Transfers from and to the Geneva Airport

How and where do you welcome children coming by airplane?

Arrival desk at the airport


Les Elfes welcomes campers in the arrival hall of the Geneva Airport (GVA).
We have our own office here.
Our friendly and helpful staff will take care of the youngsters right away and then drive them with our private bus to the campus. Our campus can be easily reached within 1h50 after leaving the Geneva airport.

Departure at the Geneva Airport

This is a video made by our staff during an arrival day:

Tuesday 12th of June. Chocolate and cheese factory, shopping in Vevey, baking, “La Fureur” and optional games

Today everyone woke up full of energy and so excited about the day. The weather was really good during the morning.
So after a nice breakfast everyone was ready for the excursion day. All the campers divided by groups (discoveries, explorers and pioneers) visited the chocolate and cheese factory and did shopping in Vevey.
After that all kids were back to Le Elfes then, they had time to shower and relax for a bit. Afterwards it was dinner time, this night it was the turn of Mexican food and “Fajitas”.
Right after dinner every group had different evening activities.
Discoveries had a baking course were they prepared a really nice eggless and gluten free cookies. Explorers enjoyed all together our famous game “La Fureur” were they could show their skills at dancing and singing. Pioneers were playing optional games as pool, table tennis and foosball and others were watching a movie in the cinema room.
When the activities were finished all the kids went to their bedroom and after the tidy room competition everyone went to sleep!

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26th of March skiing, snowboarding, sports center, village, music video

It has been a sunny day in Verbier with lots of snow up in the slopes. One beginners are progressing well and all of our campers are mixing and making new friends. It has been so nice to see them smiling even through difficult conditions and for the older kids to be taking care of the younger kids and making the camp a real family atmosphere.

In the afternoon, the campers choose between three different activities: sports center, visit to the village or playing games at the main campus. They had their usual snacks and hot chocolate before going for their chosen activity.

After dinner the students mixed up and worked in teams to create an amazing music video which they can take home with them as a souvenir to remember their week at camp and their new friends here.

Tomorrow the students will wake up for their third day of skiing or snowboarding too keep practicing and improving their skills.


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Wednesday 31st Jan, excursion day

Another great day just ended at les Elfes international. Once again we had such an awesome weather here in Verbier. The kids were so happy to go to excursions today that is wasnt hard at all to make them get out of bed. After having a good beakfast with croissants and the belly full our little fellas were ready to get in the bus and head to their various excursions.

They had three posibilities today :

  • The Charlie Chaplin museum, with picnic and shopping in the afternoon
  • Visit of Bern and Einstein museum with some free time during the afternoon
  • Visit of the Chocolate and the Cheese factory and once again some free time to do shopping

They all came back around 6pm and we let them some time to rest a bit and have a shower before dinner.

After a good dinner we started the evening activities, the kids abolsutely loved it, especially the Fashion Show and the casino night!!

See you tomorrow everyone


Friday 8th December Skiing, Ski Race, Cookie Baking, Dance Party & Prize Giving

It has been another busy day at camp and today we received the big snowfall we were expecting. This meant that, for the students, the conditions were challenging. They had a mix of conditions under-foot from pisted slopes to fresh powder throughout the day and the visibility was changing constantly. It was a good test for our ski team from Switzerland and a new experience for our now-professional group from Spain. Our school from Spain also had their ski race today in which they all had a chance to test their skills.

In the afternoon both of our groups were very busy packing for their departures tomorrow before a fun afternoon of activities together. Some baked cookies for their ski groups to have as a snack on the mountain the following day, others had a dance party in the cinema and mixed with student from the other school, some serviced their skis and also learnt how to care for their skis properly and we had an inter-schools games room competition of fussball, table tennis and pool.

For the evening we had a lovely chance for our Spanish school to say goodbye to their instructors and to reflect on the week with their Prize Giving, followed by a slideshow of photos for the week and a showing of their music video which they made at the start of their trip. Our Swiss school had someFreeTime to pack and enjoy the games available at camp before a group meeting focussing on their skiing and an early night ready to prepare for their lessons tomorrow.




Monday 4th December – Skiing/ Verbier Hunt/ Music Video

What an amazing first day on the slopes for our International school from Spain. Although quite a cold start to the morning, the sun came out and was shining the whole day, which is always a great way to start the week on the snow!

The snow conditions were awesome as all our students ventured onto the mountain for their first day getting their ski/snoboard legs back! All the instructors were really impressed with the level of skiing and the enthusiasm from all of the students. With a hot lunch on the mountain, all the students managed to get a full day of skiing!

After skiing, it was time for some snacks and hot chocolate back at Les Elfes before a venture into town for the Verbier Hunt. Splitting the students into small teams, the challenge is to answer all the questions by finding clues and answers around town. Although quite chilly, all the tems enjoyed the hunt, and are awaiting the results at the end of the week….

Back in the warm and time for some dinner, followed by the students making their own music quiz. Choreographing their own moves to their section of the song, the students had loads of fun creating their masterpiece.

Everyone will sleep well tonight….


New Arrivals for Winter 2017

The start of the Winter season has begun with not only the arrival of a massive dump of snow but also the arrival of our first school from Spain!

A busy afternoon of ski fitting and settling into campus for our campers, followed by a walk into town. All campers are energetic ready to get on the slope, so much so they were all asking if they could go skiing tonight! After having a yummy dinner, the campers unpacked and then it was time for movie night. A quiet night to relax before the jam packed week of skiing and animation activites during the afternoon and evening!

It’s going to be an amazing first week at Les Elfes Verbier!



Monday 4th September – Rock Climbing, Team Games and Music Video

We were all delighted to welcome our new school group this morning and take them down to Sembrancher to do some rock climbing and team games. The children did brilliant and many reached the top of the wall quickly! We also had lots of welcome games to get to know the children and learn their names. Everyone was super lively and really enthusiastic which is great to see.

This afternoon all our campers settled into their rooms before having some free time playing football, table tennis and pool. We ended the evening with a music video where in groups they performed their own dance choreography to a piece of music. We will see the finished project at the end of the week!


July 31st – Mountain Biking, Trotinetting, Rock Climbing, The Cube & La Fureur

It has been a fun active day for our campers today. We began with languages this morning where everyone is learning lots of new vocabulary and sentences and impressing their teachers.

This afternoon the discovery group had sports day where they enjoyed some mountain biking, tennis and football in Sembracher. The explorer group spent the day mountain biking and trotinetting up the mountain which was a fantastic experience for them all! The pioneers headed to St Triphon to do some climbing which was great fun. They all progressed a lot and learnt some new things about knots and belaying.

This evening our groups took part in different game shows, a music quiz, and the cube which tested their speed, reactions and memory!

Monday 29th – BBQ, Aqua park, prize giving and disco

It has been an amazing day here in Verbier with loads of fun activities! This morning we began the day with our etiquette and web identity classes before a lovely BBQ out in the sunshine. Our group then went to the Aqua park and had a brilliant time running around and whizzing down the slides!

This evening we had a prize giving to award all our special campers for their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the week. Afterwards we watched the slideshow and had a disco to end such a fantastic week.

Tuesday 2nd May – Verbier Campus and Zermatt


It has been a busy active day for all our campers here. On todays agenda was rock climbing and mountain biking which was lots of fun and a new experience for many of our children. They did brilliantly at both activities and worked really hard.  Some of our younger campers also did a treasure hunt around town finding certain places using only parts of pictures. They all managed to complete the challenge so well done to them all!

This afternoon they had the option to bake some yummy cookies or visit the town to do some shopping. Everyone had a lovely afternoon despite the cold weather! Tonights clubs were leadership, mountain biking & journalism which was a success. In leadership we worked on good characteristics of a leader and had an insight to ethical leadership. Our mountain bikers put their classroom based knowledge to work as they set off on the road this evening to enjoy their ride. Our journalists began to put together their article for a magazine which by the end really started to come together.


It has been a snowy day here in Zermatt and our students have performed brilliantly in the conditions and really impressed their instructors. The weather cleared after lunch and all students managed to reach the T-bar, meaning the progression has been fantastic!

This afternoon our groups enjoyed some freetime, we took some of the students into the village and some of the students played football for 1 hour before optionals started. Our students signed up for mountain biking set of into the mountains for some intense and tech riding with their instructor, he was very impressed with their progression using their bikes. The leadership¨set of to the escape rooms in Zermatt, they managed to escape by using their leadership skills, listening to each other and learning new communication skills. Meanwhile our journalists were gathering more information for their magazine which is looking fantastic!

After dinner the students gathered their jackets and their their creative sides and we headed to the school for theatre CLUB. Starting off with simple ideas we opened up to new faces and people we did not know very well within the group, we played many ice breaking games and even set a screen. At the hotel the photography class was kicking off with stop motion, These students gathered many photos and start to make their stop motion videos.

Another fantastic day in paradise

Wednesday April 5th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Village Visits , Games at Camp & Disco

Today was an amazing day here at Les Elfes. The campers started the off with a lot of clouds and light snow fall but once they got up the mountain they broke through to sunshine and had a awesome day skiing and snowboarding some new snow.
The day was spent really toning the skills they have learnt over the past days and all the beginner groups are now starting to link turns and show real control and confidence on the mountain.
Some of our campers also had an exciting excursion today to the chocolate and cheese factory where they got to taste some of Switzerland’s most finest chocolate and cheese.
After chilling out and enjoying some hot chocolate and snacks the campers that went skiing today all participated in different activities some went swimming, some stayed at camp and played games outside, some went to town to enjoy crepes and do some shopping and some went to the escape rooms to try their luck.
After dinner all the campers headed into the town for tonight’s disco where they got to party the night away with their new and old friends and enjoy some awesome music and show off their dance moves.
After the huge day here everyone is off to bed to catch up on some sleep for tomorrow.

Sunday 02.04.17- Skiing, Snowboarding,Games, Swimming, Baking,Town, Music Video, Ice Skating

Today it snowed up the mountain so a lot of campers were very pleased about that as some of them it was their first time up the mountain. The campers on the beginners slopes really enjoyed their day and are improving already.

In the afternoon we had many different activities to chose from. Two groups did baking and they made some lovely cookies and brownies which got eaten for dessert after dinner. Some campers chose to stay on camp and play lots of board games, cards and in the games room. Some campers even chose to go to the local swimming pool and have a nice relaxing swim.

After dinner we slit into two groups. One group got the chance to produce a music video where they split into smaller groups and came up with some fantastic dance moves which will be edited and they will all see it at the end of the week at prize giving. The other half of the campers went ice skating at the local ice rink and had loads of fun and they even got the chance to watch and play a bit of ice hockey.

Everyone is really looking forward to tomorrow.

Saturday 1st April – Arrivals, Verbier Hunt, skiing, Torchlight Walk

It has been a busy but fun day here at camp in Verbier. Some of our new campers headed off this morning for their first day on the mountain. They were eager to get out and meet their instructors who were just as keen to meet their new group for the week. They all had lots of fun and the ones who are beginners picked it up really quickly.

We had some new schools and individuals arrive this afternoon, many returning from last year which is great to see. They all completed their ski fit before heading into the village to have a look round. Its the Free Ride World Tour this weekend so it was nice having a look round all the stalls and take in the busy atmosphere. Tonight it was a torchlight walk around the old village for one school while the rest enjoyed a chilled night with a movie and games. Everyone is super excited for tomorrow so it was an early bed time to get the all important rest.


Monday 27th March – Skiing, town, & Music Video

It has been a lovely sunny day here in Verbier with all our campers eager to get out this morning and get back on their skis. Our level ones were excellent again today and showed real determination to practice and pick up any tips their instructors gave them. Our more advanced skiers took the opportunity to explore more areas of the mountain and were practicing their parallel turns and carving. Everyone had a lot of fun and really impressed the instructors today.

This afternoon after some hot chocolate and snacks it was time for afternoon activities. Some ventured into town to see Verbier village and buy some souveniers for the family while others chilled back at camp playing in the games room.

This evening everyone took part in a music video where we filmed different groups performing their own choreography in some crazy fancy dress! It was an entertaining evening and everyone is looking forward to watching the final piece at prize giving.

Saturday 26th March – Skiing, baking, town & ice skating

It has been a wonderful first day for our new arrivals as they settle into camp. This morning they met their instructors for the first time and were introduced to the rest of their ski or snowboard  group. Everyone new to skiing went along to the beginner slope where they practiced putting skis on and off. Afterwards it was time to learn how to stop and do snow plow. The more experienced riders explored Verbier mountain and practiced improving their technique.

Everyone had a really fun day and returned to camp with smiley faces and lots of stories. This afternoon one school headed into Verbier town to have a look round while another group baked some delicious cookies! This evening we all went to the ice rink to do some skating and ice hockey before having a cup of hot chocolate back at Les Elfes.

Everyone is super excited to head back out tomorrow.



Crans – Montana. Sunday, 26th March.

We have all had an amazing first day skiing with all are new campers in Crans Montana. Everyone was woken up at 7.30 am to enjoy a filling breakfast and to get ready for the first day of skiing. All the new campers where split into 5 ski groups with 2 beginner groups. The beginner groups went to the magic carpet, where they learnt how to snow plow with some managing to parallel turn by the end of the day, whilst the other three intermediate ski groups explored the rest mountain and started to improve their individual ski technique ; even though the weather conditions where slightly foggy today all the ski groups managed amazingly well.

After skiing everyone came back for snacks and hot chocolate. This afternoons activity was Bin bag fashion show where all the campers split into 4 groups and made a costume based on the theme animal kingdom, we had a killer mouse, Tarzan, sausage dog and a narwhale. Following on from this we had a delicious dinner and then went bowling, which all the kids enjoyed with many of them getting strikes.  Everyone can not wait for Skiing tomorrow.   

Friday March 24 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Prize Giving and Departures.

Another great day has come to a end here at Les Elfes.
Today some of the campers headed off on various excursions some to the famous Cailler chocolate factory which was thoroughly enjoyed by our group, and then on to the Gruyure cheese factory. Some also visited the Olympic museum which was a lot of fun with its interactive games.
Everyone else here at camp headed up the mountain for one last day of skiing and snowboarding really getting to perfect the skills they have learnt over the week and try some new harder runs.
In the afternoon we sadly had to say goodbye to some of our campers who are heading off home after a super fun week here but before they left we had a small prize giving where the instructors got to give out some special prizes and say goodbye.
The other campers enjoyed a well deserved hot chocolate and snacks and used the afternoon to relax and pack after the big week skiing and snowboarding.
After dinner we had a prize giving for the rest of our camper where our instructors revealed the all important race results and congratulated everyone on their performance throughout the week. Afterwards everyone enjoyed watching the slideshow of the week and the music video we made earlier on in the week. It has been a brilliant week and we are all sad to see these groups leave.

Monday 6th March – Skiing, swimming, snow games, baking & Music Video

It has been a wonderful snowy day here in Verbier with all our groups coping really well in the conditions. Everyone has been positive all day and really impressed their instructors. Even in the varied conditions our campers are picking up turns and improving their technique massively.

This afternoon has been lots of fun with many of our campers visiting the pool while some chose to play outside and build snowmen and igloos. They were amazing and the group are excited to carry on tomorrow. The rest of the groups worked together and made some delicious cookies.

This evening everyone took part in music video and got really into it. We had some great fancy dress costumes and some crazy choreographies! We are looking forward to all watching it at prize giving on Thursday. The snow continues to fall so tomorrow is going to be a brilliant day for everyone here at Les Elfes!


Sunday March 5th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding & Ice Skating

Today started off with some glorious sunshine and clear skies before the snow returned once again.
The morning was full of excitement as today was some of the campers first day out skiing. This meant meeting their new instructors and group for the week ahead. For some it was the second day and it was time for them to head up the mountain to perfect the skills they have already learnt. Everyone had a fantastic time and returned to camp with huge smiles and stories of their day.
This afternoon lots of our campers chose to visit the swimming pool and have a splash around. It was a lot of fun with races, games and time in the jacuzzi to relax tired muscles. The rest of camp opted to either play in the snow or chill in the games room.

Tonight after dinner we headed over to the sports centre for some ice skating and a mini hockey match for those who wanted to join in. For some it was their first time on the ice and they did extremely well!
Everyones off to bed soon to get some sleep for another big day tomorrow.

1st March 2017 – Skiing, excursion day, sledging, Music quiz and torchlight walk

Can’t believe its March already and what a beautiful start to the month with more fresh powder! Our individuals and one school ventured off this morning on excursion, to the cheese factory, Nestle and Vevey to do some shopping. They were excited to have the opportunity to look round Switzerland and do some sight-seeing.

The rest of camp were on the mountain practicing their turns and improving their technical side. They all had a super time and are loving being up the mountain whizzing round. This afternoon we had sledging on offer now the snow has arrived and we had such a good time. For many it was their first time and really enjoyed sliding down the mountain. A few of our campers opted to put their feet up and watch a movie.

This evening we ran one competitive gameshow and one music quiz which got really intense and had lots of laughs. At the same time one school went out on a torchlight walk and saw Verbier by night.

Sunday 26th Febuary – Ski Fit, Skiing, Snowboarding, Crans Hunt, Bowling

CRANS MONTANA: Last night we welcomed MIC Merbella to Les Elfes Crans Montana, and what a first day it has been today! Ski fit took place first thing, followed by the groups heading for their first morning skiing and snowboarding 🏂 🎿 One group of beginners headed to the learner slope, whilst the others ventured up the mountain!

It was a beautiful bluebird day, and all the campers were raring to go! Back to Les Elfes for lunch out on the terrace, followed by some more skiing and also a chance to watch the final of the slalom World Cup.

This afternoon the campers ventured out to get to know the town and this evening a bit of fun with bowling 🎳


It has been a super sunday here in Verbier with our new groups absolutely smashing it on their skis. For many it was their first time and they all tried so hard to pick it up. There was lots of positive energy and all the instructors were very impressed.

This afternoon everyone had the option to visit the village or stay and relax on camp playing games. Many were very tired after the first day but everyone arrived back at camp with an extremely positive attitude. We all had a lovely time walking and having a look round. This evening it was ice skating night at the rink. Everyone enjoyed skating around and having races with each other! After some hot chocolate it was time for bed to get some much needed rest ready for another big day tomorrow.