Thursday 10th May Ropes courses, bridge swinging, rock climbing, MTB

As we near the last few days of camp, the wake up calls are received with  less resistance but rather with a smiling morning face as the elves look forward to the many fun activities lined up for the day.

The day began with the different groups A, B, C and D assembling with their instructors to head to their various activities for that morning. The different activities included rock climbing, mountain biking, rope courses and bridge swinging with each group completing the activities they could not finish yesterday.

Rock climbing channeled the inner Bear Grylls of the elfes. They thoroughly enjoyed challenging themselves to push further and try and reach the top. Mountain biking was appreciated by all for it included a visit to the nearby market place. Some found it difficult to cycle uphill, but succeeded in the end. Bridge swinging for many, was an opportunity to overcome their fear of heights and relish the adrenaline rush that the activity brought. Finally to top it all off, the afternoon was spent at a rope course centre forty five minutes away from the camp where all the children, despite their ages, had a blast trying out the different courses, each modified for each age  group. The elfes then returned back home where they had burgers for dinner followed by chocolate cake for desert.

The Elfes spent their evening completing the final session of their courses of bushcraft , leadership , orienteering and mountain biking after which they headed back to their rooms for a good nights rest .