thought of jumping of a cliff and swinging from a harness attached to the bridge seems daunting at first but actually is a lot fun. It was also very cold today as it had rained the previous day.

we also went to the sports centre and played tennis and badminton. One of the coolest things we did today was the egg drop challenge. We were basically given some materials and had to protect the egg in some way when it was dropped from the second floor. It was a lot of fun to see the cool inventions people came out and 2 teams actually managed to survive.

After dinner today we had games and they were definitely the highlight of the day. The older and younger kids had separate sets of games. They were more music, movie and dance related. We had dance-offs, guess the movie and song too. It was a really awesome day in all…

Wednesday 4th June – Ropes Course, Sports Day, Mountain Biking…..DISCO

Another glorious day on the mountain for the Les Elfes campers. The sun was shining ready for another fun filled day. After the morning session of languages and optional courses, the groups split off to enjoy their various activities.

For the Discoveries, it was time to try a bit of mountain biking. For some of the little campers, it was their first time ever on a bike, so a real achievement when by the end of the session they could ride. For the other Discoveries, it was time for them to test their skills they already had and to learn some new games on their mountain bikes. A fun day had by all

The Explorers headed down to Le Chable to play a variety of different sports on sun soaked courts and pitches. Tennis, Football and a frizbee being hurled about were enjoyed by all.

Individual brilliance on the tennis court, mixed in with great team work on the football pitch was wonderful to witness.




The Pioneer group went up the mountain for a small walk and warm up before heading up the trees to tackle Verbiers new Ropes course. A wide range of obsticals had to be navigated while also, for some, conquering a fear of hights.


The energy at camp was electric as all the groups headed into town for the fabled Les Elfes Disco.

Singing, dancing and Learning new moves the kids had a fantastic evening. No one wanted to leave as chants of “ONE MORE SONG” rang out.

Discovery Photos

Explorer Photos

Pioneer Photos

16th July – Hiking, BBQ, Volleyball, Climbing, Game Show!

Today was a beautiful day with the sun shining up in the mountains. We enjoyed an amazing BBQ with a stunning view, followed by a hike to the highest point of Verbier, Mont Fort. Our discovery children had fun playing games, having a go at orienteering as well as hiking. Well done to them! The Explorers were off rock climbing after lunch, a great challenge for them and pretty much everyone got to the top! They also got competitive at a game of crazy golf.

Back at camp everyone enjoyed some free time, a chance to hang out with friends, play volleyball, basketball and football as well as trampolining! There were also some optional activities in action with our tennis coaches!

Tonight our youngest group got arty and made some postcards to take home to their family whilst our oldest groups had fun singing, dancing and taking part in some crazy challenges!

Mountain biking, trottinetting, ropes course and a sports day

Today all groups had language lessons in the morning. After lunch they all had different activities.

The Discoveries – had a sports day this afternoon where they played tennis, golf and mountain biked.

The Explorers – went to a high ropes course near by and were soon harnessed up and swinging about in the trees

The Pioneers – were racing down the mountain on bikes or trottinettes. A trottinettes is a full suspension scooter and are really good fun!

Tonight all groups went up into the Forrest on the mountain side for a BBQ









Sports day, ropes courses and rock climbing

Today we had all groups do their language lessons and optional activities in the morning.

After lunch the Discoveries hopped on the mini busses and took a short ride to sion for the high ropes course. The kids got their harnesses on and were climbing around the trees like monkeys after some early nerves.

The explorers also squeezed into harnesses and went to the outdoor climbing wall in verbier! The group leader commented that one of the students was the best climber he has seen all summer!

Our pioneers had a sports day today, so hit the tennis, volleyball courts and the golf centre. Some practiced their driving and some had a putting contest.

This evening we had our popular clubs night where the campers can choose what activities they want to do. We had some baking, dancing, sports, building things, photography, and acting class. I can confirm from the baking that the cookies are good and the ice cream was smooth and creamy.











Mt Fort Visit, Rock Climbing and a sports day

Today all of our students had there language lessons in the morning. After lunch they broke away into their groups….


The Discoveries hopped onto the buses for a short trip down the mountain to the rock climbing area. Here they had the chance to practice their skills on a real rock instead of the artificial wall. This evening they have arts and crafts so were all looking forward to see what they produce

The Explorers had their sports day this afternoon. They went up to the Golf course practiced some driving and putting, hit the tennis courts and rode some trails on the mountain bikes. After the hard afternoon they are on a dine out this evening at a nice restaurant in Verbier

The Pioneers went up Mt Fort this afternoon. It was a little cloudy which was a shame so they didn’t get to see the spectacular views but they had lots of fun hiking up to the cross and hiking back down. This evening they are doing a music video dubbing over sound with their own singing






Labyrinth, mountain safety, avalanche awareness, leadership training

Today our Discovery campers went to the labyrinth adventure park. They managed to get lost in a maze luckily found again. In the park they have many activities and slides to play on. They all returned happy and slightly tired so they should sleep well tonight.

The Explorers have had a day of leadership training by industry experts in management and motivation. This group of explorers really threw themselves into the activities and looked engaged throughout the whole day! This evening some of the students have decided to go to a local restaurant for dinner the rest will join in with the other groups.

The Pioneers had to change the plans slightly. We had hoped they would be going up the mountain to Mt Fort this morning but the weather was so bad you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face so unfortunately we had to change plans a little. We had one of our ski and mountain professionals present and participate in a mountain awareness course. This afternoon they have been ice skating, playing team games such as volleyball, football and basketball.

This evening all the kids will be practicing for the talent show later this week. It should be interesting to see what they come up with.

A visit to the summit of mt fort, lakeside in the sun, sports and a career day

After breakfast our discoveries and explorers started to make their way up the mountain. They had a short walk to the lift station where they boarded the first lift, after 4 more lifts they reached the summit of mt fort some 3330 m above sea level. Here they enjoyed beautiful scenes where they can see France Italy and across Switzerland to the Matterhorn. This afternoon the discoveries had some orienteering challenges and games. The explorers got stuck into sports day playing tennis, golf, mountain biking. This evening the discoveries had to abandon plans to camp due to the storm that rolled in so they made Shelters and a camp fire instead of pitching tents. The explorers were prepping for their canoe expedition tomorrow making sure they have everything ready!

Today the pioneers had a career day where they had to design a product, service or app. They then had to come up marketing strategies, distribution etc after all the planning they had to present to the monitors and the rest of the group to see who won. The winner will receive their next dine our for free. This evening they spent a short time getting ready for the hike tomorrow and then a movie. We wanted to go into the forest and prepare some bush craft skills for them to practice however the weather had other plans.

Sports day, ropes course, aqua park and dancing the night away in a disco!!

This morning our campers all woke up nice and early ready for their language courses. All the teachers are talking about how well the students are doing. That their all engaged in their lessons. All the staff here are very proud of them all.

Discovery – this afternoon our discovery group went to a different ropes course and all had a great time again, lots of smilie faces graced the camp this evening.

Explorers – During the afternoon the explorers had our sports day. We took them to a 9 hole pitch and put golf course, tennis practice, some football and basketball as well. They all returned pretty wet as it was drizzling a little while playing golf. They all played well and put in a lot of effort though so everyone was pleased to see them making the most of the wet afternoon.

Pioneers – The pioneers grabbed their swimming trunks and headed off to the aqua park this afternoon. Their are many water slides, a lazy river and a wave pool for the campers to enjoy the afternoon in.

Tonight they all got dressed into their best clothes and set off for a private disco in town. The staff returning have commented on how happy everyone was and every single one of them were busting some moves on the dance floor!

Rock Climbing, Labyrinth,Tennis, Golf, Mountain Biking, Languages, Lakes and Rope course




Another beautiful and sunny day up here in the Swiss Alps!

All campers started their day with various language courses in the morning. After their morning of learning they split into their groups for more fun activities.


Discovery –  After lunch they got into the vans and headed off to the Labyrinth Adventure Park for a few hours. If that was not enough activity, some of them were able to fit in some golf, tennis, and or horse riding to complete the day.


Explorers – This group spent the afternoon testing their climbing skills on the climbing wall. After a few hours on the wall, some of the campers were also able to fit in their other activities to round out their day.


Pioneers – After a fun day on the ropes course (see photos below) yesterday, they spent the day in Verbier doing various activities of tennis, golf, and mountain biking.


All 3 groups were together for their evening activities and dinner. The group hiked for an hour up the mountain for a festive BBQ checking out the mountain views along the way. A few games were played around the dinner area before hiking down right before sunset.

Tomorrow is full of cultural visits across 3 cities – Geneva, Vevey, and Lausanne. We are looking forward to seeing what they discover!



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Sport benefits for kids

Playing sports offers children more than just physical benefits. Sports typically help kids academically and socially as well. The benefits are the same whether or not your child actually excels at the sport. Sports are more than a game; they are a set of life lessons.

The high altitude Les Elfes campuses are located in a great environment offering perfect conditions for fun adventurous outdoor sports suited for kids and teen.

Our aim is to allow youngsters to try out new fun activities and outdoor sports in optimum safety. Teenagers can also progress and improve their skills in sports they might have tried before and in which they may have some experience already.

Huge choice of outdoor activities

The Swiss Alps region offers a wide range of activities combining natural elements and gravity. During the summer camp, kids can discover more than 30 different sports such as:

  1. Tennis
    During all summer camps, kids can play tennis at the sport center, which is situed next to the camp. Tennis lessons are a part of the summer program. Optionally, for those who are fond of tennis, we can propose additional tennis lessons. The teacher will supervise and coach kids and give them professional training with professional exercises. We also organize tennis tournaments.
  2. Mountain Biking
    Mountain Biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, using specially adapted bikes. There are over 200km of signed paths around the campus, suitable for all ability levels. Kids will find delightful routes through a wide variety of scenery. No need for difficult climbing, the lifts do the work of carrying the cycles!
  3. Swimming
    Campers can go swimming in the large indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the Verbier Sports Center right next to the Les Elfes campus. They offer a great place for kids to play, swim, have fun or just relax and enjoy the panorama of the mountains, always under the supervision of our staff.
  4. Ropes Course
    One of the most popular activities at our summer camp! The ropes course includes different elements which participants have to learn in order to accomplish the objectives. Fully supervised and controlled by the staff, all elements are attempted with aid and moral support.
  5. Golf (Verbier)
    The 18 hole golf course on the hills overlooking the Verbier resort offers a striking panoramic view on the mighty Combins and Mont Blanc massifs. This top quality course is the place to discover this exciting sport which requests precision and focus or to bring your handicap on another level. The course is full of natural obstacles making the game interesting and challenging. During the courses, the kids will learn pitch and putt in a private practice area.
  6. Rock Climbing
    Rock climbing is a sport in which participants climb up or across natural rock formations. Verbier and Val de Bagnes can boast an impressive number of equipped climbing routes, where climbers of all levels will enjoy testing their skills. It’s a physically and mentally demanding sport, where campers will gain strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with mental control. The experienced mountain guides ensure safety and competence to introduce kids to this sport in a fully supervised way.
  7. Hiking
    Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments. The Swiss Alps resorts of Verbier and La Tzoumaz offer over 400km of signed and safe paths. Kids will explore the magnificent landscapes surrounding Verbier and Val de Bagnes, they will be delighted by the cows, known as the “Queens of the Alps”, the plants, animals, and especially the magical contrasts of the scenery.
  8. Water skiing:
    The camp isn’t far away of the Geneva Lake. Located in Switzerland and France, it is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. The high summits of Mont Blanc are visible from the lake. Kids can try out water skiing and also enjoy many other activities on the lake such as tubing which is a recreational activity of riding an inner tube on the water.
  9. Horse Riding (extra option in Verbier)
    Horse riding is a great way to enjoy the alpine views and discover the resort. The village of Verbier organizes each year a horse riding competition which is very popular in the equestrian sport world. If your child likes horses he/she could ride all around the resort and discover the wonderful panorama, improve their skills and see the famous competition during the month of August.
  10. Various
    On the campus of Les Elfes, a lot of various land sports are offered, such as football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, badminton, petanque, trampoline and many more. More activities, such as squash and Minigolf are organized in the village of Verbier.