Friday 18th of may ski slopes and evening activities

The campers were woken up at 7 am and were given a healthy breakfast . They were ready for their first day at skiing in Zermatt. There were many falls on the slope but our campers were determined to learn how to ski . Everybody had a blast . We finally started our descent by 2 p.m after a tiring day on the slopes .

Everyone hit the showers as soon as they reached back at the hotel and then went into town for ice cream or played football . Some people chose to stay back and relax. Then came their courses (leadership,bushcraft,etc).

Then came our delicious  dinner  of burgers and fries  after which we started with our clubs (apprentice,photography,etc) and the the first day of skiing ended just like it started on a happy note .

Thursday 11th May – Clubs, football, town and gameshow

Unfortunately the lifts up the mountain were closed today due to high winds which was a shame for all our campers here. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be up and running so they can continue learning and have their all important race.

Instead of skiing everybody finished their clubs of theatre, photography and orienteering. They have all done brilliantly and we are looking forward to seeing the final videos and productions tomorrow at prize giving. After lunch we headed to the football pitch for a tournament which was super fun. Everyone got really involved and played really well together. A big well done to Iggy’s team for winning the final on penalties!

Following that our campers had the opportunity to visit Zermatt town for some souvenier shopping and bought some lovely gifts for their families. Tonight our younger group took part in our quiz and did amazingly well while our older ones enjoyed a music game show. Even though we couldn’t ski today we certainly made the most of our time here and had a brilliant day.


Tuesday 2nd May – Verbier Campus and Zermatt


It has been a busy active day for all our campers here. On todays agenda was rock climbing and mountain biking which was lots of fun and a new experience for many of our children. They did brilliantly at both activities and worked really hard.  Some of our younger campers also did a treasure hunt around town finding certain places using only parts of pictures. They all managed to complete the challenge so well done to them all!

This afternoon they had the option to bake some yummy cookies or visit the town to do some shopping. Everyone had a lovely afternoon despite the cold weather! Tonights clubs were leadership, mountain biking & journalism which was a success. In leadership we worked on good characteristics of a leader and had an insight to ethical leadership. Our mountain bikers put their classroom based knowledge to work as they set off on the road this evening to enjoy their ride. Our journalists began to put together their article for a magazine which by the end really started to come together.


It has been a snowy day here in Zermatt and our students have performed brilliantly in the conditions and really impressed their instructors. The weather cleared after lunch and all students managed to reach the T-bar, meaning the progression has been fantastic!

This afternoon our groups enjoyed some freetime, we took some of the students into the village and some of the students played football for 1 hour before optionals started. Our students signed up for mountain biking set of into the mountains for some intense and tech riding with their instructor, he was very impressed with their progression using their bikes. The leadership¨set of to the escape rooms in Zermatt, they managed to escape by using their leadership skills, listening to each other and learning new communication skills. Meanwhile our journalists were gathering more information for their magazine which is looking fantastic!

After dinner the students gathered their jackets and their their creative sides and we headed to the school for theatre CLUB. Starting off with simple ideas we opened up to new faces and people we did not know very well within the group, we played many ice breaking games and even set a screen. At the hotel the photography class was kicking off with stop motion, These students gathered many photos and start to make their stop motion videos.

Another fantastic day in paradise

1st May Verbier and Zermatt

We kicked off this month with a great morning, heading out on excursion to visit the chocolate and cheese factory in Switzerland.  First we started with a very interactive tour around the chocolate factory, Learning about the history of chocolate and the company Callier and Nestle. The children also had the opportunity to become chocolate testers, trying a variety of chocolates which they loved. After this they were back in the mini buses and off to the cheese factory where they were able to sample different cheeses produced in Switzerland. After a busy morning they enjoyed a relaxing lunch and after had the chance to hit the shops in Vevey and spend some of their Pocket money! All the children arrived back at camp very happy and full of stories about the day.

After dinner tonight we had a Clubs evening. The older children learnt about Web Identity and the danger of being exposed on the internet. The younger children took part in a social ettiquitte class where they learn how to behave in public, respect for others and informal and formal greetings. All our children have learnt alot this evening and were very interested and enthusiastic, getting involved in all our games and activities. Thank You for an amazing day!!

Meanwhile in Zermatt

The students were awake at 7h30 today, they were downstairs dressed for skiing and already eating breakfast… These young healthy and strong children were ready for their first day skiing in Zermatt

Skiing in Zermatt is an excepectional experience. For some of them it was their first day skiing and for others it was their 5th time skiing in Zermatt, either way the students were all excited and ready for the first day on the slopes. The snow was coming down fast, the children had to battle the cold, fog and snow all in one day. The conditions on the slopes were incredibly tough and but they did not let it stop them! Some groups were skiing until 16h00 they achieved a great deal on their first day! Shortly after some tasty snacks were prepared, the students were every hungry indeed, they eat a variety of snack and drank some hot chocolate too.
We gathered the students together for our optional courses, mountain biking, leadership & journalisum. During our leadership course, they discovered the fundimentals for becoming a great leader, the students shared their views and ideas together working as a team. Looking into leadership further, they discussed which type of roles are needed in order to become a world class leader. They looked into different leadership styles and discussed which styles work the best. Journalisum was kicking of fast as the progression of the magazine was really coming together now. As the students started to find their roles within the production process they were learning abou the importance of being a team. Our mountain miking students set of into the village of Zermatt. Once they had reached their destination they tested out their balancing skills and talked about choice of terrian. Of they set for some uphill challanges… they managed to climb high into the heights of Zermatt!

After dinner these students gathered for teh Zermatt hunt. They split into two teams and navigated their way around the beautiful streets of Zermatt. What a fantastic adventure for These wonderful lucky students!

Zermatt sun is shinning

The sun was beaming and bright in Zermatt this morning. This morning we headed up to the mountain for the group picture. After we played some games in the snow to warm up the students. The students were quickly ready for the slopes and headed to the T-bar or the chair lift. The snow conditions were perfect today and the weather was fantastic. Some of our students headed to Italy today, it was very exciting for them. They had lunch in Italy and skied the Italian slopes.

The students returned to the hotel and started packing, ready for their departure. Now the students are heading to the ropes course, outdoor games and Alpine museum. Tonight our students will be going to dine out in the village to try some tasty Swiss food.

First day skiing in Zermatt

What a beautiful start the week. Snow snow snow!!  The students tatted skiing early this morning. After a big breakfast the instructors meet with their new students. Introductions, team games and getting to know you games, all took place before skiing. Fantastic progression from all groups today. The students this week are very active and excited to be learning a new sport. After lunch we headed again to the slopes for more skiing. What a blast the students had today. After a nice snack and shower time we introduced out first session for our new leadership and arts program. The students again were excited and happy to be involved. The leadership training was a big success for day one, we introduced some ice breaking games, leadership styles and personal development skills. Meanwhile the art students gathered for the first time. Looking at emotions, colors, shapes and texture styles the art students strayed opening their minds into the Art world. In the evening the students set off into the village with their monitors for the Zermatt quiz! How exciting as they answered questions, looked for possible clues and worked as a team to solve the quiz. Good night from Zermatt.

Arrival Day in Zermatt

Today our new students arrived in Zermatt. They were a little tired from traveling however this did not stop the students from being very excited about getting their new equipment for skiing. All students were fitted today with skis, boots and clothing. They settled into the hotel perfectly, unpacking their suitcases, making new friends and visiting local shops to purchase goggles, gloves and socks. After a delicious meal we started getting ready for sleeping to be ready for the day ahead!

The students have begun making new friends already and we have a superb feeling about these students. The instructors are excited to spend the next two weeks together. Good night india!

Excited students hit the slopes 

the Les Elfes students gathered today on the slopes of Zermatt. We had a blast this morning learning new skills, becoming more independent and using team work to move forward with progression. Many students made it up to the big slopes today. The weather was fantastic today, bright sunny skies with a blue backdrop and a few white clouds. A wonderful view of the Matterhorn and great snow conditions too. In the afternoon the students became even more excited and went for outdoor games, alpine museum and sightseeing. This evening we had a general quiz night and they absolutely enjoyed every minute. The instructors have built a great relationship with our Les Elfes campers and overall we are very happy and laughing together all the time. Looking forward to seeing more progression tomorrow 

Arrival in Zermatt 2015

Arrival in the beautiful Zermatt. Today the students went skiing at 2900 meters high. The sun was beaming all day and the snow conditions were fantastic. Some of the new arrivals were skiing for their very first time and the exsiting students skied into Italy. An exciting time for all! After skiing we gathered the students together for afternoon snacks and activities. We offer a great programme here at Les Elfes from the outside adventure ropes course, to the interesting and educational Alpine Museum and for the sportif students we are also offering outdoor games everyday. The students will have the chance to make all 3 activities during their stay.

In the evening we made a music video with the students. We witnessed some beautiful dance moves, exciting dance moves and some very funny dance moves. I am excited to see the final Music Video at the end of the week.

Matterhorn and Race day

Group picture first of all, in front of the Matterhorn. The sun was shinning for the whole day and the spirits were very high indeed. Off the students went to ski, either using the magic carpet the rope or the chair lift. Students of the camp this week have shown the instructors extreme dedication! This afternoon we had a small ski race set up for the children on the magic carpet. Now the students are on the ropes course, museum or shopping for last minute souvenirs. Later after dinner we will be packing and taking our luggage down stairs ready for the departure tomorrow.

Matterhorn, Sun and Snow

The students were extremely excited about skiing this morning. The sun was shinning and the students spirits were very high. The matterhorn was in full view for the best part of the day. The students are progressing more and more everyday. After lots of turning on their skis the indian group gathered for another delightful lunch break. Tonight we will take all of them on a torchlight walk up on to the hillside with real torch flames. We will look down on Zermatt village as the sun sets

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Skiing day and dine out

Zermatt… The place to be in spring! It’s beautiful weather, great snow and we have some fantastic students too. All of our students are making fast progression completing their first turns today on the beginner areas. Some students had already gone to the top of the chair lift. Now heading out for a evening meal in the village, the students are excited for tomorrow…

Nature Hike in Zermatt

This morning we planned to take the students on an adventurous nature hike for 3 hours. The students took the gondola half way then walked up the mountain to walk cross over the famous bridge in Zermatt. We walked through the amazing scenery of forests, plants, waterfalls and much more. The students then began to walk down towards the hotel for lunch. We spotted many animals on our journey such as rabbits, marmots and even a family deer. After the adventure walk we went to the hotel for a delicious lunch prepared by our in house Indian chef. We all gathered together for a meeting in the games room and split the students into groups for outdoor sports. We played cricket, football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Now the students are having a well deserved shower and preparing for the afternoon activities. We will go to the ropes course, museum, shopping or indoor games. After dinner we will play games with the students. Tonights activity will be who wants to be a millionaire.

30/04/2014 Zermatt – Skiing, glacier ice caves, climbing garden & dine out

Wednesday 30th April

Ski day 3 with a tour to the Zermatt Glacier Ice Caves. The snow was falling from early morning to late afternoon. The snow conditions were absolutely perfect for the whole day. The students put in 100% effort into their skiing coming out with superb results. After a lunch break the students gathered for the the ICE CAVE visit. They had a blast up there using the ice slide to get from one end to the other it was great fun. Now the students have showered and some of them have gone to the climbing garden. The students will have a safety briefing and after they will climb in the trees attached with a harness. Other students played indoor games and went to the village for sightseeing. Tonight is dine out evening which means the students will go to the village for the evening meal. They are also excited about going skiing next morning

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