Summer Camp Overnight: Things to Expect for 2021

The current unpredictable pandemic times have put many summer camp overnight activities on hold. While some day camps remained operational last summer, there were numerous cancellations as the world battled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, things are slowly getting back to normal amid uncertainty. Some of the best summer camps have adopted protocols to guarantee a safe environment for campers. Read on to understand what to expect next summer. It is worth mentioning that hardly any place will be wholly COVID-free in current times.

CDC Guidelines for Summer Camps

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) released some guidelines that summer camps should abide by during the pandemic. With more summer camps reopening this summer, more kids will get a chance to make new friends while engaging in fun outdoor activities. The ideal summer camp overnight environment should adhere to the following camp safety guidelines.

Conducting Daily Screening of Persons within the Summer Camp Overnight Surroundings

Campers, camp staff, and any visitors must be screened every day for possible signs of infection. Campers must go through temperature checks daily before embarking on the summer camp program of the day.

Day campers should be screened thoroughly at the drop-off site outside the Les Elfes International summer camp. Ask guardians about any exposures or symptoms the child has had recently. Should any children have a fever or exposure from anyone living with them, they should remain home.

Ask kids and their parents to report possible exposure every day during the enrollment process. Remember, parents can only pick up day campers at the end of the full day. Overnight campers, on the other hand, are only allowed to leave after completing their camp sessions.

What happens if a kid is exposed? Some summer camps will need a negative Covid-19 test certificate and a letter from their pediatrician before admitting them back. While screening is crucial, it is not 100% perfect. Studies show that up to 45% of affected people show no symptoms even when they are infected. 

Outdoor Activities

Experts suggest that the risk of spreading COVID-19 reduces significantly while outdoors. As a result, Les Elfes International camp is organizing outdoor programs such as the summer camp music festival for children ages 6-10 years. The facility has also maximized its outdoor space to accommodate high school students and campers with special needs. 

Reduced Capacity

Summer camps are currently accommodating fewer kids to uphold social distancing rules. You may want to book your slot early and arrange for flexible payment plans to avoid missing out. 

Maintaining Hand Hygiene

ACA accredited camps are maintaining high standards of hygiene and promoting healthy summer programs. The Les Elfes summer camp has adopted robust measures to encourage frequent hand washing. Apart from numerous washing points, the institution has hand sanitizing points across the summer camp. Campers wash their hands regularly during and after activities. The camp director has been keen on keeping campers safe throughout their stay.

Meal Times

To discourage many campers from gathering together in one location, the kids take meals outdoors. Instead of the buffet or family-style of serving meals, camps are now offering pre-packed lunches.

Thorough Cleaning and Disinfecting

The management of Les Elfes summer camp has adopted measures to heighten the cleaning and disinfecting of commonly used areas. 


Some summer camps did away with busing at the peak of the pandemic in 2020. While the activity is likely to return in 2021, summer overnight camps will have to adhere to strict social distancing rules. As a result, only a few children will be allowed on each bus. Every child will need to wear a mask. 

Field Trips

Away from camp trips were fun and exciting until the pandemic struck. Many summer camps barred field trips to mitigate exposure and contact with other people. Different camps will have different rules regarding field trips in 2021.

At Les Elfes, strict measures have been put in place to ensure that campers can participate in field trips and still be safe. The camp director is still monitoring the COVID-19 situation before giving the final verdict as summer approaches. 


In 2020, some overnight camps resolved to conduct COVID-19 tests to reduce the risk of contracting the disease on site. Camp staff and campers had to take the test before going inside the camping grounds. Testing was part of a strict policy meant to protect campers within the facility.

Testing may remain part of the COVID-19 mitigation measures in 2021. However, camp directors are monitoring advancements like the COVID vaccine and the evolution of the disease. They will make final decisions on testing close to summer. 

Visiting Days

In 2020, summer overnight camps that remained operational eliminated visiting days seeing that camp sessions were shorter. Camp organizers also wanted to reduce exposure from outsiders and make the camps COVID-free. The camp director at Les Elfes international camp will announce the facility’s decision on visiting days close to the summer season. The decision will depend on the situation of the disease then. 

Guidance on Camp Operations Amid the Pandemic

The CDC and other local institutions continue guiding and supporting summer camps as they seek to offer safe camp experiences. Les Elfes summer camp is using lessons learned in 2020 to deliver a reliable camping experience. With increased knowledge and affordable testing, summer camps will be ready to offer healthy and safe camping programs in 2021. These institutions can leverage case studies from facilities that remained operational in 2020. Doing so will help them understand what worked, and use the lessons to improve their facilities. 


With next summer approaching, many camps are monitoring the COVID situation and implementing guidelines from health organizations. Summer camp organizers at Les Elfes are working with families, learning from 2020, and preparing for a safe summer camp experience in 2021.

COVID-19 is still with us. However, summer camp organizers at Les Elfes International camp are doing everything to ensure that campers have a memorable experience. Read more about the measures we are taking to protect campers from our website

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